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Published on: Feb 15, 2013 @ 14:44

I too am a victim of Gang Stalking. There should be no reason why the government should have a hitlist for hard-working American citizens. It is quite obvious that now…Freedom definitely is not free.


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Blacked In Darkness-Gang Stalking Tactics Done In The Dark
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‘Obvious’ Gang Stalking Torture-When will it end?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More torture?

Tortured Still…

Today, I have blogged about a man named Matt Barasch who claims to also be a Targeted Individual. My computer is running slow, so please forgive any grammatical errors. Right now it is doing its own thing.

Within the past hour, my family that I currently stay with have left left the residence. Can I assume that they have rushed off to another gang stalking meeting? When they left, they seemed to be a bit overly excited. Just like my own mother reacted when she was gang stalking me in Virginia.

It is amazing what people will do when they feel that they are being left out on the the ringer and will do anything in their need to exist.

I would have simply said that they were , maybe, excited to go and hear the word of God under normal circumstances but this is the same family that has been attempting to electrocute me when I am attempting to sleep based on their instructions from my perps. The same family that allows these knuckle heads to wire up on my body. They seem to be Satan lovers to the extreme because they feel that they can profit from my torture. They seem to be numb to my body and what I am going through.

They remind me of my mother in Virginia who ran out at the drop of a gun anytime these dumb-asses needed to meet up to discuss what they could do to me. When she got back, you could almost see the wheels turning in her head.

It is absolutely incredible to watch them work out how best they can fit the new script in no matter what the circumstance may be. You should see how crazed they get when they are attempting to coordinate their tortures! You have to be wherever they want you to be in order to experience their wrath. Your very own family will try to lead you to where they want you to be. Their stalking is carefully planned. Frankly, it is, no doubt, the stupidest scene that you could ever see because they all begin to act and sound alike.

Obviously, my perps have never had anything on me or I would not be on the side of the abused. Jealousy speaks volumes.

In closing, something tells me that I may be shocked to shits tonight based on my comments, but, oh well. The truth will set us all free. And know that, if I am not dead, that I won’t do anything less than talk about it.

It is now 9:15PM. Let their fun begin.

Let the FAGS unite!


This Is Not A New World Order But A New World Tragedy!

My 13-year old daughter attempted to commit SUICIDE yesterday by popping pills while residing with my ex-husband and his so-called braggable ‘new’ family.

I could not believe that my sweet, baby girl would ever feel the need to do such a thing. She said that children picked on her at school. Something that gang stalking victims know very well.

My tears rolled as I saw her laying in that hospital bed. I just could not believe it. She said to me,”Mommy, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry.” But it was not her fault! Her father has taken us through one trial (literally) after another because he is a Gang Stalker and he has made all of us so miserable because of his greed. The involvement of my children in his plans is just highly unforgivable. Did he not know that he was working for a ton of racists, terrorists who are clearly out to destroy families’ that they really have no interest in, outside of money? How could he have not known? What drew him to be so ugly to his ‘first’ family. The family that was saving him when no one else was around? Now who has the real mental condition here when you are tormenting your very own children because of your own selfishness?

This was my ‘trigger’ in his guilt…

Even though I have known that he has been guilty of my own targeting, he did something that verified that, yes, he helped initiate my targeting.

Of course, as everyone knows, social services has to take part in an investigation of families’ when suicides have been attempted by minors. Well, as I said before, here were my triggers.

When the question was asked as to whether any substance abuse had occurred on either side of our families, he mentioned my family first and their ailments but never attempted to mention anything about his. That is what gang stalkers love to do. They get right to the mental as if they have never had a problem. (Now keep in mind that my very own mother was helping him in obtaining custody of my kids and she never had a real reason to do so outside of being a participant in my gang stalking. She gave him just a bit of information just to help him out.)

Do not think for one moment that I did not bring up his prior substance abuse, as well.

Then he went on to say that my ‘mother’ said that I was hearing voices in my head and what-not. Does this not sound typical to you when your being gang stalked? In short, I flipped the script and told the social services representative that he was lying and that he was a gang stalker. And, yes, I said it to his face. He never denied it. He never denied it even when the social services worker was in his presence. He just turned away for a moment and became abnormally quiet. Needless to say, I am not impressed with his new family. And crazily enough, she never commented about what I had said. The only thing that she asked me when she was walking out the door was,”Are you alright?” I have a feeling that she knew I was pretty pissed off but for her to question such an alleged, federal crime threw me for a loop. Who does that unless they are gang stalkers, as well? Could she be part of it? Sure.

He is already in the network of dumb-founded criminals who never accept responsibility of their own actions.

He absolutely does not know the depth of what he has done. But, of course, he is as socio-pathic as the rest of them if not more. They think of no one but themselves. They never do anything wrong. In this circumstance, would a polygraph and/or brain-fingerprint solve the problem for all parties? Possibly.

Well, I guess the Ultimate Question that should be asked is this…

California has already made gang stalking illegal; so when is the rest of America going to take heed? Are they waiting until all of our families are destroyed?


Yes, Massa.


Published on: Feb 16, 2013 @ 8:00

I spend my days unlike anyone else. Even in the light of day I have no peace. Consistently, I am poked, proded, shoked with radiation, chastised, and anything else that you ever can imagine a human being going through as if I were abducted by aliens from space. It is now my life. It is me. Yes I am in sound mind and body but they [the government and their devil’s advocates] would rather for you to think otherwise. Yeah, something is wrong with that girl. She is this and yeah man, she is that. Dafamating in all their unlikely glory. I am a government lab rat for weapon’s testing and never volunteered. They took over my life as if it were theirs. I am a new Lissa Weidman. I am also an Erin Brockovich. I am so tired of being someone’s joke in the government’s lab testing. Something that they can sit back and laugh at as they watch you go through your life’s destruction that, in all essence, they planned but could have been dutifully prevented. I am a human being but, to them, I can only assume, that I am something else. If that is so, then what am I that you feel the need to do the things that you have done to me? Sorry, but I missed that class and I do not have a degree in bullshit. At least not yet anyway. God help me and my children and please bless those that the government decided wickedly that were worthless and will no longer support. As Lissa said, they are “the most unscrupulous, illegal, immoral group to have ever gotten away with committing the most offensive illegalities. I am tainted in a world of Supercomputers, Military, and the means of the New World Order but most are too dumbass to realize it.


Another Day As “A Victim”

Published on: Feb 20, 2013 @ 21:04

It is such a damn shame that you have to spend every day of the remainder of your life in “victim” status because someone just “out of no where” decided that, that this is the life you should lead. I endure what feels like needle pricks to my head. As if it was not enough that they have unannoucably fried it and now it feels like my skull is now made of some type of plastic substance in which they feel around in and put pressure to on a daily basis.

What do you do about those crooks that send your life plummetting straight to their own personal hell when you have a family to support?  Are these people even human? Why?!


My Prayer


Published on: Mar 1, 2013 @ 19:14

I wrote this poem a few years ago after reading a poem by an author whose name I do not recall on My Space and it was entitled, “Who Gives A Fuck If A Marine Dies”.  My response was “My Prayer”.

“My Prayer”

In your poem “Who gives a fuck if a marine dies”.

I felt the turmoil created by governmental suicide.

Taking away the honor that we should feel inside

For serving a country that we thought we should have pride.

As for now we can only pray that God will have mercy

On the men that caused us pain.

The ones that sent us begging for our lives to be spared before our dying day.

Let the deed be done.

Let Him put his work to good.

Allow him to satisfy our cries and embrace us through and through.

Save us from ourselves, dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Have mercy on our souls.

Disallow our sacrifice.

When writing this poem, I felt nothing but complete empathy. My response to it was so simple. Just a small prayer to those that have served our country and were buried in a sacrificial means to protect our country. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I too would undergo the bludgeonings of the United States government. Sadly, I was never a member of the military.  Not to say that I have never fathomed the idea but it just wasn’t in my life’s plan. It never worked out.  For some reason, my dreams almost never pan out. Somehow the forces that be have almost never been on my side. My life story in a nutshell is “Glutton For Punishment”. I can metaphorically say that I have had more highs and lows than the DOW. In my admittance, who are they to judge? But now I am considered a “useless eater” according to governmental standards.  So useless, in fact, that they have taken over my body, my life, and are dutifully butchering my spirit.  How sad to think about the fact that you have been led so astray by a government whom we thought that we could be proud.  The government that our tax dollars have contributed to in order to make our country a better place to live and to raise our families.  How sad is it to know that at any point in your life, they can just take everything away from you at a single bound.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope, it’s the government. Would I rather be on Gilligan’s Island. Probably. If at all possible, would someone please explain to me why we would pay hard earned tax dollars just to kill ourselves? What was the point in working at all? Will someone please tell me that my tax dollars were not meant for deposits in my own suicidal bank account. I have been tortured for many years now by gangstalkers and my own local government. Removed from my own ideas as to what I considered to be the comforts of home based on someone else’s judgements as to what they thought was my self worth and what I should deserve.  I do apologize to that person that took it upon themselves to add me to their “Death List” but I am still a child of God.  And make no mistake, I am by no means perfect but my self worth to me is worth more than any Federal Reserve will allow. This country is now Constitutionally insaned. Secret Societies have underwritten their own constitutions and expect us to be modern day slaves to their agendas. The audacity to think that we are, as American citizens, still slaves to orders in which we know nothing about. Is the government’s paralysis in the NWO justified by blindness? Should we live forever in the mist of ‘wool’ or is that just for a chosen few? Was there ever really an Open Government or was it just a fake like everything else?


My brief on Gangstalking


Published on: Mar 6, 2013 @ 20:55

From various discussions and research, I eventually came to the conclusion that I too was a victim of gangstalking.  The question as to who would decidely destroy my life in that manner is still inconclusive but please feel comforted that I could probably take a few lucky guesses. After meeting some of the biggest thugs in my lifetime, it really isn’t hard to to just take a wild guess. And in their ‘live sets’, I can almost guarantee that it was not Tyler Perry or anyone else of that stature. Gangstalking is the perfect way of hiring a hitman without your actually needing an epitaph and the way they network is almost, but not quite, fool proof.  I have undergone gangstalking for many years now, as well as, involuntary governmental weapons testing on my body.  It was not by any real fault of mine but you will learn that the mental stablity of those that participate in those frequent terrors’ to ruin your life are more than questionable.  Psychotic, pathelogical, sociopathic, obessive compulsive convicts are almost the perfect description for those that choose a life of perfect mental instability. From the realm of hell on earth did they prosper and to the fires of hell they will go. Their plea will forever and always be “not guilty”. They are by no means the pictures of perfection but their sociopathic mindframes make others believe that it’s you that has the problem, no one else. Your light will always and forever be dim in their presence.  Excuse me for not crying but psychotic is what psychotic does, right, but who is judging?  Or did Forrest Gump have it right the first time? And even through all the pain, the torture, dafamtion, lies, and discrimination, etc., I still can’t help feeling that, through it all, through all the madness, I am, what Maya Angelou likes to call, “A Phenomenal Woman”.


