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“We weeded an ambushal.”- A T. I. Testimony

This is so sad to see if your a victim of gang stalking. What happened to our Constitution? What happened to our liberties? These goons will spend their entire life screwing up some else’s. The passing of time is irrelevant to these demons.

Also, I have found that they are messing around in our children’s lives as well. I have a relation in a group home and she has had to deal with the dafamatory affects of gang stalking as well. How utterly dumb that this is really happening to good people. Why could’t they keep their so-called ‘clubs’ to themselves?


Anyway, below are more quotes from the goon squad in Danville, Virginia. Their COM system is still in effect and their usage of weapons to my person are still in affect as well. They won’t leave myself nor my family alone.  At least, for the most part, they are honest about what they want to do to people. See the below.


“We all imprisonment-ed.”

“Julie’s did it.”

“It’s a mug.”

“You ain’t no mutton.”

“They know you are dead.”

“Their taken you on a genetic journey.”

“Now they indeed you web it.”

“It’s not alright you got disk.”

“You played sports.”

“They indeed GO a club.”

“You’re not in our mall.”

“I ain’t got no boss.”

“It’s a zoo.”

“They know how he is done.”

“They were going to murder you.”

“We weeded an ambushal.”

“…you get time.”

“We all got caught.”

“Woodall offing you.” (I don’t even know anyone personally that goes by that name so why would they want to harm me and my family in that way?)

“We were needing murder.”

“At least you know we’re hostile.”

“We never needed to jilt you.”

“We only want to do pain.”

“We vowed a script on you.”

“It means you didn’t lie.”

“It lops your opportunities.”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





“We’re dogs.”- A T. I. Testimony

Well, as you know, the party does not stop for the local goons in Danville, Virginia. They are using their COM system 24 hours a day, every day, year after miserable year. I can’t escape them so I do try my best to collect what is being said to me. What Targeted Individuals are going through, in my opinion, has turned into a rather creepy historical event so I will continue to try to collect as much as I can. This is definitely history in the making.

Below are more gang stalking quotes…

“We are completely ugly,” said a female goon.

“See what you have done.” (They are always and forever blaming the victim.)

“You lover-ed the violent.” (Well, how are we suppose to know who is violent and who is not? Should they wear name tags stating, “My name is XXXX and I am violent.” Not a bad idea, though. Sometimes background checks may not show how violent someone is or could be. )

“He did that with Steve.” (I think that the goons were admitting the relationship between Steven C. and Damon J. Time will tell.)

“You ain’t needing gay!” (Why would I need the gay if I am not gay myself? Many of these goons  are gay but I don’t have anything to do with it.)

“We’re dogs,” exclaimed a male voice. (I think that most T. I.’s would definitely see his point.)

“He and Timothy vulgar…”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




“We need you in a morgue.”- A T.I. Testimony

More quotes from the local DANVILLE, VA gang stalkers on COM.


“We started a war!” (No doubt.)

It’s the thieves he adore.” (Who is he?)

“We deeply rub the community the wrong way.”

“We push ya’ll to the limit.”

“You are being burglar-ed.” (This is known,)

“You gaining to need security.” (I will agree with that.)

“We feel swamped.” (Then they need to stop.)

“They know we are vulgar.” (That has been proven.)

We know howhat you being panned.” (Yeah, they refuse to keep that scope off of me. I can feel it everytime they do it which makes it to relax.)

“We need you in a morgue.” (How cruel is that?)

“See what you have done.” (They never want to take responsibility for their own actions about anything.)

“I wish it would work.” (He wishes what would work? What are they really trying to accomplish.)

“We thought we’d embarrass you.”

“It’s not a hoax.” (At least he was honest.)

“…agreed your a hit.” (Oh yeah. It’s just another word for bounty. Sadly, I am being victimized by some that I once knew and some that I don’t know at all. These people are terribly sociopathic.)

“You would have had a lot of nuptials.” (What I am trying to figure out is how is it their business who I marry and who I don’t. And who would really think about marriage while being tortured to death?)

*Note (Updated 7/10/17): The Horror of Being Illegally Micro-chipped: There was an object moving around inside my vagina that felt something like a needle. They had even filled me with an STD or something similar on numerous occasions. Funny that you can get an STD without having sex. (It has been over five years of celibacy for me.) All they need is their remote controls. It is sad how perverted these people are.

