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President Bill Clinton-Speech on the Bioethics Report concerning Unethical Testing on Human Beings during the Cold War-C-Span 3. October 1995

President Bill Clinton-Speech on the Bioethics Report concerning Unethical Testing on Human Beings during the Cold War-C-Span 3. October 1995

(Also seen as: Bill Clinton – Apology To Human-Experiment Victims,

“1,000’s of government sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation.
The goal was to understand the effects of radiation exposure on the human body. While most of the tests were ethical by any standard, some were unethical not only by today’s standards but the standards of the time in which they were conducted. They failed both the test of our national values and the test of humanity.
Informed consent means your doctor tells you the risk of the treatment you are about to undergo. In too many cases, informed consent was withheld.”
-Bill Clinton

mstmha: According to Wikipedia, the Cold War, assumably, lasted from 1947 to 1991. As we are currently seeing, history has, once again repeated itself (or did the Cold War ever end?). We are still being cuffed to the shackles of a supposed Holocaustic, ‘Silent War’ in which we (innocent civilians) are still being subjected to the vile usage of government weaponry. Even in our current conditions, our tortures are more closely blamed primarily on the use of bio-weapons more than nuclear but still even today, the US is receiving nuclear threats. Not a lot has changed. History’s redundancies.

I would really love it if Bill Clinton could again reiterate on what is still going on… the unconstitutional torturing of innocent individuals or what we call Targeted Individuals (TI’s). I would also love to hear an explanation on why these types of programs are still going on even after they have known about and orchestrated them for so long. To be very frank, can we TI’s get some type of relief from unnecessary torture or better still, what did he say again about “compensation being appropriate?”

After all…

“Our greatness is measured not only in how we so frequently do right but also how we act when we know we have done the wrong thing. How we confront our mistakes, make our apologies, and take action.”
-Bill Clinton

mstmha: Was this video really just some type of gag? Have we seriously been punked or is there a real means to all of this ill will and madness? I’ll admit that the quote actually sounded pretty good. It would be even better if any of it were true.

Does the BS ever stop?

More on Government Human Experimentations below:

US Jazz Musicians Were Drafted into CIA’s MKULTRA
Jon Rappoport,, March 25, 2014

Here is a bit of US history that shows the reach of the CIA’s infamous mind-control program, MKULTRA.

According to diverse sources, here’s a partial list of the reported “hundreds” of jazz musicians who went to Lex: Red Rodney, Sonny Rollins, Chet Baker, Sonny Stitt, Howard McGhee, Elvin Jones, Zoot Sims, Lee Morgan, Tadd Dameron, Stan Levey, Jackie McLean.

It’s also reported that Ray Charles was there, and William Burroughs, Peter Lorre, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

It was supposed to be a rehab center. A place for drying out.


“I’ll tell you how it works everywhere in the world, not just Hollywood. But everywhere in the world, women are forcibly impregnated through rape in families and…their children held…for ransom by a particular psychopath who heads that household.”
-Roseanne Barr

“It’s just a culture of violence and rewarding psychopathic behavior.
-Roseanne Barr

“The poor are bailing out the rich…”
-Roseanne Barr

mstmha: There are a lot of interesting comments about this video, one of which I would like to make of my own, if I may…

Roseanne made the following comment listed above: “…their children held…for ransom by a particular psychopath who heads that household.”
Ok, this is my question. If his is true, which one of these low-down psycho-bastards are trying to steal my children? Could it have been his “judge friend” who had the nerve to say in court that he “did not know me” and even had the audacity to give sole custody of my children to my ex-husband without giving me any proper explanation. After all, another court had already found it in their best interests that we maintain joint custody prior?There is no need, at this point, to name this particular person who did not do his job in the courtroom. He has already been named in a previous blog entry. The hearing and the paperwork were just pitiful and I am putting this very kindly. My ex-husband moved my children from one state-to-another without any court’s permission. At least not in black and white. My suggestion is that if they are going to run a cult-like following then they should at least have more professionalism and not make their relationships so obvious or was that suppose to be part of my torture?

