I Struck A Nerve- A T. I. Testimony

My blog post from yesterday must have really struck a nerve.

(  https://mstmha.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/lasered-once-again-a-t-i-testimony/ )

Last night’s laser attack was worse than the night before. These local goons acted as if they didn’t want to stop shooting lasers at my face. It was awful but I managed to fall asleep eventually anyway.

Why do they keep doing this? What are they trying to prove? How sick are they?

It is a shame that many law enforcement officials are occulted but I guess they didn’t want me to talk about. Why wouldn’t I, though, seeing that I am being severely tortured by those that were sworn in to serve and protect. It’s now obvious to see who they are protecting and it’s the people within their occulted network of friends. Why do you think that so many police officer’s are getting away with murder. How upsetting.

And not to fail to mention, I know of at least two officers by name that are involved but that is no reason to continue to shoot lasers at me.

Another T. I. had it right when he called them cowards. They really are and they don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. That is why they begab hiding and bullying behind closed doors. I never wanted to be a Targeted Individual so they shouldn’t punish me for being the person I am. When they stop, I will too. Other than that, I will still voice my opinion and report about who and what is involved. This is real life holocaustal abuse, not a trip to Disneyland. Taking a trip there would be legal.

What needs to happen is this…

Clean out all the trash in law enforcement. They shouldn’t allow these officers, that are occulted, to operate.

What is sad is that I know this and they continue to abuse me anyway but what is even sadder is that I know many of the people that are doing it. Some were very personal relationships.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





Lasered Once Again- A T.I. Testimony

I was viciously lasered again last night by a member or members of this gang stalking (HAP) program. I even felt a hand push my leg last night as well. They have all types of technology that can do so many things and it is scary. So, as you can see, I am keeping these cult criminals in Danville, Virginia pretty busy. They simply refuse to leave me alone.

If I were to pass blame onto anyone in particular, I would definitely blame the White Supremacy aka the KKK and their Klaverts. They really don’t want to see me happy. So keep that in mind if I happen to perish from this god-forsaken torture chamber. Officer Grubbs of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Dept. would know all about it since he was aiding and abetting along with everyone else.

I wish that the Super Computer was never brought to this city because it is part of the problem. It is one way that Noblis stores our information, including information from our brains, that is being obtained illegally. I had never heard of Noblis, Fusion TV, or the HAP (HAARP Assassination Programs) until it was installed here in the city and I began being tortured. And the only reason I say this is because I have been coming back to Danville with no problems for years until the past few years showed me a different element to this society.

Who would believe that they have occulted an entire city, including law enforcement? Now you know why T. I.’s can’t get the help they need. By the way things are looking, people are either going to be gang stalkers or simply victims. In other words, the world is not looking very tempting right now or maybe I should say that it is the people in it.

It is so sad to see that human beings are being pushed to do suicidal acts because of a crime syndicated network that is totally illegal, but they totally are. I just thank God that I am the type who wasn’t desperate to get married again. That would be a lost cause. Look at what I would have to put up with. Sociopathic, egotistical butt-holes would be all that is left after these goons finish their world tour. Who wants that? Even China is getting a dose. How do I know? Well, their online and the goons here in Danville admitted it over their COM system. Yes, it was admitted but it wasn’t shocking. It is satellite technology.

This is all ridiculous to say the least but what can we do about it? T. I.’so continue to write your stories. They can’t stop your freedom to speak.

Thanks for listening. God bless.


“You need jail.”- A T. I. Testimony

I am still on the 24 hour watchlist belonging to this club and/or occult it seems. Earlier today I was lasered while attempting to take a nap which proves to me that they are continously watching me. Their refusal to leave me alone is shocking and surpasses obsessiveness.

As I was sitting outside today, a car drove by and I could hear a black man’s voice say…”You need jail.” You see, they wire up to any and everything and they act as if I am not already imprisoned by them. As if what they have already done wasn’t enough.

Do you know how scary it is to see that they are always conspiring to do something harmful to me? Honestly, my life has been one set up after another and I am exhausted. They even control the court system. That is why I hate going to court. They will never rule in my favor anymore as long as I am trapped within their system.

I wish above all else that they would leave my family and I alone but it is like talking to a brick wall. These men and their groupies want to have their way in everything. It doesn’t matter how bad the crime is. Big Mike’s and Steven’s so called family after all. I can’t catch a break.

