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What Do You Do When They Say “You Dead.”


When you have a carnival of people on a V2K system saying things like,

“You ain’t gon’ hang on.”


“You dead.”

While being tortured at the same time with electromagnetic weapons. What are you suppose to do?



Realistically (and we all know it’s true), we react. Sometimes to the effect of what some like to call ‘acting out’. Like a lion in the jungle swooping upon his enemy or a chameleon changing colors in a tree, we, as human beings are no different.

What would anyone expect? Is it now unreasonable to do what God intended for us to do? Have the laws of self-protection become near extinction?

You would think that the law still applied to people who threaten people in such a way but, as of now, it doesn’t. I am slowly learning why.


As I was watching ‘Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta- Countdown to the Wedding’, I began to really think deeply about my misfortune in becoming a Targeted Individual.  Oh, and don’t worry. I am not thinking of jumping a broom with anyone. Especially not with gang stalking cult members.

Anyway, I was thinking of how funny it was to see so many people on television who looked so happy. Planning weddings, taking vacations, having fun with their families, etc., yet, I, on the otherhand, am stuck being beat up by a bunch of unattractive punks who feel that they have no life outside of screwing up mine.

Was that the reason why watching the show felt as if I was viewing people from another planet? It really did. What I was watching just didn’t feel as real as it use to.

Greatfully, I soon shooed the thought and found myself remembering that, I too, was once happy. I use to take vacations and shop to my heart’s content. And even though I never had the luxury of falling in love with a wedding dress, my life was decent.

But now…

What little that did make me happy is now gone because of a BRIBE. Can you believe it?

So what do you do when you know where you have been in your life and want to continue to live life happily, while others, such as Klaverns that form crime syndications, TEAM up in order to force you into a lesser lifestyle?

Can you really blame Myron May or Aaron Alexis for doing what they saw fit in order to expose what is really shaming our worlds? Can you really blame them for challenging those that felt the need to challenge them and get away with it? Assuming that there were similarities in our cases such as knowing their assailants.

How surreal is it when the people that you may have cared about are stabbing you in the back while giving you a hug? It must have hurt to find out how fake their so-called ‘family’ and ‘friends’ really were. Now, let’s just add the threat ‘You’re dead’ to the scenario. Or… ‘You need to die.’

What would be your first thought? You would want to protect yourself by somehow eliminating the problem right? The problem with this is in how we can accomplish this feat without adding to the issue. How is a positive outcome possible when law enforcement is working against saving the innocence of Targeted Individuals?

What do you do if your biological mother is still set on having you committed to a hospital when you haven’t seen her since you arrived to town about three months ago and has had you arrested twice for just that reason. What do you do when your stepmother is participating in your targeting as well by using their technology against you? What so you so when you are me going through all of the above and some?


More Gang Stalker Quotes 

“You know we lied.” ( Possibly, lying to someone about attacking me. My proof is all over my face and inside my body. Obviously, no one is concerned. It is a BRIBE. I don’t know why anyone would believe these goofballs for any other reason. I can see their lies before they come out of their mouths.)

“This heaps on Mary.”

“You see he sleezed.”

“He must know the jury.” (I recall, during the beginning stages of my targeting, the gang stalkers’ would talk about a ‘World Court’. I was somehow being judged by members of this World Court. It is amazing how faithful they are to V2K and to misguiding people.)

“We got so bared. He must be under a West.”

“You are already the most vandaled.”

“You must be the most (vandaled, banned) woman in the world.” (They said this two different ways using the words in parenthesis.)

“They wanted to see you ain’t busy.”

“They knew we maxed.”

“We should not have meddled.”

“They see we indeed lip.”

“They say we indeed lip.”

“We’re desperate.”

“They say we in deep.”

“They got to find another way to heat you.”

“Yes, you got to die (dive?) Not sure which with this one.

“We ain’t gon’ let

“We ain’t gon’ let you do…”  a black female said in my left ear and then someone on the television said … “trading places”

“You ain’t gon’ hang on.”

“You dead.”

“They know we embellish together.”

” They knew we’d be a burden.”

“She wants to scar.”

“They need not know we violent.”

“Now they know I hive (hide?) a posse! (A male screamed this after I posted this blog entry. This comment is an update.)

“We showed your profile.” (This is another update.)


