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Another Sad Story As A Targeted Individual-A T.I. Testimony

Being gang stalked by the local goons has been, by far, the hardest thing that I have ever had to endure.
Just recently, I had to go to the doctor in regards to sleep deprivation. I spent two days straight without sleep and the doctor that I saw pretty much did not give a care about my sleeplessness. When I mentioned that I was awake for two days, Dr Torres at Paths was like, “That’s all.”

I can’t trust anyone, not even doctors.

I think that it was Wednesday night when I experienced the worst laser abuse of my life. I was attempting to sleep on the floor of my mother’s house when they started in on me. I was laying on my stomach when the horror began. The lasers hit me from every angle. The lights flashing from the lasers seemed circular and there was nowhere that I could go no matter where I moved. And then I felt the most penetrating laser (possibly a plasma gun) that I have ever felt in my pelvic area. I am still bleeding from my vaginal area and it wasn’t time for my menstrual cycle. I even heard one of the goons say that I was hemorraging. What does that tell you? Even if I had gone to the hospital, they probably would have excused it as being a menatural issue.

In Danville, Virginia, they go straight for the kill. No questions asked. It doesn’t even matter if they know you or they whether they don’t. It is an abiding issue. Something that I am not familiar with because I am not of their cult. They just do as they are told.

What are we to do in such dire circumstances? The Theresa McCulloughs’ and Sabrina Nesmiths’ of the world are getting away from prosecution, so what do we do? They are obsessed with myself and my children, so what can we do to defend ourselves? I don’the have their weapons. They left me defenseless. There are so many of these people climbing all over us, so when does it end?

It is a lunatic society. No wonder we didn’t ‘fit’.

Another Dreadful Day-A T.I. Testimony

Today was just another long, long day. I could barely sleep last night throughout all of the screaming and yelling my way. These gang stalkers are relentless. They go on and on all throught the night and it didn’the help that their weapons were used on me as well. I have been dealing with their weaponry alone since 2012. How much is a human being suppose to take?

Targeted Individuals can’t get help from anywhere because as it turns out, those in positions of authority are being culled into obedience. We are dealing with a total abuse of power by no fault of ours.

Just to clarify once again, I have never been a memberror of the occult. I have also never prostituted for them through my own accord. Never would I volunteer for that position. And nor do they have a contract that says otherwise. Not even verbally.

I have had many intimate relationships in my life but not once did I consider any of them to be a mobsters. I knew through instinct that the men in my life were not showing up for no reason whatsoever but I just did not know why.

Now I know that I was dealing with a cult. Thesee men were not just ordinary. I wish that I knew then. Now I am trapped and they are part of the reasonew for my downfall. And the reason for why I am learning so much about the occultism lifestyle.

You see, my upbringing was normal. Never did I have to worry about ‘nuptials’ or ‘buns’ or anything else that was occultic. I went skiing, canoeing, camping, sailing, traveling, etc. like a normal human being. As far as the occult is concerned, I have never seen such craziness in all my days yet I am the one being fried to death. Talk about abnormal.

At work today, it seemed that almost everyone was invloved in my torture. I was being radiated from ever angle anytime someone came near me and I still do not understand why this is happening outside of the fact that there is someone out there that was and is very jealous of me. Other than that, what I am going through is uncomprehensible.

They are still screaming by the way as if every dog doesn’the have his day and it is tiresome. They kept me up for a long time last night and my body is weary. 24 hours a day, I go through the same crap.

Now just to set the record straight… I was never occulted. So why do they continue to bother those that they had nothing to do with? Why do they insist on torturing innocent people? How much are they really making after spending millions of dollars a year to torture one individual? By using the weapons alone on a 24 hour basis, I am almost certain that what they do is not cost effective so why do they? What is the urgency? What if people aren’t ready to die? Are we all suppose to pull a Myron May or an Aaron Alexis?

And why is gang stalking being introduced on American soil. Did our leadership suck that bad? Where is the leadership that we as Americans our use to. Not to exclude other countries because they are going through it as well.

Where is our help? Where are the ones that swore to protect us? Where did everyone go? Does the answer lie in the world of the occult? What is it going to take to get things balanced again? Who is it going to take? When will we be free again?


