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‘Rape and sodomy’: Leaked UN report details French soldiers’ abuse against African boys

***’Rape and sodomy’: Leaked UN report details French soldiers’ abuse against African boys…
The UN’s instinctive response to sexual violence in its ranks – ignore, deny, cover up, dissemble
Published time: April 29, 2015 15:10
Edited time: April 29, 2015 18:07

A military plane lands next to a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs), located at Bangui International Airport. (Reuters / Goran Tomasevic)

A military plane lands next to a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs), located at Bangui International Airport. (Reuters / Goran Tomasevic)

A damning UN report about how French soldiers raped and sodomized starving and homeless boys in the Central African Republic, some as young as nine, has been leaked to the Guardian, and the UN official who blew the whistle is facing dismissal.

French peacekeeping troops were supposed to be protecting children at a center for internally displaced people at M’Poko Airport in CAR’s capital Bangui, when the abuse reportedly took place between December 2013 and June 2014. It was at a time when the UN’s mission at the country, MINUSCA, was in the process of being set up.

An internal investigation was ordered by the UN office of the high commissioner for human rights (UNHCR), after reports on the ground of sexual abuse of children displaced by the conflict.

A member of staff from the high commissioner of human rights and a specialist from UNICEF interviewed the children between May and June last year. Some of the boys were able to give good descriptions of individual soldiers who abused them.

Officials in Geneva reportedly received the report in summer 2014.

Swedish national, Anders Kompass, a senior UN aid worker who has been involved in humanitarian work for over than 30 years, passed the document on to French prosecutors because of the UN’s failure to take action, sources close to the case told the Guardian.

The newspaper reports that after receiving the confidential UN report entitled Sexual Abuse on Children by International Armed Forces, French authorities traveled to Bangui to investigate the allegations.

A French judicial source said that the prosecutor’s office had received the UN report in July 2014 and that a preliminary investigation had been launched.

“A preliminary investigation has been opened by the Paris prosecutor since July 21, 2014. The investigation is ongoing,” he said, as quoted by Reuters.

The UN also confirmed Monday that it had given an unredacted report to the French authorities on the alleged abuse of children by French soldiers in CAR.
“The unedited version was, by a staff member’s own admission, provided unofficially by that staff member to the French authorities in late July, prior to even providing it to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ (OHCHR) senior management,” the spokesman for the UN Secretary-General said in a statement.

The report made its way to Paula Donovan from the organization Aids Free World, who then passed it to the Guardian.

“The regular sex abuse by peacekeeping personnel uncovered here and the United Nations’ appalling disregard for victims are stomach-turning, but the awful truth is that this isn’t uncommon. The UN’s instinctive response to sexual violence in its ranks – ignore, deny, cover up, dissemble – must be subjected to a truly independent commission of inquiry with total access, top to bottom, and full subpoena power,” she said.

Last month, Mr Kompass was accused of leaking a confidential UN report and breaching protocols.

Kompass was dismissed last week as director of field operations and is now under investigation by the UN office for internal oversight service (OIOS). One senior UN official even said that “it was his [Kompass’s] duty to know and comply” with UN protocols on confidential documents.

Bea Edwards from the US based Government Accountability Project, a whistleblower protection and advocacy organization, blasted the UN for what is little more than witch-hunt against someone who sought to protect children.

“We have represented many whistleblowers in the UN system over the years and in general the more serious the disclosure they make the more ferocious the retaliation. Despite the official rhetoric, there is very little commitment at the top of the organization to protect whistleblowers and a strong tendency to politicize every issue no matter how urgent.”

France’s Operation Sangaris in CAR began in December 2013. It is now being wound down as Paris hands over security to an 8,500-strong UN peacekeeping force deployed to contain the deadly conflict.

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mstmha: “Worldwide, we are all Targeted Individuals.” (Be very wary of the British Underground.)


Another Glorious Day As A Targeted Individual…

Hi folks, I just wanted to gripe about another beautiful day as a Targeted Individual. I  did go to work today, but, unfortunately for me, I still experienced the same probing to my head that I have experienced since 2012.

It is so, so sad that these people that have mobbed us and have tormented us (for so many years) are still willing and available to stalk Targeted Individuals without a real cause. It is, no doubt, a 24/7 operation.

Honestly, they  are still talking and screaming at me as if it hasn’t already been several years since I was first targeted. Nothing has really changed. I have my good days, but most of the time, their attentions are pretty bad. Such as today, when I got off from work, the family members that I currently reside with decided that their lives would better if they just do what they were told.

