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Another Day As “A Victim”

It is such a damn shame that you have to spend every day of the remainder of your life in “victim” status because someone just “out of no where” decided that, that this is the life you should lead. I endure what feels like needle pricks to my head. As if it was not enough that they have unannoucably fried it and now it feels like my skull is now made of some type of plastic substance in which they feel around in and put pressure to on a daily basis.

What do you do about those crooks that send your life plummetting straight to their own personal hell when you have a family to support?  Are these people even human? Why are they doing this?!


Yes, Massa.

I spend my days unlike anyone else. Even in the light of day I have no peace. Consistently, I am poked, proded, shoked with radiation, chastised, and anything else that you ever can imagine a human being going through as if I were abducted by aliens from space. It is now my life. It is me. Yes I am in sound mind and body but they [the government and their devil’s advocates] would rather for you to think otherwise. Yeah, something is wrong with that girl. She is this and yeah man, she is that. Dafamating in all their unlikely glory. I am a government lab rat for weapon’s testing and never volunteered. They took over my life as if it were theirs. I am a new Lissa Weidman. I am also an Erin Brockovich. I am so tired of being someone’s joke in the government’s lab testing. Something that they can sit back and laugh at as they watch you go through your life’s destruction that, in all essence, they planned but could have been dutifully prevented. I am a human being but, to them, I can only assume, that I am something else. If that is so, then what am I that you feel the need to do the things that you have done to me? Sorry, but I missed that class and I do not have a degree in bullshit. At least not yet anyway. God help me and my children and please bless those that the government decided wickedly that were worthless and will no longer support. As Lissa said, they are “the most unscrupulous, illegal, immoral group to have ever gotten away with committing the most offensive illegalities. I am tainted in a world of Supercomputers, Military, and the means of the New World Order but most are too dumbass to realize it.

An opinion on being victimized…

I too am a victim of Gang Stalking. There should be no reason why the government should have a hitlist for hard-working American citizens. Freedom definitely is not free.