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World Record For…?







I just may break a new Guinness Book Record  for…

“The Most Times Kicked Out (Or Pushed Out) of Residences That You Never Owned or Rented”.

I have been pushed out 7 times already!

I think that I have just been removed from, yet, another home in the State of Georgia. I was only there by invitation but…

be comforted that I am never going to go the extra mile in the trust factor as long as I am forced to endure the viciousness of gang stalking.  These people are absolutely horrible. The more that I see, the more it makes me want to hurl.

This time around, I actually stayed for about two days tops at another home in Conyers, Georgia. It was typical of what I would have expected. (I will explain more about that later. You know I have to do details and I have run out of time!)

As it is, it seems that my stays have shortened in length since I have lived in Ga since 2013. Especially since I have become even more unable to afford my own home again. My short stays are now no more than two or three days tops. If I get a week, I’m lucky. I know that my goons are thrilled!

Thanks for listening… God Bless!






Protective Mothers Alliance International

It is now confirmed in my mind that I am not alone as they victimize mother’s and their children. Caused by unlawful judges that push our tolerance to the very limits. Mother’s are now cocooned in a world that has surpassed any humane or even half-normal reality.

Psychopath Resistance



Protective Mothers Alliance International
March 17

“We are Unstoppable Protective Mothers, whose children have been ripped from our arms and lives. We are joining our voices as one, to share our stories about family court abuse and corruption. Each heartbreaking tragic story, capturing loss and abuse, is told in our own words and accompanied by stunning photographs based on mother/child milestones missed in our lives. Because of the strong unconditional love we have for our children, we will NOT be stopped…we are UNSTOPPABLE!”

Welcome to PMA International’s Unstoppable Mothers! Our Unstoppable Mothers campaign is going strong! Join us! #unstoppablemothers


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All About An Ex

A man that is almost non-existent online. Big Mike, an employee of or was at Lou’s Barbershop in Danville, Virginia. He is, no doubt, a gang stalker in my mind. He did mention that he had a ‘HUGE’ family!

As TI’s we already know how HUGE their organization really is.

Big Mike and I had a very brief relationship. He was also a good friend and possibly a relative of Ferrell Edmunds who retired from the Miami Dolphins and who is also from the same city. Go figure!

Ferrell Edmunds, Miami Dolphins Retiree, a good friend or relative of Big Mike


(To Ferrell) Sorry, honey, but I have got to give just a little bit of info about my circumstance. This is a matter of life and death you see and I would rather live for my children than to live for all of yours and his wretchedness. Sorry!

These boys love attention!

Between the two, I have discovered an entirely new life. A life that I never wanted. A life dealing in gang stalking. I never imagined that anyone could be capable of such a thing but, as I stand, it is true beyond anything that we have ever known.

Big Mike, who claimed to once being a part of the New York Jets and was kicked off due to drugs, proposed to me in his car on a highway going towards Greensboro, NC. We were going to a nightclub but never made it inside. We did end up in a cheap hotel, though. Does this sound like marrying material to you, folks? I didn’t think so. (Thank God that this took place years ago. I might have actually been embarrassed!)

To make matters worse, it was rumored that he was already committed to another woman and I, although separated, was still married at the time.

What kind of proposal was that? What ‘woman’ would agree to such a thing. I seriously thought he was joking. And he might have been seeing that I was a Target without knowing.

This is not a blog entry that I have created to be mean and hateful. I will only state the facts because the facts do matter. I am not being gang stalked for no reason what so ever. That is my point.

I remember the last time that I saw Big Mike. I was sunning on the beach at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia and then I saw him. He had a child with him but we never spoke. I do recall that he said.

“You should have been my wife.”

Believe me when I say that he was not talking directly in my face but he was talking at me. My backside was face up. Sorry.

I never took him seriously. Now I am paying for it. It is Goon Squad USA!



They Just Stole My Jump Drive!


After writing my last blog entry, I forgot to retrieve my jump drive from the library computer at Salem-Panola library in Dekalb county. I do not believe that it was even five minutes before my jump-drive was gank-ed.