**Note: Has anyone figured out what is in Missouri that these goons keep hollering about? Is that where headquarters is located? Is it a military base?

***Note: They pan me with their scope. I can only assume that they use this equipment to see us. And just now someone closed the office door and I could feel the radiation run through my body. They just don’t stop. Awful that I was born and raised in Danville, VA. just to get bullied to death in it. Now I literally appall my hometown.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


What is the real story?- A T. I. Testimony

I have been thinking a lot lately about why these goons farms haven’t been prosecuted. It seems that it comes down to who they know. It is the way of their world and we are trapped as innocent civilians. Sadly, their excuses are poor, yet their agendas’ are being met. How upsetting is that?

Who are these people that protect the crude and ugly from prosecution? Who are these people that homewreck our families, yet, may go home to their own everyday? It is not fair.

The more that I think about it, the angrier I get. How is it that I am being treated this way and I have a family too? I am an American citizen who lives in a country that should have Constitutional values but now we have more traitors than ever.  Obviously, per Spike Lee, some of us are still “kneeling at the altar of the almighty dollar” and it is disturbing to see how many people are willing to kneel.

Why are we being treated this way? And why is it that refugees receiving more freedom than those that were born and raised here in the States? Why is it that so many foreigners that may or may not be refugees have also reached the plateau of sufferance as well? What is really going on? What is the real story?

I am being attacked daily by refugees and Americans alike and it isn’the funny and nor is it cute to be attacked by your own people. Simply put… it is demented.

Our attackers are so spoiled because someone is allowing them to have their own way but even they aren’t happy. And their way of life is inconceivable. Even I can’t understand it.

In reality, forcing someone to commit suicide, in my opinion, is attempted murder and, if they succeed, that is murder indeed. How can they live with that? It is unfortunate but that is exactly what is happening. The members of these goons farms would be on Death Row with no questions asked in the real world. And I don’t even believe in the death penalty. I know what your thinking and your right. Obviously, they do.

Why would anyone waste their life so?

I miss my old lifemail everyday. The peace that I discovered was like heaven in comparison to what I am going through right now. I miss my children. I miss watching them grow. I miss all of the relaxing moments such as the vacations to the beach or to Vegas, New York, etc., the shopping, the hiking, the sailing, the swimming, the reading to my hearts content, the writing where I could actually concentrate, and so much more. I MISS MY LIFE! CAN I HAVE IT BACK PLEASE!

I wish that my life was back to normal in the way it use to be. I wish that I and my children could wake up from this nightmare and start anew. That would be so exciting!

I sit and remember all the good times my family and I use to enjoy and it becomes a tearful moment for me. The first thing that comes to mind is…WHY? Why am I going through this? Aren’t there quicker ways to commit murder? Not that I want to die but what these goons are doing is quite ridiculous.

Thanks for listening. GOD BLESS.


“All we left you was a scar.”- A T.I. Testimony

Well, I can’t say much has changed since my last entry. The local goons are still using the COM system that they are so fond of. I have even collected more quotes that will appear in this blog entry. This would probably make a good movie if our government actually admitted what they are really doing.

I did enjoy a few days of sleep even though that may change at any given moment. As of today, I have been stabbed in the head a few times and projectiled. These people have no life of their own. It seems that their entire lives are being spent tormenting people. And they are content in doing it. I guess the drugs and alcohol make it worth their while. It’seems pretty sad actually.

Below are more quotes by the local goons of Danville, Virginia.

“Yes, we were to mug the community.”

“It looks like we banned you from the USA.” (Remember that there are many refugees involved. I, of course, am an American citizen.)

“It’s one big smear campaign.” (This is true.)

“…your children are being victimized.” (I will continue to ask the Lord to cover my children and I pray that you, the reader, can do the same. They never deserved this.)

“Yes, you ain’t being a part of any group.” (That is what I have been saying all along. So why am I being tortured again? Theresa McCullough can have her seat back.)

“It amazed they smear. ”

“You even left off Timothy Clayton.” (No one ever mentioned him until now but since they have… Another failed relationship due to gang stalking.)

“We are in instability.” (Yes, they definitely are. And these people are called Woodalls’ ?)

“We did sh&t that wasn’t normal.” (I can definicely vouch for that one.)