Gang Stalker Terms…



World Court

The Heat (Not sure if they were speaking of the sports team, law enforcement, or what.)



A West

The One

The Heap
























More Klavern Comments and Testimonies

“We needed you in lower.”

“We needed you lower than the Klavern.”

“Now they’re complaining to the faculty.”

“We bottled a problem.”

“That doll went crazy.”

“We got too many ways to grief.”

A few days ago, across the street I noticed a Verizon truck parked a few houses up. I use to see these trucks quite a lot when I began experiencing the electromagnetic weapons all over my body. The following was what the Klavern had to say about it. They sounded Black which is no longer surprising. And on the same day, a police vehicle drove down the street before the truck arrived and then back up the street after it was parked.

Here is what they said.

“That’s why Verizon was there. You are being endangered.”

“They want to make sure they get the right angles.”

Today, the Klaverned minions said the following…

“They know it byes you off.”

Who left these people in the street?

For the past two days, I have noticed the city police vehicle 812 drive up and down the street. Not sure why this was done but I know for certain that police officers feel empowered to stalk me to death.

Also in the past, I have noticed the infamous white vans either following me or parked somewhere near me (especially when I I worked at Macy’s in Georgia). I can recall the constant presence of utility vehicles and fire trucks as well. Many Targeted Individuals have similar accounts which is amazing. Surely it is not of value to them to be so consistent? Especially if they planned on pretending that this type of stalking was not really going on. Perfect strangers with the same stories…Really?

A little after 3:30pm today, I was radiated to my face twice in a row. It was the same burning sensation, as usual, accompanied by the flash of light as it hit my body. As if my skin has not already suffered visible damage. I have pictures to prove it.


You can see also see the bruising in the dark areas. The picture above is of the left side of my face that I have previously mentioned is hit the most. And, yet, they carry on as if we have proof of nothing. Honestly, I also hate to see what is in my bloodstream. I was turned away once when try to give blood in order to make a little extra money. They claimed that I ‘did not have veins’ in which to so it. Can you believe that. What were they afraid of? And why are they still continuosly burning my skin if they don’t want people to believe that this is really happening. They act as if they are totally outside of reality.

I had also mentioned before that my most evident began when I was working as a Transportation Assistant at E-Toys Direct aka the Parent Company. I not only was an assistant to the Transportation Supervisor, I also helped start the Transportation Department. And to make matters even worse, I was hired to help train my own Supervisor. Isn’t that a hoot!

After almost four years of employment and a huge change in management, our new management made every effort to push me out of my employment. The Manager of my department, Jim Todd, and his boss, the VP of Transportation, Ron Gilbert began to really make me uncomfortable to the point that I, eventually, walked off the job never to return. I would have had a good case of racism. Even one of the higher management team members, Gigi Healy made certain that Jim Todd was reminded of his duty in whatever their agenda was.

“Are you enjoying your new house, Jim,” she said, but it was the way she looked at him when she said it that told the story. He turned beet red. I don’t know exactly what they had planned but by the looks of it, Jim hated to be reminded that she could have some influence over whether he could lose his home. Hell, even I was amazed that she would go there right in front of me.

Today, I now realize that it was not for my benefit that she said what she said. He had just moved from Florida and his family had followed suit eventually.

When I noticed that I was being work mobbed for the first time after he arrived to E-Toys, we had to have mediation with the Human Resources manager. At that time, I asked him to his face if he was racist towards me seeing that I was the only Black female left in the office and the only one that he seemed to be pushing out. The Gigi comment came after the fact.

I literally could not take what he was trying to do so I left and from that day forward, I have been mobbed at every job that I have ever had since then. It is amazing how desperate people can get in hating people that they never knew. To me, it just proves even more how prejudice they may have really been. They even had the audacity to poke into my personal affairs as if they had every right too. I see that any information that they could find only added to their ammunition. Yes, they were definitely the backside of a donkey.

I wish that they would just leave me alone.

The only thing that I was looking forward to was creating a better life for me and my children. Going back to school and eventually buying a home on the beach were my ultimate goals. I had already had quite a few rough patches but continued to work my butt off, nonetheless. I deserved better.

And through it all, I never did use anyone for my own personal gain but if you were to ask these theives; they would, no doubt, tell you something entirely different. My bank accounts, though, said otherwise no matter who I was seeing at the time. White or Black.