Death by Personal Vendetta


Published on: Mar 9, 2013 @ 20:05

The only conclusion that I can come up with as to my life’s death is Personal Vendetta.  Someone can honestly hate you enough outside of the battlefield (and I have never been in the military) to use very lethal military weapons on your body for whatever they may deem necessary. So who holds the remotes?

What other reason would someone put you through years of absolute torture?

-I have undergone extreme poisoning within my home -My body literally has been shocked more times than I can count. The most occurences happen when I try to go to sleep at night. Sleep deprivation is, I am assuming, one of their favorite punishments. -My skull has been fried and replaced with who knows what. At one time, I could barely leave my house because of the ‘melting’ feeling in my head. -They constantly play with my heart as if it is a bean bag and it has also been subjected to their very joyful shock treatment. Sometimes I cannot even feel a heart beat. The feeling of it being removed and replaced was the eeriest feeling of my life. Once they removed it, I could not feel any part of my body and the ceiling darkend as if I were really dying until they decidely plugged it back in. -I have undergone consistent harrassment -I have also undergone constant pressure to my head as if it is being squeezed. Even while driving.

And the list goes on and on…

But why would you make a single woman with two children suffer to that extreme, especially if you have had no personal relationship with them. Can we say personal vendetta to the maximus. Grudges should never run that deep.

And to allow the military, even civilians, outside of war, to handle those types of applications that can be so damaging to another human being is just another means for murder in the masses. If I were to be incriminated for something that justified the horrors of the creed, I would have liked forewarning, as, I am sure, others did receive. It’s not enough that life on its own, without the extra drama, was not hard enough but to spend years suctioning peoples lives into someone else’s black hole is, by far, completely unacceptable.

If I had known that a “GAME” could have made my life so expendable, I would have been more than glad to leave town so that they may have their fun. My life, however, wasn’t one.

The main question, I guess, would be…”Who would be that insecure?”


Not Guilty…


Published on: Mar 12, 2013 @ 20:02

It is absolutely amazing to have so many people piled on top of one person at one time in the sake of ruining your life for someone else’s personal gratification.  They are unendurably sick. My destiny is now to be so psychologically crazy that ‘I need some help’ (that’s their so familiar roleplay in which they attempt to get away with everything) amongst my own family members, which I am not, and these people are convinced and are very adamant to send me into an early grave. The constant minute by minute harrassment and falsification of my name in every injustifiable state is by far the lowest crock of bull that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  These people are by far, so outrageous just because they may want their world to themselves and if they feel intimitated by you in any way, there goes your life. Complete isolation. No job, no life, no anything because they also steal until there really isn’t.  Well, to those whose shit does not stink, I never asked to be a part of your “world” to begin with and nor was I invited.  Why try to shun me out of something that I had no part of to begin with. To be a single mother trying to raise children alone, at least until they started their gangstalking act, and actually making it on her own is no crime. Not guilty.

And by the way, around the beginning of their live sets, I actually did get “checked” because I thought I actually might have been. I am not by any means crazy but their actions will make you act out. Their are testimonies all over the net. And in conclusion, I know my problem, so what is theirs?” And to think, I was a very peaceful person.


Can’t Sleep…


Published on: Mar 12, 2013 @ 6:15

I was very severely shocked while dozing tonight.   It is now 2:05AM. It happened around 1:00AM.  It is an awful thing to go through these lethal testings without knowing exactly why your going through them.  They alienate you from everyone and no one tells you anything.  I never volunteered for any of this or visited any “secret” meetings to know exactly what they want and why I was chosen to be tortured to death. Hell, I did not know what was going on when it started. Again, it seems, personal vendetta.  It is amazing how far someone will go to ruin your body and your life.  I never thought that this would ever happen in any lifetime where Americans are butchered right at home.  Could it be that it’s just a bunch of gang bangers who are just having fun?


Harrassment In the name of Child Custody?


Published on: Mar 11, 2013 @ 16:59

To enable someone(gangstalkers) to torture an ex-wife to the point where their character and life are to become disfunctional is also a crime beyond reason.  I have heard and seen a lot, whereas, I can almost pretty much believe anything but to put me in a position of constant defense is deplorable.  I have no relief from the likeness of these people.  I am being bogged by the methods that my ex-husband and new wife have chosen in order to re-obtain custody of my own children in which he has abandoned time and time again.  Will this bull*%@# never end?  The subject matter has become very sad to no benefit of no one.  To even use a judge friend or anyone else to help cover his a”% is, quite frankly, despicable and to bring the mother of his children down to the lowest level leaves me to think that it was never worth being married to begin with.  To help a man as much as I have helped him knowing that he was never deserving lends me to think that marriage is, by far, overrated.  Gangstalkers have some usage to the most criminal.

It seems that I am stuck in the abyss of Personal Vendetta.



Published on: Mar 24, 2013 @ 3:14



From The People, To Our Governments… (A SIMPLETON’S OPINION)


Published on: Apr 17, 2013 @ 4:25


What is it that our governmentS’ are hoping to achieve with all the games and violence within their torture programs?

COULD OUR GOVERNMENTS’ Please explain to the Global public, in their own words, why our local, regional, and national governments have chosen to torture us? Will someone please correct me if I am wrong in that; I believe that it is time that we receive an honest explanation?

The public, in my opinion, is tired of secrets…







The Not So Glamorous Life of A Targeted Individual-Part I


Published on: Apr 28, 2013 @ 1:45

Gangstalking, hmmmm, let me think, was something that I have undergone for so many years that even I can’t remember when it started. Why was I chosen to undergo such a dafamating program? In all honesty, I do not know, but I can pretty much take a pretty wild guess at it.

In the city that I live, Danville, Virginia, they worship the ground that an athlete walks on. Children are preened into sports by their parents and families as if it is a plague. I have noticed that the coaches of some of our more prosperous teams are ‘professional’ coaches and trainers. It is no wonder that our high school teams have consistently made it to National competitions. Now, when I say professional, please do not mistake what I am saying to you. I am not talking about just a typical adult league. When I say professional, I truly mean that they were, no doubt, professional ex-players of professional leagues. I am talking NFL, NBA, and so forth. A lot of the residents in my area have close and personal relationships with those that have already had the ‘paparrazi’ experience or from what we like to say, ‘Have made it’.

Well, as luck may have it, a lot of our civilians that are so protective of these so called ‘Gods of the Universe’ are related to these very popular few, whether they deserve it or not. And I mean truly related. There is no doubt that they have an abundance of baby mama drama. And when I mention ‘baby mama drama’ I mean those women that spread their legs for a mere paycheck. Some of these men or women have no morality in who or what they sleep with just so that they they can make their families proud. It is , without a doubt, a very insane and childish way of securing a longlasting partner or family relationship but the men and women of today’s society do it!

Cross but more than not, in-breeding is, inevitably, their means of survival. I will comfortably assume, based on my own observations, that they have created huge families because they wish for a continuance of their families’ names and they fear extinction but it causes drama in which even hell would not appreciate. The mutation through fornification and inbreeding of seeds, sadly, does not guarantee that their extinction may never happen, whether they want it to or not.

Sports does not rule the world even though they would love to believe it is so. Please correct me if I am wrong but I have never heard of a 33 degree mason who played football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or whatever surviving the ‘Holocaust’ because he was who he was.

Now, as I reflect back on history’s past, I recalled that Kenny Lewis, Sr. was my track coach in high school who, just so happened, was a retired NFL football player and I also recalled another, Coach Marshall who was also training his daughters for the Olympics…

Now, as a Targeted Individual, did those facts benefit me in any sort of way or matter? Did I escape the bludgeonings of chance in my current circumstances? No I did not.

And to think think that my life really was overlapped within those ‘indusry’ types inclusive of professional athletes, music industrialists, etc. Now, I am no celebrity even though I have delved in their presence. I was only a pinky toe deep as far as I am concerned but to someone else, it may have been so much more…

Still, I am a TI (Targeted Individual) undergoing Tranhumanism and Gangstalking as if I had never experienced any type of lifestyle at all. It’s as if I were trully a lowly person that was never befitted in any world which is untrue. And to make matters worse I never cared about that sort of thing. Glam life, staus quo be damned if I could not live my life as to how I wanted to live it on my terms. To hell with their wannabe schizophrenic nonsense. The only thing that I wanted was to live and let live, now; what’s so crazy about that?

Now my question to you is this, what does status quo even matter? In my opinion, when it comes down to the NWO, I am afraid, it really doesn’t.

To be continued…


The Truth


Published on: Jun 14, 2013 @ 0:23

To the character witnesses at today’s custody hearing between Mustapha Acolatse, Sr. and Tiffany Hood-Acolatse…


To Cary Wright… You did mention that you would have liked to think that you and my ex-husband were good friends but I know better. My ex-husband felt very envious of you and hated the fact that you were the primary within your Soccer organization. In other words, he did not like you as much as you thought he did, but, yet, my ex-husband can sell snow to an eskimo and he convinced you, with his lies, to characterize himself as justful in his cause. He wasn’t in this case but that is not for me to judge. Only God will tell. When you sat thre in the witness stand, I actually felt pretty bad for you.

To Ron Pridgen… He lied to you about being one of his best friends and I say this only because he had told me on numerous occasions that the only reason that he was even communicating on a consistent basis was because you made him laugh. And not to fail to mention, you were, at that time, very flirtacious and he was flattered. He had many friends that he hung around because he enjoyed laughing at them. You aren’t the first and I can comfortably assume that you are not the last. Ask him about Bob.

To Beth… You are a sweet soul. By God’s glory, he did not have a lot to say about you, parsay, but he had a lot to say about the other ‘Soccer Moms’. He did go into detail about their precarious actions like going to events drunk, etc. God Bless You, Beth.

To My Mother… She has done nothing but gangstalk from the beginning and I know now, based on today’s hearing, that my very own mother is my worst enemy because she is, no doubt receiving some type of benefits or promises of survival from these perps. She sacrificed her very own daughter for her own livelihood (and laughs about it) but only she will have to pay for that in the eyes of God. The things that she lied about today could only have come from alterior influences because she was not the mother that raised me. To lie about everything and to actually get caught in it, in my mind, was my major heart burst. Maybe she should have married my ex because she is more protectant of him in his wrongdoing more so than I was as his wife. I wonder how much they are paying her?

Quite honestly, they have won the battle but not the war. My ex-husband was granted sole custody. It was not a joint custody case as Georgia had decided. They settled with him with no real just cause, whatsover. Their reasoning was based on their gangstalking fakeness more than anything else.

The judge was not the judge that should have presided and no one was sightfully sworn in on the hearing. There was no “I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me GOD”.

The entire hearing was a fake and they know it and the lies were so deep that it would have made an active criminal cry but of course I did not have a lawyer and they never offered so where was the real justice?

They will, in God’s eyes, reap what they sow.

I cannot, in any world, see these gangstalkers getting away with anything, no matter the timeframe, in their lying, cheating, stealing, and prostituting children (which I pray that they will not do with mine).

I pray that my ex-husband did not sell my children to the devil for prostitution but then again, with his wrap sheet, I cannot be entirely sure, yet, why they gave him custody, I have no idea. I have so much fear but what can I do when they have more power and money than I.