Today was a very crappy day. After over a year of being unemployed, I finally found a temporary position with a small company. Now even though it is a temporary job, the local gang stalkers still refuse to leave me alone.

In my reality, if a company doesn’t want you working for them, then they either let you go without any severance or benefits and sometimes with or they lay you off so that you can at least collect unemployment benefits. In my case, being a temporary employee, they can call the temp service and blatantly say that they no longer need you right? Why torture you to death.

Well, unfortunately, that does not happen while being stuck in the world of gang stalking. I am now being violently attacked on the job, as usual, simply because they feel that they can get away with it.

Because I am being illegally wired and transmitted, the projectiles to my head have been fierce. And it makes it hard to concentrate because of the radiation and projectiles being thrown at me.

I know that some people may say that the story that I am telling may be a joke but I am still here to say that what I am confessing is very real. Even I wouldn’t have believed it if I had never went through it myself. The local gang stalkers have admitted that they want to assassinate me but for lack of reason, I don’t know why.

It is not as if I was an enemy of the state or someone in a high position of government, or better yet, running with a member of the mob intentionally. There is a lot of anger in people and I feel that much of their anger is fabricated.

I am not a concubine or a sex slave. Never in my days would I have agreed to such a thing, so no contract has been broken in my opinion. And even in jealousy, why would anyone attack me this way or feel the need to assassinate me unless it had something to do with a just a little personal vendetta because someone gave them the power to do it? Bottom-line…someone got their feelings hurt and I would guarantee that it is of no fault of mine.

Why can’t they just leave me and my family alone? What is the desperation?

I don’t owe them anything. Not even fees or dues. What is the problem?

Also, I would like the public to know that if I were to pass away from so many attacks then there is to be absolutely NO cremation. Don’t let them burn all the evidence away. Plus, I don’t want to feel in death as if I am being sent to hell because as God’s child, he wouldn’t like that at all. I am gifted. I have requested an underwater burial and I will expect to receive it and I want to be buried with my poetry that can be found on this site as well so that those of the future can enjoy it. Make sure it is waterproofed.

If Jim Todd, Ron Gilbert, Steven L. Cox, George Breedlove, Theresa McCullough, Robbie Bolden, Bill Rogers and any other of my stalkers/torturers that I have mentioned on this blog need to pay for it, then take it to the Supreme Court until they do.

It really is sad when you know who is torturing you and no one does nothing.

Thanks for listening. GOD BLESS.

More On My Targeting Experience- A T.I. Testimony

It has been a while since I have written about my targeting experiences; so consider this an update on my situation.


What I have learned…

I am being heavily targeted by an occult whose members include White Supremacists (Klaverns and Klaverts) and members of the Taliban.  I am not sure if there are any other hate groups or organizations involved. I have learned this by listening as they constantly scream out throughout the day and night using there COM and V2K systems as a part of their psychological warfare.

As it turns out, I may be a substitute for someone who is a member of their occult. They needed someone to take their place in what they call the ‘SUE’ so, unfortunately, I was the one who lucked up. At least that is what they were saying anyway. And it has a lot to do with a female named Theresa McCullough and a male named Michael whom I may have had a previous relationship with. Because they “have mouths to feed”, I am the one being tortured to death and my own family is suffering because of their selfishness. I have never joined or been a part of any occulted organization, so why they would drag someone into their ‘SUE’ drama who had nothing to do with it is truly beyond me. I am not even a member of Scientology but this kind of torture is reminiscent of their ‘Fair Game’ program. Are they even allowed to ‘Sue’ or ‘Fair Game’ people who are outside of their organizations or what they call ‘Houses’, ‘Beds’, ‘Universities’, ‘Hospitals’, ‘Dens’, etc.?

Anyway, from what I have gathered, they occult those that don’t mind being concubines and prostitutes as far as the females are concerned. They go crazy in their attempts to gain ‘nuptials’ (marriage)and ‘buns’ (children, preferably boys). As to the men, a lot of them are gay so it makes it difficult for the straight females (Lipsticks) of the group to say ‘I do’.