But, if I am mistaken, who was it really that was and is trying to “contract” mine and my family’s life into failure? Could it be the other judge friend or someone else? Could it possibly be the new wife? Possibly.
It would be lovely if they could possibly speak now, or forever hold their non-existent peace because as long as they continue to do evil towards my family, they will never, ever have any…

Dear God, it is hard to believe that this is really happening! I wish that I had, had forewarning but then again; things do happen for a reason.

If there is one thing that I have learned about EVIL. It can work ‘with’ you or ‘against’ you.

Gang Stalking – Street Theater, and dumb-ass gang stalkers.

I just found out that they created a fake profile of me on Google. Their street theater is no joke and I can honestly say that they have gotten on my last nerve. These idiots will be the death of themselves, not just us…
They will literally attempt to take over every aspect of your life as if you gave them permission to do so. These people are puppets without really knowing why. And by the way, I have experienced the street theater over and over again and each time it seems to get more and more retarded. What Targeted Individuals go through is not just survival of the fittest (that is for d@^n sure) and, yes, gang stalkers are victims too but nothing in the scheme of things that these ‘trapped’ predators do lends to any naturalality in there own survival. I can’t see that any good human being’s first thought in survival would be to ‘microwave’ your supposed enemies with electromagnetic weaponry or rob another’s bank accounts. (And that is just a small part of it.) For anyone to be inbreded with so much hatred is torture all by itself.

Neverending1's Blog

Two people in a heated argument about religion...

Modern chain gang

Angry Penguin

Yesterday, I ended my blog by saying I would write about “street theater.”

Street theater is what you think it is.  The gang stalkers want to get you in trouble, so they create street theater.  Let’s say you’re  outside and they want to get you in trouble, they’ll try to get you involved in an argument.  A group of gang stalkers will make remarks to  make you angry.  You open your mouth, and before you know, there’s an argument going on.  What the gang stalkers will do is call the police.  The police arrive and  all the gang stalkers will turn against you.  They’ll say that you began the fight; that you hurt someone.  And other gang stalkers will agree with the story. The police already know about you and will blame everything on you.

Or let’s say you’re taking a walk, you see a man who…

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The Hive Mind-The World of the NWO

The Age of Transitions – TransDehumanism 2013-2020 – NWO Agenda Defined

“The creation of the ideal man will soon be a simple technical operation.”
Jaques Ellul, 1954
The Technical Society

“Anyone who interprets Socialism merely as a political movement knows nothing about it. It is more than religion; It is the determination to create a new man.”
Adolph Hitler


Professor Predicts Human Race Will “split into two different species”

One race will be rich, beautiful, intelligent elite, the other will be goblin like underclass

The Daily Mail reports:

These humans will be between 6ft and 7ft tall and they will live up to 120 years.

“Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates,” says the report, which suggests that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance.

Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises, according to Curry in in a report commissioned for men’s satellite TV channel Bravo.

Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes and pert breasts, according to Curry.

Racial differences will be a thing of the past as interbreeding produces a single coffee-coloured skin tone.

The theory closely mirrors that of many proponents of the eugenics movement who have long promoted the idea of creating a kind of Nazi super-race, where the attractive and physically strong are genetically manufactured under laboratory conditions.

Throughout the 20th and into the 21st century eugenics has become a driving force in the push for a world government, a system of micro-managing race and subjugating the masses to elite control.

From Social Darwinism to Hitler’s Third Reich to a future that will be impacted by neo-eugenics and the quest for human development, the movement continues to espouse a disgusting creed of racial and genetic purity.

mstmha: WTF! A new world of discrimination, no doubt. And if we were to put these ‘more than ignorant’ few in categories, would we even give them the time of day?

Lord, I pray to you that this information isn’t true.