My children were my life and they decidely took my life away from me, but for what?

If, in fact, my current, as well, as my ex-family have sold my children into the likes of these government programs, I cannot even fathom to discuss what might happen.

My ex-husband and my mother selling my children along with their gangstalking buddies and not one of them actually really cares about the well-being of my children. It’s obvious, because if they avtually cared, then we would never have went through this to begin with. Are these people really that desperate? I pray that the racketeering on my children is not real, but if it is?

Now Cary did mention that our home, when my ex and I were together, was a home that anyone would have felt proud in, and seemingly, it was a home that was assumed to be a happy one. Cary, the home that you saw was the one I created, but it was not happy by no means. I do wish that someone would have asked first before they dragged me into this gangstalking business but, then again, those that were told about our situation, either did not believe it, or they were bound to someone else and their own personal agendas.

With all of this being said, I see how their powerful words can conicide with the ‘inhumane’ agenda. Words are spoken by people to reach a goal, yet, the lies, deceit, and dafamtion to my character were unwarranted due to the fact that they put me in a poisition where I had no choice to be in could possibly be the goals in which they are as incompetent of reaching. Can we honestly say that they are as phony in pretend and play as we thought they were?

Their acting skills are not phenomenal but just because these gangstalkers (government officials, as well), have decided that they have more power and clout than you leads me to think that we are literally living in our own hell but not by our making.

When will it end? When their is no one left but gangstalkers fighting against one another? When their is no one left to battle?

When innocent people sacrifice their lives for the sanctity of their families to no avail? Does it end when man says it is over for us little people?

My guess would be , if I were a racketeerer, that, in man, all bets are off. God has willingly allowed them to pretend and play for a reason. Now if they have read the Bible in any length then there are no further explanations needed.


A Message To My Gangstalkers


Published on: Jul 20, 2013 @ 1:31

Is it possible that Gang Stalking is the new ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme? Could it be that so many innocent people are being targeted because their families are attempting to make an easy buck?

I pray that the reason that I am being terrorized in my own birth city is not because of another one of my ex-husband’s infamous scams. The speculation that he could possibly have life insurance on my person without my knowledge has rather unnerved me. It would seem that it could possibly be another one of his own ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Believe me when I say, he had many of those and I would take a brain fingerprint to that any day. Because I wanted no part of his collective scams made no difference in his participations. The Sociopathic disorder that infiltrates his mind is how he continues to reign.

Especially knowing that he was never from the city that I was born. The city where I helped him rebuild and change his life around. The city where I kept a roof over his head and his children’s. I helped him bring his mother, his brother, and sister into this country when no one else would. His uncle wouldn’t help his own sister come into this country and he was naturalized. Can I assume that he knew what evils his own sister was capable of? Probably.

My hometown was the city where I helped guide him into a life that was more positive and family oriented. Now he was only a resident for a miserly five years, yet, he has pushed his ego and influence on those influential few that he met through his residency here and those that I have to live and work around. My ex-husband, a non-American, has aided in making my life so miserable in my own city that I know now who threw me to the wolves in the gang stalking program. His judge, lawyer, doctor, and other perpetrators have pushed me too hard for it to all be for just for pure restitution. Do they have a pact? Of course, there are quite a few Masons involved. Are they hoping to split the money if I were to pass away? Is there bribery involved whereas he or someone else would lose a lot if they snitched. Quite honestly, I know for a fact, in the real world, outside of gang stalking, my ex would no doubt be imprisoned or deported. Without the help of others that were just like him, he would not stand a chance.

So, just to bring some comfort to myself, I did some minor research. What type of research? Well, it is the type that involves fraud in which my ex-husband is no stranger of. Life insurance fraud to be exact and I believe that targeted individuals may have to take note that this may have a lot to with why our families are making major attempts to destroy their own flesh and blood. To force suicide and any other dreadful extremity is a huge crime so why would they do it. I very seriously doubt that ‘CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER’ is a charge that no one would take lightly unless there was a lot of dollars behind it. Gang stalkers do not drive around with brand new cars on just a nine to five paycheck and to do there jobs everyday as a part-time does not make a lot of sense but, as we all know, we are dealing with the senseless. Imagine the wrap sheets of these mobsters if years (or maybe not that long) down the line, it suddenly comes to a point where they may actually be convicted of all of the crimes that they have committed. Have they forgotten that we are all under surveillance?

Of course, we also know that they make money by targeting us. It’s their job to target us but it seems that they have been very creative within their system, whereas, they can literally get away with murder with no convictions and huge paychecks. It is not all for null, not even a measly forty dollars. Promises are being made and as long as they have their network that they may blackmail and bribe to do their will, the sky is the limit. At least until they get caught by the right person at the right time.

Now referring back to my previous ponderings, the response to the question on whether an ex can have life insurance on an ex-spouse was as follows…

Can you have life insurance on an ex-spouse? Yes, there are two ways to have life insurance on a ex-spouse. Actually three. The first and simplest, is to have it in place before divorcing and be the policy owner. As Policy owner you control the policy. The second is have the EX agree to be covered and go through the process. Finally have the courts require the EX obtain life insurance. This third way is often over looked in divorce which is a shame because in support situations it makes perfect sense.

Now, most importantly, it also says…

…without the signature of the ex-spouse, you can’t move forward with the life insurance application.

Not as comforting as I originally thought, unfortunately. With the lies and manipulations of these people, the schemes and the black projects, and everything that they cuff securely to their sleeves, even without a signature on a life insurance policy, someone is most surely still getting paid.

What a sad world that we live in. They have indeed kneeled at the altar of the all mighty dollar. Timewasters and wasteful thinkers are amongst those we live. Sadly, they still do not realize that what they do to others can be done to them. If they think of themselves as safe then they are sadly mistaken. The dollar has just become to great.


Life Insurance Fraud Using Suicidal Gangstalking Programs-Is it possible?


Published on: Jul 29, 2013 @ 5:29

Is it possible that Gang Stalking is the new ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme? Could it be that so many innocent people are being targeted because their families are attempting to make an easy buck?

I pray that the reason that I am being terrorized in my own birth city is not because of another one of my ex-husband’s infamous scams. The speculation that he could possibly have life insurance on my person without my knowledge has rather unnerved me. It would seem that it could possibly be another one of his own ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Believe me when I say, he had many of those and I would take a brain fingerprint to that any day. Because I wanted no part of his collective scams made no difference in his participations. The Sociopathic disorder that infiltrates his mind is how he continues to reign.

Especially knowing that he was never from the city that I was born. The city where I helped him rebuild and change his life around. The city where I kept a roof over his head and his children’s. I helped him bring his mother, his brother, and sister into this country when no one else would. His uncle wouldn’t help his own sister come into this country and he was naturalized. Can I assume that he knew what evils his own sister was capable of? Probably.

My hometown was the city where I helped guide him into a life that was more positive and family oriented. Now he was only a resident for a miserly five years, yet, he has pushed his ego and influence on those influential few that he met through his residency here and those that I have to live and work around. My ex-husband, a non-American, has aided in making my life so miserable in my own city that I know now who threw me to the wolves in the gang stalking program. His judge, lawyer, doctor, and other perpetrators have pushed me too hard for it to all be for just for pure restitution. Do they have a pact? Of course, there are quite a few Masons involved. Are they hoping to split the money if I were to pass away? Is there bribery involved whereas he or someone else would lose a lot if they snitched. Quite honestly, I know for a fact, in the real world, outside of gang stalking, my ex would no doubt be imprisoned or deported. Without the help of others that were just like him, he would not stand a chance.

So, just to bring some comfort to myself, I did some minor research. What type of research? Well, it is the type that involves fraud in which my ex-husband is no stranger of. Life insurance fraud to be exact and I believe that targeted individuals may have to take note that this may have a lot to with why our families are making major attempts to destroy their own flesh and blood. To force suicide and any other dreadful extremity is a huge crime so why would they do it. I very seriously doubt that ‘CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER’ is a charge that no one would take lightly unless there was a lot of dollars behind it. Gang stalkers do not drive around with brand new cars on just a nine to five paycheck and to do there jobs everyday as a part-time does not make a lot of sense but, as we all know, we are dealing with the senseless. Imagine the wrap sheets of these mobsters if years (or maybe not that long) down the line, it suddenly comes to a point where they may actually be convicted of all of the crimes that they have committed. Have they forgotten that we are all under surveillance?

Of course, we also know that they make money by targeting us. It’s their job to target us but it seems that they have been very creative within their system, whereas, they can literally get away with murder with no convictions and huge paychecks. It is not all for null, not even a measly forty dollars. Promises are being made and as long as they have their network that they may blackmail and bribe to do their will, the sky is the limit. At least until they get caught by the right person at the right time.

Now referring back to my previous ponderings, the response to the question on whether an ex can have life insurance on an ex-spouse was as follows…

Can you have life insurance on an ex-spouse? Yes, there are two ways to have life insurance on a ex-spouse. Actually three. The first and simplest, is to have it in place before divorcing and be the policy owner. As Policy owner you control the policy. The second is have the EX agree to be covered and go through the process. Finally have the courts require the EX obtain life insurance. This third way is often over looked in divorce which is a shame because in support situations it makes perfect sense.

Now, most importantly, it also says…

…without the signature of the ex-spouse, you can’t move forward with the life insurance application.

Not as comforting as I originally thought, unfortunately. With the lies and manipulations of these people, the schemes and the black projects, and everything that they cuff securely to their sleeves, even without a signature on a life insurance policy, someone is most surely still getting paid.

What a sad world that we live in. They have indeed kneeled at the altar of the all mighty dollar. Timewasters and wasteful thinkers are amongst those we live. Sadly, they still do not realize that what they do to others can be done to them. If they think of themselves as safe then they are sadly mistaken. The dollar has just become to great.


The Not So Glamorous Life Of A Targeted Individual-Part 2


Published on: Oct 5, 2013 @ 0:53

True confessions, I really must say, does come in handy in situations like this, especially, in circumstances involving gangstalking.

I have been undergoing gangstalking for, I would say, at least seven years or more. The participants were people that I once knew, my very own family, and those that I may have never have met or had any type of relationship with, whatsoever. Everyone in Danville, Virginia that had an ear to listen was, I am assuming, no doubt, all inclusive in my consistent torture. Now before I go into details about my gangstalking experience, I would would like to make it clear that I am by no means crazy, schizophrenic, sociopathic, OCD, or nor do I suffer from anything to those effect. How do I know, you may ask? Well, I checked myself into the hospital voluntarily.

What I have undergone: I remember driving myself to the emergency room at a local hospital and making an attempt to explain the issues that I was having amongst the people, not just myself, within the city. The doctor on duty seemed to me to be very nonchalant about the matter and made ‘suggestions, in a very ‘cartoonish’ way about the, non-fact, that I may have had shizophrenia. Now my question is this, why wou l had a doctor that acted as if I was to be diagnosed with that type of incurable disease. This doctor attempted to diagnose me without a CAT Scan or any other type of X-ray or testing. He naturally assumed that I was crazy  without evidence to prove the latter. It’s just a game to them!