I went back into the library to retrieve my jump drive from the computer that I was working on and I saw that it wasn’t there. How could it not be there when I knew that the computer that I was on was the only computer that it could be found. I know this because, in my last post, there was a drawing that I did that could only be found on that particular jump drive.

The history of the jump drive…

This particular jump drive saved everything that I found important from from last computer that had eventually crashed. It is the only thing left that saved my personal information. From my son’s JROTC experience, my personal photo shoots, to my daughter after having her hair done. My jump drive had history. My families history that cannot be replaced. My personal art and writings are also present on my jump drive. It is very valuable to me so I can understand why they may have felt the need to take it.

When I returned to the library in an attempt to rescue my jump drive, there was a black female already sitting there with no jump drive in site. I asked her if she had seen a jump drive that was left in the computer and she said no. She had not seen it but she never looked at me when she said it. Then, I noticed that she left immediately after I asked her about. She could not have been on the computer for more than ten minutes.

Yes, I watched.

So if there are any pictures of myself or any other information floating around. Poetry included that I have not posted myself… needless to say, it wasn’t me. I know my material so if anyone uses it, guaranteed, I will know. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

My thing is…How much info about me do they really want? Why is stealing my jump drive beneficial? I have been gang stalked for a number of years. You will never convince me that they do not have enough information.

I will be the first to admit that I am not only frustrated but disappointed in my own people. It seems that they are desperate enough to destroy their own people and also desperate enough to eventually destroy themselves.

Thank God that my business ideas an inventions are not included on that particular jump drive. This is the second jump drive that I have had, by the way, that has somehow disappeared. Talk about desperate. If I was not worth the knowledge, why would they ever feel the need to steal from me?

According to Jeree Barksdale who worked at Schewels Furniture in Danville, I am ‘NOTHING’ so WTF?

My Street Theatre in Danville, Virginia

Excerpts from…

CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher


More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them.

“Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Petraeus said, “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.”


I copied excerpts from this article to bring better awareness to what I am about to say. I know that what you may hear may sound as if it is coming from a ‘crazy’ woman but I can assure you that my accounts are too far away from the ‘real world’ to be my own reality. What I am going to say has everything to do with my torments due to gang stalking.

For the innocent ear, this may be very graphic. Whoever reads this blog entry has to keep to, no doubt, keep an open mind.

All I can say is this…Who knew that our government was at least twenty years advanced in their technology. They are doing things that we, as civilians, have never even thought about. Believe me, I am creative but not creative enough to make up what I am about to reveal to you.

I will take whatever test that has been not been compromised in order to prove my point. You can take that to the bank.


My Street Theater (A Short Account of My Gang Stalking Street Theatre In Danville, Virginia)


My life was going well for a while until I witnesses the torturous program called gang stalking. This is what I remember…

While sitting in front of the television in a chair in my mother’s home, I began hearing voices. (Yeah, I know. They say it may be schizophrenia but I can assure you that it is not. Just as the Black soldiers in Germany, had heard voices that taunted them and kept them awake to the point that they could barely function. Their technology was real and making the soldiers crazy was the point entirely. Make them tired so that they would be weary for battle.)

While I was I was sitting in this chair, I felt someone cutting away at my heart. (I am not joking.) Believe me, it scared the shit out of me. Afterwards, I could feel them playing with my heartbeat. It was obvious to me, at that time, that I may have had a heart transplant without actually going into a hospital to have an operation. It was the freakiest thing that had actually happened to me, or at least I thought.

I could feel them speeding up my heartbeat and then they would slow it down. Sometimes it felt as if I did not have a heartbeat at all. (I am not lying to you. I promise.) Over the years, they have done the same things. To this day, I still wonder if I actually have a real heart. I am not joking.

They had also orchestrated my street theater around ghosts. But not just any ghosts. Ghosts that formed themselves into black smoke. The kind that we consider to be poltergeist.

I remember how this black smoke swarmed around inside my rental house on Camden Street in Danville, Va. that, at the time, was owned by Quinn Properties. If I was outside smoking a cigarette, I would see the black smoke riding on the grass and I would escape as quickly as I could inside the house.