Transhumanism Part I & 2-The Ultimate Agendas

Transhumanism Part 1/Mark of the Beast:The Ultimate Agenda

TransHumanism Part 2 The Digital Messiah/ What the ELITE want!

mstmha: Could Transhumanism be the reason that Targeted Individuals exist? Are we glutton for punishment due to futuristic experimentation?
I seriously believe that our major problems have derived in these Transhumanists simply not asking thus now we have Targeted Individuals. They have violated our bodies in a way which is so totally illegal as if they had every right to do so. Why could they not have just asked? I am sure there is somebody out there that would have been CRAZY enough to have volunteered in their experiments. Oh but of course, according to the first video, we “did not live in cooperation.” How many would?

“…to become robots ourselves.” Huh? Speak for yourself. We are now living in a CYBORG evolution. Welcome to a world where they do not have to ask for your permission to “transform you”.

My Motto:

“We are now becoming the objects of conscious design.”
“…because we need more organs.”

Scientists Building Transhumanist Tech to Force Prisoners To Stay Alive “Forever” As Punishment

Scientists Building Transhumanist Tech to Force Prisoners To Stay Alive “Forever” As Punishment

Future Technologies

The Future of Humanity Institute is closely allied with the recently established Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology, also directed by Professor Nick Bostrom. The Programme also works closely with the Institute of the Future of Computing, the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (Professor Bill Roscoe) and the Oxford e-Research Centre (Professor Anne Trefethen); the Institute for Science and Ethics (Professor Julian Savulescu); and other Oxford Martin School Institutes. Professor David Deutsch (Department of Atomic and Laser Physics, Centre for Quantum Computation, Clarendon Laboratory) serves as a senior consultant.

The Programme, established in September 2011 focuses on the analysis of possibilities related to long-range technological change and the potential social impacts of future transformative technologies. Research foci include issues related to the future of computing, existential risks, and methodology, including the following areas: Changing rates of change; Automation and complexity barriers; Machine intelligence capabilities and safety; Novel applications and unexpected societal impacts: Predictability horizons; and Existential risks and future technologies.

For more information, please visit the Programme’s website at

Venting My Woes

I know that I have said this over and over again but I will say it again. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever feel as if I would ever become trapped in a world of personal vendetta. A world that is so revengeful, whereas, your attackers cannot see that their lives would be so much better if they were to just disappear and never to be heard of again rather than to destroy what they consider to be their preys, no matter the means. They create their own enemies. There are so many consequences involved from trying to destroy someone else’s life but they fail to comprehend the difference in just staying out of someone other people’s business or just becoming a part of your life in a positive way. These people are always there in a negative way whether they know you or not.

I am 37 years old and I am now living my life as prey to people that I do not know. It is hard enough to live through the tortures of those that you don’t know of in the real world. They have tapped into my head, my body, and my life and they refuse to leave me alone. Why they do this is beyond me. Why anyone would want to get rid of me in any manner is beyond interpretation and for them to cause me to be suicidal defies all gravity.

I loved being free. I loved making my own decisions. I loved not having to answer to anybody but me. I loved being just me. I gave no trouble to anybody unless they made trouble with me. So why do they do what they do? Are they just that evil? Are they entranced with being evil? Maybe so. If that is the case, it is not going to help anybody including themselves.

At this moment, I am suffering from a defective head that they created, whereas, at times it is hard for me to even hold it up. And yes, I am a proud woman. I was bred to be strong whether a man was there or not. Do you think that, that is the reason? Do they not like strong women? Do they want us to always be dependent on the likeness of men while they are doing nothing but destroying us? My family on my father’s side was Indian. Did it matter? If it did, it is not my fault so why am I being punished?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it but it is truth and they do this because someone is actually allowing them to do it. It is criminal and totally offensive but they do it any way.

My torture is the type where not a lot pf people could not literally live through. They torture you so discreetly that if there was a listening ear, they would not believe you. Sadly, their technology transcends all ethics. It is beyond belief and, of course, it would justify how much people are being bribed into becoming gang stalkers. No one wants to go through what I am currently enduring.

