At Work- A T.I. Testimony

These stalkers have followed me around for quite some time. Longer than what I have realized. They have manipulated my employment as well.

At work, I am once again training someone else to take my position and I can’t necessarily say that it is voluntary. The only reason that I do it is because I need a job. Who doesn’t need money?

And to think, I am being tortured while working it too. They don’t pay extra for it either. My only guess is that they want me to quit.

Now what is suppose to happen is that the new female will take my place in the shipping office and I may possibly be moved to the production floor. From what I understand, they are going to make her a manager. Surprise, surprise.

Isn’t it odd that I have been doing the job for over five months now and she comes in brand new and they offer her a manager’s position. No one has ever offered me anything, not that it matters. My dream was to be self-employed but the mob members’ found a way to stop that too.

They are setting me up for failure at every turn and there is nothing that I can do about it.

This will be the fourth company that I have worked for in my life where I will have trained someone that gets the promotion and I was offered nothing but a hard time.

When will it end? And why do they make it so obvious that they are syndicated? One thing that is for certain is that they are definitely scratching one another’s back and that is for sure.

I guess the female goon on the COM system was right…

“You ain’t got no foe.”

But why did I ever need any? I never had to be syndicated in order to progress and my life was fine like it was. Why do we need it now? And when will these people be properly exposed?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


What’s A Dud?- A T.I. Testimony

Early Saturday morning, I woke to a male, Caucasion voice telling me that they wanted to show people how much of a ‘Dud’ I am. It seems funny that he would say that because I would say the same about them. Obviously, I am not suffering from any self-esteem issues.

It seems that it is just another tactic that they use to belittle their victims and it’s not cool. Who do they think they are? If their weapons were taken away from them, then they would be just like myself and other victims. Then what?

Does it make me a ‘Dud’ because I am not sitting around wasting my life playing shoot ’em up with dangerous weapons. Does it make me a ‘Dud’ because I chose to work hard for a living? Does it make me a ‘Dud’ because I never syndicated?

At least I can say that I am not thieving people. I can also say that I am not a drug addict or alcoholic. I am not a pimp or prostitute. I am not a drug dealer. And I am not a gang member with self-esteem issues. I am just me and that is all I want to be. I really am appalled by the way they like to classify people.

I would never set people up for failure. Honestly, my personality prefers to help people, not hurt them. If that makes me a ‘Dud’, then so be it. And I am perfectly capable of learning as they are.

The gang stalkers in Danville, Virginia are very childish and very vain. They would even destroy a victim’s physical appearance in order to make themselves look better and then they flaunt themselves in front of you. The audacity of these people!

So what truly makes a person a ‘Dud’? As far as I am concerned, we are not Duds. We are human beings and they really need to get over themselves.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



Still Hanging In There- A T. I. Testimony

The hardest experience that I have ever been through in my life is gang stalking but I am still hanging in there. Things have calmed down a bit in Danville, Virginia but I am still trapped in this evil HAARP society. That hasn’t changed.

I am still getting stabs and probes to my head but the lasers are less frequent. I pray that it has stopped completely. It is hard enough living in the body that they have created for me. No need to mention, but I will…I am very uncomfortable.

A few days ago, the local stalkers were intentionally screaming the name Tig and I immediately knew who they were talking about. It was obvious that he wanted me to know who he was or somebody else did. His name is Timothy Garland but the name on his license plate was Tiggi as I last remember. He was someone that I had an intimate relationship with several years ago so I fail to understand why he would want to target me so if, in fact, it is him. We have nothing in common anymore.

Why can’t these people just leave me alone. Why did they choose me? Haven’t they ruined my children’s and my life enough?

This program is too violent for words. No one should have to die this way. Someone seriously needs to put a stop to this domestic terrorism.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Another Day of Bullying- A T. I. Testimony

So many years have gone by now since the targeting of my life, my body, and family began. It is hard to believe that it has lasted as long as it has but even more hard to believe that no one is trying to stop the demented goons that actually participate in torturing people. Their covenant members just sit around somewhere and bully people to death (literally). They want to do what they want to do but how can they live with themselves while doing it?

Today is no different from any other day of targeting except for the fact that they are trying new ways to use their weapons. I have felt some type of magnetic pull on my leg and against my back today. It was weird and definitely unnecessary. I have also received probes and stabs on my head and and a laser shot (microwave) to my right-side.

It just isn’t fair that Targeted Individuals have to suffer so.

“He murders who zooms.”- A T. I. Testimony

“These camps have been equipped to carry out Hitler-scale killings! An actual “purge” of American citizens by the very government which they, themselves, created and pay for! I cannot be party to this.”

“But while the American people patiently await things to get back to normal, the government will unleash round-up of citizens they deem militants or dangerous.”

