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Gang Stalker Harasser On Camera


The Lucky Market on Hwy 29 was the location of my attack yesterday. I was only trying to get a pack of cigarettes. Still, the gang stalker chooses to follow us wherever we are and they have accomplices in guiding to wherever they need us.


The man in the above photo was my attacker. I knew for previous experience that i9t was only a matter of time before someone showed up in order to attack. They didn’t disappoint. When the man above walked through the door I immediately noticed that he batted his arm at me as I stood at the front counter. This motion, I have found, is some type of trigger. I figure that these stalkers may also be bugged or wired in some way. How is it that they only have to bat their arm at their victim, and immediately the victim is suffering from radiation, probes, or some type of weapon that attacks their nervous system to the point that the victim’s head or body begins shaking uncontrollably?

The attack to my nervous system is the weapon that this particular stalker instigated yesterday in the convenience store.  As I stood at the counter when he entered the store, my head began shaking violently and I couldn’t stop it. I just had to wait until the attack was over. Sometimes I can barely speak when this happens.

Another thing that you should know about this stalker is that his style of haircut may be signature to many of the stalkers located in Danville, Virginia. I am speaking of the bald-head and the goatee.

For example…


Steven L. Cox, with the same look…

But… don’t get it misconstrued. Many other signatures are men and women with dreadlocks, women with afros, weave, and wigs. And even though there are many people with those types of hairstyles, for some reason, stalkers are more distinctive. Many of the Caucasian’s men of the network also have bald-heads.


Above is the Gang Stalker stepping into a vehicle.


Here is the vehicle’s back view. I took this shot because I needed to notate the tag number just in case. VA H506094.

Another T. I. Testimony Update

I’m still alive! Yeah! Take that THUGS! (Even though I am still being radiated while at the library. 🙂 )

There has not been many changes as I spend my days as a Targeted Individual.

I still pray for the Targeted Individuals who have to live their lives as I do everyday. How can anyone allow such tortures to infiltrate the lives of so many innocent civilians? How can they honestly, with good conscious that is, do this to us?

I spend my days cussing out the V2K fanatics that refuse to leave me alone. In response or even without, they torture me with their lasers as if what they are using is nothing more than a toy.

I can’t watch television, or cook, or wash a dish, or use the bathroom, or take a nap because they are always there. Always talking or whining as if I wanted to hear them. Exercising their ghetto-ism as if I wanted a part of it.

I remember when my life was peaceful. I didn’t have enemies so it was surprising that so many people showed their faces in Danville, Virginia just to destroy me and anything that I may have had going on that was important to me. A hit? On me? For what? Those were the questions that I asked myself quite often but now, as so many years have gone by, I realized that what is going on really had nothing to do with me…

Here is a brief breakdown of what I have discovered about my own situation:

1. An ex-manager who may have been a major contributor to the KKK. And, obviously, did not appreciate me or what I brought to the table. It didn’t help that I had relationships with a few of his buddies. Maybe the problem was that I was not also a member of their organization.

2. Jealousy amongst women and men (Some I knew. Some I did not.) One situation in particular, an ex-lover who hated the fact that I was seeing someone. Even though he was fine with our relationship staying just as it was. He claimed that he was going to ruin the other man’s life but, instead, as I have gathered, he is ruining my life instead. Isn’t that right Steven L. Cox?

And just in case your wondering, their jealousy can be provoked from something as simple as who you may be dating or they may know about someone from your past. Yes, they are desperate and they have to ‘look’ worthy no matter of what the situation may be. And it doesn’t matter whether they are or whether they are not. If they want what you have, they will take it and they have no problems breaking up your relationships. There is a lot of staging involved in gang stalking. You would think that someone is watching. I guess they are.

3 An ex-husband who wants to exercise his power over me and make certain that I am never happy. (His ego is huge!) And it doesn’t help that he has a new wife who ‘accomplices’ the same.

The Plan: To make sure that the new wife looks better than I do no matter what it is.

The Result: A total degradation of my life to the point that they succeed in making me look lesser in anything I do. They have created a way to instigate a life swap where the criminals look as if they can do no wrong and the innocent (such as myself), no matter what their status use to be,  can no longer survive and are void of prosperity. How is that for Fair Game? If I knew then, what I know now.

4. Theft of property and family has been a huge problem since being gang stalked for so many years. They allowed my ex-husband to literally kidnap my kids so that he and his new wife can make some extra money. It is all evident but no one has done anything about the injustice. It isn’t ‘cool’ and nor is it ‘hip’ to do things of that nature. It isn’t even legal!