I never would have believed in it if it had never happened to me. I frequently ask myself, why me? As much as I have been through just trying to live an ordinary life. Why me? There has been so much disappointment in my life with marriage, keeping a job, having children, and just trying to keep my life on a steady plain that I still cannot configure why these lunatics chose me to manhandle. My head, of all things, was completely off limits but they still had the audacity to play with it. Who the hell are they to have those types of permissions? Their violations alone, in the real world, would lead to so many lawsuits to be ultimately ridiculous but yet they still do it.

Just because you do not see it does not mean that it does not exist. And honestly, I am tired of being screwed with for no good reason. Could they live through the same treatment that they are throwing on others? I doubt it but I would love to see them try.

As to my reasoning, well, if I were to harm another person’s life then I would be sanctioned to hell and by the way, I would also go to jail in the real world. The bible does speak of loving thy neighbor but what if thy neighbor is the enemy that you never counted on having?

Attempted murder is a huge sin but to even attempt to be an accessary to it can be just as bad as actually committing the crime. We are living in someone else’s morbid fantasy of what they assumed to be their very own perfect world. A world where they would take out all of there personal issues on those that have nothing to do with their own shortcomings.

My head (literally) is being traumatized by these sick bastards. They locked into it when they lasered it in Virginia and now they still will not let my head go in Georgia. A definite personal violation only because someone is allowing them to get away with their indecencies. The worst offense, in my opinion, is to violate someone’s body in order to control them but they do not care. And they, obviously, do not see their wrongs in their quest for glory.

So… if something happened to them, should I give a shit? Should anyone care?

My ex-husband, Mustapha Acolatse, Sr. has a lot to do with it. This I know. Every time he called my children while we were in VA, I was being poisoned or stabbed to death by these wreckless weapons. I know for a fact that he has major jealousy issues. I can remember a time that he said to me that I would never find another man like him. If it were my choice then I would not have cared. I did not want another man like him so, honestly, he was just flattering only himself. He put me through so much, whereas, he would not have been missed but, assumably, he found someone later who could take revenge against me. Someone who was desperate and she aided in his boost. He was lacking in so much that I can only assume that it made him feel better that I was being tortured and he was now in control. He wanted to believe that he was hurt but he was never as hurt as I was. I was tired of being his bailout.

After our separation, he finally found a way to get over on me. He joined a mob with this woman and admitted it to the representing guardian ad litem that was the lawyer for our children. I heard him with my own ears. Even with that knowledge they gave him sole custody anyway without giving me any reason. Why did they not give me an excuse for taking my children away? Unbelievable right? But they did it.

Mustapha really believes that he has done no wrong and it is quite sickening. Obviously, he is just another one of these sociopaths that we are unfortunate enough to have to deal with.

And even still, I have to deal with the constant probing of the head and my body. Is that fair when I have spent most of life training and raising my family to become better people.

The jerk even involved my children in my torture but, of course, they are still kids and they only know what they are taught. I will still love them always.

Dreamin’- A Song


Dreamin’-A Song
By mstmha aka Moody EmPo

I am thinking of you
And all that we’ve shared.
I remember our years;
Passing the tears
With no regrets.
Oh, oh, oh baby…
With no regrets.

I can still feel your touch
with my mind…
I assure you that my body
Relied on only you,
Only you.
My sweet baby.
Only you.

Prose: Sate me baby like you’ve never done before.
Let me wash your tears away.
Take me, sweetie, where you want me to go.
And never let me go.

Prose: Any lost time together, we cannot afford.
Let me taste you as I did before.
Please baby, please baby…
Wrap me in your world.

I am thinking of you
And all that we’ve shared
I remember our years,
Passing the tears
With no regrets
Oh, oh, oh baby
With no regrets.

Just remember I am yours.
In life we were torn.
But in love we are here
To face all of our fears.

I am yours.
I am yours.

If engrossing yourself
In the love we both kept
Lends to your fear…

Always remember baby…

I am yours.
I am yours.