And, by the way, no, there is no hush money but they were hoping to steal it. If there was, then this blog wouldn’t exist.  You see, I knew I was being recorded over the phone and in person so I made up a story. (I will tell the story later.) It was obvious that I was being surveillanced but I didn’t know by whom at the time. Talk about schizophrenia. They fell for it. Maybe that is why they are upset. We are all broke at the end of the day. The moral to that story is that they shouldn’t have listened in to begin with.

Now who needs jail?







“You Are Suppose To Be Dead!”- A T.I. Testimony

I am so tired of having to speak about the same incidences as far as my targeting is concerned, but I have to. This gang stalking torture program is totally redundant and I am sure that many Targeted Individuals who are trapped within this HAP (HAARP Assassination Program) and other programs would agree. I wish that they would just stop and leave people alone. Of course, that would be the right thing to do. Something that they must not be familiar with.

Last night I was tortured pretty badly and it has been going on for the past few days now. They sent jolts of electricity running through my lower body and my skull and they repeatedly shot lasers at my face. It is hard to believe that I have been going through the same thing for so many years now. Why are they so angry with me?

What I have learned about my targeting…

They needed those that I have been intimate with so that they can have an excuse to attack merely because many of my relationships did not end well. That was their way of trying to tag me as being some type of ‘floozy’. I am not a nasty female but their women that participate definitely are. Hateful beings they are. These men got what they wanted. It shouldn’t be such a big deal but to these schizos, for some reason, it is.

Even though I had a feeling that something was deeply wrong with those men; what I didn’t know was that they were all goons of the HAARP program. As a matter of fact, I did not know that this type of program existed until they began attacking me. So much for moving on.

I have also learned that the White Supremacy is one of the groups heading my torture even though I have been tortured by members of the Taliban, the Nation of Islam, and various Scientogists just to name a few. What they have formed is a school for these criminals who in turn started a club for their deviants. Something that I have never been a part of yet, they need to SUE me for some reason that is unknown to me. My prison is similar to the Scientology’s FAIR GAME PROGRAM. And, yes, it ruins your entire life.

I have heard it said by a Cacausion male who wired into my mother’s home that, “You are suppose to be dead!”

Why would the White Supremacy try so hard to murder me? Was it because of the Caucasion males that I have also been intimate with? Well, to answer my own question. Yes, and it is obvious. Those relationships didn’t end well either. But I knew something was terribly wrong when we were together. A blind man could’ve figured out that they weren’t serious about me and that was fine.  I just didn’t know what the deal was until now. They were goons too. It is no wonder these men kept coming out of the wood works. Oh boy, lucky me.

Over their COM system, during their street theater, they mentioned quite a few of the men that I was intimate with. That is how I know that those men were involved and now, because they have these weapons and no one is stopping them, I am being tortured relentlessly as if any of them were right about stalking me to begin with.

At least now you will know why I have been single and celibate for so many years. Several years is a long time even for me but I am glad that I am. No more relationship drama. At least not to my face anyway.

Also, during their street theater, I have learned that I was being attacked by a few ex-professional ball players. From football to baseball it seems. Some of which were the intimate relationships that I mentioned earlier. Sports was just one of their themes and I was trapped. I just didn’t know how much.

Big Mike played a major role in that and assumedly he still is. You see, as the story goes, he was kicked off the New York Jets because of drug usage but he still, obviously, has his HAP connections. He was one of those intimate relationships that I mentioned and he asked me to marry him. That didn’t go over so well with me. He was still a stranger. And I didn’t want to marry another thug. Besides, I was still married but separated at the time.

Ferrell Edmunds, who use to play for the Miami Dolphins and was not an intimate relationship even though he tried, was also stalking me. If you knew them, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that they are involved in such a demonic program. At least it isn’t hard for me to believe. I have personal experience. And to think that I may be related to Ferrell by marriage. This story gets deeper and deeper. Especially because many other ex-athlete’s that I didn’t know participated as well. And it is not shocking that these Black men are working with the White Supremacy of all people. As long as they are getting their own way, they don’t care. And yes, Mike and Ferrell are friends as well as possible relatives.

Now as a final thought, you may very well see that it’s no wonder why their goons and prostitutes won’t leave me alone. They treat these men as if they are God but God they are not. Still, they laze around and watch while their people torture me to death and watch while my family suffers.

I guess we can all agree that I have had too many intimate relationships with too many people but it isn’t all my fault seeing that I was being stalked so aggressively. Why didn’t they just leave me alone? And why was my personal business the goons personal business anyway? Talk about being nosey. It is a good thing that I am an open book. I have nothing to hide.

