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My 2+2

Stab, stab, stab. That is what they like to do. I have experienced this particular weapon for most of the morning. From the time that I woke up, to when the black car drove past me in the library parking lot, to the point where I sat down at the computer to write this. It hurts like heck when they do it. It makes you feel like decking someone in the face for real. I thank God for resilience, that is as much as I am going to say about that.

Anyway, here is my 2+2

Back in Danville, Virginia, I knew that something very wicked was going on without knowing exactly what it was until later. I really do have to thank Chris Lissa Myers for that. She was wonderful in the 2+2.

One of my observations was in the types of people that had begun surrounding me. Now, mind you, Danville, Virginia was my birthplace. It was where I was raised so you should understand that I was quite familiar with who actually lived there. The city is very small. Almost everyone knew everyone or at least knew of you even if they did not have direct contact. Rumors were abundant and so was drama. Understood, when your living in such a small town where some of the best professional sports players were reared.

I began noticing many groups of bald-headed Caucasians wondering around. Even in the court house when I was going through just another custody hearing instigated by my ex-husband where he managed to kidnap my children with ‘not-so-legal’ help. I am going to call the bald-heads’ FISH in this blog entry because that is exactly what they looked like. Really freaking slimy. I do not know what those boys were thinking. That look does not compliment everyone.  They would definitely get a ticket from the Fashion police. No doubt.

Anyway these FISH began popping up everywhere! Now mind you, I cannot think of anyone who lived in Danville by that description while growing up. I have even visited or stayed there in my adulthood but cannot recall anyone who looked like that. At least, not until my gang stalking began. One particular FISH walked quickly past my vehicle while I was parked in a grocery store parking lot. I looked up from within my car, and there he was. As soon as he saw me, he walked even faster past the front of my vehicle and then held something up to the side of his face in covering so that I could not see what he looked like. I thought that was strange because I did not know this man from Adam but obviously he knew who I was. But of course, Targeted Individuals are famous amongst the gang stalkers because they all know who you are. This has been my experience. We are the celebrities in the BLACK without wanting to be.

I have also seen the FISH riding around town in very expensive limousines. The kind that I had never seen before. I viewed one limousine that hauled nothing but FISH. It was packed to the brim. I will have to admit that their taste was excellent in their means of transportation. The limo incidences happened on more than one occasion. This never happened in Danville before and it certainly wasn’t prom season. Bottom-line, there was a new crew in town, but for what? I had to guess that they were the ones aiding in the gang stalking program. At least mine anyway. You know, I never did meet another victim of gang stalking in Danville. It seemed as if everyone was stalking me. Even those that I went to high school with but, of course, even in high school, many of them were already clanned out or gang relative so it wasn’t much of a surprise to find that my so-called friends had no loyalty. Their too big on themselves, so to speak. God’s gifts to the universe.  Thanks for volunteering me for this crap butt holes.

I soon noticed that even the people from North Carolina were flooding in. They were all over. But what were they in Danville for, I asked myself. The entertainment was in North Carolina, not in Danville! Well, because of my being targeted, I guess Danville had created a new thing called the ‘GAME’ for people to buy into.  I began meeting ex-professional ball players, such as Donald Testerman who played for the Red-Skins and others, and many others. I was thrown in the view of a huge amount of military professionals (one being a Navy Seal) and government workers (even from the City Council). The type of people that I would not normally run into. Danville was definitely becoming unhinged. It was lunacy in the making. They glamorized Danville as being the next Hollywood.

Now, outside of my ex-husband, who is from Monrovia, Liberia, there were only a handful of Africans that lived there in the city. Doctors I believe they were. And at that time of my stalking adventure, I was certainly surprised because Africans barely existed in that miserly town. But…unbeknownst to me, even the Africans began piling into the city. They were always in my face, too. Dashikis and head wraps galore. I finally figured out that my ex-husband must have been having a field day while he was helping them target me. He is, no doubt, the biggest a-hole on the face of the planet. He had to get a group of people to take me down because he could not do it on his own. What a punk.

