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Blacked In Darkness-Gang Stalking Tactics Done In The Dark

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Blacked In Darkness-Gang Stalking Tactics Done In The Dark
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha

Many may not know this, but the world renowned Academy, Emmy, and Globe Globe award winning actress, Jane Fonda is also a Targeted Individual. She is a survivor of the surveillance program initiated by the NSA called Project Minaret and government harassment during the Vietnam Era. (See her bio at

Shockingly, she has even been smeared in a male restroom with words such as “Hanoi Jane – Still a Traitor” on a wall within the restroom of a Veterans of Foreign Wars facility. Most believe that the reason behind her targeting was not just because she was a political activist but because of a photograph that was taken of her sitting on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. That has been one of her biggest regrets.

Julienne McKinney, a former army intelligence officer who has made it her business to expose electronic harassment and mind control torture, had also confirmed and documented that Jane Fonda was a victim as well in a letter entitled “Letter from the Association of National Security Alumni to Cheryl Welsh”. This letter can be found at the following links…

Original link:

And for the news article of Jane’s restroom targeting, you can find it at:

My point is that no one is ever safe from government harassment whether it be electronic or not. No one is excluded from the vicious attacks, not even celebrities.
Britanny Spears has even complained of how she was tired of people touching her on video. She even went as far as shaving her own hair. It makes you wonder if she is also Targeted Individual.

For starters, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Hood-Acolatse, also known as mstma, and I, unfortunately, am also a Targeted Individual. To the best of my knowledge, I have been targeted by gang stalkers for at least seven years’ but it is very likely that I have been targeted longer than even I can remember. Many of my gang stalkers were actual family members or people that I have known; but the majority of my attackers were people that I had never met and never knew. It came as a surprise to me to find that the biggest prejudice in the gang stalking program is the prejudice of not being known to them. Their biggest reasons for targeting individuals are more child-like than anything that I have ever seen. Just because they do not know you means to them that you may become subjected to the worse types of terror that anyone has ever seen in the face of all humanity. I haven’t read or seen anything to beat it, honestly. Just so that you understand my meaning, here is an example:
During a final custody hearing in June 2012, the custody of my children was taken away me and given to my criminal ex-husband simply based on, from what he said, “I do not know you.” At least that is all that I can go by because he never explained why he was tearing me away from my children that I have raised the majority of their lives. As luck may have it, the court order that was later delivered never really gave an excuse, either. If you look closely at the documentation, you can see how fake the order really is. Could it be possible that the judge really did not have a legitimate excuse? Absolutely. It was all clearly a set-up enforced by this judge who somehow knew my ex-husband enough to do him a favor. It was no matter that he had a criminal background or that their conspiring to steal custody of my children also showed that they were not a good people. How healthy do you think this was for any one of my children? To answer that question, you will have to read further. It really wasn’t healthy at all, especially for my daughter. I will explain more, later.

Gang Stalking in its entirety is a series of scams invented by people that know one another and are simply scratching one another’s backs or giving favors from what I can see. They do not believe in consequences; no matter how illegal or detrimental their actions can be to themselves and others. It eventually leads to deteriorating health (both mentally and physically) for the victim. It also leaves their victims feeling isolated and without any assistance whether it be judicial or monetary.

It is speculated that gang stalking is an agenda in which was developed by the Ku Klux Klan, from what I have gathered, as a means of depopulation, segregation, discrimination, humiliation, and personal vendetta and/or retaliation in its worse forms. It is a very developed, yet, hostile means of forcing their victims to commit suicide. I have also read that in years past, over 20,000 persons of color (Blacks especially) joined the Ku Klux Klan. These Black members are known as Klaverns. One of the reasons given for extending membership to the black race was simply because it was just easier for blacks to communicate with one another as opposed to their communications with those within the white race. It also freed up time for the white KKK members to work on other developments. When you actually begin examining gang stalking, the ‘pyramid scheme’ is quite obvious (for lack of better phrasing). Whatever begins at the top of the pyramid will, inevitably, filter down to everyone at the bottom. If any of this is at all true as to the KKK and its new members, then it makes perfect sense why gang stalkers are so hostile to the point of murder towards not just their own people but to other races, as well. Apartheids are heavy in gang stalking but it is not just about race because most other races have suffered significant damage. Gang Stalking is more of a play on wills. It’s a cheat sheet for power freaks, so to speak.

The following testimonies may seem a bit far-fetched for most. Even hard to believe but it is true to the best of my knowledge in the chain of events of my own targeting experience. And I hope that the following information may help others in their understanding of what can really happen as Targeted Individual. Please feel free to comment or question anything that I may have written that may need further clarification or explanation. I would be happy to assist.

Gang Stalking Tactics:

Racketeering-The most important thing that a Targeted Individual should know is that, while under constant surveillance, the perpetrators may be gambling on what a target will do next. The perpetrators are those who are manipulating the targets life in everything that they do. So don’t be surprised to find that they have been betting on the target’s life throughout all of the chaos that one experiences. They should just watch and listen closely to those are them. When they find different people trying to push them in different directions in any circumstance, it is possible that it may be true. Most gang stalkers are liars, mobsters, and thieves and they delve in most things negative. They can be very loud when they taunt, mimic, or clown their victims. This could be the reason why they mimic the victim. They may possibly want to steer the victim in another direction when making decisions.

-Harassment and Bullying
-Victims experience abusive harassment and bullying within their home, within their communities, at their workplaces, and any other public or non-public locations where they continuously track and surveillance their victims. Sometimes gang stalkers just come out of nowhere simultaneously to stalk their victims to the point of seeming very mental. Occasionally, they will speak to their victims to get private information but most of the time they are seen just flocking around them. I have seen them taking out their cell phones and pointing it at their victim. I believe that they use cell phones for tracking the victim. Somewhat like a GPS is used at the United States Census Bureau to map spot residential and business locations. In that, I am guessing but I have had one to many cell phones thrown in my face by perfect strangers. Frankly, I could find better things to do with my time.