By observation, what they were told to do was very harmful to my body. I endured a burning to my skin after their programed triggers. (This is how you know that you are entrapped in a magnetic field.)  They went on to bang on the dining room table, they dropped items on the floor, etc. And it gave me much pause. I truly became angry knowing that it was all intentional but, obviously, I did not react in a way that would, considerably, ruin my own life. For some reason, I still have ‘cough’.

Even the ‘turn up’ of the music (that was so loud that it could, possibly, blow someone’s eardrums) was harmfully insane. Obviously, the nap that I was trying to take was shrugged off. Sleep deprivation is a main priority in Gang Stalking. If you ever hear it said that losing sleep was one of their motives, then know, (from this blog), that it is true. A Gang stalkers methods are very inconsistent, yet, redundant. This is definitely, absolutely, true.

On another note, these Perps, (I have found) may be attacking my job (once again). I can recall two men (who I am assured have aided in my gang stalking), and they go by the names of Ron Gilbert and Jim Todd, (ex-managers of E-Toys Direct in Blairs, Virginia, lastly known as the Parent Company).

These Caucasian men, from what I have seen, decided to eliminate any job duties that I may have ever had as a Transportation Assistant for Domestic and Import freight by dispersing my duties to those, dired folks, that they may have wanted to keep. The saga is huge but I won’t go into detail, yet.  I can almost imagine what they would say to end any job or career decisions that I may be working towards because they truly do not want to see me happy. Yes, I was eventually the only black woman in the office. But, if you heard my story, their reasoning behind what they did, could, possibly, be false. Here is a word of advice. Ask the source (myself) before you ask them about anything. Their business is in Restructuring. This, I found, is true. But their restructuring may come at a dire cost. It is called LYING!

As to my current job, I see the same things happening. The same thing that happened to my previous position as a Transportation Assistant, whereas, they are eliminating and distributing your duties so that, eventually, you will no longer have a job. It is quite sad that they continue to do what they do so blatantly (but they do).

As a matter of fact, the con-men may have a hand in every job opportunity that I do or do not get. Did I ever mention that I may have caught them double-billing? And what I mean by that is that their team of people may have sent out the same multiple invoices over and again even though those particular bills were already paid. I know this because I was the one helping to pay them.

If this was true, it is no wonder that they are destroying my life and riding my tootsie!

The ‘Steeler’ Shock

The ‘Steeler’ Shock

By mstmha

This may sound crazy. Then again, with some people it may sound just a bit paranoid but please believe me in what I am about to say is far from paranoid.

As a Targeted Individual, you will learn a lot about people and what they are capable of. Even those that may have a certain ‘status-quo’ in society will try things that you may never believe that they could do, but they do. Ask Obama, he is a natural at doing things that, even his own ‘Colored people’ would never suspect.

I am blogging, personally, today to reiterate on the constant redundancies of my gang stalking program based on something that happened recently. Most people who know about my targeting experience also know that I moved from Virginia to Georgia, in order to, not only move closer to my children, but to attempt to escape those who have been and are still consistently ferocious in their abuse of my person. Some of which were supporters of or retirees of the NFL. Sad folks, but definitely true.

Yesterday, after leaving work, I noticed a car painted in black and yellow cutting someone off and then sped down the street in the opposite direction. The way it happened, it was as if the driver wanted to make sure that I noticed him. Once I was in his vicinity, he sped up and the car’s motor began to make a very loud sound as he picked up speed. Amazingly, at that moment, you could only hear the car ‘s motor at that particular moment.  Yeah, when I, coincidentally, showed up on the scene. Sure… it’s just a coincidence, right?

Believe me when I say that what I have said and what I am about to say is not paranoia. (I have had my mental check-up. Thank you very much.)  Unfortunately, this type of stalking happens a lot with many Targeted Individuals. Especially, if their perps are as cocky as mine and feel that they need to demand your utmost attention.

Now,  as to my first question…

Can anyone guess what the colors black and yellow represent?

I am sure someone has already figured out.

The colors black and yellow represented the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers. As a matter of fact, the name Steelers was written on his car. As a matter of fact, the same thing happened in Virginia during my gang stalking ‘Street Theater’. I remember passing a car (more than once) that was similar to the one recently seen in Georgia. It was designed almost identically, if not the same. The car, in Virginia, was painted the almost the same, and, yes, it emblazoned the Steeler name.