*The music to this song (which is not displayed) was created by none other than Reaper Beatz called Dreamin.

Thank you Reaper!

Baiting & Bashing (B&B)

Baiting and Bashing… some of the techniques used when you are being gang stalked, mobbed, under the ‘Devil’s Switch’, etc…
-Maybe it is time for them to prove whether they are actually telling the truth without the use of ‘heresay’ and make-believe.
-Maybe in that, they will have a little more work cut out for them as they will have to obtain more physical proof.
-Maybe it is time for ‘God’s Switch’ to join the party?!
-Just maybe we would like more evidence to the fact that their lies are not just lies.
-Maybe it is time for the tables to turn in their direction.
-I invite our ‘gang stalkers’ to subject themselves to more ‘proof positives’ that when you are speaking of any Targeted Individual and the horrific woes that they undergo because of you, that you are telling the truth without misrepresentation or perjury.
As the old saying goes, “The truth will set you free”.
I wonder how much are they willing to go through to prove that what they are saying about Targeted Individuals in their being so-called ‘crazy’ without evidential proof is actually true? In that, could they even function without their network of ‘criminals’ guiding and protecting them?
Tell me…How would they like those apples if they were proven guilty over and over and over again?
I say, if they wanted to know the truth about anything (which they don’t); all they had to do was ask just to save them the trouble of so much indescribable, insane, unwarranted, drama…
What is it that they are really trying to prove? That their self-esteem is so low to being a -0 on the Richter scale?
According to this small blog fact, their personalities are not brand new. Someone has already had them figured out and those few will definitely know how to correct it…

The definition for the ‘Devil’s Switch’ according to the Urban Dictionary:
Devil’s Switch
The evil psychopathic person (Gang Stalk Rat) who enrolls someone into being gang stalked for many years, turns on the Devil’s Switch.
“I am able to ruin you socially. Remember I had
another achievement”
“You have turned on the Devil’s Switch”
“We could be under close surveillance. If they are
Professionals you cannot hide.”
It sounds true…
In sociopaths…

Psychopath Resistance

Personality disordered people regularly engage in this extraordinarily vile behavior. They get away with it time after time because they are deviously skilled at misleading others and obscuring what is actually going on. Watch out for staging and framing—or B&B!


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Individual Targeting For Life Insurance Fraud Verified?


Notice to all TI’s: You are the victim of an organised criminal group operating worldwide who are attempting to slowly kill you for life insurance they will have arranged for you. People who claim to know you living in another country will have been recruited to arrange and pay for your cover.

The reason you are being `stalked’ is so they can gather information about you so that they can claim they knew you when they put their claims in after you have died. Your life insurance will be worth between £250’000 and £10’000’000 depending on the arm of the group that is targeting you.

The police and governments do not have the technology to stop it nor do they even know its happening due to problems with information being shared and victims not being believed.

This site explains in detail how its happening, why its not the government `experimenting’ and how you can protect yourself. I am someone who lived in a high crime area with the worst gang problem in the UK so I actually know about this group from both sides.

· The group arrange a victim’s life cover offshore before killing them using electronic weapons. They arrange offshore so that the victim cannot find out that cover has been arranged for them. They do this through identity fraud gangs and people traffickers who assist them and disseminate payments for the victims fraudulently obtained insurance cover. The victim’s identity will have been duplicated with a `double’ or lookalike of them having been created will have travelled abroad. While the `double’ of the victim is abroad they will have made bogus relationships with people who assume an `insured’ interest so that they can arrange policies very easily mainly through online providers. These people who the `double’ has bogus relationships with become benefactors of the victim’s insurance payouts once their `assisted death; is complete.