Electromagnetic-Directed Energy Weapons

I am still being lasered to death. It continues on and off through the day and night. I can’t escape it because of this illegal transmitter that has been planted inside my body in which their doctors refuse to acknowledge. I can’t even wake up good before their lasers are on me again. I can’t even work a temporary job without them shooting me with something.

I don’t think I have had a doctor yet that has not been a part of their organization. They lie for one another so I am not really able to get anything ‘real’ done medically.


Medical Problems

These stalkers have no regard to what they do to their targets or what type of medical issues they may be causing for them. They just don’t care. It is an occult after all.

The current medical issues that I am having are as follows:

Degenerative Spine- This is something that I never suffered from until experiencing laser weapons to my spine. The perpetrators have allowed the beams to travel up and down my spine on multiple occasions. Believe me, this was a shock even to me.

Retina Damage- Although I have not officially undergone an eye exam, I do feel a difference in my right eye since being shot with lasers to my face on an almost nightly basis. A medical professional at Memorial Hospital only looked at it and said that I suffered from dry eye. Now that may be true since my eyes are being shot with laser beams but a bigger problem does exist behind my right eye. As I have said before, I can feel a difference after so many years of suffering through the lasers.

High Blood Pressure- Something that I have also never suffered until recently. Memorial Hospital of Martinsville diagnosed this.

Cranial Area- My cranial area feels so uncomfortable after also being hit with constant laser abuse. It also feels like it was somehow reconstructed at the top of my head. Sometimes the perpetrators will take the laser and create circles with it on the top of my head. Sometimes it gets very tender. Years ago, I have also experienced what felt like cranial hemorrhaging.

Schizophrenia/Schizo-affected- Both of these diagnoses were given by doctors without an MRI. It happened after I tried to tell them my experiences while being targeted. When I mentioned the V2K system and repeat some of the things that the person over the V2K system were saying to me, the doctors say the same thing…”Sounds like Schizophrenia,” and then I am stuck with these diagnoses without further testing.

Anemia- I have suffered from Anemia my entire life so it wasn’t a surprise that the so-called professional who claimed to be calling from a doctor’s office that I recently visited said that I had it. The reason I doubt this professionals position is because she also said that the doctor needed for me to come in for another test but she failed to schedule the appointment and never called back. I also found her conversation very strange.

Heart Condition- Most of the time I cannot feel my heart beat. I can only describe it as feeling as if my heart was stopped or replaced. Strange, I know, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

Other- I have seen many doctor’s so far and not one of them has mentioned that I have cancer or may be in need of chemotherapy. I am not sure that what this goon over their COM (V2K) system was saying was true or whether he wanted to scare me but he mentioned just that… That I was going to need chemotherapy. What was the point in going through all of that hospitalization?

I am also having skin problems because they refuse to stay away from face when using their lasers. It is now very blotchy and two-toned from where the lasers hit. It’s no wonder since I have been dealing with these weapons since 2012. And yes, they sit around together in groups 24 hours a day somewhere in the city and they screen people (illegal surveillance), shoot their lasers, and scream to their heart’s desire. It seems that it is all they want to do.


More quotes by gang stalkers. Now some of these quotes may not be verbatim. As I listened to their screaming, even I was like, “What did he/she say?” Sometimes their speech is muffled, most of the time it is not. Other times, I stop listening. These people are so annoying.

“We wanted to defy you and your family.”

“I was the one that got you a truck.” (The word ‘truck’ doesn’t mean what you would think it would mean. But what type of ‘truck’ this particular Black female was talking about, I have no idea. They have their own lingo.)

“He would have told, you in the way.” (In the way of what I wonder.)

“We hid the floor.” (I can only assume that the ‘floor’ is wherever they are grouped up. I have heard them mention the Squire Armory on multiple occasions but whether they are there or not is beyond me. It makes sense, though, that they need a place that will house a lot of people.

“He has already told you are being CAD-ed.” (They are using a CAD program to build their projectiles and so-called trajectories that are used to aim and shoot their lasers.)

“We wanted to pull it from this pot.” (This must be the same as when they said, “We will dig deep in your wallet.” Long story short, my wallet is empty. They took care of that years ago so they must be talking about someone else’s.)