Is there a possibility that your supposed symptoms were manifested by what these rocket-scientists wanted you to actually have but not what you actually suffered?

In Schizophrenia, according to particular site,

“… no one knows exactly what causes the condition or why schizophrenia affects some people and not others. It’s important to understand that it’s not your fault that you have schizophrenia—no one is to blame and there’s nothing you did to cause it.”

It also states that… “Studies show that schizophrenia may be caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain that causes messages in the brain to get mixed up. Scientists believe that schizophrenia, like many other conditions, may result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors.”




Published on: Apr 9, 2013 @ 3:45


In reflection and in the name of freedom of speech, in regards to all of the gangstalking/mob/mason activities that have consumed our world to this very day…I have but a few simple questions.

Where in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution (the Bill of Rights 1-10), or any other of our more than righteous, official documents, has it ever concluded that….

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America…

…was ever null and void? Or were we mistaken in their reference to “We the People”? Should we have questioned them as to who they were referring to when it was referenced in third point of view as they so freely said…

…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…

Should we have analyzed, at the time of reveal, our esteemable Constitution?  Exactly who were they referring to when they mentioned the underlying words in which we have, as Americans, recited over and over again, assuming that they were actually speaking of us (Americans) and our welfare:

The words…

“ourselves” and “our”.

Has our America sank so low to the point of having to ask who is actually, lawfully, receiving the charitible rights that we all, real Americans, so direly deserve ?

Should our government have been more specific in their terminology? Assuming that our government was in plight to create illusions to the American citizens; what was their true reasoning in aide to their manipulated misrepresentations?

Where in any official document of the United States of America does it say that we have to just live and abide under their egotistical particulars…

If you are not a part of… any fraternity, church, group, cult, etc…

If you do not have… a certain dollar amount or monetary worth…

If you are not… a person of government or armed services, etc…

If you do not have… their status quo resulting from extreme sociopathism

If you are not… married unhappily just because…

And the list goes on and on…………………………………..

What gives them the right to have the ability and opportunity to override any and all due process of any and everyone in the United States, as we suffer, based on their favoritisms?

Where was it written that our government has the right to rob, steal, cheat, rape, etc. without suffering little to no consequences to, what they like to call, personal or business endeavors? Why have their punishments never suited their crimes?

Where is it written that we, as Americans, must relinquish every opportunitable right just because someone whose wealth, which may possibly be unearned, said so?  Where o’ where in our Constitution did it make a certain few GOD with no rights to the title?

And by the way, why do they not understand that there would be no need or reason in trying to back their excuses with their so unsecretive, military, Army handbooks in their unwinning fight on terrorism or anything else, simply because…

… most of your governmental victims (TI’s) have never been terrorists and secondly, have little to no military experience… They are manipulating factual information from regulations that have nothing to do with us just to suit their own purposes and, no, that is not what Obama mentioned as being ‘fairplay’. When did it happen that we are already guilty before being proven innocent? Or was that just simply for convenience?

Why are they so quick to pinpoint what we, as Americans, cannot do without clarifying why they can?

Please, without so much vagueness, could someone please diagram their justifications of inexcusable ‘wrongs’ to their so unjustifiable wannabe ‘rights’. Maybe a scale that calculates sins would be sufficient so that we can measure in weight of bull$%@#…

Would someone please explain why the wills and bodies of innocent, experienced Americans are steadily but not readily dying?

One thing that we can hold dear to all of our hearts is that if they have in any way, made you feel as if you were nothing in your world, then rest assured that you have every right to feel as if you are, indeed, constitutionally “somebody” because they would never have made any attempt to make you feel lesser than yourself if it were otherwise.

Food for thought: The fake has never received a Purple Heart or a Pulitzer prize.

…to be continued…


My Message To God-Unconfidential


Published on: Sep 22, 2013 @ 2:15

Dear God,

I am sitting here on this couch, in this room, on this computer thinking about the paths that I have taken in my life up to this point; and as I sit here and dwell on the many unfortunate events that I have experienced, I do see that they have been more than mere scrapes and bruises; I am still humble to only you, Dear God, because I have seen your many capabilities. And, yes, I do fear you.

Because I have been a victim of your wrath. I know, from experience, what your gifts can bring but still, I ask myself  why you chose me to become a victim of man’s satanic torments over and over again.  This is no dramatization when I say that I have been through hell and high waters for so many years; even before I became a targeted individual.  My life has hardly ever been a bed of roses.  I have never had a silver spoon in my mouth but even in that, I didn’t have to.  I had YOU.

At the moment, Dear God, I am a victim of the most heinous crimes known to man and I do not know what to do but to put my trust in you because I love you. I remember when I was in college and I was almost almost kidnapped but you saved me. Remember that? You brought two strangers in at just the right the time and I was saved. In that instance, something happened and it could only have been you. It was not coincidence. I also remember, when my ex-husband left me and my two children in a townhome in Atlanta in which he also lived (And by the way, he was granted sole-custody of my children by a probable gangstalker. What a laugh. And he evensato me me that YOU never meant for him to have a daughter but now he is trying to take her away.) and for almost two-weeks we lived with no lights and I prayed to you then that if you helped me to find a way to get on a bus back to my hometown then it would be your will. And it was. Thank you for sparing me.

And even in the light of being transhumanized and victimized so much that I almost died and still can, you are still my ‘Knight in Shining Armor’.  No man has ever displayed to me, in any circumstance, the lack of cowardice that you have embraced for, I, your child.

These programs of the NWO are, by no means, funny, God. Of course, you should remember how many times that I have prayed to you and sometimes I would clearly state that you really were, indeed, funny to have allowed me to travel the paths that I have traveled for so long. You know our hearts and so I am sure that you knew that my heart was a reflection of something entirely different. It was a reflection of something more positive even though it is a rarity to see it.

Do you recall my  exact phrase to YOU in which was pretty much always the same.

” God, you’ve got jokes.”

Seemingly, at the time that I poured my heart to YOU,  YOU had a lot of them but I still trusted you. As far as I was concerned, the punishments that I rendered had never suited my crimes but who am I to judge, right? I trust that things really do happen for a reason and not for the reasons of ‘mob masters’.

Even now, God,  these programs that the Devil’s advocates have instigated against everyone in every state and every country is a true awakening as to what the Devil’s intentions really are amongst your people.  How silly it was for us to think that our lives as we knew them, would probably never change as you continuously graced our presence with your love and support and spared those of faith of the pains in which we were so undeserved and even in the through the trials and tribulations, you still carried us when we could not carry ourselves.

Now, in our current day, It is as if they are mocking you, dear God. They are mimicing you to the point of  attempting to force people to sacrifice their lives for perjured affords. They have succeeded with many in making them believe that you do not exist.  Of course, those that are the real children of YOU, Almighty God, will do our very best in acknowleding whom truly guides us in every minute of our lives. We will make every effort as to not let you down.

The pain, that we have experienced as not just targeted individuals but of all people has been so horrendous in the Devil’s quest to conquer but, we, as YOUR, children will continue to praise your name forevermore. We were born in sin but not in unadulterated evil, in my opinion.

We know for certain that you do, in fact, exist but to those that are non-believers, well, of course, they will have to figure it out for themselves.  You will, no doubt, in my mind, show people who really is GOD. We, as your people will be guided only by the ONE who created us as ‘real’ humans because there is and will never be a power greater.

In closing, I just really wanted to express that you are the heart of my soul and the soul of my heart. You can do things that no one else can.  People want to be who you are but they cannot. To pretend that they can is not an easy feat and we can see that. Please continue to guide us in righteousness and save us from ourselves because we are our own biggest enemies.

I Love You.


Of course you know that I am no Monarch Butterfly or an Illuminati society member intentionally but the government’s programs have coincided with one another.  I have had my chance in the spotlight and I have appeared on national television. No big deal but as I look back at how my life has progressed as you designed, I see that you steered me in different direction. I am not naive to the fact that you already know what is better for me. I just hate that my children and I have had to undergo so much. I will take it as a learning experience and move on. I refuse to be threatened by the likes of these people. They can never be you, no matter the technology but let it be their temporary thrill until the real reckoning shows its face.

Now whether these butcherings have been intentional or not, Dear God, I still may never be a Devil’s advocate because… your love for me has been too strong.

I love you, Dear God. I will never be perfect but thank you for understanding.

In your name I will always pray…Amen.


Friday, March 20, 2014

Venting My Woes

I know that I have said this over and over again but I will say it again. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever feel as if I would ever become trapped in a world of personal vendetta. A world that is so revengeful, whereas, your attackers cannot see that their lives would be so much better if they were to just disappear and never to be heard of again rather than to destroy what they consider to be their preys, no matter the means. They create their own enemies. There are so many consequences involved from trying to destroy someone else’s life but they fail to comprehend the difference in just staying out of someone other people’s business or just becoming a part of your life in a positive way. These people are always there in a negative way whether they know you or not.

I am 37 years old and I am now living my life as prey to people that I do not know. It is hard enough to live through the tortures of those that you don’t know of in the real world. They have tapped into my head, my body, and my life and they refuse to leave me alone. Why they do this is beyond me. Why anyone would want to get rid of me in any manner is beyond interpretation and for them to cause me to be suicidal defies all gravity.

I loved being free. I loved making my own decisions. I loved not having to answer to anybody but me. I loved being just me. I gave no trouble to anybody unless they made trouble with me. So why do they do what they do? Are they just that evil? Are they entranced with being evil? Maybe so. If that is the case, it is not going to help anybody including themselves.

At this moment, I am suffering from a defective head that they created, whereas, at times it is hard for me to even hold it up. And yes, I am a proud woman. I was bred to be strong whether a man was there or not. Do you think that, that is the reason? Do they not like strong women? Do they want us to always be dependent on the likeness of men while they are doing nothing but destroying us? My family on my father’s side was Indian. Did it matter? If it did, it is not my fault so why am I being punished?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it but it is truth and they do this because someone is actually allowing them to do it. It is criminal and totally offensive but they do it any way.

My torture is the type where not a lot pf people could not literally live through. They torture you so discreetly that if there was a listening ear, they would not believe you. Sadly, their technology transcends all ethics. It is beyond belief and, of course, it would justify how much people are being bribed into becoming gang stalkers. No one wants to go through what I am currently enduring.

I never would have believed in it if it had never happened to me. I frequently ask myself, why me? As much as I have been through just trying to live an ordinary life. Why me? There has been so much disappointment in my life with marriage, keeping a job, having children, and just trying to keep my life on a steady plain that I still cannot configure why these lunatics chose me to manhandle. My head, of all things, was completely off limits but they still had the audacity to play with it. Who the hell are they to have those types of permissions? Their violations alone, in the real world, would lead to so many lawsuits to be ultimately ridiculous but yet they still do it.

Just because you do not see it does not mean that it does not exist. And honestly, I am tired of being screwed with for no good reason. Could they live through the same treatment that they are throwing on others? I doubt it but I would love to see them try.

As to my reasoning, well, if I were to harm another person’s life then I would be sanctioned to hell and by the way, I would also go to jail in the real world. The bible does speak of loving thy neighbor but what if thy neighbor is the enemy that you never counted on having?