“I was hired to enforce the law; to capture and deport people who come to this country against our laws. But now, if I dare to that, I face being suspended or fired because our President refuses to faithfully execute the duties of his office.”

Sgt. Neal McCaffrey, I.C.E. Agents Suicide Note:

Government To Disarm the Population…


mstmha: Bless his soul. He was right.

Last night, I was attacked again by their lasers. Those that attack me are definitely militant people. The first two shots to my face were pretty mild but the last one was more painful. Obviously, I was upset and decided to react. In a mono tone, I simply said, “You already had five years. Leave me alone.”

Once I said this, the attack ended. They know it to be true. Why would anyone, in sound mind and body, decide to continue to attack a female who is doing nothing to hurt anybody physically. I am not bothering their crew so why is my misery so important to them?

Well, I found the answer while they yapped away. They want to see me ‘wilt’. In other words, their jealous females would like to see me as unattractive and they want others to see me that way too. I am surrounded by my biggest haters. What they fail to realize, though, is that I am not attracted to any of them so why does it matter? In my opinion, they suffer from massive paranoia. They have even admitted that they use their weapons for retaliation. Obviously, that is not what those types of weapons should be used for.


Anyway, the following are more quotes from the Danville area gang stalkers because they refuse to lay off the COM system.

“You got how the police had covenant.”

“He was to ruin your reputation.”

“He murders who zooms.”

“You’re being envoyed.”

“We’re in slander.”

“You’re being big bossed.”

“We weeded all who bailed.” (Well, at least we know now how they get away with so much.)

“You are Atari.” (No I am not. I am a human being. )


Thanks for listening. God Bless.





The Red Laser Flash- A T. I. Testimony

More quotes from the dark side…

“We weave fibs,” exclaims a female.

“He wouldn’t leave you be!”

“They the sue who kills.”

“Yes, you in danger.”

“We murder capable people.”


I am being work mobbed to death. Wherever I go, it seems that they are going to do something to me that is unnecessary. I am so tired of these den-ed out psychos. The Klan and its affiliations have become out of control.

Just now as I was walking through the warehouse at work. An employee was sitting in his forklift when I walked towards him. Suddenly a huge red flash hit me from out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe it. The guy had shot a red laser beam right in my face.

I seriously don’t know whether the beam came from his cell phone or from the forklift that he was driving but it hurt like hell. I was in total shock. And it was the same employee who asked me out to dinner earlier that day. Of course, I refused. I now know that it was the right thing to do. They use any means possible to keep their targets close so that surveillance and prying in their targets lives is made easier.

It was no wonder why he was so forceful when talking to me. He becomes more and more adamant that I should call him. “Let’s get married next week,” he says. “My phone works you know.” “Call me,” he tells me. It was no matter that to him that I have said over and over again that I am not dating. And I sure wouldn’t date someone that I work with. At least not anymore.

Did he think that shooting me with a laser would help him out a bit? Is this the ‘date me or I will shoot you with a laser’ type deal? If so, they can play their games all day long because I am still not interested. As far as dating goes… I don’t. It has been years and I refuse to date those who only want to hurt me.

These people won’t leave me alone. And to make matters worse, I find out that I am about to be replaced by another temporary employee because she knows how to drive their equipment (forklifts, etc.).

Would you like my opinion?

I believe that she is a member of their network and they are replacing me because I am not. In this way, these goons are taking over the workforce because they are helping their club members fill our positions, get promotions, etc. And many of them are thieves. They are stealing from the companies that they work for and from people in the communities in which we live; but what can we do about it?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


“He wanted to shank you.” – A T. I. Testimony

More quotes from the local gang stalkers of Danville, Virginia…

“You know you look fugged,” screams a female. (I can honestly say that I am not the fug here. Even though I may be surrounded by the KKK, I am not the one working for the KKK in order to hurt other people. Besides, they need to look in the mirror anyway.)

“He wanted to shank you,” said a male voice. (I can tell.)

“You lose,” speaks a female. (My being tortured is not a competition so what was she talking about?)

“He had told its a hoax,” said a male.  (And that would be a lie before God.)


mstmha: They are still playing the door game where they bust through it which triggers their weapon and I am immediately radiated, mostly in my chest area. My boss seems to get a kick out of this game.

It is amazing to see how many so-called adults enjoy running around triggering such dangerous weapons as if they are children in a candy store. And no matter that I am a female. Maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine. Maybe we need to find out how much they can take.

Almost everyday I go through some type of weapon use. My body is tired from all of the torture but no one seems to be concerned that it hurts me.

What can we do to save ourselves from so much pain? Does anyone have a clue? Are faraday cages the answer? Why should it be when this type of torture is already illegal and should not be happening? It needs to stop but how.