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Torture For Days-Another T. I. Testimony

I was kept awake up until day break this morning. It wasn’the as if I were bothering anyone. The local gang stalkers just feel the need to bother me 24 hours a day with the electromagnetic weapons that they use. There was no way that I would fall asleep easily.

I can only imagine the damage that they have caused to body. The physical evidence is there but internally, I have no idea. There is no right or reason that this total torture is in use or any reason why it is being done to me. Still it hasn’t stopped.

At this moment, I am still being abused by these weapons and I can still hear them screaming from every angle as I sit outside. The ignorance of this program is tormenting.

Last night, as I was watching Hillary Clinton speak at the Democratic Convention, she made reference to the fact that she likes science. As many targets may agree, I am not very fond of science right now. Some things that scientists have created, in my opinion, should have been left alone. A few of them being laser and electromagnetic weapons.

Who wants to live their everyday life being fried to death by children who were trained to criminalize and adults that should know better?

Why would I want to be tortured to death by people that I know longer have a relationship but can hold a mean grudge?

Why are we even dealing with this in America anyway?

If a lawless society was what gang stalkers needed, then why did they not just create a country of their own? What is the deal with disrupting lives that never belonged to them? Even though America does it all the time, we are not property. We are human beings. And what can we do about our government when they make rash decisions about people and it is not every citizen’s fault? Do they think thathey just because we were born here, we have the Bilderberg Group on speed dial? How is it our fault? Electoral votes take precedence over the popular opinion. In most cases, our opinions as Americans is just that. Our opinions.

Why are we forced to deal with torture in a society where this kind of behavior is just not acceptable? Yet, no one does anything about it.

We are in a very filthy, degrading war right here in America and no one does nothing but continue to create an illegal America constitution. Other countries are also suffering but why are they doing this.

Is a demonic, torturous New World Order really a legitimate plan of the elitest? Is this depopulation at its dire worse?

A world where criminals reign until the rest of us are broke and disgusted? Why does the Constitution exist is we cannot use it?

On July 18, 2016, I decided to call 911 because I was so tired and so sore from all of the radiation that they inflicredit on my body.

When I spoke to the operator, it was weird. She heard my story about electromagnetic weapons being used on my body but, either she was trained not get excited during a 911 call and it was all an act or she was really did not know much about it. She even asked if I knew who was doing this to me. I mentioned a man Lou who possibly owns Lou’s Barbershop and Big Mike, who did or does work there. Theyes weren’the the only names that I have as far as possible suspects but that is what I told her at the time due to the voices on the V2K system. That is all that they were prettype much talking about. I don’t know Lou as to my knowledge. I can’t even recall if I ever met him. Big Mike, on the otherhand, had a very brief relationship.

(FYI… Right now they are attacking the hell out of my neck while I am writing this. The torture never ends. I am scared to think about the damage being done to my spine.)

Anyway, she took my information and said that she would have an officer contact me. Sgt. Taylor did but it was not a housecall. He simply called me on the telephone. I further explained to him about my situation but… when he said, “Well, you don’t know who it is.”

But, he was mistaken. It is the assumption of gang stalkers that the victim has no idea who is causing them harm. Some targets may not but many of the T.I.’s that I have spoken know for certain.

I had to counterattack as before, but I only gave a couple of names. And I also reiterated the fact that I had over sixty more even though he never asked.

“Well, you should find a lawyer and press charges!” says the cop but please beaware that I have just written is not verbatim. Still you get the idea.

“And what is this weapon called again so I’ll know?,”asks Officer Taylor. Again this is not verbatim.

It seemed that Officer tailor was having a lot of fun. And just in case I failed to mention this, I believe that Officer Taylor was NOT the same arresting officer that showed up to arrest my father when he and my stepmother had an alTerra tional on New Year’s Eve. It was someone different, yet, he was there at the trial as if he was the arresting officer.

You guessed it…

I think they pulled a switch.

The same kind of switch that my ex-husband used year’s ago when he came from Danville to Georgia to see his children when they were still in my custody and brought along his so-called wife.

Believe me, the first so-called wife was a lot younger than the ACTUAL woman he claimed to haverify married. Why the heck do they go through so much trouble. I am not blind. At least not yet anyway but…if they continue to shoot these lasers in my face and into my body, well, there is no telling what will happen.