The Pittsburgh Steelers logo was creeping me out in Virginia (not to be stereotypical, but the dreadlock theme was everywhere) and, from what it seems, they have not stopped in Georgia.

Whether, it is those duds, retirees, sponsors, prostitutes, or whatever. The reason behind why they are stalking me so aggressively still remains unknown.

Why would they stalk me if they weren’t trying to do there part in making my life miserable. As I said before, I really do not know the depth of t heir contracts, but, I do see that my stalking is no longer a coincidence. If the Steeler’s had some involvement, I would certainly believe it.

Here is another reason why I believe that members of the NFL, and possibly other sports teams, may have some involvement in my targeting.

To make a long story short, I was practically raised around ball players’! As a matter of fact, my ex-track coach was a retiree from the NFL. His son went on to play for the NFL, as well. I remember that my ex-coach and I had a run-in with me at the DMV in Danville, Virginia. I also remember that he seemed shameful and he could barely look at me. Coincidence? Not really. If I had to guess, he was probably feeling very guilty. But, of course, that is just a guess. I am just being honest.

After a while, it wasn’t even a question of coincidence after being stalked by an ex-Miami Dolphin, an ex- Redskin, etc. Based on my experience with them, it really is not a question of coincidence, but, a question of how far they will go in order to prove their innocence. Or, rather, not having to prove it, for that matter.

As long as the government is ghosting these current, or ex-players, by hiding their real governmental agendas away from us and their NFL or sport’s player puppets…

As long as they give these players’ and their families’ permission to harm and manipulate the public…

My question is this…

Where does the mentally non-insane now exist? Obviously, the ball players’ and their families have been easily manipulated due to the importance of money.  It seems that everyone is in the survival mode with no care for anyone else.

Where are the positive role models that we use to look up to as children? Is it now proven that the love of money is the ‘real’ root of all evil.

Now that these so-called celebrities’ have brought their ‘on the field ‘PLAYS’ into the real world, what chance do we have in living normal lives? Is self-gratification that important to them where they cannot see how they are really damaging themselves and us?

Again, let us pray…

Once upon a time, I actually liked the Steeler team when all it was, was a game. Now, I am not so sure.

Gangbanger Charged With Murder, Drug Crimes Gets Obama Amnesty

ACGR's "News with Attitude"

Judicial Watch


Source …..

Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-HernandezIn the latest scandal to rock President Obama’s controversial executive amnesty initiative, a known gang member charged with murder and drug-related crimes was shielded from deportation under the administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The illegal immigrant’s name is Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez and he was in the process of being deported when U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shielded him from removal under DACA, even though the agency knew he was a member of a violent street gang. USCIS was also aware that Rangel-Hernandez had been arrested in 2012 for possession of drugs but rubber-stamped his amnesty petition anyways last August.

Earlier this year, months after our commander-in-chief granted him amnesty, the 19-year-old gangbanger was charged with four counts of first-degree murder in connection with a three-day shooting spree in Charlotte, North Carolina. One of the victims was a model who appeared in a…

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Activists Voice Support for Myron May

Activists Voice Support for Myron May.

The Tragedy Of Myron May-Another Targeted Individual

Myron May

Myron May: “I am currently being cooked in my chair. I devised a scheme where I was going to expose this once and for all and I really need you,” he said in one of the messages, which was provided to NBC News and authenticated by a relative as May’s voice. “I do not want to die in vain.”

Myron May on Facebook: “Has anyone here ever been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?”

Myron Mays Story-Part I

Myron Mays Story-Part II

Myron Mays Story-Part III


Myron May Shooting Ending In Death To Myron

Myron May Voicemails Exposed

Myron May’s Cottage Before The Shooting

Myron May’s Letter Read After His Death

Family Says Myron May was Troubled but Not Violent

See the story…

mstmha: I am not going to lie. I cried when listening to Myron’s personal videos. I am not ashamed to say that, in many aspects, Myron and I could possibly have been best friends. His experiences as a gang stalking target were, not only believable, but true in many ways.

My message to Myron beyond the grave: Thank You, Myron, for sharing your story. It is a story that is very similar to mine. We HEAR you! Believe it when I say that you did not die in vain. I can see that you are not a real killer and I can also see that you are not crazy. But you are, NOW, a part of  HISTORY based on your desperation to EXPOSE THE TRUTH! You have definitely brought much attention to the horrors of the NWO. When you prayed, I prayed with you.

But, I do have one question.  In Part II of your video, was it a coincidence that the picture in the top right corner stated… “…good company always”? Well, in my opinion, honestly, you could possibly have been. Based on my observation, obviously, Myron, you are under God’s protection. You did not kill anyone and you did not kill yourself.