Thanks for listening and God Bless.


More Terms:

Mattress- A reference meaning ‘woman’ or possibly the name for a prostitute.

Bed- Assumably, this is the group that a gang member belongs to after they marry or ‘bed’ someone within the organization in which they are initiated or being hazed.

Hit- What they ‘do’  in order to victimize someone. An event or series of events that aides in striking down or annialating a target.

The Doll- Whomever the woman is that is aiding and abetting my stalking program. It is assumable that she is to be really cute tis the name ‘doll’.

Wasp- Possibly government employees or civilian operatives leading major aspects of gang stalking. Over the years I have noticed that those that wore dark shades were ‘warped. They have even inferred that I looked like a wasp when I wore my Ralph Lauren shades. Not sure if their shades come with any add-ons.

Base- A place where gang stalkers group. Like a military base.

Jeep- A social status. Those who have money.

Voodoo- They pretend that the Targets is undergoing voodoo to explain why a target is hapful.

Klavern- This is a group affiliated with the KKK. (They do include a racial mix.)

Ray- Possibly a controller or handler of the mob that is stalking me.

The New- The new person or persons that are being hazed or initiated into the gang(s). Those being added to their ‘University’.




How many of us knew that Adolph Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber whom, coincidentally, was a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild when she conceived?

According to historical accounts, Adolph Hitler was not only supported by the Rothschild family, he Was a Rothschild!


(A Rothschild family photo from the site


Viscountess Astor ( Lady Astor)

Did you also know that one of the members of the richest family in the world was born in the city of Danville, Virginia. The city in which I was born and raised.


Langhorne House in Danville, Virginia

After a very successful marriage, Nancy Langhorne became known as Lady Astor of the Astor family. A family who has been a prominent and lasting member of what is known as the Illuminati.

Lady Astor was also viewed by some as Adolph Hitler’s ‘WOMAN’ in Britain. See the connection at…(,_Viscountess_Astor )

You can also read more about the Langhorne family at the following link. It was created by a member of the Langhorne family.



Also, if you would like to read more about the Illuminati families: Astor’s, Bundy’s, DuPont’s, Kennedy’s, Li’s, Onassis’s, Reynolds’s, Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Russell’s, and Van Duyn’s…

Click on the following link…





The God Divide-Targeted Individuals and the KKK (A TI Experience)

You would think that after so many years of activism. So many years of stopping the crime, racial division, discrimination, domestic abuse, false arrest, and other campaigns that we as A People would get it. With all of the blood, sweat, and tears that many of our most prominent activists have endured in order to create a fair society In The Eyes God…

Where did we go wrong?

Martin Luther King, Jr allowed freedom to ring…

Why are we worse off than we were before?

What the hell happened? What was it all for?

Last night was absolutely horrible. There was nowhere in the basement that I could go in order to escape the trauma weapons that are being violently used on my person. I eventually fell asleep after 3:00am this morning after being too weary to fight the pain any longer.

Yesterday, I began recording the torture at around 12:33am.

The events were as follows:

1. Light flashes to my face when I was attempting to sleep.

2. Constant laser burning to my skin as I was attempting to sleep. (They always seem to use this more around bedtime.

3. Needled and stabbed in my head over and over again throughout the day.

4. Needled in my head while visiting the dollar stores in the area.

5. The famous Magnetic Pull almost all day long while attempting to watch television. (It feels like something is tugging at your body.)

6. ‘Projectiled’ while trying to asleep. ( This feels like something is being slid beneath you. It’s almost something like a fork from a fork lift is being pushed beneath you or as if you are being fitted in some type of invisible box and this projection has the ability to move you around slightly. It feels something like a rocking motion. They did this to me so much last night that I thought I would be sea sick. I am not kidding. I use to go sailing when I was younger so it is a familiar feeling.)

They would not let me wander anywhere without forcing this invisible projectile beneath my body. At one point, I tried sleeping on the couch, then I tried the bathtub. I finally ended up on the floor and then the couch again before I said to hell with it all in order to go to sleep.

