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Isaiah I, 5-20


Sometimes I ask God what it is that He would like me to know or there may be a problem that I am dealing with and may need help figuring out what to do.

Many people do not believe that He will give you answers to whatever it it is that may pose a problem in your life.

Yes, he can and the way He does it could make a blind man see.  Having a real relationship with God can be a remarkable experience. Simply amazing. But how does He do it?

Well, here is an example of how I get answers or just simple knowledge about what He really wants to relay to His people.

What I do is simply, randomly throw open the Bible with no specific chapters or verses in mind. 

My question for today was…

“God, what is it that you want me to know?”

The response that I received after making a very random selection was…

Isaiah, Verses 5-20

Which begins…

“Why should you be beaten anymore?”

It is a definite must-read. Find your Bible and check it out!



China’s Leftover Women

China’s Leftover Women

The following video is a beautiful redemption of self-love and honesty when it comes to how we should feel about who we marry. It teaches a lesson of how being independent can be a blessing, not a curse.

The following video is about single women in China whom they call ‘leftover women’. A term used when their daughters have not married by the age of 25.

And I do agree with the ‘leftover women’. When we don’t marry for the right reasons, it seems that in most cases, our marriages fall apart. So why not try to do it right the first time?

What I don’t understand is why they are being labeled that way.

The original story can be found at the following link…

Watch the video…


Quotes Worth Remembering…


Quotes Worth Remembering…

1. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” (Old Klingon Proverb-Fictional)



“When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born.”

The curse gathers in that place of death.”

(From the movie ‘The Grudge’)



“Our lives are bound to others past and present.”

(From the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’)



The Revelation of Sonmi 451

“Our lives are not our own. From the moon to the tomb, we are bound to others past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we rebirth our future.”

( From the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’)



“A brief, poor joke is bad enough, a long one is hard to forgive.”

( From the book ‘The Power of Little Words’ by John L. Beckley)



“Do you ever feel you’ve become the worst version of yourself? That Pandora’s box of all the secret, hateful parts? Your arrogance, your spite, your condescension has sprung open.

Someone provokes you and instead of just smiling and moving on, you zing them. Hello Mr. Nasty.

(From the movie ‘You Got Mail’)



The following is not verbatim…

“Go to the mattresses.”

“It’s from ‘The Godfather’. It means you have to go to war.”

” ‘The Godfather’ is the I-Ching. ‘The Godfather’ is the son of all wisdom. ‘The Godfather’ is the answer to any question.”

“What should I pack for my summer vacation?”

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

“What day of the week is it?”

“Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday.”

“And the answer to your question is…”

“Go to the mattresses . You’re at war. It’s not personal. It’s business.”

(From the movie ‘You Got Mail’)


Food For Thought…

“All murders are homicides. But not all homicides are murders.”

Taken from the book “The Wrong Kind of Money” by New York Times Bestselling Author Stephen Birmingham

Something Fun… Which Tupac Are You?

Which Tupac Are You?

Click on the link below to get your own results…

mstmha results:

You Got: Keep Your Head Up!

You love looking out for the well-being of others. You have a good conscious and you’re always trying to make lives better for other people. You are a humanitarian.

mstmha: In tribute to Tupac… He was definitely an artist whose vision of the world soon exploded around him. The son, the father, the educator, the imaginator, the man who’s gifts we will always love and miss.

Tupac Shakur was a man of many volumes.

RIP Tupac Shakur… From mstmha

This Is How I Feel At Times While Being Gang Stalked…

20 Alcoholic Beverages You'll Never Be Able to Drink Again

Can someone pass me a towel and that full-to-the brim wine glass please…

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