Whatever they can deplete you of, they do it. Typical of thieves that enjoy stealing a victim’s entire life without even a thank you. “It’s our business, you know,” according to an Indian man who owned and worked at an Apple Market gas station on Hwy 29 in Blairs, Virginia. What he said to me just came out of nowhere but I knew what he was referring to. By that time, I was already deep in weapon abuse. Really people?

5. And there is more…


My life in weapons so far…

-GPS Projectiles- You know, that invisible box that they fit around your body that is used to aim their laser at their victim. Almost every morning and every night before I go to sleep. )

-Lasers (Why are they constantly shooting my face?)

-V2K- Because they think that I want to hear them 24 hours a day. (Negril goons?)

-Radiation and or Particle Beam weapons, possible Chemtrails

-More to come I’m sure


About the Space Preservation Act…

The purpose of the Space Preservation Act of 2001, introduced by former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, was to reaffirm it “is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind.”

The bill would have permanently banned all space-based weapons and the termination of testing and developing them. It further specifically defined “weapon” in part as a device capable of “Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person” via “the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.”

It further noted that this would include “exotic weapons systems” such as electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; chemtrails; high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; laser weapons systems; strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

Excerpt copied from…


Yes, these weapons exist. And, yes, even I did not know that the weapons of the masses given to those such as : 1. law enforcement 2. local and federal government and law officials 3. Scientologists, 4. Nazi Regiments, 5. Klan and other cults, 6. drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, gang members, prostitutes, pimps, 7. etc… was such a widespread, demonic, utterly evil entity that no one can escape.

Whether your a T.I. or a Gang Stalker, you’re still a victim. No matter where you live or who you are, you can also expect that one day you will also become a T.I. subject to the horrors of gang stalking, chemtrails, electromagnetic and psychotronic weapons and so much more.


The 911 Call

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, I decided to call the police again about the weapons that are being used on my body on a daily, almost 24 hours a day. When I wake up in the morning I can feel the weapon on my body, before I go to sleep and throughout most of my day (like now as I am attempting to write this at a library in Danville, Virginia).

I am past tired of the abuse that I am receiving  from all of these people. It is horrible. What makes it even worse is that many of these people never knew me a day in their lives, yet, they still sit on their lazy arses somewhere in the city just so that they can bother me. It is an all day occurrence.

So yes, I feel like this. If I have to break or create a Guinness Book of World Record for the most 911 calls in an emergency situation and law enforcement never investigates, then that is the record that I will go for. This is ridiculous!

Would you like to know what pissed me off the most during this particular conversation. At the end, the officer asked me what I wanted them to do about it. Why should I have to tell law enforcement what to do about what something as dangerous as Electromagnetic weapons? “Confiscate the weapons! No one should have to live their lives like that!”

Really people!

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


The Weirdest Photo That I Have Ever Taken As A Targeted Individual…



Above: The Weirdest Photo That I Have Ever Taken (Check Out The Eyes!)

Maybe the camera was out of focus… Or was it? And no, they are not contacts.

What are they doing to us?



The ‘THUG’ Life

Someone with the tag name CIADAUGHTER said it well….

“Gang stalking is paid for by foreign cartels against the United States. Gang stalking began in Nazi Germany in the 1930s created by the Nazi regime….”

“…Gang stalking is contract murder for hire to murder americans. Foreign terrorist cartels pay treason Americans to gang stalk you and your family.”

mstmha: Americans’ are not the only ones being attacked but, as CIADaughter mentioned… those that abide by Communism hold the key to what is very wrong.

(See more comments at


Even with so many years of being gang stalked under my belt, it is still hard to believe that anything of this nature would actually exist. Especially in the civilian world amongst so many innocent people.

It seems that I am ultimately being held hostage within the local gang stalker/organized crime system of Danville, Virginia. The key players here are endless.

Honestly, I have never seen anything so pitiful and spiteful in my entire life. How is that people that were never criminals before are now trying to fit into the ‘THUG’ life?

Image result for Thugs in India in the 1300s'

Well, just in case your wondering, below are a few facts about the origination of THUGS (Can you pretty much guess who some of the other key players are now just based on history?):

Thugs- an organised gang of professional robbers and murderers. Thugs travelled in groups across the Indian sub-continent for six hundred years.

-To take advantage of their victims, the Thugs would join travellers and gain their confidence; this would allow them to surprise and strangle the travellers with a handkerchief or noose. They would then rob and bury their victims. This led to the Thugs being called Phansigar (English: using a noose), a term more commonly used in southern India.

-Membership was sometimes passed from father to son, as part of a criminal underclass. The leadership of established Thug groups tended to be hereditary, as the group evolved into a criminal tribe. Other men would become acquainted with a Thug band and hope to be recruited as Thugs were respected by the criminal community and had a camaraderie of numbers and shared experience. Robbery became less a question of solving problems associated with poverty and more a profession, like being a soldier.