-Slandering and Misinformation-Constant slandering, defamation of character, and smear tactics are inflicted on the victims (Lies such as: the victim may be a prostitute, a pedophile, drug addict or drug dealer, gay, schizophrenic, a thief, criminals, or anything that may be opposite of the victim’s true character, and so on…)
They use lies and deceit, framing, set-ups, scams to try to convince others that there is something wrong with the victim. Gang Stalkers will attempt to ‘fake’ a victim’s circumstances to anyone in an attempt that they will be more believed based on the network that they follow. They tag team so that their lies can be more believable, especially to those that clearly have limited or no relationship with the victim. They survive by knowing that man will automatically believe anything if they can convince more than one person to say it. Unfortunately, that is how real lies are spread. They tell a story of what may seem to be actual events but they were never actual events to begin with.

A great example of this tactic is the story of Seemona Sumasar called, ‘A Revenge Plot So Intricate, the Prosecutors Were Pawns’. It can be found on the New York Times website at:
That article will give you some very good insight on the methods used by gang stalkers to manipulate the government and the people around them to their advantage.

*Misinformation is also widely used on targets. Especially with a target’s employers, family, friends, business associates, etc. It has been used on the internet by gang stalkers and it is used to create misdirection to the public or to change their views about websites that may actually be trying to speak the truth or about specific people who are trying to tell it. Slandering has been used to give misinformation.

*Misdirection is one of the reasons why gang stalkers are so adamant about lying about any and everything. Their lies could be as small as the reason why a target’s manager did not invite he/she to a meeting, when in normal circumstances, they would have been in attendance.
Another example, based on my own personal experience, would be…
You presently work for an employer that has two warehouses on its site. They call them Building A and a Building B. You currently work in the offices of Building A as an Administrative Assistant you have already retained knowledge from management that Building B has laid off over half of their employees and will be closing the building. Your manager comes to you and attempts to push you into going to work in Building B. You begin to think about the reasons he may want you to work for Building B. It just does not make sense. Firstly, you’re an Administrative Assistant who has plenty to do in the office. Secondly, Building B is a warehouse with no Administrative offices and has already laid-off over half their workers’. To most people, layoffs mean that there is not enough work available. So why would he bother? Could it be that he wants to lay you off with the building? If that is the case, then why did he not just release you of your employment in your present position if he possibly wanted to lay you off anyway? Secondly, did he realize that, if you did move to Building B, that you would have to be trained in that job, as well? Did they even have the time to train before the building actually closed? Or was the suggestion just another gang stalking game amongst every other game that you had already experienced with that employer? It doesn’t seem like it was meant to be an innocent suggestion, does it?
Falsifying information or documents to prevent someone from obtaining employment could also be an example of misinformation. Many Targeted Individuals are blacklisted from employment because of this. It almost seems that the only people they may find employment or people within their network or control.

-Work-mobbing-Victims are treated horribly within the workplace and no matter how much wrongdoing is reported, no one stands by the victim for corrective measures and no actions are taken against the guilty parties. As I have said before, victims are also blacklisted or walled from obtaining other jobs by the gang stalking network and their accomplices. They will also play games within the workplace that may play on a victim’s self-esteem.
Sometimes, in the workplace, victims will see fellow employees intentionally walking side by side or talking in groups when the victim is in their presence with the purpose of making the victim feel excluded. If you watch closely, you will see exactly when their role-playing will begin. Everyone starts gathering at the same time. These actions may be repetitive and initiated by more than one set of employees at different times of the day but it almost always only happens when the victim is present.
Targets will begin to be torn away from their previous relationships and what they may have once considered to be normal.
For example, a victims’ management or fellow employees may stop inviting them to company events or employee get-togethers but they will make a point of discussing the events in detail around the victims without extending an invitation. A victim may have been a huge participant in activities prior to being gang stalked but once they become a victim, they may continuously be excluded. Victims may actually begin to feel anti-social and when this happens, gang stalkers will begin to act concerned and attempt to ask petty questions that they already know the answers to such as, “Is something wrong.” Some gang stalkers actually say this with a smile, believe it or not. They know exactly what they’re doing.

Victims will find that their employees or employers will suddenly start acting and becoming more secretive. Gang stalkers target people that the victim may have shared conversations or a friendship with. Their relationship with their friends may have been very open and sharing but, soon, it will seem as if their friends have changed overnight and, frankly speaking, they probably did.

The employees surrounding the victim will, also, sometimes walk around in sniffles for most of the working day as if they have been shedding tears. This may happen for short or long periods of time and like magic it disappears.
Ex: I have, literally, had a ‘manager’ walk me into an office, close the door so that it was just she and I, and the next thing that I know, she burst into tears. She clearly stated to me that she could no longer do what our store manager was asking of her. She wouldn’t give me details but she definitely was not happy about it. She did mention that she had applied for a transfer to another store within the chain. (What she did not know was that a transfer was probably not going to make her situation any better. She was still going to be with the same company, under the same leadership. And if she decided to quit, she may also become subject to targeting.) Now, the tears that this particular woman shed were real, but, I have found that most of the time, during my own experience, that their tears were nothing more than an act. It was a carefully planned skit. There were two other female ‘managers’ that shed tears to me, a non-manager, within the same company. Maybe they were using me for training purposes or maybe the gang stalking training that was given was just too much for some people to comfortably handle. They would have to be very insensitive and hostile to maintain their employment and women in those positions usually have to think like a man and act like one, as well. No wonder no one is really happy.