Sometimes the black smoke would form on the ceilings and it did not matter what room that I tried to escape to, the black smoke would find its way inside. I was definitely living in a Sci-Fi movie that I was not getting paid for. I never could really understand what was happening.

I can remember a night where this black smoke followed me on the ceilings from room to room. I tried to escape from my bedroom to my daughter’s room to no avail. It followed me and my daughter actually saw it too. What the heck was going on? Was it a real haunting or was the NSA (from whom they had previously introduced themselves) playing games.

I feel that they were playing games but who can explain why my body was, literally, pulled out of my bed and, at the time, I was wide awake. I even drew a rather elementary picture of it after the fact. It is very obscure depiction but you will definitely get the picture. Of course the black smoke wasn’t swarming around me then, but, if I were to guess, those initiating that attack were very deviled. If we know anything about poltergeist at all, rest assured that they have a very negative energy. My experience was very demonic.

Picture 026

I can clearly remember my body being pulled from my bed and I was steadily being pulled to the very end of my bed. They had even pulled my comforter off of me. And it wasn’t the first time. That event had actually happened before. No kidding. That situation would probably make anyone believe that they are being haunted but, after years of research, I have found that technology does have those capabilities. TI’s are not crazy! Space-based weapons and alien technology are very real. We need to think about how advanced technology is if levitation can be done on actual humans? I have first hand experience. You could not pay me to believe that what I had experienced actually a supernatural occurrence. I believe in ghosts, true. But I do not believe that I had an unfriendly ghost in that situation. Not a chance.

Check out the following levitation video to see what is really going on…

The ‘poltergeist experience is not the only strange occurrence as I underwent a very spooky Street Theater.
I lie to you not. I literally thought that I saw a man almost deflate and then inflate again. It was so absolutely cray to be un-freaking-believable!
I was standing at my bedroom window on Camden Street and I looked out the window. My head started feeling something kind of funny and I wanted to see if there was anything going on outside that could have caused it (more on that later). There was nothing going on in the house that I could see. (Notice that I said… “That I could see.”
Anyway, I am glancing out my bedroom window and I see a red truck parked on a street, right across the street from my house. Inside was what looked like a Caucasian man situated in the driver’s seat. He was wearing a hat. It was strange that he just sat there so I just watched. To my horror, the man who was alone in the driver’s seat began to look as if he was deflating! I could not believe. Hell no. That wasn’t really happening! Impossible! Slowly he was jerking until his head landed on his steering wheel. Believe it or not, I did not call the police at all. 911 was was the furthermost thing on my mind. I was in absolute awe! It was not normal. It was just something that does not really happen but still I watched!
I know that at least five or minutes had passed before the man actually looked as if he was inflating again. He looked like a blow up doll and the next thing that happened was the craziest of them all. After he was ‘inflated’, he looked from side to side as if nothing ever happened and drove off. I was like whoa! It had to be NSA or NASA!
There is more to this story… As crazy as it sounds.
More on this story later…
Thanks for listening… God Bless.





Keep Me In Your Prayers!

Well, today is my last day in the Reid household. I will keep reporting my progress but if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know that the inevitable happened..

“I’m locked up. They won’t let me out.”- Akon

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I know. Akon sang it even though my ex-husband claimed that Akon had never been to jail. Maybe he was talking metaphorically. We know it all too well. Targeted Individuals are jailed on a daily basis.

Your probably are wondering how my ex would know this. Well, his claim was that he and Akon were good friends back in the day until they had some type of fall out. I wasn’t around then so I don’t know the reason and my ex would never discuss it. You see, my ex was an aspiring rap artist too. He perform at a nightclub called the Warehouse in downtown Atlanta. I was there for that because we were dating at the time. He named himself Boka Beast.

He even had a meet with a man that is rumored to be one of my family members… the famous L.A. Reid. I still don’t know how true it is. Needless to say, my ex refused for me to go with him to the meet and nor did he get a contract.

Later in the years, my ex received a phone call from Akon’s people at our apartment in Virginia They wanted to buy my ex’s old rap group name but, to this day, I don’t know if the deal ever went through. My ex was always very secretive.