More Gang Stalker Quotes While Using V2K…

“Why is there so many people after you,” says a female.

We hide the facts.”

“They want to do it till your gray.”

“Well had to yell!”

“That’she what they do to drive you nuts.”

“They about to pick you up.!”

“Why would they do you on dud.”

“You ain’the hugs.”

“Well were thinking that we were like vestibules.”

“…Nowed who you cuff.”

“He been holding it for eight years.”

“He did give a lot of love to Janae.” (Not sure if the name is spelled correctly.)

“You ain’the getting no luck.”

“We ain’the getting hold.”

“They admit they tape you.”

“They admit it.”

“He hits it in North Carolina.”

“They are all Feds.”

“The sue is back in Danville.”

“You the victim! Nobody’s taping me!”

“…Showing my obsession to you.”

“You gained an onslaught.”

“They Doug’d Janelle.”

“They didn’the know how deep they Joe you.”

“You won’t lose.”

“You were abducted.”

“You’ll  be under abduction.”

“He wanted to totally corrupt you.”

“You were in the accused.”

“Now they know we murdered.”

“You in bad battery.”

“They are trying to figure out how low is your lane.”

“They thought you went in to dunk.”

“We wanted you dead.”

“You got  a total gut.” (This may be referring to how much damage they have done inside my body.)

“You haven’t aged like we hoped.”

“You got too many thugs.”

“Now he really needs to deliver.”

“We need to be on Death Row.”

“He banging blokes.”

“He really said they beat them till they die.”

“You are in danger.”

“He wants to take your whole life away from you.”

“We acting like we not in no vandal.”

“He said nobody’said going to hear you roar.”

“Your the only thing they diss.”

“We are trying to hold on to every prevention.”

“They saw you being chased! (And no one stopped it?)

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




There Is A Thin Line Between Love and Hate-A T.I Testimony

It doesn’t pay to have someone whom you can say is just a lover. But what do you do when that lover is adamant about the fact that he can’t commit?

If you have ever wondered why I am being gang stalked, I am going to tell you based on only the knowledge that I have received since being attacked.

Around the time of my divorce, I met someone at Walmart who, was probably intentionally, pushing a basket of veggies just for the look of it.

He claimed, at the time that we met, that he was on a diet. Honestly, I did give him and his belly the benefit of the doubt even though I was use to men with frames that were entirely different.

As we were talking, he invited me to a Mary J. Blige concert. But, being me, I refused to go. He was a stranger! What if he was a rapist or serial killer! What would anyone else do?

His name was Steven and/or Stephen Lorenzo Cox. And, obviously, now just another criminal in my eyes based on the fact that I am now, without a doubt, a Targeted Individual since I met him.

Later that evening, after I refused the concert, he called me on my cell phone. And, from what it seemed, he was, not surprisingly, in the mood to showcase his repertoire. When we spoke, Steven made it seem as though he was there at the actual Mary J. Blige concert. He could have been.

Now, whether he was there in Greensboro, NC or not, in my opinion, would be investigative. I recall that he held his phone to the so-called stage as if he were really there in order that I could hear it on my end.

How can anyone know that it was or was not just a recording? Was it something else that he used in an attempt to make him look good?

Obviously, we hooked up later and he honestly made me feel like a princess. We spent a lot of time together. He met my family and I will only assume that I met his. We dined, laughed, and danced together throughout most of our relationship. I met two of his children and he met mine. We even traveled to the beach together, etc. etc. But was I?  Did he consider me to be what he projected? Could I have been just another victim? Now, I am certain, I was. And even though he may have had feelings for me at the time, it was just a job.

For most of my life, I was never in a shortage when it came to men. They just kept coming. A total set-up, I know.

I didn’t understand it then but I do understand it now. These people weren’t coming  (literally) for  no reason whatever. Shocking but so true.

I felt that I was being followed most of my life but I did not know why. And to this day, I still don’t.

My stalkers were so diversified.  They came from so many backgrounds. Was I being MK’d? To this day, I don’t know!

Anyway, while I was seeing Steven, he took our original agreement at face value. The agreement that we made when we first met.

What we had was an open relationship meaning that when we were together, we were, no doubt, together. BUT when we were apart, it was OK to see other people . I was surprised that with him being ten years older than myself that he would neglect our safety.

Obviously, he did not care.