“…needed nuptials.” (Many of these home wreckers in their ‘agency’, ‘den’, ‘bed’ need this.

“We need to lie.”

“We wanted to leave ya’ll dead.”

“It’s gooned.”

“We are sexual predators.”

“We need a broom.”

“…lethal projectory.” (This is what they shoot my way almost everyday.)

“We was to worsen your condition.”

“…didn’t need we done.” (No we didn’t.)

“We needed ya’ll destituted.” ( We see that all day. No wonder I have been out of a job for over a year and my son is being refused his benefits from the military due to his discharge which wasn’t what was promised him.)

“You know the way we get DON-ed.” (Yes, they are talking about a real mob, folks. They either have a DOM or a DON. In this case, they are dealing with DONs’.

“This was one of the biggest walls.”

“You got COM-ed.” (This must be why we can hear these stalkers everywhere we go. It is there communication system.)

“You thought you were around normal people.” (He may have said ‘men’ instead of ‘people’. I wrote this quote down as an afterthought after it was said.)

“We don’t need a bastard of any kind!”

“Some of us DON.”

“We are in such a vicious felony!” (No shit.)

“It occult who family.” (Obviously, they want us to know. But what does that have to do with those who aren’t family? Those who didn’t know anything about it but are being tortured to death?)

“…vicious cult.” (It couldn’t remember the entire quote so I wrote the tail end of it.)

“We wanted to be ya’ll equivalent.”

“We are very neanderthalic!”

“We are concubines for the occult!”


Thanks for listening. God Bless.


White Supremacy in Law Enforcement T. I. Testimony

I have experienced some very serious police brutality while being gang stalked in the city of Danville, Virginia. The police force is out of control. They truly believe that they can do whatever they want to do and, unfortunately, I have to suffer because the city is turning a blind eye to it. I am being seriously neglected.

On the early morning of February 20,2017, I was tirelessly attempting to get some sleep even with the voices of ‘the club’ penetrating my ear. The one thing that try recklessly to do is to allow me to get to sleep. I say reckless because while they are screaming, they are giving themselves away.

I remember twisting and turning from the projectiles that I am subjected to every night that they use to shoot lasers at me and I could hear the voice of a white male. Of course, I am cursing these people out to no end to leave me alone, but, of course, they wouldn’t. They never do. The projectiles continued and so did the voices until I managed to fall asleep.

As I was listening to my onslaught (which I deal with every night), something about that one particular white male voice struck a chord so I tested him. I remember saying the name Grubbs out loud and the words bald-head amongst other things and the voice admitted, “We are the Supremacy.” So now you know what I have to deal with folks. I knew it all along but, it seems, he did not confirming that I was not at all crazy. If this male was indeed Grubbs then he is a sheriff in Pittsylvania County and has admitted to being a member of the White Supremacy.

It’s a dangerous situation when your local law enforcement is a part of such a volatile organization. It’s even more dangerous when they are leading others in someone’s torture and can just walk away from it. Obviously, the Supremacy is only serving and protecting themselves and others who are aiding and abetting. I shouldn’t forget to mention that some of the people that are aiding and abetting are my own kind. Just as an afterthought, some of these voices are from black males and females.

Now, why would people like Grubbs (the same officer that lied and told me that VA would pay for my medical bills if I went to the hospital to get a chip removed which led into, yet, another falsified mental evaluation), who I don’t even know personally have against me where they need to subject me to such violence on a daily basis.

There is no wonder why I made at least three 911 calls to the Pittsylvania Sheriff’s office and no one did anything about my complaint. Obviously, they are participants in the worst crime that even I can think of. This is awful for the United States because these people do not care about the consequences of there actions. They are above the world because no one is dragging them off to jail even after being reported.

My children and I are suffering from pure neglect. What use to be a working system is not working for the benefit of good people so what do we do? Is it time to truly consider buying a gun because these goons have gotten so out of control? Why should we have to when laws still exist. In other words, this should not be happening.

What excuse do police officers have for stalking an innocent family? What excuse would they have for stalking anyone’s family for that matter. It is against the law. They are the police. They already know this.