Myron, evidently, did not go on the scene to actually kill anyone, in my opinion. His words and actions lead to only one conclusion. It was suicide by a third party because, although he intended to die, he did not want to die by his own hand.  As most of us know (as God believers), it is a sin to kill yourself, but, if someone else kills you then you have nothing to pay or repent for. Yes, he was definitely a lawyer within his own right. And a smart one at that. He pulled the best trick that I have seen when it comes to repentance and forgiveness. Blessed be. This man was not crazy!

What angers me the most is that, during his confessions, Myron was a living being! He was not dead or lacking third party communication. They could have saved him in life in order to spare themselves real heartache in death. Why did no one attempt to save him? People saw the videos. If they did make the attempt, who can take that credit of being his savior outside of God?


Gang Stalking Terms and Methods

Gang Stalking Methods

1. Street Theater and/or Brighting
Are there cars or trucks with their headlights On always on the roadside or in driveways along YOUR route almost every time you go out?
Or Open Car doors or Trunks during the day or even both. Is there people getting in Or out of cars just as you go by way too often than normal?
Or car’s flashers and horns going off near you alot more than usual?
Are strange events happening in pairs or patterns of twos…etc.?

2. Home Sabotage and illegal entry
Are you experiencing home break-ins with no sign of forced entry but small disruptions or sabotage?
Example: New Dirt on floor, Sabotage of mechanical devices – TV, Furnace, pipes,AC outlets, computer sabotage, mail messed up.. etc.

3. Vehicle Sabotage and illegal entry
Is your vehicle being sabotaged or messed up which is much more unusual than normal wear and tear?
Example: Water in the Gas, Panels come unscrewed, Red Transmission fluid Leaks on the ground. Jell-O in the tank, door or trunk that you locked is now Open.

4. Traffic mobbing
Is there a noticeable increase in traffic by your house?
Example. Bikes, pedestrians, Cars, Pickups Can be as much as 30-40 more per day. Also Planes overhead. When you leave your home the timing is such that you see much of this!

5. Same Time Entry/Exit
When entering or leaving your home, is one of your neighbors there waiting and then entering or leaving his home at the same time.
Ex. Pulling into your driveway, then a neighbor already sitting in his car starts pulling out of his driveway.

6. Work Sabotage and illegal entry
Is there any undetected break-ins at work to mess things up and make it look like your fault, Or are your previously friendly coworkers now trying to mess you up?

7. Store mobbing
Is there any mobbing when standing in lines at stores, Or does the parking lot fill up alot more after you get there?

8. Vehicle threat
Have you been almost hit by a car, run off the road where you thought it was intentional or do you pickup someone with road rage everytime you go out? Are you being followed or Led by any vehicles?

9. Ruined relationships
Are your friendships and acquaintances going sour or talking in the same catch phrase even though they do not know each other?
Or do your friends or strangers know something about you that you never told them?
Ex. Something happens that you may or may not be aware of and your friend’s response is not as nice as it always was.

10. Public rudeness / Anchoring
Do you get rude stares, bumps or unexpected actions or talk from people you do not know or strange chat from strangers on the internet like they know you?
Ex. Anchoring – In Gang Stalking, Anchoring is used to make the target have fear with things happening in your daily life that considered to be normal. That can be done with frequent demonstrations. The key is the frequency just like other GangStalking methods. For example, People show you a pen every where you go, and their attitude is rude or crazy against you. You don’t know them. You just wonder what’s going on. Imagine that happens everyday, for a week, for a month, fora year, then, that makes you have fear with a pen. In this case, a pen is ANCHORED with your state of fear. It can be
anything. A cell phone, notebook computer, a medical mask, clothes of the same color, anything.

See the original at the Urban Dictionary link below…



Brighting used in Gang Stalking as a form of Torture or Threat

1. Mobile

a. This involves a vehicle parked on the roadside with headlights on facing the subject as he/she walks or drives by. The car may then drive away just after the subject sees the truck/car to further target the subject.

b. A parked vehicle with headlights on in front of the subject’s house that drives away when the subject looks out the window.

c. An oncoming car with High Beams on in a location where they should not be used and are not dimmed!!

The above two overt tactics are done initially to sensitize the subject.

Then the brighting may continue by one or more vehicles parked in a store parking lot with headlights on as subject drives by or vehicles parked in their own driveways with their headlights on as the subject drives by.