I worked with someone who was my supervisor, yet, I helped train her in her position as a supervisor. How funny is that? She was also aiding in my gang stalking experience. Her tears were definitely ‘crocodile tears’. How did I know? Well, before the new management arrived we were sort of close to the point of sharing and I remembered the times that she would slam the office phone after speaking to her boyfriend or come to work miserable and sometimes teary because was being really insensitive or abusive towards her. They had a lot of issues. The tears she shed then were real. Now after the new management came into play, her tears were not as sincere. I recall how she would just come storming into our office, throw herself down on her chair at her desk like a big child having a hissy fit. She would hardly say a word to me and then went about her work (or at least acting as if she was) and continue to sniff over, over, over again as if she were trying to prevent herself from crying but there were no tears! It wasn’t her. She wasn’t acting like herself and this actually went on for quite a bit. I knew that some very crazy things were happening within the office, but I did not know, at that time, how crazy things were about to get.

Victims should also be wary of employees who come into work who are very, very sleepy. More so, if there is more than one in that condition. The chances are that they may have been up all night with their gang stalking buddies practicing skits for the new working day. They do have practice the methods that they will use to cheat you out of your job, and possibly, your entire life. That’s a lot of work.

Targets in work-mobbing will also experience constant write-ups or misrepresentation of what their employer may have considered unwarranted or bad behavior. Sometimes victims will get write-up for things so petty that it becomes truly a waste of time and paper. It will start to become a weekly task for gang stalkers to find a reason to write you up for whatever ‘they’ may deem necessary. Of course, most of know that it will soon lead to a very non-forgiving paper trail and an eventual discontinuance of a victim’s employment. I remember receiving ‘weekly’ write-ups from at least two different employers back to back. The write-ups weren’t mandatory issues and some were false but they made it seem as if they were indeed, sufficient, corrective action.

Targets also need to watch out for employees that will tag team against them. It may seem that the target is almost always wrong about everything or made to feel stupid even though that is far from the case. They want to make their victims seem lesser than themselves. They enjoy playing on a target’s self-esteem. Gang stalkers within the workplace also enjoy downplaying a targets skills and work-ability by pretending to provide the initial training for skills that they already know their target is skilled at.
This is common with jobs where almost everyone either blood related in some way or there are a variety of families’ and friends working within the same business.

Once upon a time, there was a rule of thumb that most hiring managers lived by and that rule was to make it within your ability to refuse hiring relatives within the same workplace or least not within the same departments. It sounded good to me and it was for a good reason because look at what is now happening. Now it is almost inevitable that you will be working with individuals that are, no doubt, related in one way, shape, or form even if they are only related by marriage. In those circumstances, it is easy to believe that family members usually have the ruling vote in almost everything, even in relationships. Family members are always right and the target will forever be wrong.

Ex: I worked for a company in which almost everyone in the company was either blood-related or someone had married into the ‘family’. I swear, it takes a minute to get use to. I was beginning to feel as if I had landed in West Virginia. I was, almost, the only one who had no blood or marital ties amongst all of the other employees. And no matter how long I actually worked there, guess who was still being gang stalked. You got it. It was me! I was still the lucky one.
The more I think about it, it truly is not easy to grasp that most victims of gang stalking may never find a new job because of the now ruling class of gang stalkers. They may not get hired because they either, ‘don’t know you’ or ‘just don’t like you’. Now how is that for EOE employers! The only thing that their families have to do is whine their way to the top. It is so totally criminal.

Victims will also be subjected to name calling and false assumptions of their character that is relayed by targets through innuendos and some, on the other hand be pretty blatant. If the target works in a public facility, then victims should feel confident that the company’s customers and clientele will be in full participation to slander and defame the victim, as well as, force ill treatment upon them. Whether the slander will be true or false can only be determined by the target, but still, they will have to endure being subjected. Even outside of work.

Ex: I have had co-employees, in passing, murmur the word ‘trash’ loud enough for me to hear them as they moved hurriedly along. It was happening consistently and it was said by, not just one person, but many. I have also had the experience of seeing my co-workers continuously throw trash in my trash bin or in a trash bin somewhere near my person. Normally, this would not seem strange but, in my defense, who would not find it strange that there were at least nine to ten trash bins in the same small, cubical-filled office where trash can be discarded. There was a trash bin located at every team members’ desk so there was no excuse for them not to use their own. Yet, it never failed that they chose the ones closet to me. This actually will happen in public places, too, by perfect strangers, oh so coincidentally. After a while of this, it did not seem like a coincidence anymore. Especially after experiencing the ‘trash’ word coming out of everyone’s mouth as if that was the only word they knew. Oh, wait. They vocabulary did extend just a little. They did add words such as ‘nothing’ and ‘zero’. And one of my managers took it just one step further. To him, I was a now a female dog, literally. Yes, he called me the b-word and then turned red in color when I asked him to repeat himself. Believe me when I say that he did not dare. My workplace had transformed into Armageddon. I reported it to my supervisor but no one bothered to do anything about it. Some of these people could get away with murder and, it seems, no one will do a thing about it.

Role-playing or skits are very important to gang stalkers. It seems to play a major part in their targeting. Maybe that is one of the reasons that they spend so much time meeting up with another.
Victims could live on a very quiet road, and the next thing they know, almost every house on their road may begin harboring multitudes of cars parked in their driveways, in their grass, or on the sides of the roads. This may happen on an almost daily basis. I cannot fail to mention that the noise and the traffic really starts to get crazy at all hours of the day and night. I have even noticed courthouses and public meeting places such as old schools, and even churches whose parking lots become so packed that sometimes people have to park, either, in someone’s grass, or on the sides of the road. This is a true sign that the gang stalkers are moving in and there is a chance that someone is being gang stalked. If there is a meeting of gang stalkers, then it may be about you if you never were invited to the party, so to speak. Victims may also notice an increase of new neighbors, as well.

