The Red Laser Flash- A T. I. Testimony

More quotes from the dark side…

“We weave fibs,” exclaims a female.

“He wouldn’t leave you be!”

“They the sue who kills.”

“Yes, you in danger.”

“We murder capable people.”


I am being work mobbed to death. Wherever I go, it seems that they are going to do something to me that is unnecessary. I am so tired of these den-ed out psychos. The Klan and its affiliations have become out of control.

Just now as I was walking through the warehouse at work. An employee was sitting in his forklift when I walked towards him. Suddenly a huge red flash hit me from out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe it. The guy had shot a red laser beam right in my face.

I seriously don’t know whether the beam came from his cell phone or from the forklift that he was driving but it hurt like hell. I was in total shock. And it was the same employee who asked me out to dinner earlier that day. Of course, I refused. I now know that it was the right thing to do. They use any means possible to keep their targets close so that surveillance and prying in their targets lives is made easier.

It was no wonder why he was so forceful when talking to me. He becomes more and more adamant that I should call him. “Let’s get married next week,” he says. “My phone works you know.” “Call me,” he tells me. It was no matter that to him that I have said over and over again that I am not dating. And I sure wouldn’t date someone that I work with. At least not anymore.

Did he think that shooting me with a laser would help him out a bit? Is this the ‘date me or I will shoot you with a laser’ type deal? If so, they can play their games all day long because I am still not interested. As far as dating goes… I don’t. It has been years and I refuse to date those who only want to hurt me.

These people won’t leave me alone. And to make matters worse, I find out that I am about to be replaced by another temporary employee because she knows how to drive their equipment (forklifts, etc.).

Would you like my opinion?

I believe that she is a member of their network and they are replacing me because I am not. In this way, these goons are taking over the workforce because they are helping their club members fill our positions, get promotions, etc. And many of them are thieves. They are stealing from the companies that they work for and from people in the communities in which we live; but what can we do about it?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


“He wanted to shank you.” – A T. I. Testimony

More quotes from the local gang stalkers of Danville, Virginia…

“You know you look fugged,” screams a female. (I can honestly say that I am not the fug here. Even though I may be surrounded by the KKK, I am not the one working for the KKK in order to hurt other people. Besides, they need to look in the mirror anyway.)

“He wanted to shank you,” said a male voice. (I can tell.)

“You lose,” speaks a female. (My being tortured is not a competition so what was she talking about?)

“He had told its a hoax,” said a male.  (And that would be a lie before God.)


mstmha: They are still playing the door game where they bust through it which triggers their weapon and I am immediately radiated, mostly in my chest area. My boss seems to get a kick out of this game.

It is amazing to see how many so-called adults enjoy running around triggering such dangerous weapons as if they are children in a candy store. And no matter that I am a female. Maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine. Maybe we need to find out how much they can take.

Almost everyday I go through some type of weapon use. My body is tired from all of the torture but no one seems to be concerned that it hurts me.

What can we do to save ourselves from so much pain? Does anyone have a clue? Are faraday cages the answer? Why should it be when this type of torture is already illegal and should not be happening? It needs to stop but how.

HAP- HAARP Assassination Program?- A T.I. Testimony

I recall the local gang stalkers quoting the word ‘hap’ as they continously harassed me over their COM system but, at the time, I did not know what they were talking about.

My discovery of the programs name began when one the goons said, “This is HAARP.” Now, what would any normal person do in that situation when your being tortured to death and someone has put a name to an organization that may be resonsible in which you have nothing to do with?

You do your research. And so I did.

As it turned out, Edward Snowden had already given away information about the HAARP Assassination Program. I understand now what the word ‘hap’ means. It is the short name for the program. So if you ever hear about the HAP program, you will also know what it is.

Sadly, it includes every hate group imaginable. It is no wonder it is so hard to break free.


Anyway, today, I want to give you a summary of what I have experienced while being entrapped in the HAARP or Hap program as they call it.

My experiences include the following:


  1. Blacklisting
  2. Identity Theft
  3. Discrediting
  4. No security amongst government officials and law enforcement
  5. Malpractice amongst lawyers and doctors
  6. Stalking including vehicular stalking (including tailgating)
  7. Kidnapping and abduction
  8. Work mobbing
  9. Robbery and other thefts
  10. Distruction of property
  11. Racketeering (with the use of bookies)
  12. Hacking of personal property including computers, cell phones, and my body
  13. Illegal billing
  14. Ridicule
  15. Homelessness
  16. Manipulation of employmenthe
  17. And more…


  1. Lasered, tasered, microwaved (radiated)(They heat up the top of my head quite often and it hurts.)
  2. Chemical warfare (including Gas-ed)
  3. Stabbing
  4. Disembodiment, Body Manipulation (They play around inside my body. My heart, my lungs, my head, my ovary, and my vagina seems to keep them really busy. They won’t leave me alone.)
  5. Wiring of STD’s to my vaginal area in which they eventually heal.
  6. Psychotronic weapons
  7. Airwaves shot in my ears
  8. And how they do all of this? It is because they have implanted me with an illegal microchip in my vagina.
  9. GPS Projectiled
  10. Illegal Surveillance (COM system and/or Fusion TV)


Now, I wish that I could say that this is all that has been done to me but I can’t. This is just what I can remember at the moment. I have actually gone through more than any human being should be allowed to go through, yet, they keep doing it. It has been a little over five years now just dealing with the weapons alone. I have been stalked most of my life.

Please pray for my family and I because we certainly need it.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

“We Skins.”- A T.I. Testimony

More confessions from the gang stalkers of Danville, Virginia.