Attempted murder is a huge sin but to even attempt to be an accessary to it can be just as bad as actually committing the crime. We are living in someone else’s morbid fantasy of what they assumed to be their very own perfect world. A world where they would take out all of there personal issues on those that have nothing to do with their own shortcomings.

My head (literally) is being traumatized by these sick bastards. They locked into it when they lasered it in Virginia and now they still will not let my head go in Georgia. A definite personal violation only because someone is allowing them to get away with their indecencies. The worst offense, in my opinion, is to violate someone’s body in order to control them but they do not care. And they, obviously, do not see their wrongs in their quest for glory.

So… if something happened to them, should I give a shit? Should anyone care?

My ex-husband, Mustapha Acolatse, Sr. has a lot to do with it. This I know. Every time he called my children while we were in VA, I was being poisoned or stabbed to death by these wreckless weapons. I know for a fact that he has major jealousy issues. I can remember a time that he said to me that I would never find another man like him. If it were my choice then I would not have cared. I did not want another man like him so, honestly, he was just flattering only himself. He put me through so much, whereas, he would not have been missed but, assumably, he found someone later who could take revenge against me. Someone who was desperate and she aided in his boost. He was lacking in so much that I can only assume that it made him feel better that I was being tortured and he was now in control. He wanted to believe that he was hurt but he was never as hurt as I was. I was tired of being his bailout.

After our separation, he finally found a way to get over on me. He joined a mob with this woman and admitted it to the representing guardian ad litem that was the lawyer for our children. I heard him with my own ears. Even with that knowledge they gave him sole custody anyway without giving me any reason. Why did they not give me an excuse for taking my children away? Unbelievable right? But they did it.

Mustapha really believes that he has done no wrong and it is quite sickening. Obviously, he is just another one of these sociopaths that we are unfortunate enough to have to deal with.

And even still, I have to deal with the constant probing of the head and my body. Is that fair when I have spent most of life training and raising my family to become better people.

The jerk even involved my children in my torture but, of course, they are still kids and they only know what they are taught. I will still love them always.


68 responses to “Personal Opinions and Life Experiences As A Tortured, Targeted Individual (TI)

  • Lisa Rose

    I also am a targeted individual. I can totally relate. Just wanted to say thank you and many blessings to you. Right now, however, I am sleep-deprived, and ill, as usual….so I will close with this thought: 2 Hells are extant in the universe—the Hell that exists in Mexico currently, and the Hades in which all evil souls will reside in, upon being judged. The good news is that all gang stalkers will be delivered into both realms, by the Good that is hounded. so mercilessly. by such filthy, avariciouss lowlifes

    • Lisa Rose

      “avaricious”. Had to post this quickly, while I still had a signal. & Peace to all gang stalking fucking SURVIVORS !!!!

    • mstmha

      It is amazing how desperate people can actually be in the journey for wealth. In this day, we are faced with so many evils that it is questionable as to the real intentions of our governments’ for all these years. Based on some research, they have planned our destruction for years but we failed to see the hypocrisy in their actions. I ask myself over and over again…What is it that these money hounds really want while they are attempting to send us to our graves? If they are going to kill us off anyway, what’s with the torture? If we are to die (which is inevitable), why create a program to such an extreme where they force misery? Why did they feel the need for torture when a lot of people were miserable even without their help? Everyday life was hard enough. Did they assume that everyone was a “Happily Ever After”. If so, they were too far from the truth and the extra drama was totally unnecessary. Free will was our blessing and I can only assume that maybe these gang bangers did not have the same. And sadly, even in the torturings of others, they still are not free; so what is their point?

      Through the electromagnetic and psychotronic weapons, the MKUltra and Monarch Butterfly programs amongst others, Tranhumanism, and MiLabs that they use as tools, the petty survellances, etc., I still fail to see their reasoning behind the things that these psychos do.

      Do they really want to live in a world where everyone is lying, stealing, and cheating on one another? Do they really want to invite Satan in this world to such a degree where no one and nothing is safe? How long do they think that, that type of world will last or is there another plan that none of us are aware of?

      Sadly our elitest have made every effort to show us how they would like to re-create our world through media but, it seems that they failed to see that the grand finale may actually be found in the Bible. Did they think that their grand finale was greater? Well, to answer my own question…Only time will tell.

      As long as everyone that these power freaks’ control stay within their reach inside their ‘Power Dome’, they are not alone in their devilishness but what if one day they lose that power? In that circumstance, who would really be in Hell? Imagine that…

      How many targeted individuals would love to see the ‘street theatre’ of their own creation blow up in their face. It could happen where their fakes can become their negative reality. Unfortunately, in death, they may die alone.

      Moral of the story: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

  • Lisa Rose

    Thank you for your response. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    1st things 1st, however: the definite FACILITATORS/BANKROLLERS who are financing my own PERSONAL DESTRUCTION are: Kyle D. Richardson, 48 y. o. of Durand, WI; Kevin Pfaff of Arcadia, WI; & Dave Giwojna of Cadott, WI

    • mstmha

      You know, it makes it three times worse when you actually know the people attempting to hold you hostage in their Hell’s dark cave. Sadly, I know a great deal about my torturers as well and it does not exclude my very own ex-husband who jumped at the chance to take full advantage of myself and his children in order to ease his own pockets. I always knew he was an extremist just based on the life we lived together but I never knew he could get’MAD’ enough to allowour family to be tortured to such a degree. He literally did not care if I lived or died which is pretty awful.Is he an accessory to an attempted murder? Quite possibly. He is an accessory to almost everthing else.

      • Lisa Rose

        In addition, the vehicle descriptions/ license plate #s of the actual dope addicts (i.e., GANG STALKERS) working for the above-mentioned bankrollers are: 171 RFM (turquoise minivan); 919 JGE (medium-sized red car/Minnesota plate; FM7 233 (beat-up dark red truck); 775 NSU (dark gray compact car) driven by fat-ass brunette w/ glasses, late 30s age-wise…..the turquoise, rundown

      • Lisa Rose

        cont’d—van driven by some short creepy guy w/brn-gray hair whose wife’s (?) name is Beth–some way-old bitch….their approximately -18 (?) y. o. very skinny sons (2 of them) live in the FM7- truck—& some brown-haired early 20s kid lives in the 919- car—this kid most likely has a 20s-appearing bitch g. f. w/ short dark blond hair, this CUNT most likely being one of their 2 v2k ringleader ders–the other v2k ringleader being some unknown white male, tho THAT creep could be aan UGLY, BALDING BASTARD with brown hair & a beer belly….ALL aforementioned lowlifes masquerading as homeless people, all of their skanky-bitch females appearing to be BULL-FUCKING DYKES.

      • Lisa Rose

        cont’d & pardon those few typos—but this browser tends to shut down @ the most inconvenient. of times—-& I wonder WHY the fuck THAT is lol…

        Anyways, that’s most of them—-& one of their ATTEMPTED MURDERER’S name is ROGER; he this fucking DRUG FUCKING DEALER tried running me off the freeway in Eau Claire one. dark, desolate evening—attempting such evil while driving his thug-loving GIRLFRIEND’S

      • mstmha

        Most of our perpetrators are the biggest scums of the earth. From drug dealers, pimps, con-artists (includinggovernment officials and the military), and anyone else for that matter that normal society would have considered banishing forever. The selection of these ‘crazies’ comes down to those who are very easily influenced or brainwashed and those who they can easily hold something over their heads or blackmail. Even those who never did a crime but feel that they have too much to lose to just say no. Always remember that there is no honor in thieves. These puppeteers could go against any of their puppets at any given time. Their oaths are to the Devil, not particularly to one another. Their lives could change drastically as ours did at the blink of an eye. These people will kill and sell off their own family and friends without questions. A good read about a gangstalker turned TI… I have moved from one state to another and they followed me. The only difference is that some of the characters have changed but the main perps still watch from afar. If ever anyone had to pay for what these people are doing to us (and they will), it will be a sad day for them but a new independence day for all of us that have been tormented or have died from their “Games”.

      • Lisa Rose

        cont’d big-ass truck—-this unbelievably brazen INNOCENT-APPEARING COVER for countless drug dealers–one of whom’s name is RYAN MARTELL–put a HIT out on my life—-HER NAME IS JANE AUSTIN—& her 12-y. o. son’s name is J. R.—last known town of residence for these cold, calculating KILLERS being JIM FALLS—-yet another small, narrowminded miserable town that exists in the middle of NOwfuckingwhere—such an environment being the preferred. atmosphere

      • Lisa Rose

        cont’d—for COUNTLESS DRUG DEALERS within the wonderful state of Wisconsin lol… could say that, @ this point, maybe I’ve said too much—-yet all of the aforementioned EVILDOERS are nothing but LIFE-DESTROYING FUCKED-UP COWARDS—& YOU’D BETTER FUCKING BELIEVE I FUCKING RESENT THEIR SARCASTIC SMIRKY LITTLE “CONTRIBUTIONS” TOWARD MY PRESENT STATE OF NON-EXISTENCE

      • Lisa Rose

        “Do the thing you are afraid to do, & the Death of fear is certain”

      • Lisa Rose

        Thank you, Miss 🙂

  • Lisa Rose

    Right! Bravo—& you are an Angel, Miss…btw I will add more to this later. ….how much do you think these lowlifes get paid, anyways?

    • Lisa Rose

      Btw yesterday wasn’t the greatest day 4 me, as their endless NONSENSE was less desired by myself than usual lol. However I’m feeling much better today. And I wanted to thank you for all of your encouragement. It’s just that I’ve been behaving in a lot more reticent manner recently—-which is, I’m sure, how ANY OTHER SANE, NORMAL PERSON would behave as well…assuming they too were being toyed with under a microscope by “Dr.” Josef Mengele

      • Lisa Rose

        Btw yesterday wasn’t the greatest day 4 me, as their endless NONSENSE was less desired by myself than usual lol. However I’m feeling much better today. And I wanted to thank you for all of your encouragement. It’s just that I’ve been behaving in a lot more reticent manner recently—-which is, I’m sure, how ANY OTHER SANE, NORMAL PERSON would behave as well…assuming they too were being toyed with under a microscope by “Dr.” Josef Mengele