The man whom I wrote letters of invite in order that his mother, brother, and sister could come to America. The man whom I helped with his homework while he was in college. The man that I dropped out of school for. The man whom I helped payoff an IRS tax debt after he so stupidly frauded them by filing foster children on his tax returns so that he could get a bigger check. Even though I had already warned his retard self to not do it and if he did I would have nothing to do with it.  The same man whom sat his thug friends down at my dining room table so that they could plan out how they were going to fake birth certificates and social security cards. It was none of my business, he said. But negro you are sitting at my table, in my home. Yet it was none of my business. The man whom I dropped the charges on after he was arrested by Georgia in regards to a domestic dispute because he had another retarded idea to put a knife against my throat, threatening my life and so, so, so,s so much more.

Needless to say, I have been chased so much that it is obvious that someone is after me. I have been pushed out of or chased in:

Danville, Va

Greensboro, NC

Lithonia, Ga

Conyers, Ga

Atlanta, Ga

Ellenwood, Ga

Covington, Ga

My stability is shot because of these people. Should you wonder why I really do need a weapon? At some point you get tired of the bull. Instead of being men and ladies about their issues, they would rather just have a group of people beat you up. Since July of 2013, I have moved 5 times, including the brief stay at the emergency homeless shelter called Task Force in Atlanta, Ga near the Fox Theater.

I now understand better, because of the fact that I was married to an African, why the Europeans and the Africans united to target people in America and beyond. Europe was usually the place that Africans ran to escape prosecution from America. They also go to school in Europe amongst other things. Any wonder why their relationships are so tight? My ex-husband’s cousin who he claimed for a long time was his brother and one of his buddies actually did get deported. Another pal of his escaped to Europe for real and began dabbling into the porn industry. Who would have guessed?

I sometimes wonder who these FISH really are that they have the power to incorporate Africans and other foreigners, as well as Americans into their piles of garbage. Here are my guesses: 1. The European Elites 2. A Cabal 3. The KKK  4.The Mafia 5. Or all of the above? What would you guess?

And they are going around destroying innocent people, especially women because of the sport of doing it? They are either the types that use to get beat up as a kid and vowed restitution, very, very gay, a bully all of their lives in which they never knew better, totally psycho, or just extremely abused.

Either way, they are all quite stupid to think that this will last forever without some type of a rebellion. Whether they are a Hank, a Doug, a Frank, a Ahmad, Blake, a Sue or whoever. They are the slimiest of them all.

*Makes me wonder, too, if Donald Testerman’s stroke was a set-up. Now that he is in a wheelchair. Coincidentally, he had a blood clot shoot from his leg to his heart after announcing to me that he was waiting on a huge check from the NFL .  He never told me why. Just coincidence you think?

He was not a totally awful guy even though the first time that I met him at Schewel’s Furniture, he growled at me. It was disturbing, yet, funny at the same time. “Grrrrr,” he growled. It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Waiting To Exhale” where Whitney Houston’s lover climbed on top of her and then growled while they were having sex. Did she not look befuddled? It was hilarious!

Donald and I exchanged many stories. He had even invited to have a seat on the leather couch that he was purchasing from Schewels just to see how I liked it. I was like Awwww, he wants my opinion. Honestly, he was actually cool but wild at the same time so it just did not fit to see him in a wheelchair after having a stroke. He was their perfect fit. Mind you, because I was always the one that he requested to type up his contracts, the before and after is still quite vivid in my mind. I know that things happen like that all the time but why would it have to happen after he had discussed his big win with the NFL?


Greed is definitely a b-i-t-c-h!



More on Nefertitti and… Walmart?

Just a few weeks ago, very late at night, I was lounging in my car in a parking lot and noticed a vehicle park, coincidentally, right beside me. The passengers in the car included three (very different) Caucasian females. It occurred to me that they may have been a little under the influence but I kind of shrugged it of.

The three women decided to hang out at there car and talk. I did not know if they had noticed me at all until…

The women began talking very loudly. They were laughing and giggling as if George Clooney might have been standing in their mist. It was utterly annoying to me because I was trying to concentrate on the book that I was entertaining. but, of course, it is or, or at least, it use to be a free country and it was a public parking spot after all.

Anyway, the next thing I knew, the older woman out of the group began walking towards the parking lots lamplight that was positioned right behind my car. I had no idea what she was going to do. Outside of the light, there was only grass and trees.

