Today’s Update- My T.I. Testimony


All day long the local gang stalkers have vehemently attacked my head area. I don’t know what their problem is or what the beef is but I wish that they would leave me alone.

They act as if what they have already done to me is not enough.

“They ‘hall-ed’ the burglers.” someone said.

I honestly believe it.

While outside, I heard many voices and saw many vehicles driving down the street. For it to be a residential area, there sure is a lot of traffic but as most targets already know, they like to get really close to their targets.

This area has plants everywhere and it seems that there only focus is making me miserable. The constant stabs to the left side of my head are annoying as hell. And the ‘magnetic pulls’ to my head make me want to scream.

Why does someone feel that it is necessary to bully the heck out of me in my own body?

As I write this entry, they are stabbing me to death on the left side of my head. They think it is funny. I can hear them talking. Obviously, there are many of them together in one place because the voices are varying.

How ridiculous is it that we have to deal with all of this after we have lived a free life for so long? Now we are being held hostage in our own homes while the criminals roam the street and rob everyone.

How can you blame people for picking up a gun when the threats are right there in their faces, causing them fear? How can anyone look down on anyone who chooses to protect themselves because the governments’ aren’t, even though civil rights still exist?

I still have to deal with their drive-bys, as well. I can only assume that they have remotes in their vehicles.

(“Yep,” a goon just said. Now, you can see how obsessed they are at watching me and doing me harm, although, I am not bothering anyone?)

So, can you now understand what Targeted Individuals are up against. And if we were to act out of line with any type of weaponry, it would be us that gets punished. Who created the one-sided ‘Purge’?

I am even tired of having to write about it. I am tired of going through it as most targets are, but what can we do?

I am not the type of person that takes kindly to bullying in any way, shape, or form. And I really don’t take kindly to a bunch of hoodrats attempting to control my life. My biggest hatred is that I don’t like being some type of hybrid that they feel that they can just play with. It isn’t cool and neither did I volunteer.

(It is 6:21pm and they are doing the ‘magnetic pulls’ to my head. It is becoming constant. When will they stop or do they have to just hit the concrete? That would be a shame if that were the only option. Haven’t we learned enough from Myron May and Aaron Alexis? Or is that now the only way?)

Above from left to right: Myron May, Aaron Alexis

If forcing people to become ‘vegetables’ or murderer’s is the goal of gang stalkers’, then why did they not find a better way? None of this makes any sense. It is all too public to make any sense.

“We showing people you ain’t inspiration,” another goon says. I’m sorry but how inspiring can you be while under constant attack? The only inspiring thing that should happen now is the removal of local and worldwide terrorism for Targeted Individuals.

(Added at 7:21pm: While still stabbing and talking in the background, a male member of the crime syndication says the following:

“You would have to go through a wall.” So, I am assuming that we are so surrounded, so boxed in to the point that no one can help? Why, when what they do is illegal to begin with?

“You have made my job more difficult,” a female gang stalker says while they use the weapon on my head once again. Really? Maybe I am actually doing something right, after all.)



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