To make a long story short, our relationship did not work out at all near the end because he gave me an STD and he had a very  jealous streak.

He told me that he did not want a commitTed relationship and that was fine. Based on what he said to me…

“Everything is fine like it is.”

So how is it my fault that I came about having other male interests? He wasn’t my boyfriend and nor was he my husband.

If an open-relationship was beneficial to him, then how is it my fault that I found comfort in other men that kept me safe?


Yet, I am being tortured by the very man that I had sexual relations with for multiple years but no longer have dealings with. And to add to the drama, possibly all of his baby mama’s (three that I know of) and other close relations are attacking me too! Not to exclude his best friend Greg whom I have only met once and, as it happens, may not have meant for me to meet.

If everything was fine like it was then why am I going through this?

Why do they feel the need to torture the hell out of me when I was no longer Steven’s or his family’s business after our relationship ended?

There is so much more to this story. Stay tuned.

And because the majority of tar gets are women, don’the be surpraised if their targeting is because of who they may have or may have not slept with.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

Chatham Library Stalk-a-thon Over Head

I am sitting in the library in Chatham, Virginia. The stalkers of the area, still, to this day, refuse to leave me be. They have been attacking my head since I have been here. Beaming their lasers onto the back of my head over and over again. sometimes it burns. I am so annoyed.

Why don’t these people have a life! Why are they so Neanderthal-ed? How is it that they are not suited to normal society, yet, they continuously try pretend that their world was the norm the entire time? They are so beastly. What happened to them?

Yesterday, I could hear one of them talking about how they wanted to disfigure me. No, they haven’t shut up yet. Anyway, how awful is it that they sem to be on some hard-core mission to destroy, not only my life, but my body as well. And many of them never even knew me at all. What I have also gathered is that they seem to enjoy making ‘vegetables’ out of people as they call it. What would happen if every one of their targets’ decided to return the favor? What a mess they have made.

And, sadly too, they don’t disappoint when the intention of the greater bad is at its highest. They will laser you to hell just because they can and to have their way. For example, every night, I go through the same thing consistently.

As soon as I lay down to rest, I can feel them surrounding my body with what they say are ‘projectiles’. It sometimes feels as if they are forcing my entire body into some type of invisible cage. In other times, they may aim at different parts of my body at varying degrees such as my face or my spine. My feet have been tortured as well. Over the years, I have noticed tiny markings beneath my big toe. These markings are tiny lines stacked on top of one another. I now have three of them but I have no idea how they got there.

How did they find all of these people? No really. The families that do this are so totally weird! It’s as if they born angry and they don’t know any other way. I have never seen anyone actually enjoy living the way they do, at least, not until I began getting stalked to death myself.

What I also can’t really comprehend is why they people still creeping  around others as if no one knows who they are or what they do.

How can they not feel as if they haven’t done enough damage? And another thing, why would these strangers want people to believe that I am the only one going through this? Why would they want me to be the only one going through this? Do they really think that this is one big secret?

As for the projectiles, well, I knew that there was a reason that a doctor, quite a few years back, told me that I had a degenerating spine. Sometimes they will point the laser so that it travels up and down my spine while attempting to sleep. These cult members should not be able to get away with something so awful. Perfectly healthy people are now deteriorating fast due to the illegal misuse of weapons that they should not be using anyway.

When is all of this going to end?

1:26 pm They are still lasering the heck out my head.

I guess it won’t until we somehow force it to.





More Gang Stalker Terror Quotes


The most important Manhattan Projects of the future will be the vast government-sponsored enquiries into what the politicians and the participating scientists will call “the problem of making people love their servitude. Without economic security, the love of servitude cannot possibly come into existence: for the sake of brevity, I assume that the all-powerful executive and its managers will succeed in solving the problem of permanent security.

a really efficient efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, news paper editors, and school teachers. But their methods are still crude and unscientific.

(Excerpt copied from the book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, an English writer, novelist, philosopher.)

Monochrome portrait of Aldous Huxley sitting on a table, facing slightly downwards.

Aldous Huxley

Even after so many years of being gang stalked, the actual stalkers’ don’t seem to actually get tired of saying, pretty much, the same thing all the time. And it gets really annoying when they continue to state what is already obvious.

Below, I have listed more gang stalker quotes but the list does not even begin to state how much they throw at me on a 24 hour basis.