-Constant Illegal Surveillance- Targets are almost always being targeted by their cell phones, computers, or any other electronics that the victim frequently uses. (They treat victims as if they are criminals, yet, it is they who are breaking the laws of society. A victim can move from one state to another and still be followed by their perpetrators. They are situated or hidden within remote locations’ that makes their tasks easier.) They will also install printers on your computer that are not yours, assumedly, so that they can print out whatever they can straight from your computer. On quite a few occasions, I have had to delete a printer named ‘Warehouse’ that was installed on my computer. At that particular time, my printer was located in a storage unit and was not within my access so I knew, not only by the name, but by the fact that my printer was not available to me, that someone was definitely doing some dirty dealings on my computer. I have even had a computer tech who used a remote control from a remote location, actually show me how many times my computer had been hacked into simply by controlling my mouse.

-Targets can be implanted with micro-chips without their knowledge and without actually physically being implanted by a doctor. The only thing that these perpetrators need is there technology for installation and the victim will, sometimes, never know. Victims are easier to track and studied by their perpetrators and it is more convenient if the target almost never knows. Now, if your body is as sensitive as mine, you may sometimes feel your controllers doing something to your body although you may not know exactly what that something is. We are now in the mist of the not-so-glorious days of criminal technology.

-Implants and Trans-humanism-Implants are given when your controller(s) decides to replace your internal organs with manufactured or artificial replacement parts which generally is what we can almost consider to be Trans-humanism. Ray Kurzweil and Vita-More speak quite often about the evolution of trans-humanism in today’s society on their websites. They have expressed that they are now on an evolutionary journey to create the perfect man or super-human, so to speak. That is one reason why they are now using super-computers to retain all of our brain information. They say that human-bodies are too frail and should be re-designed so that man may live longer. Some scientists are so optimistic about trans-humanism that they believe that man may eventually live forever with the use of advanced science. In gang stalking, however, a target’s body under what I like to call ‘virtual surgeries’ that can only be directly seen by their controllers by simply using a computer. Something like the holograph, the controller cannot while they tear away your internal organs and replace them with their own artificial substitutions. A victim cannot see what is being done to their bodies but they can definitely guess because they can definitely feel ever eerie moment. It really seems like you are living in a real-life scene in a Sci-Fi movie flick. Actually, the more I think about it, the victim really is. This has also been my experience and it has not been comforting. They have total control of my involuntary, artificial heart that can sped up or slowed down whenever they feel like it and over the rest of my body, as well. It is absolutely frightening to know that someone else, especially criminalized gang members, may have total control of the duration of my life-span. I will assume that they could pull the plug on my life at any given point and time because they have done it before. I literally thought and felt as if I were dead from what they did me (That story to come later.)
Honestly, in my opinion, targets are not subjected to this type of technology for the betterment of their own lives or for society. For targets who have undergone trans-humanization or cyborging are simply being jailed within their own bodies for someone to have more control over them. If trans-humanism for targeted individuals was for any good reason, then they would never have become targets to begin with. At least that is how I see it. It is just another form of modern day enslavement. Ok, now that I have really depressed myself with this subject enough for today….) Let us move on, shall we?

– Electronic Harassment– Harassment and abuse by electromagnetic/microwave weapons that lends to the target feeling physically drained because of the ongoing electrical shock and/or burning feeling created by these weapons. It may occur once or multiple times consecutively. The shocks can be felt on very low frequencies or they can be considerably intense. It is a feeling of being in an electric chair. Bile can sometimes become regurgitated after being shocked at very high frequencies and may sometimes taste like battery acid. (As for the frequency levels, somehow, I have the feeling that it all depends on how your abuser is feeling on any given day as to how much a target is subjected to.)
*More weapons used on targets can be described as taser guns and poison. Tasering can by using their hologram system and a victim can be poisoned through the ventilation systems of their home. All of the above described weapons can also be felt through modern day technology such as the ringing of your very own personal cell phones and cell phones also serve as remote controls, tracking, and recording devices for gang stalkers to maximize a victim’s attacks on their person and allow their controllers to determine a target’s whereabouts. Voice-to-skull technology is another technology where the target can clearly hear the voices of their perpetrators in their ears as if they were standing right there beside them. Targets may also experience a ringing in their ears, attacks to their heads and bodies by unseen instruments, and an extreme light that looks as if it is right there at a target’s forehead that can be seen by the victim even if their eyes are closed. It becomes most annoying when you are trying sleep but,as most target’s know, they are victimized the most by gang stalkers when they are trying to get to sleep. There is just one more thing that that I would like to disclose about their weapons. They can increase or decrease the weight of their victims on any part of their body with their technology.
Animations like those seen by a projector could be shown on the windows and walls within some victims’ home some of which may look like a person’s silhouette. To add to this, my gang stalkers added what looked like a projection of grid (like the kind that is seen in graph books) to my shower wall in Virginia. It wasn’t something that you could physically touch because it was more like an image on a projection screen. I recall that every time I attempted to take a shower, the grid would grow so red and hot that it would burn my skin and I was unable to do so. To my disgust, I had to go a few days without showering because they would not stop heating it up. I told my landlord about, even sent them a photo through text messaging but they refused to come out to see it for themselves. Could it be that they knew about. Of course they did! I do not have any idea whether it was a laser that was automatically activated when I entered the shower or whether someone was constantly watching me to see when I would make the attempt to do so. Either way, I already know someone was always watching. I could hear them talking through the media in my home, such as through the radio or the television; so I guess that it really doesn’t matter at this point.

There are so many more weapons and technologies used, I am sure, but that is all that I will discuss for now. The more I write about, the more psychotic this all seems. Someone really needs to be institutionalized, seriously. These weapons are being used on innocent ‘civilians’ and no one, outside of those being targeted, sees anything wrong with it?