· The group has taken extensive measures to miss-inform targets and convince them that their attack is part of a state sponsored `stalking program’ or government experimentation is taking place. This is a completely false rumor. As a well connected a private investigation firm we have successfully found that an organized criminal group are behind these attacks and there is no government corruption going on. The government are not confirming this problem seemingly because they don’t generally know about it. The government do not generally know or believe these attacks are happening. The sole purpose of the attacks is to produce the symptom of death in an innocent victim while mimicking physical illness so that the death will appear to have occurred naturally so the group can claim huge sums of life cover (insurance) payouts

Innocent people in the UK are being killed by criminal gangs who are using a new murder method which is witness free and highly deniable. They are using Invisible Directed Energy to kill them for life insurance payouts,

The crime group arrange life cover easily, most through online providers. They use associated groups who will commit identity fraud and people trafficking offences to travel abroad to secure bogus friends and associates who are the benefactors of the victims insurance by creating a visually convincing `double’ of them. The impersonator will have travelled abroad and then made `friends’, a `partner’ and or `business partners’ or worked for an `employers’ who boast an insured interest so that they can become benefactors of the victim’s insurance cover.

The majority of victim’s will have been targeted simply because they lost a passport at some time in the past or enough Identification to fraudulently obtain one.

The attacks work by applying harmful radiation to a victims body and vital organs. This will kill them following several years of exposure.

Precisely directed radiation will have been directed at victim’s body parts and important vital organs in a way that causes their death to appear as it has occurred naturally or through physical illness. Sometimes the incidence of an induced stroke or heart attack has been reported to complete a target’s murder.

Once a target has died, a death certificate will be issued at hospital which is what the gang are interested in. They do not physically need to have the death certificate because the hospital will usually publishes information about the death which satisfies the relevant life insurance providers that death has taken place. The combined value of life insurance cover which the group will have arranged is rumored to be £5 million pounds for each `assisted death’ victim.

As soon as that death certificate has been released, members who are part of, or associates of the criminal group will proceed to enter claims for life insurance policies which they had arranged for their victim by posing as friends’, partner’s or business associates or employers.

The reason why victim’s are targeted is attributable to a theft offence. These offences involve interconnected criminal gangs who operate not just in the UK, but in other parts of the world too. At present, an estimated thirty-nine victims are being attacked continuously from UAV’s in the airspace above them fitted with Directed Energy Weapons . The use of these weapons gradually causes the symptom of death over several years in such a way that it mimic’s physical illness. The harmful radiation can be directed from multiple UAV’s which are 10’000ft (or higher) above from each victim. Some sources have suggested there may be more than thirty-nine victims in the UK who are currently undergoing attack, many may be unaware.

In any case, that estimated figure (based on a variety of factors including covert intelligence on the gang) has actually risen from there twelve victim’s in August 2004. to the current figure of thirty-nine victim’s in March 2013.

Prior to this information being made available through this excellent website, there has been little or no substantial and usable information produced about this crime owing to it Invisible nature and the very fact that victims are, in the main unable to grasp how it works technically, or indeed be aware themselves that they are being targeted and why. The author hopes that This information will allow victims and future investigators to begin investigating this crime of sheer malice and accept that the technology , although sophisticated in nature, this multi-faceted crime hhas several weaknesses as does the gang’s structure which is obviously hierarchical but wish centrality but with a lack of definable centrality among entities.

This is exclusive information which is the product of fifteen years research into criminal gangs in the UK.

One police force who surprisingly releasing information about the fact that there is “nothing that can be done about it”.

All victim’s will have lost a passport at some time in the past which would have been sold to a worldwide identity theft gang for up to £10’000 The gang create a lookalike or `double’ of you who will have travelled abroad and made false `friends’ or `business partners’ whom who have been enrolled as benefactors.

Read the entire blog at…
mstmha: I am not sure that I would buy his suggestion that these attacks are not government related. I have, unfortunately, had a different experience here in the USA. How can these thugs appear in our courtrooms as judges, lawyers, clerks, etc. if the government had nothing to do with it? Is he trying to reduce their crimes to a lesser lawsuit or sentence if they say that the government has no involvement? Or maybe things are just different in the UK. Your guess would be as good as mine. Either way, I know that to be BS. These gang members are always screaming about ‘fielding’ by the military. Is the military not considered government anymore?

