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More Tales From the Darkside- A T. I. Testimony

If you ever wonder why I use real names in my blog then here is your answer. Law enforcement is also involved and they act on nothing that I call them about. I have given them names and places but they do nothing about my circumstances because they are also involved. So consider this blog site a new age citizens’ arrest because the law has failed innocent people. If I have to die this way, then at least someone will know my story.

I am undergoing constant torture by wannabe thugs that even I don’t know, yet, it is real. I keep praying that I will wake up to peace again but that hasn’t happened yet.

Now, as it seems, every horror that I experience has everything to do with those that I did know and those that I don’t. And even a sleeping pills won’t fix it.

We don’t deserve this type of treatment.


“Sabrina started a war.”

(I will assume that they were speaking of Sabrina Nesmith whom loves the attention, yet, I know nothing about. These goons use her name as if it is the ‘Last Supper’. Status quo has a lot to do with gang stalking and Sabrina feels that she is at the top of the totem pole. That is no lie. Her brother was a rap artists if it is the person that I am thinking of. And I ran track in high school with her sisters. Other than that, I don’t know her so why she is stalking the he’ll out of me lends to a lot of questioning.)


“You are going to need a Conan,” says a male voice. (Seriously.)

“…you got death…” (If I have to be tortured to my grave then what punishment do these gang members actually deserve. A picnic?

“…lead you to death…”

“He never been with Chelsea.” ( Who are these people?! And why are they stalking strangers? I have heard many excuses that don’the make any sense, so what is the real deal?)

On the dark side…

Sabrina Nesmith

Monique Nesmith

Latifah Nesmith

Steven L. Cox

Jeree Barksdale

Wendy Whittle

Theresa McCullough

Terea Ferguson ( Terea Ferguson)

Someone named Sabina

Someone named Kelly

Bill Rogers

Tim Garland and his wife

Corporal Grubbs (County police officer)

Jim Todd

Ron Gilbert

Iqbal Ahmed

Mustapha Acolatse, Sr.

Someone named Chelsea

Amadu Jalloh

Georget Wallace, Jr.

Daniel Waller

Marcus Luck


Someone named Ralph

Kenny Scruggs

George Breedlove and his Negril crew

‘Big Mike’ (Michael Williams? Ex New York Jet? I can never remember his last name.)

Jeffrey McLaughlin ( City police officer)

Timothy Clayton

Someone named Adolphi

Someone named Woodoff

Someone named Woodall

Woodall gang?

Charla Toller (We were on the cheerleading squad together at GWHS.)

Former member(s) of the Dolphins

Many members of George Washington High School Class of ’94. (There are so many people that I knew. It feels ridiculous to be attacked by people who knew you.



And so many more! Can you believe that there are so many people stalking me!  Another reason why I have named these people is because the stalkers are giving away the information,

Maybe one day, I will complete the list!

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



More Quotes From The Darkside- A T.I. Testimony

“We got an illegal jury.”

“…you need slugs.” (I pray he was not talking about what I think he was talking about.)

“He would even die your eyesite.” (That would probably be another reason why they keep lasering me over and over again in the face. They have already given me retina damage in my right eye. But do they stop. No they don’t.)

“He was to destroy the gifty.”

“Yes, you’re being mutated.” (I see that but why are they doing it? I never volunteered for any of this and I was never a member of their ‘CLUB’. So why is it that I have to suffer so? And why would HAARP be so deeply involved if it is true? This is no where near normal.)

“We put it all on you.”

“It’s you who we wipe.” (So much for trying to keep to yourself.)

“You being in illegal robbery.” (Everything these goons do is illegal.)

“He said he would kill your kid.” (I pray that did not mean that as well. This is awful. What did they do to ever deserve that? And who is he?)

“Cause he pests.” (That excuse is not good enough for me.)

“We’re a factory.” (So, is true that this world mimicks the book Brave New World  by Alduous Huxley where everyone was strangely born and categorized? Alphas’, Deltas’, Gammas’, Epsilons’, etc. No wonder they keep talking about stock. When did we become cattle?)

“…that it suicides ya.” (I caught this sentence at the tail end but most of already know what they are trying to do. To force suicide onto another human being is still, in my opinion, murder. Gang stalkers are so morbid. They seem to enjoy causing death onto other people.)

“…we indeed-ed bribery.” (Obviously. And possibly blackmail too from what I have noticed. They stop at nothing,)

“We wanted the United States to be impaired,” said a male voice. “We impaired you everyday,” said another male.

“We did too many matinees.” (I never asked to be a part of any of them and they never asked either. Talk about a total invasion of privacy. They have stolen my life away from me!)

“You really ain’t a member.” (That is what I have been trying to say all along!)

“We wasn’t to tell.”

“…way we got a giant slay…”

“Our phones have evolved.” (They are using their cellphones as remote controls.)

“He said they went berserk.” (The name McDuffie came up at this point.)

“We outlaw.” (I have noticed. Their people have taken Sovereign Citizenry to a whole other level.)