Still, she walked to the lamp pole and knocked on it with her knuckles and the next thing that happened really appalled me. I immediately felt the radiation hitting me full force. I can’t tell you how pissed off I was because I have found that these trashy people (gang stalkers) won’t leave me alone.  I did not know either one of them but it had become obvious that they knew me or, at least, of me, anyway. Theses women knew my location and intentionally set me up to get radiated. Did I feel like beating on their arses? Sure! Did I do it? No! I feel that no matter what these tramps may put me through, I will still try to remain the better person.

That was not the kicker though. What really got me was that after knocking on the pole. She looked at the other two women still standing by their car, grinned and said, “This is Nefertiti!” And then walked back to the car as if nothing had happened to me. It wasn’t a coincidence that these women, just so happened to drive by all of those empty spots just to park beside me.

It was already pre-planned. That is how you know that you are being stalked.

Last night, I was at Walmart and a black SUV drove into the parking lot while I was sitting I my car. He was quite a few feet away from me so I did not think anything of it until some type of alarm sound shot from his vehicle. I knew it wasn’t a car alarm because he was still attempting to park in the boonies. Once I hear the sound, I was radiated once again. It may have been a good thing that he or she parked a little ways from me. That is all I am going to say about that.

This morning, I was at Walmart again to pick up some breakfast and when I was leaving and attempting to turn out of the parking lot, I felt something like needles being stabbed in the left side of my head. I then noticed that their were vehicles moving towards me on my left, mostly black, and they all looked so very synchronized. It figured. During my experience, I have figured out that most of their cars are wired. These bastards have too much time on their hands for real.

One thing really irks me though about the whole Walmart scene. During my gang stalking street theatre in Danville, Va., these yapping hyenas screamed Walmart a lot. That place was a big deal in Danville, eventually. You should have seen the traffic of all the newbies in the area. But why? I remember answering the phone while working at Schewel’s furniture and a voice over the phone said, ask what department and then hung up. Is it just a meeting place or is it more sinister. Of course, if Walmart had anything to do with going on, it would almost be understandable because they definitely have the money to pull it off.  So what is that all about? I am at least half-curious anyway, On the other hand, I just want all of these dirty bastards to leave me the hell alone and allow me to live my life. It was never their right to begin with to take my life away. As if life wasn’t already short. Not one of us is guaranteed to live forever so why screw it up for everyone? Why can’t we live our lives to the fullest? What was wrong with that? We are all going to die anyway! These people are absolute, tried and true idiots.

I do not know what is going to happen to me while going through all of this but please pray for me.

Thanks for listening!

Nefertiti in Organized Crime (Gang Stalking) Testimony


One thing that is definite in gang stalking is that these people do not have it all ‘upstairs’, if you know what I mean. Last night as I was sitting in my car in a parking, their parade began, again.

Multiple cars began driving in front of me and around me like crazed lunatics. Some of them speeding off so fast to be humorous (I guess so that I could not see them). They circled me over and over again in spurts for most of the very long evening. Once again attempting to mind my business and entertain myself with a Jackie Collins (RIP) novel. (Her books can be quite entertaining. Everyone has to read at least one in their lifetime, in my opinion.)

Anyway, during their ‘street theatre’, I noticed that that there were several cars that were participating that were the same. One of the reasons that I knew this to be them. Repetitiously, I was being mapped out. During their screaming sessions that are mike’d up all around me, they mentioned that this was what they called calibrating for the purpose of using, what they have described as being their Nefertiti (a method that is used in order to microwave or shock my body).  I believe it is how they map out my location for better results. Named assumedly from the Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who, based on some historians, vanished without a trace. Is this what my gang stalkers want me to do? Remove me from anything normal and have me vanish without a trace? It is amazing, even to me, that people that you have never known and really have no interest in would find this as any importance at all. How would they like it if we were to do the same things to them when this is in the wash?


gerund or present participle: calibrating
mark (a gauge or instrument) with a standard scale of readings.
  • correlate the readings of (an instrument) with those of a standard in order to check the instrument’s accuracy.
  • adjust (experimental results) to take external factors into account or to allow comparison with other data.


