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Another Day of Torture- A T. I. Testimony

Why is it that almost every manager that I have worked for in the past few years is involved with work mobbing me? Do managers’ have some type of club or something where they learn all of these evil deeds? Don’t they care that work mobbing and on the job retaliation are against the law?

Earlier today, my manager pointed his finger at me and I immediately felt my head heat up. Just now a manager walks through the office door and I could feel the microwave hit me on the chest and it hurt. And as I write this, they are stabbing me in my head.

I just want these people to leave me alone. Why won’t they? I don’t bother anyone so why do they continue to bother me? I am not a toy.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



The ‘N’ Word- A T. I. Testimony

Talk about inappropriate behavior. Today, at work, as I was sitting in the office when my manager walked over and stood beside me and I could have sworn that, under his breath, he said the word nigga. Needless to say, I was appalled that he would even say such a thing in my presence, but he did.

Of course, I didn’t say anything but he has definitely lost any respect that I could have had for him even though he has been aiding and abetting in my torture. As if that wasn’t bad enough. His name is Melvin Shumate and his boss’s name is Tracy Clatterbuck. Amazingly enough, the goons’ scream Tracy’s name a lot. It is as if they want me to know who is involved and that is real. It has also been rumored that one of the two was embezzling from his previous job but never got caught. Guess which one it was.

I have said before that I am surrounded  by the White Supremacy and I wasn’t lying. They think that they can get away with murder in this small city and they probably do. They have been trying to kill me of all people. They have even had so many confederate flags hanging in the city that someone forced them to take down a few from what I heard. The city was beginning to look like a new-age plantation.

Need I remind anyone who is a White Supremacist that the original definition of n-i-g-g-e-r in which the word ‘nigga’ derives had a definition that may surprise them. The original meaning of n-i-g-g-er meant ‘ an ignorant person’ even though, now, the dictionary applies it to a certain race of people. I know this because I looked up the meaning in the Webster’s Dictionary when I was just a teenager because I could not understand what the big fuss was about. Why were they calling Black people that? I am not ignorant, or, at least, I hope I am not.

So what I would suggest is before anyone says the ‘n’ word, maybe they should look in the mirror before they say it because they could be ‘niggas’ too no matter what their race is. They really use the word much too loosely.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

Another Day of Suffering- A T. I. Testimony

Gang stalker quotes…

“We do not need to be executing people.” (But they are.)

“You only needing nuptials.” (Huh? They expect us to marry these psychos? How true is that? Is that they only way we can be freed?)

“We are being executed.” (No…really?)

“We didn’t think you buzzed.” (I assume that this refers to my online reporting. Some obviously didn’t know I was doing it. And with all of the stalking that they have done, it is surprising that they didn’t know. These people have hovered over me every day for years.)

“It’s a disease.” (That is a good way of putting it, I guess.)

“You ain’t got no foe.” (I didn’t know that I needed one in order to live my own life. I don’t have but one and it is being wasted while dealing with these ‘diseased’ people.)

“We got Feds.” (This we know or targets wouldn’t suffer so much. They are corrupting everybody and it is sad to see how many people don’t mind doing it.)

“They getting killed.”


More suffering…

Last night, I woke up at around 11:30 PM. As I was attempting to go back to sleep, the goons began shooting their lasers at my face again and it didn’t matter which way I turned. It lasted for some time until I fell back to sleep.

At work today, they did the door trick again where an employee pushed it open and I was immediately shot in the chest. They seem to enjoy aiming at my face and chest area lately. It makes me wonder whether they are trying to force me to have a heart attack. They are so evil with the way they try to execute people and no one is doing anything to stop them but now we know why.

In Danville, Virginia, the White Supremacists are having a field day. Especially with me because I have no where to turn. The people that surround me are participating in my misery. So on that note, with all of these terrorists and turned-terrorists participating in HAARP programming, it is no wonder.

How can we escape this violence?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


The Plan…- A T.I. Testimony

…Is to Sabotage my life.

*According to the gang members this evening, there is a possiblity that my life will be spent with them sabotaging it.

Sabotage-deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.