I will, however, buy the suggestion that our tortures may be relative to fraudulent life insurance policies. I was amazed when I found this website because I actually questioned whether this was a reason for my own targeting. It was something that I blogged about in July of 2013 entitled Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs. Is It Possible? I guess I have now found my answer. Money has become so pertinent now that people do not mind killing off strangers or even their own family members for its sake. It is actually horrifying to know that these people are just sitting on their asses just waiting for me to die. No wonder I have not had the opportunity to get my life back together. I am not suppose to have one anymore. It makes me sad for my own children.

Now, I can’t say that I also buy his opinion that metal helps to reduce the effects of attacks on Targets. It seemed that anything as small as a bobby pin would help them even more in their attempts to wire up to me. Of course, I am not a rocket scientist but it really did look that way once small metal objects just started showing up all over my home. And yes, the targeting was worse.

Most targets already know that our experiences, although similar, have some differences. Targeting is designed around each individual. We don’t have any choices in the matter.

I have filtered some of the so-called facts from this website simply because our experiences are somewhat different and I would suggest that others do the same. And to think I was considering applying for a passport. Identity theft has been key in my targeting; would I be safe if I did or does it even matter?

And now that I think about, I cannot count how many times my family has stated that my ex-husband was seeing someone that looked just like me. Is she waiting for my passport I wonder so that they may continue in their scams? Mind you, just to be clear, his new wife does not look at all like me and she is much older and balding. So is this woman whom they proclaim to have so many similarities to my person another lover, perhaps? A stand-by whore, maybe? I guess, in that, only time will tell but I better not ever hear of him or anyone else that he is affiliated with collecting a dime off of my death. Why do we wonder why there have been so many reported hauntings? Souls cannot rest when they have been so absolutely violated. Especially in Virginia.

As to the rest of the information on the website, well, I guess anything is possible. I am bugged without consent. They read my thoughts and manipulate everything that I do. I can only assume that I can forget about any future happy endings. THIS IS SOME VERY ‘SICK’ SHIT!

Now. if your curious, You can visit my blog entitled Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs. Is It Possible? at the link below to view my original thoughts on this subject.

Study Claims “Global Warming” Will Cause More Rapes

Study Claims “Global Warming” Will Cause More Rapes
Latest fear mongering pushed by “global warming” advocates
By Kit Daniels

Well, I guess it didn't take a rocket scientist!

Well, I guess it didn’t take a rocket scientist!

From The article…
In his study entitled “Crime, Weather and Climate Change,” Michael Ranson, a Senior Associate with Abt Associates, alleges that “global warming” will cause an additional 180,000 cases of rape and 22,000 murders by 2099.

Ranson also claims that “climate change” will lead to a further “1.2 million aggravated assaults, 2.3 million simple assaults, 260,000 robberies, 1.3 million burglaries, 2.2 million cases of larceny and 580,000 cases of vehicle theft in the United States.”

In essence, the study is about as scientific as the quack science behind “global warming.”
mstmha: I guess they are also going to tell us who will be committing these crimes, as well. Am I the only one who smells a ‘Set-up’ by those government officials who are trying to pull a ‘fake’ on who they may think are unsuspecting victims?
Should they not just come out and say that they have some very disgusting, satanic fetishes? Murder and rape just to name a few…
It isn’t as if we have not already arrived at the fact that their surveillance of millions of people is nothing more than one huge sexually-explicit, Black-Ops porn shop. Seriously people? And now it is the fault of global-warming in which most of us are in doubt actually exists? Please spare us the melodrama. Jeez.

You can also read…
Faux Science Study: Global Warming Will Cause 180,000 More Rapes by 2099
From the website ‘The Minority Report’

Self serving stupidity couldn’t be more prominently on display as in a new study titled “Crime, weather, and climate change“ by the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management AKA Abt Associates (read: Harvard think tank, whose client list is exclusively governments and federal agencies) using social justice and crime scaremongering to advance an agenda.