I also found that last night, after the parade, I was once again victimized by their weapons. Once I began drifting off to sleep, they almost shocked the life out of me. It usually happens when I begin to fall asleep.  Back to back, I was getting electrocuted by these people and every time these shocks hit me, I could see the bright flashes, like white light behind my eye lids. I have also, sometimes, noticed the flashes of light when my eyes are open but it isn’t as bright.

Back to back, this happened and all I could hear in the background was the multitude of voices taunting me into lack of sleep. They sounded like a bunch of wacky, delusional children as they shrieked nonsense all night long.  I really wish someone would pick up their psycho kids.  My biggest worry, I guess, is wondering why this is still happening to me? It has been over eight years now. They have been using their weapons on me since walking out of Schewels Furniture in Danville, Va.) in June of 2012 (And, yes, they were definitely involved in the street theater as to the reason why I just left. There was only so much that I could take.)

I have nothing to offer these people and nor would I want to if I did. We have nothing to do with one another outside of the fact that I am still their victim. So… why all of the framing and scheming? I don’t get it. Even my ex’s aren’t that important. As a matter of fact, I don’t even date and it has been that way since the, almost, beginning. Or at least when I found out that the crap that people were doing to me wasn’t normal. I can’t believe that somebody actually pays someone to do this kind of thing to people!

Eventually, I fell asleep after leaving my parking spot and coming back to a different location. These people are desperately putting my life in danger, but for what? Am I to be the next vanishing Nefertiti? Weaponless (but considering), I have a new respect for God, for when he created the children of the damned, he left nothing out do that I understand what ‘quality’ in people really is. Obviously, they have not reached ‘quality’ ranks or they would not be so miserable in their attempt in making us miserable.

By the way, the headlights flashing in my face hasn’t stopped either.

TI Alert- Your Not Alone!!!

TI Group Testimony

Targeted Individuals or TIs as they are called, say there is more to the story that the public has not been made aware of and bemoan the fact that the media did not contact TI advocates to clarify assertions Myron May made about being victimized via Directed Energy Weapons and group stalking harassment.

In a short timeline, the targeted individual cause has risen exponentially since the Aaron Alexis, Myron May mass shootings made national headlines. The Myron May shooting makes it the third national event in which the assailants claim to be directly or indirectly targeted with directed energy weapons, mind control technologies and victims of human experimentation.

Those claims are being bolstered by the omission of former NSA government mind control research scientists who posit mind control technologies are being misused on members of the public without their knowledge. One such person, is CIA whistle blower, Robert Duncan, an MIT Harvard educated scientist whom Targeted Individuals United are fundraising to broadcast comments on the day of the peaceful protest.

Copied from

For more information, visit…

Notice To All Targeted Individuals (TI’s)


Dear All


We had over 100 victims and supporters send petitions, information and/or their torture and abuse case summaries to the ICC.

And that’s just the number who have told me – hopefully many more sent things without telling me about it.

So now we can be sure, at least, that the ICC knows that these crimes are really going on and that there is a problem.

So does The International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC, The United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights – OHCHR and The Council of Europe – COE.

Thanks for all your participation and help – we just have to keep trying.

If you believe that you are a Targeted Individual, you are definitely not alone. You can share your story…

Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


Something Fun… Which Tupac Are You?

Which Tupac Are You?

Click on the link below to get your own results…

mstmha results:

You Got: Keep Your Head Up!

You love looking out for the well-being of others. You have a good conscious and you’re always trying to make lives better for other people. You are a humanitarian.

mstmha: In tribute to Tupac… He was definitely an artist whose vision of the world soon exploded around him. The son, the father, the educator, the imaginator, the man who’s gifts we will always love and miss.

Tupac Shakur was a man of many volumes.

RIP Tupac Shakur… From mstmha

The Dekalb County Police Vehicle Number (Continued From “The Paparazzi Police- MAN—SNAP!)

And From The “Paparazzi Police-MAN—SNAP

And without further Ado…

The harasser’s vehicle number was…. 12427 and beneath it was the letter E. The door heading of the vehicle stated that it was, indeed, issued from Dekalb County.