Can you imagine how many people may have been attacked by the same people who attacked me? They are too experienced for there not to be others.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



A Text From A Goon- A T.I. Testimony

I received a text a few days ago and it was from one of the goons that has been aiding and abetting my torture. I guess what hurts the most is that we use to be lovers once upon a time. I wish I had known then that he was setting me up to be gang stalked so viciously. If I had known, I would never have bothered.

The text stated exactly this…

“Hello this is Steven just wanted to speak. Have a blessed day”

His name is Steven L. Cox. The text was odd because we haven’t spoken in several years. Our relationship ended in an altercation in the parking lot of the apartment complex in which he lived. I caught him with another female in his apartment after he had lied about having to be at work the entire weekend. I ended up getting a lot of bruises that night. Still when the day of court came up a year later, I dropped the charges in hopes that I would get rid of him forever. That didn’t work because now he is one of those that has tortured me.

Why contact me now? And mind you, he has participated in my torture according to his friends in the goon families’ and according to his actions when we were together. Is it another ploy to draw me closer in order to make me suffer even more? It seems to me that he is running dry as far information about me and needs more info to share in order to continue to make me miserable.

Needless to say, I did not respond to the text because I would not have anything good to say. Or should I? Should I be that vindictive and let him know exactly how I feel?

We had an open relationship so I wasn’t mad that he was with another woman. I was mad that he lied about it. Crazy huh? And he had the audacity to get angry because I was intimate with another man. I am done. And he also has the audacity to say “Have a blessed day” as if he is religious. If he was religious in any kind of way, he wouldn’t be targeting me.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


A Long, Depressing Road- A T. I. Testimony

Well, I am still alive. I made it to my 41st birthday. Thank God for that even though I am still being abused by the goons’ weapons. I never imagined that I would be suffering so, so late in my life. I imagined that I would be living in a beach house and owning my own business by now. I never dreamed that I would be fighting so many demons that don’t want to see me successful on any level.

The street theater began when I was around thirty years old although I was being stalked many years prior. The weapons began in 2012 as many of you already know. That is a long time for anyone to have to deal with so many people attempting to hurt or even murder them and it is not fun when law enforcement will not help.

I have traveled a long and depressing road but I am still here to tell about it. I count my blessings everyday.

As far as their communications with me are concerned, the COM system that they were using has ceased. The last quote that I heard a male member say was, “You lied.” Now I may have lied or used inuendos many times in my life but my targeting experience is not one of them. I am not creative enough to make this stuff up. Some of the things that they have done to me has seemed to come from a really sick Sci-Fi movie. I didn’t know that these types of technologies existed! These predators have actually taken this torture business to another level and they literally enjoy doing it. It’s an addiction.

So as far as this,”You lied,” quote is concerned, the bastard can drop it because that is all they do anyway. They have lied to the point where I have been pushed out of jobs and my family has been destroyed. They didn’t have to make my children suffer to but they did.

Now, I would like to thank the many Targeted Individuals that I have spoken to over the years that had so many encouraging words. I am praying for us all.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





Tampering- A T. I. Testimony

Well, a lot has changed with my targeting case. The goons are no longer in a frenzy while executing me. And it is on occasion that I will hear their rants over the COM system that they use.

They are still, however, probing me in my head and are still lasering me before I fall asleep. Much of it has died down and I truly believe that it is because I can identify many of these people. Even though they are in belief that they are above the law, they really are not.

I have reason to believe that they have tampered with my blog. Many of the responses to comments that were posted were not my responses even though my name and photo appeared beside them.

They have also tampered with my credit. I recall talking to a representative at Equifax and they asked me if I had opened a charge card from JC Penney. I never did and it was upsetting that someone would do such a thing. It was not my charge card and, mind you, I haven’t had any interest in charge cards. Why should I when I can barely hold a job? Needless to say, I had to freeze my credit.

Another incident happened with one of my debit cards. I had to send a photo of it to a representative in order to prove that I was the owner of it. Someone on Malmaison Rd. here locally tried to claim it I guess. That address was in the system as mine even though I have never lived on Malmaison Rd. It was unbelievable and the representative really gave me a hard time.

One of my children has also suffered because someone has stolen money off of her gift card and the representatives are giving her a hard time in refunding it.

Why can’t these stalkers stop tampering? They have torn my life apart. When is it all going to be enough?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.