Question: What is so important about me where they feel the need to damage my life so?

Question: Why spend so many years doing it?

Question: Why can’t they just leave me alone?

Question: How am I a threat to anyone when all I want to do is live life like God intended?

Question: Why involve my children?

Question: What do they want?

Question: Why was I chosen to be their punching bag?

Question: How many more years am I suppose to suffer before they are through?

Question: Do they know how scary it is to be choke-holded this way? I can’t do anything in private.

Question: What is the beef?

Question: Why do they feel that they need to sabotage my entire life? That is definitely not in God’s plan for anyone. They have already worn out their welcome. That is for certain.

Final Note: If anything were to happen to me, this blog details many people who are involved in my torture. Don’t allow these people to just sweep it under the rug.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Four Big Black Guys- A T. I. Testimony

At work today…

I was training the new girl and another employee came into the office. It was obvious that they run in the same circles because they went on and on about people that they knew.

And as it happens, the new girl is a Caucasian female  and the employee that walked in was a Caucasian male.

Well, the new girl began talking about a relation of hers that only did online dating and continued on to speak about the dangers of it. Now, I don’t know about you but what she said raised a red flag for me. I was truly offended.

She said that one danger could include four big black guys waiting behind a fake photo and I immediately said “Well, why do they have to be Black?”  She did not know what to say and tried to play it off. It wasn’t funny. How was I suppose to react to such a stereotype? What about some of the big Caucasian guys that have targeted me? What excludes them from being behind the fake photo?

Of course, most people know that I am a Black female even though my family on my father’s side is Black and American Indian and there is also a possibility that we have European blood as well. So, in other words, racism is not in my repertoire. Most of us are mixed with something, so to hear such ignorance from someone I am suppose to train really puts a damper on my spirit and saddens my day.

How comfortable do you think I am when I am surrounded by obvious members of the White Supremacy who use the HAARP program to degrade Black people and other races?

How far do you think I will go in life when I am being strong-holded and forced to deal and be judged by them on a daily basis?

I even received the Cheshire cat smile today that was a sign to me that they know exactly what they are guilty of. And the lasers to my body at work haven’t stopped as well.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

At Work- A T.I. Testimony

These stalkers have followed me around for quite some time. Longer than what I have realized. They have manipulated my employment as well.

At work, I am once again training someone else to take my position and I can’t necessarily say that it is voluntary. The only reason that I do it is because I need a job. Who doesn’t need money?

And to think, I am being tortured while working it too. They don’t pay extra for it either. My only guess is that they want me to quit.

Now what is suppose to happen is that the new female will take my place in the shipping office and I may possibly be moved to the production floor. From what I understand, they are going to make her a manager. Surprise, surprise.

Isn’t it odd that I have been doing the job for over five months now and she comes in brand new and they offer her a manager’s position. No one has ever offered me anything, not that it matters. My dream was to be self-employed but the mob members’ found a way to stop that too.

They are setting me up for failure at every turn and there is nothing that I can do about it.

This will be the fourth company that I have worked for in my life where I will have trained someone that gets the promotion and I was offered nothing but a hard time.

When will it end? And why do they make it so obvious that they are syndicated? One thing that is for certain is that they are definitely scratching one another’s back and that is for sure.

I guess the female goon on the COM system was right…

“You ain’t got no foe.”

But why did I ever need any? I never had to be syndicated in order to progress and my life was fine like it was. Why do we need it now? And when will these people be properly exposed?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

Another Day of Bullying- A T. I. Testimony

So many years have gone by now since the targeting of my life, my body, and family began. It is hard to believe that it has lasted as long as it has but even more hard to believe that no one is trying to stop the demented goons that actually participate in torturing people. Their covenant members just sit around somewhere and bully people to death (literally). They want to do what they want to do but how can they live with themselves while doing it?

Today is no different from any other day of targeting except for the fact that they are trying new ways to use their weapons. I have felt some type of magnetic pull on my leg and against my back today. It was weird and definitely unnecessary. I have also received probes and stabs on my head and and a laser shot (microwave) to my right-side.

It just isn’t fair that Targeted Individuals have to suffer so.