“We are jealous…” says one female. “… of Americans,” says another.

“It esteems betrayal.” (Yeah, this could be a real HBO or Cinemax blockbuster.)

“Yes, we getting merried.” (Who talks like that? And it was a male at that.)

“We’re getting abided everywhere.”

“He would do it out of jealousy.” “He is gay.” (During this yapping session, a man by the name of Tim, someone I had a brief relationship with, was mentioned.)

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




















“It’s An Illegal Scam!- A T. I. Testimony


The goons never stop and you are blocked from justice wherever you turn. What can we do but document what is really going on behind closed doors.

Below are more quotes the gang stalkers in Danville, Va.

“We needed ya’ll floozied.” (Floozy is not my name.)

“We needed Multi-Wall’s in shun.”

“We was trying to new you everyday.” (I guess that means that they were trying to keep their torture going.)

“They watching TV.”  (Fusion TV in which government agencies have heavy involvement.)

“It sues those with intellect.” (It is apparent.)

“We can’t claim you in muscular dystrophy.” (I never offered myself as a science project.)

“We eliminated all your claims to fame.” (Talk about having HATERS!)

“”We want to nuptially lead it!”

“He had no clue your being estranged.”

“We ain’t had nothing to do.”

“…now that we bleed it.”

“He needed to finish you.” (Haven’t they done enough?)

“Nobody was in needed of a synagogue.”

“He hid the intercom.”

” We are nuptial thieves.”

“…we are murdering people.”

“You are illegally Doug’d.” (Who is Doug?)

“It’s an illegal scam!”

“They did it Iqbal.” (They only Iqbal that I knew was a classmate of mine at G.W.H.S.. We were students of Euantes magazine.)

“Indeed, they know Timothy Garland.” (He is an old lover who pretended that he wasn’t a married man. So I let the relationship go.)

“He has eight kids.”

“…you died.” (Boy, do I know. But it was more like murder than anything else.)

“That girl slammed you.” (It seems that all of their women are whether they know me or not.)

“We didn’the need four of you.” (Huh?)

“…expand the forgeries.”

“Why would you need relief?”

“It even deviled Cheyenne.” (Who?)

“You being sixteen year-ed.” (Yet, I am 40.)

“We ambushed.”

“We skeezy.”

“…Noblis-ed the bed.” (Told you.)

“Everyone’s bitter.”

“We weeding you in low.”

“You need how Tracy severed.” (Possibly someone I work with.)

“Gained your in royalty.” (If that is so, you can’take tell it.)

“You leaving a lot of life.”

“They were out to destroy you.”

“He knows they way they did job.” (Because they were talking about Steven Cox at the time, I will assume that it was he that they were speaking of.)

“Wild you dead.” (Literally.)

“We take it out on people.” (They take all of their indiscretions out on people.)

“…we snuck.” (They are that desperate to harm me that they have to sneak around.)

“You indeed die.”

“You did in Dons.” (I did no such thing . I am not the one in the lab behind COM systems.)

“It brazed you family.” (Yeah, they are definitely brazed.)

“Ya’ll ain’t got to be tapped.”

“You are low.” (Can you check again?)

“Ya’ll needed Confederate action.”

“Sows we got attacked.”

“We did folk a felon.”

“They didn’t have to Lou you in anything.”

“McCullough would be his bed.” (Good for them. Now can I have my life back now?)

“You in ignore.”

“Exasperation is the key.”

“We got fleas.” (Spoken by a true DOG.)

“Yout got disked.” (This refers to whatever they did with head after it was lasered. No wonder I can’t get an MRI.)

“We stalling a whole colony.” (Are we pilgrims now? Well, then I guess I am Pocohantus. My family DNA is part American Indian.)

“Ya’ll being under police brutality.” (That has already been established.)

“We are at war.”

“Mookie ain’the gonna let you,” (That would be my ex- husband who never wanted to see me happy unless he had something to do with it.)

“He was trying to bid your life.” (Now how does that work exactly?)

“It ain’the no accident we do you people.”

“They thieve was trying execute you.” (They still are.)

“Mustapha is mega viloent.” (My ex-husband and I know that to be fact.)

“We bugged Meme bye-bye.” (I am praying that they weren’the talking about my daughterror who is only 16.)

“It winged on Nesmith’s” (Females that I have nothing to do with but it seems that they love stalking me.)

“He left his daughter in your way.”

“We were doing it for retail.”

“They copied do.” (Someone copied this program from someone else.)

“Everyone knows you’re dead.” (Half way there.)

“It’s my time to distress you.”

“They keep adding people.”

“We weaving death.”

“We reduced your rev.” (Indeed other words, they have depleted my money.)

“It’s not fun to jail you.”

“You ain’t gon’ have no kids.” (I pray that they leave my babies alone.)

“And we waiting to bag up again.”

“You’re in critical murder.” (Why? To appease my ex-husband and his African wife. Is it to appease the KKK? WHY?

“It was HAARP.”

“You’re in murder.”