Some of these quotes may sound remarkably unbelievable but they are very real indeed. I can’t even say how I am still here to tell the story.


Gang stalker Quotes:

“They see he hey-ed Mustapha.”

“He needed sluts.” (Yes, folks. They are proud of this.)

“You getting too many apps.”

“Now they see who he Huds.”

“He can’t deal the ganked.”

“You know they ganked.”

“They came to keep you from being famous.”

“We just wanted to hate you every day.”

“They sent your password.”

“He was trying to help him out.”

“He know how we thieve you.”

“He know we in the crocks.”

“You won jail.”

“I just ignore it.”

“Mustapha hit the hell out of you.”

“He needs you to lose.”

“They can use it for whatever they want.” (I can only assume that the male that said this was referring to the weapons that they use.)

“They wanted our thousands lept.

“He’s gained a hussy.”

“They say you didn’t want to know…,” says a male and then a female continues to say,”…how much he diseased.”

“They need they own controls.”

“This is all out violent.”

“You know we ain’t bud.” (The stalkers’ locally usually use the word ‘bud’ as meaning ‘buddy’.)

“We fiend on the malice.”

“We are in fallacy.”

“We need to get back to reality.”

“He act like you got dues.” (Did anyone know that gang stalkers’ actually pay dues to their syndications?” I guess we know now why they seem to work extra hard to steal from us.)

“They see they trying to play with you.”

“He was in a fit of giggles.” (This stalker comment was a real example of what these demonic people do after they attack us.)

“They trying to bud our dues.”

“Ya’ll under duress.”

“He was trying to keep ya’ll under radar.”

“We goaded all the logs.”

“He was heading their ‘hoops’.” (I am assuming that they are referring to somone or something in basketball.

“We got 45 years to show.”

“They know how we defy.”

“They know who gets the hugs.” (The word ‘hugs’ means ‘approval’ from what I have noticed.)

“We deceit-ed our way.”

“You indeed-ed in agility.”

“He is untame.”

“Today is ‘huts’.” (‘Hut’ refers to football in some way or is referring to someone who may have leaved in some type of village that had actual ‘huts’. Since most of what I have seen them promote has everything to do with sports or the entertainment industry, football would probably be the better guess.)

“They really want you severed.”

“They have been hiding in it a long time.”

“We wanna fucking annoy you!”

“The fact is that we will annihilate you!”

“You need to dip.”

“They know how he demotes you.”

“They used you as bait.”

“She faked a politician.”

“They wanted the family to think your a bum.”

“They wanted to hold your life.”

“This is your last dance.”

“We all trail you.”

“We even demon-ed Dubai.”

“We were reckless in our game.”

“They have so many knobs.”

“Now they see who is addicted.”

“They governed escape.”

“He needed you to look hag.”

“We still can’t get out of your brain.”

“We in deep.”

“We didn’t need the FBI.”

“They wanted to destroy you.”

“We didn’t want nobody to know.”

“He needs that we got a hooker.”

“He know you ain’t it.”

“He is leaving you all in assault.”

“He is not at ease.”

“Now they know they got to heat the fuck outta you.”

“That’s the State.”

“He knew you wouldn’t be free.”

“She don’t want you  to tae-dow.”

“She want you to lose.”

“We need ya’ll slow. (Probably because they already are.)

“He got you gashed.”

“They gained to annihilate you .”

“There really ain’t gon be no F-B-I-A.”

“We demon-ed as hell.”

“We are really ready to turn this world upside down.”

“We gotta dough the FBI.”

“Ya’ll all out amusing me.”

“They needing you low.”

“You lose their bet.”

“They already premeditate you.”

“We got people working the FBI.”

“They can’t wait to bother you.”

“They want to heat the hell out of you.”

“We needed a lot of repetitions on you.”

“They needed their no-fly unlisted.”

“You even got who.”

“You will warn!”

“You now-ed they premeditate you.”

“The endow is DOD.”

“We keep talking about these things that are intimate.”

“We need this word-free.”

“My job is year-ed.”

“They know he helping with the hold-up.”

“It wasn’t looking like we tame you.”

“We was to go on non-stop.”

“The way we do it ain’t quiet.”

“You in use.”

“We are burglars.”

“We are very tired.”