“All we left you was a scar.” (I can agree to that too.)

“We have no morale!” (At least they are honest about it. How they live with themselves is another question indeed.)

“They were thieving what you done.” (What don’t they thieve? Do they have any limitations?)

“Yeah, we get outlawed.”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





Who’s Involved- A T.I. Testimony

These are my findings over the years as a Targeted Individual according to the information that I have gathered. What you will see below is how I perceive the gang stalking based on my own personal experience that has lasted well over five years. Note that it may not be that same for every Targeted Individual.

Agencies Involved:

Noblis (Supercomputer)  HAARP  NSA  CIA DOD  NASA?

And from how it appears, they have formed a Sovereign Citizen Brigade consisting of:

STATSI’s  KKK/Klaverts   Talibani’s  Nation of Islam  And other gangs and sects.

It is awful to see how many people wold join a group of people that, in reality, actually hates them. And even though they work in unison, every group has their own agenda. It’s crazy to see! And even harder to believe that our tax money is being used to murder us. This is really happening.


And if you’re interested….

More quotes from the dark side…

“Now they you in nub.” (I have to assume that ‘nub’ has something to do with what they have done to my body.)

“You made people aware of how they shun.” (What are they shunning me from I wonder.)

“We did Felip.”

“Ya’ll need the FBI!” (That would be the truth.)

“We wanted you to get all the pain.”

“We were all in a government program.”

“They wanted to tap into everything.”

*Note: They have even went as far to say that they don’t want to see America happy.

ThaNesmith’s for listening. God Bless.


More Tales From the Darkside- A T. I. Testimony

If you ever wonder why I use real names in my blog then here is your answer. Law enforcement is also involved and they act on nothing that I call them about. I have given them names and places but they do nothing about my circumstances because they are also involved. So consider this blog site a new age citizens’ arrest because the law has failed innocent people. If I have to die this way, then at least someone will know my story.

I am undergoing constant torture by wannabe thugs that even I don’t know, yet, it is real. I keep praying that I will wake up to peace again but that hasn’t happened yet.

Now, as it seems, every horror that I experience has everything to do with those that I did know and those that I don’t. And even a sleeping pills won’t fix it.

We don’t deserve this type of treatment.


“Sabrina started a war.”

(I will assume that they were speaking of Sabrina Nesmith whom loves the attention, yet, I know nothing about. These goons use her name as if it is the ‘Last Supper’. Status quo has a lot to do with gang stalking and Sabrina feels that she is at the top of the totem pole. That is no lie. Her brother was a rap artists if it is the person that I am thinking of. And I ran track in high school with her sisters. Other than that, I don’t know her so why she is stalking the he’ll out of me lends to a lot of questioning.)


“You are going to need a Conan,” says a male voice. (Seriously.)

“…you got death…” (If I have to be tortured to my grave then what punishment do these gang members actually deserve. A picnic?

“…lead you to death…”

“He never been with Chelsea.” ( Who are these people?! And why are they stalking strangers? I have heard many excuses that don’the make any sense, so what is the real deal?)

On the dark side…

Sabrina Nesmith

Monique Nesmith

Latifah Nesmith

Steven L. Cox

Jeree Barksdale

Wendy Whittle

Theresa McCullough

Terea Ferguson ( Terea Ferguson)

Someone named Sabina

Someone named Kelly

Bill Rogers

Tim Garland and his wife

Corporal Grubbs (County police officer)

Jim Todd

Ron Gilbert

Iqbal Ahmed

Mustapha Acolatse, Sr.

Someone named Chelsea

Amadu Jalloh

Georget Wallace, Jr.

Daniel Waller


Someone named Ralph

Kenny Scruggs

George Breedlove and his Negril crew

‘Big Mike’ (Michael Williams? Ex New York Jet? I can never remember his last name.)

Jeffrey McLaughlin ( City police officer)

Timothy Clayton

Someone named Adolphi

Someone named Woodoff

Someone named Woodall

Woodall gang?

Charla Toller (We were on the cheerleading squad together at GWHS.)

Former member(s) of the Dolphins


And so many more! Can you believe that there are so many people stalking me!  Another reason why I have named these people is because the stalkers are giving away the information,

Maybe one day, I will complete the list!

Thanks for listening. God Bless.