These tactics are then done many, many times thereafter to torture and threaten the subject as he/she drives by.

c. Turning on High beams in normal driving conditions where they should not be used!!

2. Stationary

This involves shining bright lights on the subject from cars or a neighbors residence through the subject’s window. Sometimes a handheld spotlight is used.
When walking or driving down the road, on the other side is a car or truck parked with Headlights ON. As soon as you see this vehicle, it drives off. This is a threat to not go where you are going, which may be your workplace. This is done very overtly at first to assure it is directed at the victim. This sensatizes the victim to look for cars parked with headlights on. Subsequent brightings the vehicle may not drive off. The vehicle may be also be in a parking lot or residential driveway with the Headlights on and may or may not have someone in it!
See the original at the Urban Dictionary link…

A form of intimidation or psychological abuse, sometimes called Ambient Abuse where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and quite often, their sanity. The classic example of gaslighting is to switch something around on someone that you know they’re sure to notice, but then deny knowing anything about it, and to explain that they “must be imagining things” when they challenge these changes.

A more psychological definition of gaslighting is “an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information to, the victim – having the gradual effect of making them anxious, confused, and less able to trust their own memory and perception.

Your spouse begins telling you things that never really happened. For instance, he says that last week he told you he was going to go to the bar with his buddies this Monday night, but you never remember him telling you that.

Or maybe your boss gets angry because you didn’t prepare the report he asked you to. When you remind him that he usually prepares that particular report, he snaps that he told you to take care of it a few days ago because he was too busy. However, you know he never asked you to do so.

Both of these could be considered gaslighting.

See the original at the Urban Dictionary link…
Noise Campaigns
Constant noise to create a tiresome, non-relaxing environment for Targeted Individuals. Examples: Television blasting at any hour, Car horns blaring, strange machine generated noises such as odd dog barking, people screaming like wolves, screaming, loud talking, the slamming of doors, stomping, someone may throw something down on the floor so that it makes a very loud sound, etc.
When a gang stalker rearranges a Targets residence. Certain Items in a Targets home are somehow out of place. A gang stalker moves things around, not only to confuse their victims but it is to let them know how close they really are. It also assures the Target that they are being victimized to arouse fear.
When a Targeted Individual encounters a stalker that does everything that the Target does. They may also let a Target know that they are being surveillanced by repeating a conversation that the Target may have had (whether it was over the phone or in another person’s presence).
They want the Targeted Individual to associate a particular stimuli with their harassment. For example, if a Target, suddenly, begins to see white cars constantly driving around them, the  Target will naturally assume that anyone driving a white car are the ones targeting them.  In Myron May’s example, he used blue baseball caps and dark sunglasses.
When you get harassed by several people at one time, whether it is in a grocery store, gas station, etc. Designed to drive a Target into paranoia. They will also mob you while on the road. A Target will notice several cars that show up at one time and most of the time they are synchronized. They may all have their headlights on at the same time. They may create a formation behind a Target, sort of as if they were synchronized swimmers. It is not hard to notice. They have even been known to follow a Target from one location to another for no reason what-so-ever.
Gang Stalkers will violate every electronic device for their informational means. Whether it is a Targets cell phone, computer, television, etc. They will hack into whatever they can so that they can retrieve a Targets conversations and information. In many cases, it is for the purpose of mimicry and to also make the Target feel as if they have no privacy which lends to constant paranoia, as well. Gang Stalkers also use a Target’s information to steal their lives right from under them.
Electronic Harassment
-Microwaves/Electromagnetic Weapons/Direct Energy Weapons
-Psychotronic Weapons
-And more
They can manipulate a person’s bodily functions such as, speeding up a Target’s heart-rate, inducing panic attacks, induce sound into a Target’s ear to make it seem as if they are hearing voices, the heating of a Targeted Individual’s body, the probing or stabbing of a Target’s body, the manipulation of a Target’s internal and external organs through physical movement without a human presence, lasers to the head and body, nano-ing to a Target’s actual head after lasers, morgellons, the inducing of images into a Target’s mind that may seem like real dreams, the reading of a Target’s thoughts, etc. (Yes, it can get pretty disgusting.)

Mea Maxima Culpa- Silence In The House of God (BBC – Silêncio na Casa de Deus – Mea Maxima Culpa (LEGENDADO))

Alex Gibney explores the allegations of pedophilia within the Catholic Church. It is one of the first protests against clerical sexual abuse that has appeared in the United States. From there, he follows the allegations all the way to the heart of the Vatican.