      • mstmha

        To be quite honest, I never dreamed that I would ever live to see the day when “We the people of the United States” would ever witness such prosecution by anyone. I cannot fathom how anyone who claims to be a professional within our government would ever allow such programs to come out so blatantly into the open view of the public. Their “Silent War” is not as silent as they may have hoped. Your reactions are totally natural. You are not a monster. You are human. When is lack of free will, the free will thatwasyanked away from youever desired? We only have one life to live. The next 60 seconds is never guaranteed to anyone so it angers me that, if I am going to die anyway based on the cycle of life, why take away the time that I have left? The answer to why itis that we have been held hostage in a world full of timewasters is beyond even my understanding. There is not that much experimentation needed in the world. Especially knowing that their are millions ofvictims involved. How many people did they really need? You know, even the depopulation theory does not ‘key’ the issues anymore for me because not onlyis societystill having children but these “Mad Scientists'”are also transhumanizing as well. In other words, the possibilty of your living longer is greater unless they decide to pull the plug on you.I’m not a scientist but even if I were, this awakening in Satan’s lair still would not make any sense to me. I really wished someone would have warned me first about the swarms of devil advocates’ that were headed my way but, of course, they wouldn’t because then it would have defeated the purpose of my conspired, attemptive death. As to your previous question, how much do I think these Dr. Jekylls’ make? Well, I did read a blog a while back that was written by, if I am not mistaken, by another TI by the name John Finch(don’t quote me on it) that said that some of the gangstalkers that he’d met were making about forty dollars per head(victim). Whatever it may be, I can almost guarantee that the money they are making would never be enough for me to make a fool of myself in that way. The best answer, I think,would probably be that the payscale may be based on how high up the ladder you are. The closer you get to the 33 degree masonary,from my understanding, the more perks you get.And, it would also depend on how much money they steal from each victim, too. Watch your bank accounts. Ipray thatyou may have better days. I’m hoping that we all do.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        $40….per day? I sometimes think it’s closer to $40/SECOND, or why would they pursue us so relentlessly/obsessively, other than their obviously having nothing better to do??? THAN go to PRISON for every fucking felony conviction known to man?? Lol (& I’m laughing @ THEM and not you, Miss)

        Btw there are things I’d sometimes like 2 write here, though since these Satanic sick-fuck GANGSTALKERS are constantly watching my every fucking move, again, I’m inclined to be less effusive…..also, not that this is any excuse, but they clearly do not like my attempts @ doing anything productive whatsoever lol…more often than not they show such displeasure by zapping me with their microwave fucked-up technology lmfao

        Also, Miss, please look up “Psy Ops” on Wikipedia (unless perhaps you’ve already seen it), as I thought it encapsulated quite well both the answers to your questions re: WHY the fuck they continue to perpetuate their abuse, as well as succinctly describing exactly what we as TIs are enduring—additionally I found their link to “electronic WARFARE” (my emphasis) to be of key importance

      • mstmha

        You know, even with all of the research that I have done, I still fail to understand the reasoning behind their bull. You would really have to be a pretty sick person to actually want to do the things that they do. Of course, when you look back in time; if you dissect the history of our world, it is clear that we were always surrounded by quite a few ‘sick’ people. It’s just unfortunate that we(TIs) are the ones that have to deal with them. I pictured my life in a different light. I never imagined that I could be a victim in anything so horrible but, as you know, I am. I have been a TI for years and it is quite tiresome. Even moreso, when it’s a 24/7, 365 day operation. It makes me wonder whether these people are even human at all. It seems that they continue to take without a lunch break. The entire business is ridiculous and for them to feel as if it is necessary to take one’s entire life as they have mine was unbelievable. I never saw it coming.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Right now MY gangstalkers are living @ 6360 South 13th Street #115, Oak Creek, WI 53154. Once again they bribed the front office of this their CURRENT residence so they would have the privilege of being in a room much too close to mine. And Kyle Richardson is inside that room with them—rather than @ his current vermin-infested slum, of 114 W. Main St., Apt C, Durand WI lol

      • mstmha

        You know, it is awesome that you can narrow them down like that. I have so many that I do not even bother although several of them were people that I knew. I have actually had past relationships with a few. They would not be too difficult to find. Most of them have delusions of grandeaur whereas they would like to think that they are more important than they really are. I’ve also noticed that they have boxed me in with quite a lot of dread-locked characters.It is possible that these people are from the same families. If you catch one, you may catch them all. Their agendas are seemingly the same which is being annoying and getting on my last nerve. The dread-lock experience happened in Virginia, as well, but I see that their people have located me in Georgia. It’s pretty ludicrous. Oh yeah, I have had the Brits up my ass too. Talk about a melting pot.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Their goal in my case is always to get me to move. And if they see what you see (i.e., if you have an RFID chip implanted by one of their cohorts), then put them through Hell—for example, I’ve shown my perps Los Zetas execution videos lol. By holding my Smartphone up to a mirror, then cranking it…..and of course with that comes an implied threat. Because like I said they are a captive audience–I get the sense that they “have” to watch us THIS closely, noticing all our habits, mannerisms, likes, dislikes, etc….then evidently all this collected info gets passed on to the NEXT group who’s hired to monitor us. Like maybe in your case when you moved to another state.

        And btw there’s a new video on YouTube entitled, “gang stalking how to crush that shit part 1″……

        ~~Soldiers throughout history have always prayed~~

      • mstmha

        It’s amazing that you spend that much time feeding into their hostility. Regardless of what you do, these people are the “new age” devils’. They have been trained to be heartless so it may not matter how we may try to aggravate them. They do what they want to do and one of the main reasons that they can is because they aren’t directly in our face pushing the buttons on their little computers and remotes. You are also right about their surveillances of our lives and mannerisms. They use this information to design their programs around each individual. I can’t tell you how many times they have thrown people and situations in my life that they already knew that I would not like or be unattracted to. It’s almost as if their programs are designed to your opposites, so to speak. Maybe I should have said that I do not want to be a millionaire (even though it would have been nice), that way maybe they would have dropped a million in my lap.

        *To answer your question, yes, I am quite sure that I am chipped. I also have undergone virtual surgeries to my head and internal organs, as well. It’s amazing what their technology can do but it sickens me to know how far they will go to control us and our persons. Here is an interesting quote below by one of our elitest that I copied from You should check out the rest, too. These people are the most egotistical control freaks that I have ever seen in my life. Money has dropped our entire world into hell’s flames without water or air.   18. “We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. . . Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. . . . We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain.” Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Been pretty sick lately. Plus I’ve been trying to arrive @ a decision re: how best to get on with my life. For example, if I have to leave the country (to be rid of “them”, I fucking WILL LOL 🙂

        It’s terrible what’s been done to you. Yes, they are beyond evil. What exactly was done (virtually speaking)? And it’s certainly just fine if you don’t want to talk about it.

        Thanks for sending me that quote. It really IS pure craziness, the way some of them think.

        Btw I haven’t meant to be selfish towards you. It’s just that I wanted to post as MUCH shit online that I could, & asap @ that. Since I haven’t figured out yet how to post this info elsewhere. So I haven’t meant not to inquire about your own personal situation as a T. I.. I feel badly that I haven’t, as you’ve been a good friend to me. Plus, it seems like yours is a worse situation than mine (?) Though to put that last sentence in a more positive light, everything is relative.

      • mstmha

         Please do not apologize. Believe me, I completely understand. We are both involuntary targets to their agenda and I am sure that if you had a choice, you would have went on with your life normally like most of us. Their torture is horrendous. Once again, I do understand.   I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about leaving the country but, unfortunately, for us, this thing is bigger than just the United States. This is going on in all over the world including Europe and Russia, as well. There is no guarantee that you will move and they won’t follow you. You have asked about my own tortures, especially those that were done from what I like to call “virtually“ may be hard to swallow but I am making it ok so far. It‘s ok to ask.   What I am about to say may be difficult to hear but it was and is very real and for nearly seven years I have been a victim of the gang stalking program non-stop. My life is in shambles at the moment but as the old saying goes, “What goes around, comes around,” and I have great faith in that. Karma affects everyone, not just a chosen few.   Some of the tactics that they have used on my person include the following: -I was poisoned badly within my previous home (Almost daily) -They would send what sounded like radio waves or a ringing through my head that would keep me up at night. I have suffered from insomnia quite a bit. I could even hear them talking or screaming at me almost constantly through the equipment they use to throw their voices. Sometimes it would seem as if they were right next to me. They would even touch me with their holograms from what one young lady liked to reference as “Beam me up technology”. -I have been through radiation and what feels like extreme tasering to my body. Sometimes to the point of feeling bile inside my mouth. -They have used a laser to my head on three occasions. Every incidence was within my car. They rigged my inside car light to heat up to an extreme temperature that I felt as if my head were on fire. Of course, the perps were nice enough to “repair” me and I could feel it every time they did. Unfortunately for me, my head has never been the same since and now they feel the need to play with it every moment that they can get. It has been made to feel like putty (sometimes bad enough where it was hard for me leave my home), it has been axed, poked, needled, and made to feel as if it would spontaneously combust with their constant pressure.   Now, this is what I mean when I say “virtual” because no one had to be there to do any of this. Perhaps there is a better word but I have not found it yet. They must carry my x-ray everywhere they go because my body is constantly under attack. -I have also felt them working on my organs inside my body and yet again, they did not have to be there to operate. I was simply watching television and the next thing that I knew, I could feel something cutting up what I believe now was my heart. I could feel them working on me yet I was still awake and now I no longer feel a heart beat. I have a few family members that can pretty much vouch for that. They even had the audacity to remove their fake organ while I was in bed for at least a minute, I think. I thought I was dead because I could not move my limbs and the ceiling started to darken until they popped it back in. Talk about sick people.   -In addition, they have made massive attempts to steal the money that I had made, was making, and will ever make. -They have made every attempt to aide my ex-husband in kidnapping my children by creating mock custody trial and child support trials as if I would not know the difference. And by the Way, their fake paperwork sucks. The real and the fake is like night and day. In the real world, they would have never have gotten away with it. -I have also been work-mobbed off of quite a few jobs because they really did not want me to make any money. I am sure it was for their custody purposes.   Anyway, it has been quite a charade but I believe that everything will, God-willing, be ok. I pray that you do not have to go through half as much as I have but what I said thus far does not put a dent in it. A total shame that people are that desperate. It disgusts me. May God Be With You!   Some key terms that you may be interested in looking up that could bring some light to the subject: Mi-Labs, HAARP programs, MK Ultra, Monarch programs, Supercomputers (Once my hometown received one, that is when everyone in the city, I noticed, started going crazy and I wish you could have seen the traffic.) Targeted Individuals Europe | Human Rights are not Negotiable

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Hi Miss, & thank you for those last two emails. I’ll be back in a second

      • mstmha

        The last email that I sent was on 11-19-13 (just to make sure that we are on the same page) and it gave a partial description of my targeting experience. They have duplicated my Facebook profile and pretended to be me as to the reason I deleted it. Still they kept copying it. It was so childish and ridiculous. So just in case they are portraying me in their little skits; this is your FYI… They have no qualms in dafamating your character by any means necessary and sadly, social networks and email are not excluded.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Ok. And incidentally, I received 2 emails from you on the 19th. The first one went into quite a bit of detail in terms of your health; & in the second you mentioned John Finch. They sounded as if they’d been written by you; if you want me to forward them to you for verification purposes please let me know….and btw, I agree with you re: their incompetence when it comes to fabricating any paperwork. In my case, my last known slumlord made a pathetic attempt in terms of his trying to sound educated so as to threaten me to vacate or else; it merely backfired on him. As he’s about to be sued!! (Thanks to my wonderful gangstalkers I missed the hearing, the first time I filed the paperwork. But ultimately the matter with this slumlord will have to be addressed since thanks to both him, dave giwojna, as well as Kevin Pfaff, I’ve been unable to secure any suitable housing. In fact, I’d probably be living in my car right now, if not for my discovery that these filthy gangstalkers are able to electronically harass me from miles away (they woke me up and also fucked around with their creepy v2k nonsense the last couple of times I tried sleeping in my car, since living in an expensive motel is no guarantee that I will get any fucking sleep—all this thanks to them, of course).