If you are wondering why they do this; it seems that it gives them a better aim when they laser the heck out of you. They want a good shot. In my case, it is my face and my, assumable, my hair. Somehow, the females of the group hate it that I don’t have to wear a wig. They say things about my hair all the time. “We can’t even embarrass your hair!” they say. Obviously, they are plentiful with weave and wigs. I have seen it with my own eyes. I even mentioned it in my poem called ‘Women’. Yes, I was definitely speaking about the women in the Klavern.

Check it out…


Ok. Now moving on to the rest of my gripe. What you read above was not the the reason why I had a horrible night, even though it was enough to tick anyone off. It was what they said that really stroked my goat, a to speak.

Here it goes…

“He shot you over a million times.” (I will assume that this is how many timwa I have been layered by the infamous ‘He’.

“They won’t worry me!” (This was around the time when my thoughts veered to contacting the FBI (even though most of us know that they also have a deep involvement). This was a Cacausion sounding woman’s response to my thoughts. This runs deep doesn’t it? I will tell you why in a moment.)

“We’re tearing our little America up!” (She also sounded Cacausion.)

“You are canceled.” (Well, at least now I know why. If they were speaking of the actual disease then I hope that they will be prepared for the bill.)

This morning…

“They don’t like your ability in busting us.” (She was definitely a Black woman.)

“Their all on you.” ( Be patient. I will tell you who.)

“They really ain’t gon’ change.” (She was also Black.)

“He’s surprised you ain’t die.” (This person sounded more like I a professional Cacausion man. His had good English. Yep, I am being attacked by everybody.)

Now for the real piss-you-the-hell-off-statement.

It sounded as if the statement came from a very trashy Cacausion women. But, she did sound as ghetto as many of their Black women can be so it was hard to tell.

“We don’t need no rich Black people!”

Yes, this comment really came from a woman’s mouth. It was hard to believe that she could even say that to me of all people. She wasn’t joking. Drunk or high, yes, but it definitely was not a funny.

You’d best believe that I was very angry at what she said. How does it sound when you are in a group surrounded by all types of people whether they are black, white, green, or yellow? You are saying to all of those Black people around you that they won’t ever have an equal opportunity. Who does that sound like to you?

Yep, you got it!

It’s the Ku Klux Klan!


And by looks of it, they aren’t joking, either.

(Photo found at the following site:

Many people don’t realize that the KKK had, in years past, given Black people memberships to their organization. Blacks were allowed to affiliate themselves with the KKK after the Civil because of the following reason.

408682084ee6ba09232d3737b60edbfe427c47a9 (Saved from the original site:

By the way, it is no longer a secret…

More Photos:


black kkk

They think it is a game not realizing that eventually their races will be on the verge of extinction. They will never have a equal opportunity, and their families will almost always be a part of the struggle. The quality of life for everyone will plummet. All accept those that have orchestrated the tyrrany unless we stop them. Never wonder why everywhere race has traitors. According to the KKK, it is for a good cause. Theirs.


Sadly enough, it’s not just Black people.

When the voices on the V2K system, this morning, mentioned that they were Klaverned, I knew immediately who they were. I did not have to guess any longer. klavern was the name to desrcribe the Black (or Others) version or offset of the KKK.

The meaning of Klavern alone explains exactly what many of us are dealing with.

Klavern- A local branch, organization, or unit of the Ku Klux Klan

This word explained it all when a Black female made the comment…

“They know we are Klaverned.”

Somehow, I knew it from the beginning of my targeting but now I am about 98 percent positive that the KKK is the reason why I am being so violently attacked.

Just for the simple fact that they mentioned that they did not ‘like my abilities’ or that my attacks began based on the fact that I ‘had potential’. It is enough to make anyone really pissed-the-hell-off.

And just to explain a bit further about the reason why the KKK are still at it even after all these years…

First read the following about what many normal people believe is said about discrimination and racial separation in the Bible.

“God does not show partiality or favoritism…”

Now, read the KKK translation…

“To help restore America to a White Christian nation, founded on God’s word.”

Yea, this is what they truly believe.

What do I think?

The only reason that God created any separation of any race or creed in the Bible was because he was removing those that loved God away from those that didn’t. Idolatry was the sin in which many were guilty. Simple as that.

idolatry- the worship of idols (a person or thing worshiped or adored); blind adoration or devotion

*The word ‘blind’ being the operative word. He does not want us to worship anyone before Him. It’s not that complicated.