“This jealous-ed you son.” (They talk as if my son belongs to another man. I know nothing about that. As far as I amentioned concerned, my children have the same father. My thing is, what does it matter and how is it there business?)

“It coronated the family…” (It makes you wonder who would coronate a bunch of drug addicts and alcoholics unless they were the same.)

“We be with thieves.” (Lord, we can tell.)

“We went bonkers.” (Yep.)

“We are under illegal intent!”

“We provided the proof.”

“You need the way it grew.”

“Now they know who cheats.”

“We skins.” (What shocked me was that it was the voice of a Black man who said this. It is just more proof that Klaverts of the KKK actually do exist right here in Danville, Virginia. We are living in a very dangerous world indeed. Who would have thought that we would be living in a world full of Black Skinheads. Wow.)

“He knew you famoused an op.”

“He was only suppose to be doing you for four years.” (Who is ‘he’? And why am I still being attacked wherever I go? Obviously someone can’t get enough of being hateful as hell. These people have severe mental illnesses because I have been suffering gang stalking and there weapons for a lot longer than four years. Why did they choose me? Because I am not a part of theirufees organizaton which makes it easier for them to manipulate and rob. That’s why.)

“It’s a new war.”

“We totaled our national security.”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





Who Can We Trust?

Nothing much has changed in my situation. It has possibly been an estimated 5 years since the weapon attacks on my person began and I have suffered almost everyday since. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if it will end seeing that I am suffering through a stronghold of thieves, drug addicts, alcoholics, pimps, and prostitutes.  Certain members of my family are also targets as well. What can we do to stop HAARP (HAARP Assassination Program), NSA, and other government entities, including law enforcement, from destroying our families and our countries? Who can we trust?



5 More Maddening Quotes from Danville, Va. Gang Stalkers- A T. I. Testimony

More Gang Stalker quotes from Danville, Virginia…

“It’s an illegal upset.” ( It’s bigger than an upset. It’seems a war!)

“You blew a lid.” (Possibly. But they gave it all away. I am just the victimized messenger.)

“Why was they going to ship you away?” (And American citizen being shipped away? Wow.)

“He was told never to refute you.” (Talk about a conspiracy. Why would anyone not refute me? I am not the gang stalker.)

“It was Steve-o.” (They mean Steven or Stephen L. Cox. When I looked him up on line once, he had two different names. Maybe those names are ones he actually uses, maybe not. One thing that I can say for certain is that he is a very dangerous man to know. Look what on and off for almost five years got me. And to think that I dropped assault charges on him. Why did I do that? It seems to me that he deserved it because he and his people won’t leave me alone. I even dropped charges againot my ex-husband after he put a knife against my throat. Now I feel pretty bad for helping them when there is no help for me.)

“This jealous-ed you got son.” (What is there to be jealous about? We had a normal family and we were doing normal things. What is their problem?)

*They are targeting my children as well and I don’t know what to do. I absolutely hate to feel helpless when it comes to my own children so what can I do? Even those that have the ability to enforce the law are not doing anything to really aid my family who are in distress.

How could they do this to a minor child? Why my children?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

“We weeded an ambushal.”- A T. I. Testimony

This is so sad to see when you’re a victim of gang stalking. What happened to our Constitution? What happened to our liberties? These goons will spend their entire life screwing up some else’s. The passing of time is irrelevant to these demons.

Also, I have found that they are messing around in our children’s lives as well. I have a relation in a group home and she has had to deal with the dafamatory affects of gang stalking as well. How utterly dumb that this is really happening to good people. Why could’t they keep their so-called ‘clubs’ to themselves?


Anyway, below are more quotes from the goon squad in Danville, Virginia. Their COM system is still in effect and their usage of weapons to my person are still in affect as well. They won’t leave myself nor my family alone.  At least, for the most part, they are honest about what they want to do to people. See the below.


“We all imprisonment-ed.”

“Julie’s did it.”

“It’s a mug.”

“You ain’t no mutton.”

“They know you are dead.”

“Their taken you on a genetic journey.”

“Now they indeed you web it.”

“It’s not alright you got disk.”

“You played sports.”

“They indeed GO a club.”

“You’re not in our mall.”

“I ain’t got no boss.”

“It’s a zoo.”

“They know how he is done.”

“They were going to murder you.”

“We weeded an ambushal.”

“…you get time.”

“We all got caught.”

“Woodall offing you.” (I don’t even know anyone personally that goes by that name so why would they want to harm me and my family in that way?)

“We were needing murder.”

“At least you know we’re hostile.”

“We never needed to jilt you.”

“We only want to do pain.”

“We vowed a script on you.”

“It means you didn’t lie.”

“It lops your opportunities.”


They following quotes are updates of the latest conversations of gang stalkers on the COM in Danville, Virginia. (Updated 7-23-17)

“He wanted to make your world difficult.” (Who is he?)

“There wasn’t no need to keep you at bay.”

“You never having fun.”

“…we get ganks.”

“We weeded homicidals.”

“”They see we are policemen.”

“We all the way in homicide.”

“You’re in hot water.” (He’s a regular Sherlock Holmes folks.)


-Because I am illegally wired to this program, they refuse to leave my vagina alone. It has even felt as if they were wiring an STD on more than one occasion. What kind of equipment do they have that enables them to do this to people. And just for the record, I have practiced celibacy for quite a few years now so there would be no way that I should suffer that way.

-According to a female gang member, they want people to kill each other. I can’tell say that, that hasn’the happened. It is pretty awful to be stuck in a HAARP ASSASSINATION PROGRAM.

-I am still suffering fromy laser shots to the face before I fall asleep and also, they wire up to any and everything just to talk my head off or to radiate me.

When will this end?


Thanks for listening. God Bless.