Below is a picture of the entry  and a written transcription of what I wrote about the above incident just in case you can’t enlarge the picture. (I guess, many of you already know how I scribble when I journal).



Feb. 20, 2017 Monday

It was 3:44am when I last looked at the clock on my cell phone. I was projectile and lasered to death and I couldn’t fall asleep. The Trazodone that I was prescribed by Dr. W. Trost kept me awake yet again. It was a long night.

I can remember feeling a laser bounce off a wall and hit me in my face. They even sent one that hit the left side of my body that burned me while I was trying to sleep.

Projectiles were being moved about my head and body until I managed to fall asleep.

I remember making a  comment to one of the male Caucasian voices about his bald-head and the White Nationalist, Supremist, KKK and he commented that “We are the Supremacy.”

“They know we all talking.”

They mentioned something about a “Miss Piggy.”

They must be working with someone who is short and fat.

One of the goons also mentioned something about being in love. “I’m in looove,” he said. I can only assume that its with this Miss Piggy character because obviously it wasn’t with me. I was the one getting lasered to death. Thank good for small miracles.

*Grubbs’s name was mentioned again.

And for most of the day yesterday, I was being probed in the head randomly.



“You Are Buried To A Lot Of People”-A Testimony

I wish, sometimes, as a Targeted Individual, that I could draw a firewall around my body, my life, and the lives of my family. No more interference from gang members or anyone else for that matter. And even if they managed to sell that type of thing, I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. It is absolutely torture and I want so badly for these gang bangers to leave me alone.

Many of them claim to be refugees so it amazes me that they still feel very comfortable running their illegal programs. Especially, after seeing Donald Trump’s latest attacks on refugees. And, wildly enough, many of them aren’t the ‘sovereign citizens’ that they claim to be. Obviously all of them couldn’t possibly be granted immunity from prosecution.

How do I know? Because they are in my ear from the time that I go to sleep at night until the time I wake up in the morning. They admit to it. Wherever they are in the city of Danville, Virginia, they make it their duty for me to hear the same voices of the same people most of the time. It’s only on occasion that I may hear someone new.

These people are so obsessed with provoking me year after tiresome year and I don’t know why. My torture is more like a sport to them, more so, than an experimental operation. After so many years of destroying my life, you would think that they would have already accomplished what they sought to do. They have cut me off from making any money for myself, they have kidnapped my children, turned family members against me including old friends that I no longer have any relationship with. They have even used their weapons on me almost everyday since 2012. The entire program is that ridiculous, yet, it never ends. Why am I the one who has to suffer so?

Why me? How was I a threat to so many people whom I barely know?

As I said, they do it more out of sport than anything else in my opinion. There is no good excuse.

And I know for a fact that I could find a million other things to do than to sit around year after year shooting lasers at people. If they wanted to really kill someone (which they probably have, I am sure that they could have found a less time-consuming way of doing it. Gang stalkers are the biggest thorn in my behind.  They won’t even let me go to sleep or wake up in the morning without leaving a projectile in my face or somewhere on my body. You can only imagine how angry I get.

And even when I go to the doctor (more recently Dr. Trost and Dr. J. Schifflett), they say things like “It sounds like Schizophrenia,” when I tell my story which makes me even angrier because I know then that they are also a part of the same network of people who are causing me so much pain.

Now, tell me…Do you think that either of those doctors did an MRI to indicate that I was in any way schizophrenic? No they did not. They just label my paperwork as if I am a schizophrenic and I am stuck with a false label on my medical records and total defamation of my character because it is the way they get away with what they are doing to me. It is funny when the only MRI that I had after 5 hospital visits said that there was nothing wrong me and yet when I don’t get an MRI, I am somehow labeled schizophrenic. Really funny.

I just want to get away from these people. Anyone have any ‘bodily and life firewall’ suggestions that Targeted Individuals can use to keep away the goon squads?

Anyway, below are just a few more quotes that were said by the local gang stalkers. There aren’t many this time because sometimes, I just get tired of writing what they say. They talk entirely too much. It’s still as if they are all in high school.



“We were thinking about pumping you full of STDs’.” (Evil… aren’t they? Why would I have STDs’ when I am not sexually active?)