“It is a boxer.” (See what I mean. There are quite a few in the entertainment industry. The only boxer that I know of would be someone that I attended high school with. His name is Marcus Luck. Do you think that it was mere coincidence that he showed up at my job a while back while I was being work-mobbed?)

“We are virtually invisible.”

“We indeed in the tamp.”

“He don’t nay the hut.”

“We did it on the sly.”

“He really wants to take you all away in handcuffs.”

“They know we been tampering.

“We have to do the most skits around you.”

“He needed he didn’t hit it.”

“They need you to fail.”

“They want to keep you in mug.” (In other words, they want to keep robbing me.)

“They was going to stalk you to the limit.”

And believe it or not, this isn’t all of it.


Others whom may be involved in my gang stalking program:

Jeffrey McLaughlin- (He is a city police officer. Why is it that throughout all the yelling, these stalkers have me believe that he is behind the controls? And if he is, what does he have to do with me?)

Kirby Wright- (He may be the owner of Negril in Danville, Va. Not really sure. How is it that, sometimes, when something happens, his name usually has something to do with it? His name has come up, not only in two other occasions in regards to myself, but with another family member as well.)

Brock- Who is he? And what in heavens name does he have to do with me?

Bob- The only Bob that I use to know was best-friends with my ex-husband. He was African too.



lube- This word has everything to do with anal sex. It seems to be a favorite topic of conversation for them. Many of them also enjoy talking about their gay-dom.

dues- Money or something substantial due to someone, obviously.

eject- I am not sure what they mean by this. It could possibly mean the removal of someone or something. Not really sure.

dimple- I think this word is used to describe someone within the organization.

hug- To give approval

bud- Buddy

walk- To walk away from. A term used to describe escape from punishment

refrigerator- I believe that this word is used to describe a ‘harem of prostitution’ . Not really sure about this either.

Scientology- A religious system based on the seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment through graded courses of study and training. Scientologists may be the key to what Targeted Individuals are going through.

cue- The trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time. This may possibly be time when T.I’s are experiencing the most assaults.

indeeded- To make certain. This is just one of the words used in their daily slang

Brazil- This may be the  place where one or more of my gang stalkers may have been born. The only person from Brazil that I may have little to no knowledge of may have been the wife of an old associate even though he denied that he was ever married. His name was Timothy Garland. Maybe he was one of those that my ex-husband hooked up with to aide in my torture. Time will tell.

What I do know without a doubt is that these criminals in Danville, Virginia are psychotic.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.












The Story of Terry Parker, Jr.- Another Targeted Individual

From …


Dear Geoff,

My medical records and X-rays disclose unauthorized “psychosurgical” and “brain implant” experimentation, without informed consent, nor parental knowledge.  This information correlates with the CIA MK-ULTRA project of “psychosurgical” and “brain implant” research upon “unwitting subjects”.   Those subjects being myself, and other children who suffer epilepsy, at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

Since Dec. 9,1969, I have always experienced pain along the cranium incision line, which has been diagnosed as cerebral hemmorahaging by Dr. Derek Jones of Toronto St. Michael’s Hospital.    I have also experienced increase and variation in seizures, along with episodes of status epilepticus.

More off the wall, these 43 unauthorized metallic implants in the cerebral cortex, are recognized as Manchurian candidate developmental research. Such research, in which my mother and myself, had no choice, and is not conducive for treating epilepsy, according to Operating Theatre technique, by R. J. Brigden, (1969) outlining neurosurgical standard for that year.

While the Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons play obstruction of justice, damage control, and concealment, I have a patient advocate informing me of a “on-going problem”.

Would appreciate some media coverage on this criminal cover-up, as to discover how many other children have been covertly exploited for unauthorized human experimentation.

Thanks advance for your consideration I remain.


Terry Parker Jr./aka Robertson


(“Psychosurgery” means any procedure that, by direct or indirect access to the brain, removes, destroys or interrupts the continuity of histologically normal brain tissue, or which inserts indwelling electrodes for pulsed electrical stimulation for the purpose of altering behaviour or treating psychiatric illness, but does not include neurological procedures used to diagnose or treat organic brain conditions or to diagnose or treat intractable physical pain or epilepsy where these conditions are clearly demonstrable……Mental Health Act, Ontario Mental Health Statutes)

Editor’s Note: This can be done with the kinds of substances found in nature, in commerical products like tungsten wedding bands or other toxic metals.

Read the original in its entirety at…