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Dreamin’- A Song


Dreamin’-A Song
By mstmha aka Moody EmPo

I am thinking of you
And all that we’ve shared.
I remember our years;
Passing the tears
With no regrets.
Oh, oh, oh baby…
With no regrets.

I can still feel your touch
with my mind…
I assure you that my body
Relied on only you,
Only you.
My sweet baby.
Only you.

Prose: Sate me baby like you’ve never done before.
Let me wash your tears away.
Take me, sweetie, where you want me to go.
And never let me go.

Prose: Any lost time together, we cannot afford.
Let me taste you as I did before.
Please baby, please baby…
Wrap me in your world.

I am thinking of you
And all that we’ve shared
I remember our years,
Passing the tears
With no regrets
Oh, oh, oh baby
With no regrets.

Just remember I am yours.
In life we were torn.
But in love we are here
To face all of our fears.

I am yours.
I am yours.

If engrossing yourself
In the love we both kept
Lends to your fear…

Always remember baby…

I am yours.
I am yours.

*The music to this song (which is not displayed) was created by none other than Reaper Beatz called Dreamin.

Thank you Reaper!