A Family of Talents

navic entertainment

This page is an introduction and celebration to a beloved family. A commiseration of talents that makes me proud.

The following pics are from a photo shoot on December 5, 2013 of a very talented group of individuals (including my very own  cousin, Christian Blade).

Their collective is the epitomy of what we know as a melting pot filled with actors, rappers, dancers, singers, music/song writers.

This group is exploding with energy and talent. To watch them in action lends to a true lesson on what it takes to really make it in the music industry.

I would also like to give a shout out to Trenton Westbrooks aka Reaper Beatz, a well-deserved, newly contracted beat producer, whose sounds are now phenomenal in the music industry.
You can find some of Reaper’s newest, hottest sounds at

By the way, if you never can remember anything else, ALWAYS remember that “Reaper Made That Beat!”

I can honestly say that these young adults are no strangers to hard work and I would like to wish them as much luck as they can possibly handle.

Congratulations on finding your spice in life!

Have fun guys. Go get ’em!

Luv ya!



Ms Moody EmPo


Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


IVAN from the movie Joyful Noise

IVAN Kelley from the movie Joyful Noise

The Collective Photo Shoot- 002

The Collective Photo Shoot- 007

The Collective Photo Shoot- 009

Christian Reid aka “Blade” Reid

Tori Quinn Rapper/Songwriter

Tori Quinn

The Collective Photo Shoot- 016

Ray Ray

The Collective Photo Shoot- 019

The Collective Photo Shoot- 022

The Collective Photo Shoot- 023

And there will, no doubt, be more to come!…


Rated-E ft, Ivan Kelley, Kidd Torri, Blade Reid

Kidd Torri – She Shot Me Down (Official Music Video)

Blade Reid’s “Limousines” ft. Kidd Torri

Ivan Kelley (Scream!!!!!)

Kidd Torri-“Party Time” Official Video

Blade Reid ” Too Turnt Up” [Audio]

Kidd Torri “Lemme See Ya”

Ivan Kelley Cousin Jr. Singing That’s the way God


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