And as an afterthought, if anyone of our controllers’ targets began looking like supermodels or baby dolls after they have mishandled and controlled our bodies so much, then maybe I would feel differently about the usage of their technology that was meant to aide not destroy. But, unfortunately, no target that I know of has become a baby doll or GQ model. We all know that their intentions are for targeted individuals and I very seriously doubt that it has anything to do with who will be the next top-model.
You know, I have always wondered how most celebrities’ bodies would become so voluptuous and their skin so clear that you could practically see through their skin. Their before’s and after’s can be pretty funny.
Anyway, in knowing, now, how advanced technology really is, that star-studded look could possibly belong to anyone with just a click of a mouse. It is unfortunate for us targets that no matter how talented most of us are, more likely than not, we are just simply being wasted and enslaved for no legitimate reason. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some of us may have actually mattered. Maybe it has something to do with another’s jealousy as to the reason why so many of us are undergoing so much pain and trauma instigated mostly by individuals that never knew the person that you really were. Jealousy can, indeed, be a very horrible sin. It will make someone do things that they may never have thought of doing. It could turn anyone’s life from light to dark in a matter of seconds and it may have never had anything to do with you.

-Some symptoms derived from targeting may include:
*Mild to extreme nausea,
*Sleep and energy deprivation,
*Aging and blotchiness of the skin, re-occurring acne even if you have never had it, skin dryness
*Extreme weight gain or weight loss
*Total deterioration of the body
*Calcium and other body deficiencies
*Burning of the skin,
*Anxiety and depression (not to exclude thoughts of suicide)
*Anxiety and Heart Attacks
*deterioration of health due to exposure of chemicals and radiation,
*Moodiness, dis-interest in the people and your surroundings,
*Annoyance or irritability
*Claustrophobia-Can result from being consistently boxed in by gang members for long periods of time throughout your life, also can occur when during their weapons within your home(s), friends, family, or other spaces that are enclosed but have been used for the victims’ targeting, and for many other reasons
*Increased awareness and possible paranoia of your walled-in environment (Paranoia can include but is not limited to targets getting medical or dental treatment. Doctors can be very untrustworthy if you are targeted individual.)
*Allergies towards the chemicals used in their weapons
*Dry mouth, dry eye or eye redness
*And more…

-Noise Disturbances– They use signals such as the honking of horns when the perpetrators see the target. It may seem that the gang stalkers may have speakers planted everywhere in order to be heard by their victims’. Even on their cars as they drive around their targets. A target may begin hearing their very eerie, demonic voices or theatrical sound effects that could be used to petrify their victims, etc. They can be heard 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days in a year while they constantly taunt and verbally bash their targets without actually being seen.. They have equipment that is wired all over the cities in which targets live. Notice the number of utility trucks that suddenly begin to just appear in your areas for no apparent or obvious reasons. It seems as if they are forever working on a power line or box.

-Privacy Invasion/Property Theft– they will enter a victims’ home when they are not there. They will leave items such as pennies and bobby pins around your home, move objects around, and rob you of or destroy personal items. Some targets have also been rendered homeless, as well.
-Raping or tasering through human-like holographs that can be felt but not seen (This is absolutely true.)
-They attempt to murder their victims by taking them through one traumatic event after the next so that they may eventually commit suicide.
-Street Theater- I have heard being called ‘The Game’, ‘The Hospital’, ‘The School’, and ‘The University’. This is where an entire community of people (even those that you have known personally) or a very large amount of strangers will participate in a target’s daily torture programs designed specifically around each target. You may notice that the city in which you reside may start getting a lot of out-of-town guests. And they may reason their antics by saying that a person’s targeting I because of National Security. It is a community watch and you are now working with the government to help fight the war on terror. based on the lies that are networked within the gang stalking communities and filtered into the masses. Targets are continuously circled by gang stalkers no matter where they are. Whether it is at the grocery store, library, or in and around their own homes, usually family members are used in their targeting agenda. And it seems that abusive people are the only types of people that a target may meet but they know that someone is allowing them to get away with. They will shine lights from their weapons in and around a targets home. Targets experience quite a bit of the disturbance of their own peace. As an afterthought, targets should also know that street theatre is not excluded from their employer. They are not safe from it there as well. Watch out for strange or dimmed lighting and employees that seem as if they have been transformed into a demon such as on the movie “Devil’s Advocate”. They may start moving around zombie-like reciting chants such as ‘squeeze the cheese’ or other things that may or may not make any sense. Or you may start finding greeting cards or notes in inconspicuous places with messages that were meant for you to find in order to mislead you. Your employer or employees may also start speaking in poetic gibberish, fragment sentences, or merely say one thing that means another to mislead you, as well. Sometimes these gang stalkers will tell a target one thing and, later, forcibly pretend that they ever said it at all or decline in giving anyone a straight answer.
Gang stalkers also love to adapt their personalities to people that you may have known in the past or even those in present. Please feel rest assured that it is indeed an act. They will attempt to characterize these people that you have known in their conversation with their victims. It is a way that gang stalkers trigger information from the victims without outwardly asking. And it also may be that those particular people that are being characterized may also be sending messages through them, as well. It can be pretty spooky to watch yet interesting to see how close gang stalkers can come to imitating someone else’s personality. They really must have to spend a lot of time around that person or study them by some other means in order to get it just right. It’s almost as if you are looking at a medium that is possessed with someone else’s spirit and that spirit is speaking through them. The only difference, really, between a possessed medium and a gang stalker in act mode is that the person whom a gang stalker is characterizing is not dead. At least, they are not dead in the literal sense of the word, anyway. They trigger memories from the victims, assumedly; to make the victim feel more relaxed in speaking of things that may be too private for victims to disclose ordinarily. Gang stalkers are trained to use the same lingo as the person that they are portraying. It could even be a look, a grin, a walk, a run, or even the way they say the victim’s name, or whatever they can do to fool the victim into getting comfortable enough to get set-up.
Also in Street Theatre, a target’s privacy is also threatened publicly when their private thoughts are being verbally communicated in a direct or indirect means. Sometimes perfect strangers will start having conversations with one another that may reflect what the victim may be thinking in their mind at that current point in time or they may indirectly answer questions running through the victims mind that were never voiced aloud which leads the target to wonder how they obtained that information from their thought. Tidbits of a target’s personal life may be relayed verbally and un-quietly by gang stalkers out in the open. They will have the target wondering how in the world these people could possibly know their personal information even though they may not be talking directly to the target. It will force the target second-guess themselves, their friends, and their families. And then the target may, eventually, try to breakdown who was the real traitors of their confidence.
Even a victim’s personal phone and face-to-face conversations are thrown out there for the entire world to ‘repeat’. My theory to this is that the victim is now been tapped into by the gang stalkers technologies. They have either been chipped or someone is using brainwave technology (such as brain fingerprinting) on the victim when they are unaware. The NSA (National Security Agency) has access to such technology and they have no qualms or conscience in using them, even on innocent civilians.