“That’s what we are trying to do.” (Prior to this comment, they were talking about putting people in body bags so that is where this particular quote came after.)

“He wants you dead.” (Funny how many enemies you can have when your not even associating or bothering anyone. Simply put…They are self-righteous, power-freakish, butt-holes. When you’re not kissing their behinds, they have hissy fits. And now they want me dead. Wow.)

“He hid it at costs.” (Obviously, they didn’t.)

“You got buried to a lot of people.” (That would either mean that I am ‘dead’ to society or many people are expecting me to die from this for real. Not sure which but it does seems as if they want to kill me. They just won’t stop.)



Splice- This is what they call what they have done to my body by using what another target called physiosurgery. I assume that this type of surgery is part of the Transhumanistic agenda.  And when they are ready to change your body, they don’t ask permission when you’re a Targeted Individual.

Thanks for listening and God Bless


“You Are Deep In Mugs”-Another T.I. Testimony

This is so horrible! Organized crime is a blatant non-humanitarian act and, in my opinion, it is the worst thing that has ever happened in humanitarian, as well as, world history!

How can they, in good conscience, have such disrespect for the world and its people. Not to fail to mention that Donald Trump is figuratively telling people to jump from a moving train.

I did a calculation today based on the number of years I may have been a victim of gang stalking in which most of us already know is the epitome of organized crime. It is what it is. Based on the information I have already gathered from the gang stalkers using the V2K or whatever else in order to communicate, I have been a victim of this crime for at least 30 years if not longer. No wonder people that I have been around have acted so funky.

I am so disgusted that I can’t begin to explain it. I was possibly 11 years old when they began this disgusting crime and have every right to be. What did an 11 year old do to them that I would have to live a life of being stalked, robbed, dafamated, laser-ed to death, stabbed, poked, arrested, illegally evaluated medically,  illegally surveillanced, and so much more. My children and other family members aren’t even safe from the scarring that it causes.

It feels as if I am being ‘dragged to hell’!

Last night, I was lasered so hard frontally that I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital (as if they were going to help.) It is even harder to believe that they are doing all of this to a female. A night or so prior to that, they beamed at least three lasers on my body at one time. I could feel one on my back, one on my left, and one in the front of me. It took me a while to fall asleep while the beams roamed over my body. Who is allowing these thieves to continue?

Anyway…I have more quotes that I have collected from the gang stalkers locally in Danville, Virginia. There isn’t much that we don’t already know but here it goes.

“You deep in mugs.”

“We’re hanging out with hookers.”

“We needing nothing but pornography.” (Scary but I was told that even I had a DVD. Obviously, it was illegally obtained because I would never allow it. Don’t worry. Celibacy has treated me much better.)

“It’s pornography…” (Coincidentally, the NSA has already been caught videoing people in their own homes, so it doesn’t come as a surprised to me in the least.)

“…through the National Security Agency.” (Remember that the quotes are not in my words.)

“They was trying to hold ya’ll on social media.”

“We went everywhere you went.” (I see.)

“They really wanted to age you.” (And what if I don’t want to get old?)

“They even compromised your EBT.”

“They was filling everything with spyware.”

“”You got one hell of a demotion.”

“We weeded a mess.” (Amen to that.)

“We admitted we are University.”

“We kept on draining the energy.” (They did it on my tablet. Sometimes it doesn’t come on at all.)

“I wouldn’t let you live.”

“…because we hoe.” (Yes, they definitely do.)

“We can’t pretend like we don’t know you.”

“We weeded you dead.”

“You want me to call Keisha.” (My mother said this. Who the heck is Keisha and what does she have to do with me? How is that even a threat?)

“We wanna get the stubs.” (Not sure what they meant by this.)

“We need the stubs.”

“They hid your summons.” (Figures. They tamper so much to be utterly ridiculous.)

“You know how we indeed pry.”

“We made vindication easy.”

“You are being illegally transmitted.”

“We weirded our prison.”

“We only need entitle.” (Or they could have meant ‘in title’. Not sure.)



Shoo– They believe that they are shooing people away from something but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what. I was never a part of a gang, cult, or organized crime unit. And I won’t speak for everyone else.