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“There Is Nothing We Can Do.”-A T. I. Testimony

Last night was horrible. The local terrorists were tag teaming my assault. I could so many voices hovering around me and they each were throwing laser shots over and over again, back to back. I have never seen anything like in my life. My face burned like Hades. And I don’t think that I even had a hours sleep. I am so tired.

My assaulters’ were male and female and they were having a field day on my face. It was so awful. Eventually I called 911 once again around three o’clock this morning and talked about my assaults to, yet, another officer who pretty much said that there was nothing that their law enforcement could do for me. It is a Communistic agenda in full effect and it is the worst war that I have ever seen in my life. The officer even had the audacity to wish me luck. What is that? How can our own government turn their backs on us in this way?

Honestly, I really don’t believe that the officer was an actual police officer. I have a strange feeling that my calls are being re-routed to the local goon squad. Obviously, they wouldn’t want to do anything about our situation anyway. They are the Communist and according to one goon, “We Adolph’ed the entire city.” Where the heck was I when all of this was going on? Is everyone officially a traitor to their own country? I also told him about Noblis and Fusion TV who may be hosting the local gang stalking program but, of course, I would be willing to bet that he already knew.

I was just radiated again as someone shoved a door open at work. How can I escape all of this torture? Why would I want to die in something so horrible? Can any of us look forward to old age without someone trying to kill us off before we get there?

More Venting As A T. I.- A T. I. Testimony

The residents of Danville are still going at it. I am still being victimized like crazy. It is hard to believe that they are putting females through such extreme torture but it is happening on American soil.

Today my head is being heated horribly. They are so weirdly wired. The only thing that someone needs to do is just look at you and suddenly your head will begin to heat. Of course, we are dealing with some of the worst types of people in society. Here in Danville we have the KKK, the Taliban, Syrians, and no telling who else. I am in a very messed up situation. And they won’t leave me alone.

In the mornings, it seems that they cannot wait for me to open my eyes so that they can laser me in my face. this goes on all the time.

Just recently, they have amped up what seems like chemtrails in the air. This may be what they like to call PV. You can see it mist the air. I can’t go anywhere without them shooting that stuff right at me.

What are we to do? Is this World War III?

They Just Won’t Leave Me Alone- A T. I. Testimony

The goons are wired up everywhere screaming at me from every angle. I can’t even go to work without hearing them run their mouth in my ear. Of course, the police are in on it as to the reason why I can’t get anyone to help me. Even the Mayor should be ashamed. All of these people torturing 1 Black female and no one wants to help. It is sad.

This morning when I woke up, they couldn’t wait to shoot their lasers directly in my face. While working, a door was pushed open in the office area and I was immediately radiated. They bang on the door and send chemicals my way. My body is so worn.

They scream a lot about someone named Adolphi (which may be a pseudonym for Steven Cox or someone else) I don’t know anyone by that name. They run off at the mouth about ‘endatements’ in which I have nothing to do with. They even conspire to give people PV. Maybe they do this by continuously using the weapons on their victims. I don’t know. As to conspiracies, they have so many that it is beginning to look ridiculous.

My biggest concern is that I am surrounded by these people and I am weaponless and they know it. I do not have their equipment, only an involuntary, illegal chip in my body that they use to continue to wire to me. I wish I could find a doctor willing to remove it.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

It Never Stops- A T. I. Tesimony

I suffered extreme sleep deprivation last night due to the stalker family in Danville, Virginia. This program is so communistic to be ridiculous. They are screaming all around me as I write this blog entry. It is an everyday, all day, all night occurrence and I am so worn by it.

Since 2012, I have been suffering from extreme weapon attacks but it seems that the United States stopped caring about its people. I am an American citizen so you would think that the torture that I go through would non-existent. I am not a refugee but it seems that I am being treated as one. Imprisoned in their world as it that was where I belonged.

I have grown so tired of Theresa McCullough’s (because that is who they said she was)and the rest of her crew that have been shooting up with their weapons for years now but no one does nothing. I can’t even get help from the local authorities because everyone is tied into the same program.