-Tampering-Gang stalkers tamper more than lawyers investigate. They will make an effort to manipulate and/or destroy any evidence and witnesses that may help prove that a Targeted Individual is innocent. They may also refuse to provide any assistance to targets, as well.
Gang stalkers may tamper within the judicial system by bribing, blackmailing, and networking with judges, lawyers, judicial clerks, the police, other government officials, or anyone else who can provide a means to their cause. Much of the high and low-level business owners and corporate employees are also involved in gang stalking. I believe that they are aiding in the increased rate of unemployment for Targeted Individuals. Gang Stalking is a decease that is spreading fast.

-Phone Misusage-Targets may receive constant hang-ups while attempting to take care of business over the phone. Customer service representatives are good for it. Targets may also have to endure phone calls that may be re-directed to gang stalkers who may be pretending to be a representative of that company or the representative may possibly be legitimate but has been designated or instructed by that company to handle your calls specifically so that they may obtain their own desired results. The network is just one huge con game.

-False Accusations-Targets may often be falsely accused. Some targets have actually been jailed and later were found not-guilty after it was already too late. Others have often been sent away or almost sent away to mental institutions for medical treatments that may or may not have been needed. I have noted my personal experience of this in the words to follow. From what I have noticed, hardly anyone, outside of government offices is actually testing anyone with any of the ‘known’ technology that we know as polygraphs. There are so many ways to verify innocence that it almost impossible to believe that so many people are getting away with pretty much everything, including murder. There are traditional polygraphs, brain wave technology (brain-fingerprinting), and even verbal recognition polygraphs that, from what I can understand, are 100% proof positive so why are so many people’s lives being destroyed from what could have been, initially, a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card? I don’t get it. I don’t get why the obvious answers are the last ones selected. It is almost as if the world is now one huge out-of-control playground where no one is safe. But it did not have to be that way. It reminds of the movie “The Purge” where there is that one day of the year where everyone can just do what they want to do, kill who they want to kill but the difference between the world now and that particular movie is that the movie ended but the world hasn’t. And people in the real world are now purging on a daily basis. People did not wait for one day out of the year to purge their evils, it is now happening on an everyday basis. And a lot of us, especially Targeted Individuals, have no way of protecting themselves. In the movie, “Transformers”, one of the robots was a police car and on the side of the car was written, “To punish and enslave.” Ok, now we get it.

-Youth Participation-They use the youth in target harassments but adults are also involved. It sometimes seems as if the adults are bigger children than the children themselves. They masquerade around you on foot and in cars all day and all night long. They will also force your own children to aide in your targeting. Usually this happens by simple threats or coercion by family members or gang stalkers themselves or both. Children’s friends can also play a major role if your child has been subjected to gang stalking. In a lot of cases, a child’s friends may also be the children of gang stalkers which will make their children a part of the same network. Your child will either become a target or a gang stalker, as well, or possibly both.

If a victim’s child is a gang stalker then they may become (if they aren’t already) very aggressive yet insecure, disobedient, unruly, uncaring, abusive, very impolite, superficial, and constantly over-stepping their boundaries by disrespecting authority. They may also start getting into trouble with the police. The most common reasons that there may be police involvement would be for fighting and stealing. Gang stalking children may also start using drugs such as marijuana at very early ages; which is the most common drug for children just starting out. They may also start becoming sexually active. Girls may start wearing more suggestive clothing and boys may start dressing more like gangsters. Gang stalkers may also start seeking acceptance in the wrong crowds. Their schoolwork is ultimately affected, as well. The simplest way to know if your child is a gang stalker is to watch them closely and know when they act out of character. A parent knows his or her child. There is some positive help still out there if you can find a non-gang stalker to provide it.

If a victim’s child is a target, you may notice that your child will start having major problems at school. You may start receiving complaints from their school from teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, principals. One major complaint that I know personally about would be that the child is having behavioral problems. And this may have never been the case before. Your child may also suffer from major depression. They may come home with complaints about feeling left out or not being able to find friends or fit in. They also may make statements about being bullied at school. It has happened (even in my case) that the parent may have to go to the child’s school quite often to give them comfort. It may come down to having to check them out of school because the pain that the child feels may be too great for them to stay the rest of the day. The child may also try to hurt themselves; so it is best to try to catch the problem early. Isolating themselves from others may also occur in a child suffering from being gang stalked and even the most gifted students may start to fail in their schoolwork or they may act as if they no longer care about it. In any case, whether there is a possibility that your child is a gang stalker or a victim of gang stalking, watch them closely. There may be ways that they can be helped.