        And yes, unfortunately I’m quite familiar with their slander campaigns. They used those tactics in order to run me out of those 2 apts., as well as even running me out of a parking lot where I used to live in my car!! Yes lol!! & despite the efforts of well-meaning law enforcement up in Chippewa County (they’d encouraged me to look for yet another apt), I declined following up on their advice for the simple fact (of which I informed these officers of the law) that these gangstalkers would only follow me onward to my NEXT apt!! Which btw is PRECISELY what they’ve been doing since I left Durand, WI on April 1st of this year!!!! Lol!!!!

        Anyways lol…..Miss, I just received the worst direct energy attack ever from these monsters. You were right. Not sure if I’ll make it thru tonite….please pray for me, as I will for you. Also plz go to the ffcsh website…I think that’s the one. Again, sorry I didn’t write back sooner. Please write me back asap if possible// God be with you!!!!

      • mstmha

        I am very sorry that you are still experiencing the brashness of the wicked. As I have noted earlier on someone else’s blog…Welcome to Babylon. We are living in the new age of the wicked but of course, as many of us do know, Babylon couldn’t stay around. What goes up, must come down so they say and in this new world, I have nothingbut faith that Babylon II will also fall. You are a true survivor and I have no doubt that you will make it through the night. I have been through so much that it would make your head spin, yet, I am still hanging around. At least for now anyway. I do not know when my time will be up. Hell, anything could happen but still I thank my heavenly father that I have lived to see another day no matter the hatred and abuses that I have experienced. It is funny to me to see myself going through all of torture by so many enemies but before the gangstalking; I had none. It is freaky to see how much the lack of personalknowledge and a few tongues wagging about things they nothing about can create such atrocities in a person’s life. This is far worse than any sci-fi flick that I have ever seen times three. Then again, that’s how karma work as well, assumably. I truly feel what you are going through along with so many others. Just hang in there. Targeted Individuals are special people, I believe. We were chosen for a reason. You may have a special gift that not even you know about but God does not put us through any more than we can humanly handle and I think you know this to be true. STAY STRONG! They held me down while I was in bed the other night (by hologram or whatever they call it) and tasered me on my neck so long that I could barely move. I could feel them holding me down but I could not see them but whoever it was that “beamed” themselves into my bedroom was heavy as hell and really needs to go on a diet. :) His lengthdidn’t seemlong enough to belong toa ball player or Tarzan for that matter (I do try to find the funny in it); he was more average. But anyway, this has happened more than once. It seems whomever it is was has a “taser the neck” fetish. Maybe it is suppose to be more effective, I don’t know. I remember someone that I dated a while ago that had a neck fetish. Whenever he was angry, that was what his resolution. He would put his hands around my neck. He could possibly fit the profile of who has been doing this to me; even in weight but, of course, only they know. DO NOT GIVE UP… DO NOT EVER GIVE UP! Somehow, someway, we will be saved.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Thank you so much, Miss. You are a true friend. You have just made my day….plus I’m still here—after all. The bottom line is I’ve been really fucking fed up with all of the wasted time, due to these gloom-and-doom Satanic control-freaks–my gang stalkers—constantly talking their trash in my ear (tho ear plugs do help), all of the RADIATION or whatever it is aimed in my direction (tho last nite from 5:30pm-6:30pm that is EXACTLY what it was!!)–I’d FINALLY SOMEHOW put some foil up on my motel window, which does @ least diminish their ability to see me I believe…this info gleaned from the site)….anyways just as I’d been on an absolute ROLL lately, with FINALLY managing to tune out their constant attempts @ interfering with my life (I’d recently discovered that their weapons can induce extreme fatigue, mood swings, countless health problems—ALL of which I’ve had)—as of yesterday all was finally clear to me….and btw thank you for those key terms you’d written about, as I HAVE INDEED come across the MKUltra perversion, the Bohemian Grove sickness, which happens to btw relate to The Franklin Coverup, the fact that 9/11 was a “production” if you will of our own government, the awful REAL truth re: the nonexistent Moon Landing, the list goes on….Cathy O’Brien, Cyndy Garvey/Brice Taylor, Ted Gunderson, Dr. Posner, Paul Bonacci, etc., etc., etc., ad fucking nauseam….Lisa Becker…btw plz watch “Brain Invaders” on YouTube…Debra Jeane Palfrey…. btw the sick-fuck perps have been zapping me ever since I began this email….

        Also, in the process of basically being FORCED to now have to purchase a lead apron—btw do you have any of these for yourself? As I’ll have to lie down in it (to sleep) & you’re not supposed to sit down while wearing them, etc., so not sure yet if I should get one—btw INTERLOCKING LEAD BRICKS may be our (T.I’s) once-&-for-all shielding solution….

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Take heart, Miss….as your gang stalkers have nothing better to do with their time. Tho I do hope for your sake that you have access to a gun….also, if @ all possible, get up & walk around briskly when & if they direct their weaponry @ you….I’m saying “when and if” to be as positive & hopeful as possible for you….and btw, despite this dizziness/fatigue/fuzzy-thinking mode which these ANIMALS have ONCE AGAIN INDUCED in me RIGHT FUCKING NOW, I just want to say thank you again for all the support you’ve given me tonite. As you may have noticed, I sometimes tend to talk too much, when instead I should be listening. I’ve been working on that for awhile. May peace surround and protect you tonite 🙂

      • mstmha

        Thank you again for the kind words. I think that is what most of us are in need of right now. I am very much like you. I am sick and tired of the ‘timewasters’ and their ‘la la land’ bull. I am tired of being sucked into someone else’s hole as if I am Alice in Wonderland. When all of this started, I had no idea what was happening. It tooka lot of research and the help of another targeted individualthat I had discoveredonlineto helpput everything into perspective. I could not believe that people could be so invasive and demeaning. I almost know how I ended up in this situation. I am not sorry to say that I may have pissed off quite a few people but to me, life goes on; to them it doesn’t. Some of us harbor grudges for days, even weeks but others, it seems, may never get over what they may have considered personal violations. I, quite frankly, did not care what others thought or did because I was a single mother raising two children who are now 17 and 13 years of age. I had better things to do with my time than to play adolescent games with a bunch of ‘grown folk’, so to speak. Honestly, the worst violations began when I filed an EEOC report against a previous employer who I have no doubt no was very racist. During that time frame, my life literally was going downhill and in the mist of things,they were ruining any and every relationship that I ever had. I am no ‘spring chicken’. I can honestly say, now, by going through all of this for so many years, that I have been there, done that. The only things that I can think of that I have never been through would be; 1.Being a celebrity 2. Making millions of dollars 3. Owning my own home (preferably a beach house) 4. Traveling the world. Now to be clear, the beach house was the only thing that was of real importance. It was obvious during my gangstalking that what I wanted was not what they wanted me to have and my life was terrorized for their benefit, not mine. I have dated quite a few characters, as well, who had no issues and concerns about participating in what they like to call my ‘rip’. 1. An ex-NY JETS NFL player, supposingly, who may have been just a bit pissed because he proposed rather recklessly to the point that I could not take him seriously. He was kicked off the league because he was cited for drug usage and went to jail for not paying child support. *Now does this sound like someone who could have a healthy relationship? It wasn’t my cup of tea and besides, he did not know me that well and was full of lies. To make a long story short, I left him alone. 2. His buddy and possible relative, another ex-NFL player who, thankfully, came out of the league a little bit more respectfully by retiring was also trying to find out about Victoria’s secret . He had played for the MIAMI DOLPHINS and was really trying to do his thing on the sidelines, if you know what I mean. In other words, he was very married and I did not want anything to do with being his ‘cookie’ on the side. 3. I also had a very horrific involvement with someone who had retired from the US ARMY. He was the one that I mentioned before in regards to ‘neck’ fetish. We had a quite lovely friendship until the gangstalkers became involved and he still likes to make his presence known even though I know he helped set me up. It is possible, though, that he does not know that I have already peeped it. 4. Another relationship that was quite memorable was with a not-so-gentleman who claimed to be a coach for the Oakland A’s. He would leave for Arizona every spring. For what I understand, he had played in the minor leagues. The friendship was ruined when I found out that he was suppose to be married and he continued to lie about it.I do not do married men. At least not intentionally anyway. And the list goes on and on… No one should ever wonder why I have been single for at least five years, if not more. It is possible that these relationships that I never had to seekaided in the reason why I have been going through this retarded program. I have never had to seek a man. They found me. But unfortunately for me, these people had a little more power in network I think and they used it against me. I almost know that they all ‘teamed up’ with my ex-husaband to destroy me. I just don’t like pettiness and as they say, “When a woman is fed up, there is nothing that you can do about it”, yet, I am the one paying for it. So, to answer one of your questions, it really would not matter if you filed a lawsuit or not. With my previous court experience, they have staged their own people within the courts whereas it may just be a waste of time and money. It’s always going to be their way or no way no matter what you do. Their network consists of those who have no qualms in abusing their power. They are indeed a huge lot of control freaks.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Hi Miss, Hope you’ve been ok. Here’s my number: 715-404-0393—please call if you can. Hacking worse…I’ll explain later. Also, calls being interfered with big-time. Despite all that, perps are about to bolt!!!! I’m sure I’ll be up the rest of tonight; though call anytime. I’m blowing the whistle on them very, very shortly now—-they’re FUCKED!!!!

      • mstmha

        Well, I certainly hope that whatever you are aboutto do works. I think that we all need this communist bull to end quickly. These people do not believe in fairplay in any way, shape, or form. It seems that their love for money is the root to everyone’s evil. It alsoseems like their bullying is all just a waste of everybody’s time. They must have bigger plans than any of us know about. Good luck and I will be calling soon. (By the way, they have hacked my computer and phone, as well.)

      • mstmha

        By the way, your not alone in the listening arena so just so you know, your not alone in that either. I will definitely check out the video that you mentioned. As to the lead aprons and the interlocking lead bricks, well, no, I haven’t tried them. I can no longer afford to spend money on the extras thatare not guaranteed to actually work. They put these products out there like computer programs. Once someone cracks the code to how they work, then they have to create something new and an improved from the last. The buying process will never stop once you find that the old version does not work as good as the new. I rather not waste my money in that way. The best solution for us all would be for these knuckleheads to just stop using these weapons to begin with. They have made their names known now, what else do they want? This is all a big waste of everyone’s time except for those that are making huge profits from it. Also, thank you so much for sharing so much. You are quite special. Always believe that. It’s has been a hell of a ride but the train has not yet arrived to the station so just hold on. It will get there eventually. Any mistakes that anyone has ever made in their lives does not amount to the tortures that we have all experienced. What these perps have failed to realize is that HIS wrath is greater and no, I do not want to be a fly on the wall when that happens. I am weary as well but God willing, there will br brighter days. May he bless you and yours.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Hi Miss. Just letting you know that I received your last 2 emails; thanks so much. For everything….also, been busy trying to find a cheaper place, or I would’ve gotten back with you sooner. Pretty sure I finally found something too!!!! 🙂 Btw, also, “they’ve” been fucking with this phone lately, so was unable to write to you, when I’d tried to on several occasions. Plenty more to say tho I have to run now. Just know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers daily 🙂

      • mstmha

        Thank you so much and good luck to you. Keep in touch. I am here when you need me.