I am tired of hearing about nuptials, buns, and bookies. And I am even more tired of hearing about the apartheid that they have created here locally. From how the skit goes, the Theresa’s of the world wanted dark-skin people to hold more precedence over anyone else here socially. Everyone has an agenda here. This is not my world and I wish that they would un-wire me from it. But, as I said before, no one seems to care as long as they are getting something out of the deal.

So they scream, they laser, and they have a party off of my torture day in and day out. The reason why I did not get any sleep last night was because they were playing with my body. They heated it up and I was lasered silly. I don’t even know if I had five minutes of sleep.

One of my doctors prescribed me the wrong medication. Even tacked on medication for Schizophrenia in which I do not have and never was MRI’d for. As for a sleeping aide, he prescribed me medication for someone who has seizures in which I don’t have.

This is not a joke. These people are so over-the-top and truly, to-the-bone evil.

God help us.

Fair Gaming In Danville, Va.- A T. I. Testimony

In the local Danville area, I have found that they are indeed illegally Fair-Gaming people, myself included. It is literal murder and it is unfair since Fair Game was discontinued in 1968 by Ron Hubbard. So why are they allowing this to go on?

I have been tortured to death! They have even claimed to have their own crematorium. Who wants to die in something like this. I am not even a member of Scientology but they claim that I am being evicted from something. How can you be evicted from something that you were never a part of? It is hard to understand why this is happening to me. But obviously, I am not the only one that it is happening to. There have been complaints all over the world. This has really gone too far.

From the website…


Nuptial Indictments?- A T. I. Testimony

“Ya’ll gon’ have the shaft,” says a female goon who is hovering over my life as if it belongs to her. I can’t even have peace while trying to work because they are constantly talking and beaming their weapons at me. It is non-stop for these people and why in the world would anyone need the shaft when they aren’t doing anything to bother them. Are they afraid that their victim may accumulate something that they don’t have? So to solve their concerns, they ‘shaft’ people? How immature is that?

I haven’t kept anything from anyone. I don’t have anything that belongs to anyone but me so why are they so angry to the point that they would even consider ‘assassinating’ me. I have realized a long time ago that the world that I have been forced to suffer is very shallow but how shallow is that indeed!

They were gloating at one point about pre-nuptial agreements and have even went to the extreme of saying things such as I was being ‘nuptially indicted’. Can anyone tell me what that means exactly because I have no idea. Fusion TV has a lot going on. I don’t know whether it was another one of their skits or whether they were actually for real. I have been divorced since 2008 and I have never been in a pre-nuptial agreement and, to be quite frank, it doesn’t sound too appetizing if going through literal torture has anything to do with it. Thank goodness I have no prospects because I am already going through torture without them.

Is this something that Scientologist created? What do I have to with their pre-nuptial agreements and nuptial indictments. And still I have no real answers. But I will say that these people have conspiracy theories for days! Everyone has their own agenda against me no matter how petty it may be. It is amazing that at one point in my life I had no enemies and now, I have a ton. What kind of cult is this? AND I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THEIR LINGO!

Updated T. I. Experience- A T. I. Testimony

I am still having the same issues with being gang stalked. It seems that these gang stalkers love to sit around and broadcast and bully me to death. They just haven’t left me alone. They continue to throw the name Woodall at me all the time but as I have said before. I don’t believe that I have any relationship with the family so why did they choose me? Why won’t they leave me alone?

Currently I am feeling a lot of heated laser action on my neck. I was in a hospital bed yesterday and they wouldn’t stop shooting laser-ing me then either. I feel like a hostage. Literally, that is what I am and I can’t seem find anyone to help. People are really dying from this Communistic program. I would hate to die so horribly. Why won’t someone do something and help save the lives of thousands?

I have been lasered, tasered, gased, filled with different kinds of chemicals, shot with psychotronic weapons,stabbed, disembodied, and so much more for almost five years. This is completely unreal. And it is happening in a world that I have had nothing to do with.