-Triggers-Perpetrators trigger their weapons, not only by computers located in remote locations, but by using the victim’s cell phone(s). Whoever calls in on the victim’s phone can trigger their weapon to activate. Once the phone rings, the target immediately feels a shock through their body, that is, if they are somewhere nearby. All it takes is one ring.
Because a victim is being surveillance 24/7, it is easy for gang stalkers to know their whereabouts so this makes it easier for them to plan their electrical ambush whether it is within their home, in their car, in a grocery store, or wherever they may me.
More triggers are used through someone loudly slamming a cabinet or door within the homestead of the victim or wherever they may be located at that time in which also gives off an immediate shock to their body. When they bang loudly on a door or cabinet it seems with these, they have to be a certain amount of feet from the victim; but it will have the same results as the ringer on a cell phone. The frequencies of the shocks vary. They can even slam a car door to microwave the victim from my experience.

Gang stalkers have also been known to use utility vehicles such as fire trucks. Their microwaves seem to travel a greater distance. Most of the time, sirens are used so that the victim may be aware of their presence but, I cannot honestly say that they are used every time. Usually, I am lying down in the bed when I hear the sirens on the road, but once they pass, I immediately feel the waves running through my body. Those shocks can be absolutely horrible. Once a target is hit by the microwaves, it causes a burning to the skin all over their bodies and the target may experience bile in their mouths from their throats. In my opinion, it tastes, somewhat, like light battery acid without the burning acidity.
Another method that gang stalkers use is to bounce electrical charges off window corners located in the victim’s bedroom(especially if the windows are located somewhere near their beds) or off the walls in any part of the victims home. The charges usually make a loud popping sound. If the charges are consecutive, it sounds as if someone is playing ping pong with your body. And with each charge, there will be microwaves running through the victim. Frequencies vary with this method, also.

Microwaves are even felt just by simply attempting to watch television. Most of my experiences with microwaves and television have derived from watching movies on DVD. For example, On June 26, 2014, late in the evening (after 9:00 PM), I was sitting in the living room watching a movie called Adoration, a film by Adam Egoyan, that I had checked from the library. It was scene 044:27-8 in which the main character was watching and listening to a gentleman on his laptop. It was a program something like Skype. As the main character was watching the screen, he was also twirling an ink pen in his hand. Suddenly, the ink pen dropped from his hand and it wasn’t long after the pen dropped loudly beside his computer that I felt as if the microwaves were being thrown at me from the television and I began feeling that burning feeling all over my body. I rewound the video at least three times and every time I replayed that scene the microwaves happened every single time. The frequencies just kept getting lighter each time. This is fact, not fiction. This was not the only DVD that I have had this experience with. It is just one of the first that I have documented. It seems that the microwaves are programmed during various sounds in the movie that may be very loud. The louder it is, I am assuming, the higher the frequency. They also use video games to communicate with victims, also. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear groups of people laughing and talking in the background that may not fit with the scene in front of you.
The location in which the victim sleeps is usually the main source for attack but they can be attacked from anywhere in their home.

A second occurrence happened while watching the movie, Anna Karenina at about 1:25 AM on July 27, 2014. At around frame 019:13-14, the train made a loud noise as it began to move and, again, I was hit with the burning feeling of microwaves. I rewound the movie at least three times to see if would happen every single time. It did. Within the same movie, intense microwaves were felt at frame 04:301 when the fireworks display began. It happened at about 2:22 AM.

Gang stalkers will use anything within your home that is electrical, including appliances, to attack. I recall walking into a bathroom, flipping the light switch to the ‘on’ position and no sooner had I done that is when I felt the microwaves burning my skin from the light fixture above my head. I still do not see the point behind anything they do. It’s as if they just enjoy being annoying. But, of course, they really must have conditions of compliance.

Microwaves, somehow, can travel through the air within the home of the victim. For example, we have a dog, and sometimes when she makes a sudden move, I can feel the waves running through my body. I am surrounded by microwaves or as some say, we are surrounded by an electromagnetic field. Sometimes the things that are the worse in life are the things that you just can’t see.
If I had an EMF gun, I often wonder if I would be able to determine how much radiation that I am actually sitting in. I read something once that said that the entire world is shrouded in an electrical field. Honestly, I did not need convincing. I can actually feel it. I can also remember leaving a busted potato on a kitchen counter-top one day and it stayed in the same position until the next morning. When I looked at the potato the next morning, it had severely rotted. The meat of the potato from where it was damaged was the color of iodine. It threw me for a loop because I had never seen a potato do that before. At least not overnight. It may have possibly have been a little brown but not as black as I had seen it. It amazed me. It’s hard to believe that we are actually breathing the air that turned that potato.

I guess we are all goners in one way or another. It seems that we have a lot to look forward to. They stop at nothing to harm people and still, it seems that it is all for nothing. What I really don’t understand is, if we are going to die anyway (in which we will), what is the point of their microwave gaming? What is the rush? The chemtrails sprayed around us alone may kill everyone even if nothing else does. So why can’t we just all live out the rest of, however many days we have left, and just try to be happy?

-Obvious Intimidation Using Vehicles-
When I first noticed that I was being stalked, I noticed quite a few Pest Control vehicles and black hearses around me. I began seeing them everywhere, as well as, white cars, trucks, and vans. Targets should be very careful of this. This could mean that the stalkers really mean business. In my targeting, they really did. Sometimes, a target may notice a van sitting near their homes in not so inconspicuous ways. A lot of the time, targets may notice them parked on the side of the road in places where they should not be. They feel that they have control over everything and everyone, including the road, so do not be surprised to see this happen. It has been reported to me that a white van was seen pulling out of family members driveway when no one was there. This is not a complete shocker.

The honking of horns or the sound of a car alarm next to the target is common as they may be driving or walking past the cars of their gang stalkers. They will also drive in varied synchronized formations on streets, roads, or highways behind or around their targets to let them know that their perpetrators have surrounded them and that they are, no doubt, being followed. If there is not a funeral procession going on, the target should be wary about multiple vehicles grouped together with their headlights on during the daytime hours. More than likely, it may mean that they are being followed by gang stalkers. It is almost like watching synchronized swimming as they drive in formation. When I first saw this, the first thing that came to mind was the military.