-Sometimes young children of travellers would be spared and groomed to become Thugs themselves, since children would help allay suspicion. A fourth way of becoming a Thug was by training with a guru (similar to an apprenticeship for a guild or profession), during which the candidate could be assessed for reliability, courage, discretion and discipline.

See the article in its’ entirety at the following link…

mstmha: Communism has spread to almost every culture on every level and it seems that there is no way to escape it. Especially in Danville, Virginia where I currently reside. But why do we have to deal with it in the form of a gang member torture program? Why do so many people have to suffer for the like of criminals? It isn’t cool.






A Letter From Paul Baird-Human Rights Advocate

Dear Sir/Madam

Such is the extent of US National Security law that over 5,000 classified devices are currently covered by the US Inventions Secrecy Act. Many of these are either based on or working with many of the 20,000 plus satellites now circling the Earth (many in geosynchronous orbit) and the countless array of supercomputers that work in with them, operating at ground – based locations like The Langley Research Centre (CIA) and Fort Meade (NSA). These computers are all manned by technicians and are each capable of processing more information than the entire human population of the planet (something exceeding 700 trillion calcs a second each). And what is the upshot of all of this? That the agencies and military can rely on the blanket cover of tagging all such covert activities as a matter of “National Security”and thereby covertly and remotely take control of people and organisations as they see fit, without challenge.

Couple these technologies with the mass surveillance systems outlined by Edward Snowden and others and you will realise that the agencies are all seeing, all knowing and promote themselves and their usefulness in the name of security at the expense of liberty. Yet where are they when mass shootings, terrorist attacks and such take place? They watch, as accessories before, during and after the fact, and do nothing; more intent on controlling public figures with blackmail friendly material, more interested in oppressing writers, activists and whistleblowers than protecting the public at large. Equally, through false flag operations, protected trafficking syndicates and such, the agencies foster and profit from crime while all the while pretending to do otherwise…The agencies, in particular the CIA, are not securing our safety, they imperil it….

Even former Presidents recognised this and wanted the CIA stopped….”There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot”…JFK. And the CIA reply?…”I was in Dallas when we got the S.O.B.” David Morales , CIA chief of operations.

US DOD Directive 5240 1.R saved 882013, Ch 4, Procedure 13 says “Experimentation is allowed on human subjects for intelligence purposes”. So, whether it be a false claim, a National Security Letter or any other bogus move, the covert agencies can line up any or all critics, malcontents, political targets and thinkers that the PTB dislike and have them thrown into satellite facilitated mobile concentration camps where the aforementioned technologies allow all manner of mind control, cybernetic, neuroscience, genetic, brain / dream study and other experiments to be run…. unreported and with complainants labelled as paranoid etc..

Yet we had the UN Treaty of 1967 saying you cannot use satellites in conjunction with any weapon of mass destruction, (only to be amended to allow the Reagan era Star Wars system). We also have the UN’s UNIDIR committee and the European Parliament calling for bans on all weapons for human manipulation (Eg A4-0005/99 EP). In addition we have Executive Order 13526 banning the use of classification to hide crime. But all of this clearly amounts to just words on paper when the PTB and the agency – controlled media ignore it all.

I have researched this for over 25 years. I’ve spoken with countless spies, political aides, marginalised journalists, senior law enforcers, entertainers, scientists and more. Knowledge of this form of oppression, using classified technologies, is widespread in those circles but fear or complicity prevents many from speaking out.

In the absence of reliable, honest political and media representation the campaigners fighting against covert oppression of this sort (on behalf of millions of targeted people worldwide) are forced to rely on the marginalised media and various human rights organisations for support in their efforts to get this information to the general public. Nevertheless, by so doing we hope to expose and end the silent holocaust that sees the isolation of the combined genetic traits of all those willing to question authority as they are gradually wiped out; oppressed into oblivion.

I call on any and all with a conscience or a soul to turn on this evil. Help to expose and end it and restore true democracy to a world where, at the moment, only lies and hypocrisy exist when it comes to true justice and freedom.


Paul Baird,
Human Rights Advocate,

A few apt quotes….

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. A. Einstein.

“This satellite technology will allow us to track, monitor, torture, destroy and kill anyone in the world. It will give us complete global control. Develop it immediately”…Anon. world leader …over 50 years ago.

” The world is a dangerous place to live, not (just) because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. A. Einstein.

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless”. D. Bonhoeffer.

“The further society moves from the truth the more it will despise those that speak it”. G. Orwell.

“The CIA controls everyone of significance in the major media” William Colby, Ex CIA director.

“It is the duty of the patriot to protect the people from the government”. Thomas Jefferson. 

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