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Hi Miss. Did you send me a small email recently? Because, according to this SmartPhone, my LAST email to you still is in the process of being Sent to you….as these crybaby perps have been tampering with this phone big-time—as I’d mentioned to you last time. And I do hope you’re doing well….. also, I was wondering if you’re able to work @ all. And did you happen to see that video? Also good on YouTube is Dr. Moss David Posner/Pozner (one of those spellings). Peace & blessings to you this beautiful day.

      • mstmha

        Hi, Yes, I sent you a short email on Dec 5 so your ok. As to employment, well, Iam definitely looking but haven’t had any luck since being work mobbed from my last job. Wish me luck in finding quality work without the worry of bribery and beady-eyed hatefulness. These people blatantly give away their intentions simply by the way they look at you. One thing is for sure and that is… I wouldhate to see their NSA wrap sheets. With all of the crimes being committed freely, well, all Ican say about that is WOW. It makes you ask yourselfif thegangstalking program wasthe original “yellow brick road”seeing that they use media to bait us. By the way, I didsee the video. It’s been reposted on my blog home page. I’ll also check out the other as well. I hope youare doing well.

      • mstmha

        I just wanted to make a comment about the Jesse Ventura video, if I may, in regards to the comments made by Robert Duncan., the technical-end architectof the Voice of God weapons that they are using to torture us. “What the HELL was he thinking?… What if it were his own family suffering this way? Then again, I wonder if it ever would be while he’s sitting on the money moguls’ laps.”

        *”And they have the audacity to relate their weapons oftorture to GOD? To whose God were they referring?”

      • mstmha

        Sorry for all of the grammatical errors…

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Because if you do have any, plz advise—-I’ll probably get one that has the least amount of back fabric, tho I usually sleep on my side…

        Anyways, thanks to them I now have 3 pending lawsuits, 1 of which I’d mentioned to you last nite—however what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you file them? According to a contributor to Lisa Becker’s online story it’s best to quit challenging these Satanic lowlifes, & then supposedly all of the gangstalkers magically disappear into thin air. Also I read that the thing to do is to clear your name via the Freedom of Information Act—any truth to these opinions, as far as you know?….

        Anyways, I could have radiation burns tomorrow….this whole situation for us T.I’s does indeed call for the implementation of plan “Kill or Be Killed”—plz see comments of that YouTube video I’d suggested you watch–“….how to crush that shit” for more on this…lol.

        And btw Miss, it’s great that you’re able to laugh in the midst of such adversity—-again, you are to be commended for that. And I’m the same way–always have been in fact….tho rite now I’m surprised I’m still alive…just a sec; let me send this

      • Ashlyn Gere

        So any support I can offer you, I gladly will.

      • mstmha

        Thank you so much and I, the same. Also, by the way, you do have the option of joining John Finch’s list of targeted individuals. He sends very detailed and frequent letters to government facilities all over the world on our behalf. Here is his contact information. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:- Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627 EMAIL:, FACEBOOK: GROUP FORUM:

      • Ashlyn Gere

        And btw Miss, I have so much more to add in response to your most recent posting that I wouldn’t even know where to begin lol. Suffice it to say that you deserve much, much better. Just a sec

      • Ashlyn Gere

        Lol…..”Boo hoo, front fucking desk!! Our stalking survivor is harassing us!!!” & you’re right, Miss—the whole business is fucking ridiculous. In my case, the aforementioned line was stretched by them to the point of my eventual EVICTION from THAT place—as well as from every previous home I’ve lived in since my making their wonderful acquaintance in Durand lol—scene of the initial whistleblowing “crime” for which they have deemed my supposed guilt. And how could I have resisted such an opportunity to OUT ex-ARMY lowlife Kyle D. Richardson, for his definite ENTHUSIASTIC participation in the roles of GANG RAPIST, METH MANUFACTURER, & all-around DOPE-fucking-DEALER. & btw Kevin Pfaff AIDED & ABETTED Kyle & all his gangstalking cronies IN the aforementioned crimes–even going so far as to smoke the dope WITH them right inside Kyle’s apartment on a regular fucking basis!! & Kevin also took dirty, filthy, BLOODY dope money from my other wonderful drug-dealing “neighbor” as well. She lived BENEATH ME–pun fully intended. Seems I was getting in the way of all of this fucked-up drug dealing, & so I had to “go”. Kevin saw to that. More on this later….

        & Kyle being ex-Army raises an interesting question: was he personally acquainted with Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino?? Just a thought….

        And you’re right, Miss; these stalkers DON’T ever take lunch breaks–NOR do they SLEEP EITHER, for that matter either. @ least from everything I’ve seen this would have to be the case. No doubt this is why our benevolent government lol hires these tweakers for such an all-important “assignment” (as gang stalkers) in the 1st fucking place….they would be useless for pretty much anything ELSE—except maybe drug dealing lol….which IS btw what MY gang stalkers CONTINUE to engage in over @ their current address. Again, no WONDER they wanted me OUT of their way; & while they continue making money I remain stuck in the status of being virtually too UNHEALTHY to work, my multitude of health problems being exacerbated by their microwave harassment, no fucking DOUBT….there is already medical PROOF of this from my doctors.

        Anyways, it IS demonic (their perpetual absence of ALL fucking SLEEP). And in MY case they wake me up every hour ON the hour–@ least during evening time. During the day my judges/juries/SLOW-KILL EXECUTIONERS do not “allow” me to sleep…lol.

        It’s funny though because they ARE my CAPTIVE AUDIENCE–& I agree with you: they’re being forced into this fucked-up scheme in the hopes that they’ll be driving US toward the lock-up rather than themselves. How pathetic. They would do ANYthing to save their own miserable, wretched asses from either prison OR the crazy house. Appearing innocent to the rest of the world all the while.

        And I KNOW that RIGHT NOW as I WRITE sans ear plugs, other people–including the ones who they’ve PAID OFF over there–can HEAR their fucking trash talk aimed in my direction. As they are about 50 yards away from my CURRENT living space–the one that I was FORCED to move into thanks to their tireless “efforts” lol. Yet despite all of that these idiots are hilarious because there’s a CLEAR SHOT from my vantage point right straight into the Den of the Wicked. Duh!! Maybe they should’ve been a little more careful re: what they wished for. Lmfao

      • Ashlyn Gere

        And also Miss, please know that you are in my thoughts. Your take on these idiots is hilarious as well. Take heart in the fact that you keep me laughing; you’ve really brightened my life and I will pray for you

  • Lisa Rose

    Hi Miss. Did you manage to call me? Never got the message if you did. Plz reach me @ 414-764-1776….Rm. 103 anytime. Hope you’ve been ok. Peace & blessings to you

    • Lisa Rose

      Hi. Again, didn’t hear from you. Plz reach me @ 414-482-4194. Hope you’re doing fine.

      • mstmha

        Sorry about that, My phone is currently temporarily disconnected. Once it is connected agai, I will definitely give you a call. I pray that you are well and that you had an awesone hoilday. It has been a long ride for most of us I am sure. Maybe the new year will bring about more positive changes. Peace and Love to you and yours. mstmha aka Moody Em Po


    • mstmha

      Which phone number would be the better contact for you? 414-482-4194 or 414-764-1776

      Let me know…


  • mstmha

    We’ll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045 and our bodies will be replaced by machines within 90 years, Google expert claims


  • gangstalkingsurferstarget

    Thank you so very much for your blog. I appreciate all who step out boldly, relinquishing anonymity to bring a human face to this ongoing assault to humanity. Thank you also for reading my blog and sharing what resonates with you. May God bless and protect you as you navigate life outside the Matrix.


  • Lisa Rose

    Hi. I hope you too are also well. And no, I didn’t ever receive your phone call. Please try again; no answering machine tho, sorry. (414) 482-4194.

  • Lisa Rose

    Hi Miss!! Unfortunately your call never made it thru to my residence. I can still however be reached @ 715-404-0393…. hope you are doing well. Right now I have Internet again—not sure how long I’ll have it tho. Call anytime.

    • mstmha

      Thanks. It is good to hear from you. I am doing as well as to be expected, I guess. I pray that you are doing even better. I have made a note of the number. Hopefully, you will hear from me soon. Thanks again.

  • Mat

    Has any one put any thought into how these cowards are able to do what they do?

    I’m thinking medical technology and military technology?

    Has anyone found anything in there body?

    Does anyone ever get the stalking to stop? Or ease?

    Telling your story get S it out but doesn’t solve nothing, how can this be tracked or tables turned?

    • mstmha

      I have recently found out that I am a prisoner of the HAP (HAARP Assassination Program)in which many members of our government agencies are involved. Edward Snowden admitted that it exists. The goons told on themselves in my case by using a COM system where I could hear every word being said by them.

      HAARP was experimenting with the ionoshere by shooting it with laser technology but eventually got banned. Now these lasers are being used on people more for personal vendetta and theivery than anything else.

      Telling my story helped me mentally. I should be a looney by now but I am not. I also believe that it has helped to decrease my torture because my blog is a tell-all story. I refuse to protect those that do this kind of thing to people. And sadly, many of those people were those that I had close relationships with.

      These goons have apps on their cell phones and, yes, they use GPS projectiles and other technologies to torture their victims. It is all government ran; that is why these criminals get away with so much.

      Some call it the Technological Holocaust. Others call it the Silent War.

      I have heard of people who were saved from it by joining the criminals but even that did not spare them the horror. Gang stalkers become T.I’s too.

      Track it by telling your story of all who are involved. At least then you will have dates and times of the occurences.

      You know, another reason why I tell my story is because I don’t want to die in vain. I want people to know what happened to me.

      I was illegally chipped. That is how they have access to my body and I believe the stalkers may be chipped too.

      • mat

        I know what you’re talking about as I to are harrassed electronicly every day24hours. And u know I’m not crazy as I have told as many as I can and wrote about it for years. I live in Australia. I want to find the technology, I know it’s there and know very well what it can do. But there S always more than one way of harassing in this way. Medical science can put cameras in your brain and see feel everything know everything. People say I’m mad. I will never stop looking for it. Consipry Consipry consipry . Education is the answer. The things I could explain all possible in so many different ways.



      • mstmha

        I have recently discovered that the program that I am imprisoned in is called HAP (HAARP Assassination Program). Not only do they torture for fun, they use it for personal vendetta and thievery. You may also be a victim of HAP. Noblis, the makers of the Supercomputer, are also involved and I have reason to believe that they are aiding and abetting in something called ‘Fusion TV’ where they are illegally surveillacing people who get tortured.

        Unfortunately, there are a number of hate groups that are participating, including law enforcement.

        This is indeed a ‘Technological Holocaust’.

        I have been imprisoned since 2012. But no matter the duration, I am still being tortured too. I believe you. They can indeed read your thoughts as long as you are wired to their program.

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