Anyway, please keep me in your prayers.

Thanks for listening…God Bless!

P. S. Who is Courtney? Was that the Black guy who standing at the front counter at Schewels Furniture in Danville, Va. during my employment there? The guy with the round belly and the big toothed smile? Am I suppose to know him?

What is in Missouri and what it have to do with me?

And why does my family keep pushing me back to VA.?


Another Setup


I am indeed, once again, stuck. Framing is, indeed, a field of expertise by none other than my very ‘special’ gang stalkers.

As of last Thursday, my vehicle is no longer in impound. A very nice couple assisted by paying for its removal. I was eternally grateful. I remember looking up to the Heavens and thanking God and anyone who would listen.

I almost cried when they volunteered to help even further by paying for my license reinstatement and whatever I needed to obtain new tags for my vehicle. I didn’t  have to ask. They volunteered. I thanked Jesus and His Father for sending such kind people my way. They even offered more money to my aunt for rent for the week so that I could have a place to stay. Thank you so, so much.

On the downside, as of today, my vehicle still does not have the proper registrations. It looks to me as if the couple is no longer interested in aiding me any further.  They have not communicated anything to me since the impound. And as of tomorrow, I will be sleeping in my vehicle again. My week is now up. My aunt doesn’t want the responsibility of helping to keep a temporary roof over my head. Sounds like my gang stalkers are at it again. What do you think? I could be wrong but… And how many times have they, literally, pushed me out of one home after another again? Even my own! It is even worse to know that most of them are ‘People of Color’ like myself.

What is a woman to do when she is stuck and she is left with any other options? A woman who will be living in an unregistered car in the peak of winter? You know what. Don’t answer that. I almost already know what my torturers would say about that but… they can just forget it.

Maybe…just maybe the nice couple will still help me pull through this mess. If not, I do still appreciate what they have done for me already.


Also, presently, there may be a possibility that I may be training someone else at my job who may take my place. I could be wrong but at this point in my life, I am allowed to assume this, I think, because there has been countless times in my where this has actually happened over and over again. I train them. They get job. I am starting to believe that I have been entrapped in gang stalking longer than I first realized. We are just game pieces on their chess boards. Their personal pranks. The kind of pranks that last for years at a time.

Lasting, at least, until it gets to the point of not being funny anymore.


And I can definitely see that ‘THEY’ may be looking forward to sending me to jail. They probably will just consider it another accomplishment while they go full speed ahead in destroying my life.

Everything that I have been going through could easily have been avoided.  If only they had left me alone. Instead, I am being blacklisted in every way possible. By the way that my ‘goons’ are acting, they don’t want to leave me anything. Sadly, that is the life of a Targeted Individual.


Just in case you are not familiar with blacklisting and what it entails…

A blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of entities or people, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize a person from a certain social circle.



I do get really irritated when my efforts to secure a full-time job  fail. In order to afford everything that I need done, I need money and they knew it. Without a decent paycheck, they knew that they could manipulate my life and push it in a different direction. It isn’t fair that they continue to trap me into situations that should never have happened if only I made a little extra cash. What they do is like a ‘Domino Effect’ undertaking.

... about everything that could domino effect in the wrong direction, did

We, as targets, know that everything that our gang stalkers do is illegal… so how do they get away with it?  ( See the article below) You will see why they feel so comfortable in committing crimes without fear of imprisonment.


From the article…

NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence

An exerpt…

Gagged and Silenced

Illegal implants in the neck of one of VT's editors; click to enlarge color-enhanced photo

Thousands of Americans — members of the military, police, judicial, legislative, regulatory and intelligence services and agencies — are currently gagged and silenced from reporting crimes against the people of the United States and the world at large.

Whistleblowers have revealed more than just classified material. They have described the enormity of what is an even greater threat, how “national security” and phony investigations are used to gag witnesses and cover up crimes.

Currently there are secret grand juries across the US that have no other purpose than to corral witnesses and threaten them with prison. No indictments ever come out of these legal monstrosities including and especially the Houston based Federal grand jury covering the Able Danger/9/11 related crimes.

Read more at…



Thanks for listening…God Bless!

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