It wasn’t because He was racist. You’ll find that there are many types of families in the Bible. If He were racist in any way, don’t you think that He would have left other families’ out of His word completely.

In my opinion, if He were discriminatory, there would have been one culture, one religion, one belief, etc. etc. etc.

If He had those types of prejudices, then why did He create such a variety of cultures and people? And why would He place us all on the same Planet without any barriers between any of us if He wanted to keep us all apart? Does it make any sense to you?

Of course not. It is man that lacks the sensibility to understand how live amongst their fellow man. Not God. Besides, God and I get along just fine. 😉

His work speaks for itself. There was no brick walls between any of us. Walls were not built until man built them.

Yeah, these are some real evil assholes.

Thanks for listening and God Bless.























More Gang Stalker Quotes- The Never-ending Story

Stop Women Abuse

Outside of being stabbed to death and projectiles for moat of the day, the following are quotes from today only. Believe me, it isn’t as if I want them to talk me to death and I am sure there will be more by tomorrow. The night is still young.


“Ya’ll know how we misuse.” (Then STOP!)

“They said it desserts.” (or deserts, not sure which)

“You are not the daties.” (Dow it look lime I’m in tears?)

“You know we’ll outlaw.” (Ummm.)

“He knows it’s easy to do.” ( That’s more than obvious.)

“You’re in lose.” (Duh. It seems that they are getting away with murder. Or at least they think so anyway.)

“He doesn’t want you to deuce.” (How many ways can they say the same thing. And who is this ‘he’?)

You are in danger.” ( This is a wow. They know this and no one is doing anything about it. Really people?)

“Their on drugs!” (Hell, we know.)

“You’re on public display.” (Noooo. Seriously?)

” You know we will molest.” (Are we going to have to do citizen arrests? I know they hear these people.)


Zapped By The Doorbell

Sometimes I feel like screaming at these people. Danville is, by far, a tragedy waiting to happen. The city already sucked but now it sucks even more. As soon as the gang stalkers flooded the area, there hasn’t been a lot good things that have happened. And as a Targeted Individual, my targeting has been 100 times worse since I have been back.

I still believe in my heart that this is a KKK ran program.

Today, at 4:43pm, a neighbor of a relative stopped by his home while I was the only one at the house. And there were no cars in the driveway to indicate anyone was home either. That is one way that I know that the visit was especially for me.

I was, coincidentally, in the kitchen when he stopped by. When he rang the doorbell, I immediately felt the familiar burn of the radiation on my left cheek. It is the cheek that they have done the most damage. I don’t know why that is.

Believe me when I say that I was passed when I opened the door. Being radiated is painful. Obviously, someone thinks it’s funny.

He asked for one of my relatives that leaved there even though it was obvious that no one was home. I am sure he knew their vehicles seeing that he lived right across the street. My relatives aren’t new in the neighborhood. He eventually left but, yes, I was angry. When I opened the door, I unconsciously had a knife in my right hand. I thought about it after the fact and kind of giggled. Thank goodness the knife was not conscious maneuver but it was there, nonetheless, in case I needed it.

These people do any and everything. They stop at nothing.

After shutting the door, the gang stalkers began wailing, “He just wanted to make sure it’s you!” Can you believe it? Do they go around radiating everybody?  Or does the equipment only work on me?

You would think that they already know seeing that I have been getting fried since I have been here. I sometimes wonder what is the maximum distance that these weapons can zap a person.


And as for my left cheek, it always seemed that when I would get radiated; whether it was when they drove by me in their vehicles, or if someone was screaming my name, ringing a doorbell, banging on a wall, dropping something, or whatever the case may be, they would catch me on the left side of my face the most. I have welted enough to prove it.

When will the tyranny end?




The following is a movie clip of the musical Li’l Abner. It really is a good example of why humans should not undergo experimentation.

The musical is a fun memory for me that now holds a lot of meaning. Back in 1994, I think, my high school (George Washington High School, Danville, VA.) did a remake of this musical in which I was a dancer. If I only knew then what I know now.

Who knew that there was truth in how human experimentation can effect us emotionally. Who would have guessed the degree in which this type of experimentation exists? It seems that the media was telling us all along.

Anyway, it is a fun clip. I hope you enjoy it…

Click or follow the link below to view…

Li’l Abner – Put Em Back The They Was