“We wanted to eliminate your culture.”

“Wendy is evasive to National Security.” (Wendy Whittle folks. She has been stalking me for a while, yet, we have never been friends. I don’t know her like that. She is just another person that I went to school with. That is it.) “They are all day meeting her.”

“You are in critical de-leap.” (De-leap must be another word for ‘demotion’ because of people that never really knewe me.)

“He was to destroy a whole family of Lady Astors.” (Do they not know that is an International crimeven whend your destroying a ROYAL bloodline? Should we call the ICC?)

“Faye is holding you back.” (Who is Faye?)

“They do gangs!”

“Now they see it football.”

“Told he will now get 5 million dollars.”

“It’s death.”

“We were going to take the lives of billions!”

“Now you is dead.”

“Now you is dead.”

“They prowled on the sophisticated.”

“You are in remote.” (Yes, they are remoting our torture. They even use their cellphones.)

“You really did get a lot of buoy.”

“You really want to be ok.” (Who doesn’t?)

“You got oust.” (By a bunch of criminals. It couldn’t be more unimpressive.)

“He ain’t have no choice but to stock.” (What are we? Cattle?)

“Now they know he will code you in blocks.” (Indeed other words, I am being blacklisted.)

“You get no hovs.” (Indeed other words, they are depleting me of opportunities.)

“He said you got clutter.” (These quotes were Spoken verbally by my gang stalker community. Now who is in clutter? These people need lobotomies.)


Thanks for listening. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!















HAARP Terror Organization?- A T. I. Testimony

This so-called HAARP (Fusion TV) program that uses criminals in their network to harm citizens is still at it today. Currently, I am still being bullied to death. They won’t leave me alone. The broadcasting of their voices over their COM system hasn’t ended either.

Gang Stalker quotes for the day.

“We wanting to make you look like goo.” (They are continuously doing things to my body.)

“You ain’t gon’ need to be used for retail.” (I have no idea what these people are talking about.)

“Ya’ll was about to lose your government.” (It looks like we already have.)

“We beating you to death.”

“We sku’d you to TV.” (They are supposedly making movies of the people that they are torturing. And for some reason, I am just a product to these people.)

“You got our jail!” (This Fusion TV that I am being held hostage in, is supposedly, from what the goons have said previously, a jail for refugees. But I am not a refugee!)

“We wanting to mug you.”

“You Look Like Death!”- A T. I. Testimony

These criminals have taken over my entire life. As I write this, they are playing around inside my body. I know this sounds unreal but it is true. Because I have been illegally chipped, they won’t leave me alone.

“You look like death!” a man screamed. I am sure he was African American. Unfortunately, I am still wired to their COM system and I absolutely hate it.

Recently, I have discovered that these goons may be within the HAARP program. One of the goons actually communicated this to me.

“It’s HAARP,” he said.

I am surrounded all day and all night long by them. It is amazing that government agencies like this would be involved so heavily in crimes these crimes and their using weapons that we as ordinary citizens have never thought about. These people have serious mental issues. No need to wonder why their is no Homeland Security. Real criminals have infiltrated the system and these are not professional criminals either. Many of these people are street thugs. And we shouldn’t be so surprised that so many hate groups and refugees are involved as well.

And to our dismay, these criminals are allowed inside of our bodies to do what they want to do, they are allowed into our personal files to steal our money and our lives, and they are also stealing our families as well. Not to fail to mention, they are using very dangerous weapons including lasers on our bodies. I am literally in a torture chamber.

“We did this on the sly,” another male says in my ear as I typed this. That would be obvious because there is no way that any of this is illegal. And this is going on right here in Danville, Virginia folks!

Here is another goon quote for you that would scare the life out of anybody…

“They want your a$$ dead,” another goon says. This was screamed at me while I was at work. And they also love to throw the word ‘Floozy’ my way as if it a true description of my character. These people either have no real jobs or have absolutely no life.

Thanks for listening and may God bless you all.



This is what was said oustside the doorway of the office today.

I am being literally executed and I mean seriously murdered here in Danville, Va. and it’s suppose to be a joke?

That would be a Klansman for you.


Note: I am not a Klan/Klavert member. I am not in the Taliban or any other hate society or what they call ‘BEDS’. Yet I am the one they chose to so-called ‘SUE’ because they wanted to protect someone who was actually in their organizations from what they have said and her name is Theresa McCullough. Why should I have to suffer so much for someone I do not know?

More Workplace Harassment- A T. I. Testimony

Still under fire at work today. Their are many people screaming at me like banshees and they are still shooting lasers my way. My head feels as if they are heating it up. These criminals just won’t leave me alone. And they are still talking about executing me. Why?

These people are psychotic. They have DEN-ed the entire city with all types of criminals. I may be the only one left whom they didn’t make a member. I knew nothing about it. It is no wonder I can’t get any help. I pray that someone can correct this. They sit around 24 hours a day torturing me to death and have no reason to do it. I don’t deserve to be punished this way.

What can we do? Who can help us?