Targets may also experience tailgating and I mean to the extreme use of the word. I have been tailgated multiple times but I think that one of my worse experiences was when an ex-co-worker chased me down Hwy 29 in Virginia, bumper to bumper, while my son was riding in the backseat. I eventually turned quickly off the highway without incident but it was scary to think that it was someone that I actually had known and worked with that would do that type of thing without fear. She was definitely an undercover crazy person. This incident happened around the time that my targeting had just begun and it also makes me wonder how long have I been stuck in this mess and never knew it because it wasn’t the first time that it had happened but years prior. Targets will also be followed by one or multiple cars. I have tested this and know for a fact that, yes, it happened to me and I have witnesses to the fact.

Were the people that I was surrounded by most of my life always gang stalkers? If so, I had no clue. Was I a teenager who was always surrounded by gang stalker children? Were my parents always gang stalkers? I have so many questions and hardly any answers. Maybe my ex-husband was always a gang stalker, or part of the network and I never was aware. It would make sense based on everything that had happened in our marriage. And gang stalkers do trick and trap young girls. I was pregnant at nineteen, married at twenty. It makes me wonder. Could it be that I have been enduring gang stalking for longer than the almost seven years that I have credited? If I base it on the time that my ex and I first met, I will have been stalked for at least eighteen years. When I recall all of the use, the abuse, the gas lighting…etc…etc… Yep, I can see that it could possibly be true. All the signs were there. Anyway, to dissect everything that had happened in our relationship would be another book entirely.

Car accidents have also been common occurrences that included gang stalkers. I have had this happen a few times. Hit and runs are the most common.

Another thing that I can remember about being gang stalked by vehicles is that sometimes they may blink their headlights multiple times or use turn signals at times when they are not needed to communicate with one another. Or, then again, maybe they just do this to be funny. They are the only ones that can answer that question. Gang stalkers will also drive behind or around their targets to make it easier for them to use their weapons. Sometimes, if the victim watches, they can see them when they speed up and, soon after, they may feel something like a needle or a probe poking feeling in their head or on other parts of their body. They may even feel microwaves, too. It just depends on the gang stalkers orders, programs, or weapons of choice, from what I can assume. Around the time when my head was lasered for the first time, they really had a lot of fun with it (When I say ‘they’, I mean the NSA because that is how they introduced themselves during the audio within my home, but somehow they were all connected. They had created teams. The ghetto team would attempt to shank my body and the NSA would be the super heroes in repairing it. ). Not that they still aren’t causing problems with my body, but they would make the top of my head feel as if it was about to fall off, even while I was driving. And sometimes I would feel as if it was being squeezed or compressed which forced me to concentrate on the road, and more on my condition. These people are cruel beings. I am not even sure if they are human. Could it be that they want the victim to hurt themselves or cause an accident which may lead to the death of the victim. or to just destroy my vehicle. Remember that gang stalkers make every effort to destroy everything that you have ever worked for.

Unfortunately, they also have the means of manipulating your vehicle while driving. Some targets have mysteriously driven off the roads to their deaths. It is possible that their cars were under someone else’s control. This has been reported on the news as suspect. That particular technology really does exist.

Gang stalkers will also interfere with the mechanics of your car. It will be difficult to trust any car mechanic with the maintenance of your vehicle. Always remember that once you are a targeted individual, they we surround you with those within their network in every aspect of your life. And they can do this by using their computer technology..

Now, my next statement may blow your mind. Our abusers have the ability to laser or heat particular points of your body to extreme temperatures while you’re sitting in your own vehicle. To the point that your head feels as if it is laying in a frying pan full of piping, hot grease. You will feel as if your skull structure is quickly frying away as they continue to venture further down your facial skeletal system. It is something that you can definitely feel and is extremely painful. Then they attempt to repair your skeletal system with something other than real bone as if that was and is supposed to make it all better. It doesn’t because your head and neck are under a lot of strain and it never actually feels the same again.

-Identity Theft-Falsifying documents such as court documents (ex: for custody purposes), employment docs (ex: write-ups, applications), falsifying life insurance policies, theft of inheritances, etc.

-Illegal wiring of money from your personal accounts and from any debit and/or credit cards that you may have. Not to exclude government or company cards used for, let’s say, payroll, child support payments, and even EBT cards. Targets also need to check their balances and keep records of purchases on a regular basis because they do wire barely noticeable amounts from your accounts. Sometimes it is just a few pennies at a time. They even have the ability to duplicate your debit or credit without actually having the card itself. I have actually had the experience of three women charging a 78.05 meal at Red Lobster on my debit card that had always been in my possession. I never allowed anyone to use or borrow my card so it dawned on me that someone may have copied it while I was making purchases of my own either threw surveillance or electronically from the businesses themselves.

-Death of Pets
-Targets frequently experience loss of relatives and pets. I have experienced that, as well.

-Arson-Gang stalkers will commit arson for possible insurance fraud or so that a target may experience the feeling of loss as what they worked so hard to keep is destroyed.

-Medical Malpractice-Targets may experience malpractice while obtaining medical care. Ex: infections after dental work, misdiagnoses by doctors, or the doctor simply may not tell a target the truth about their symptoms at all which leaves the target believing or unbelieving that there is nothing wrong even though they may for fact that they are indeed having real medical problems. Who doesn’t know their own bodies?

-Inflicted Miscarriages-Women, unfortunately, have had the awful experience of being targeted while pregnant and miscarriages due occur. There was one victim case that was pretty saddening. She was being targeted while pregnant, had a miscarriage, and then literally committed suicide, from what was said, because of the loss of her child. It was just too much for her to handle.

-Holographic (Sci-Fi Technology) Abuse and Molestations and the Abuse of Laser Technology -Men have suffered erectile malfunctions and/or the bending or molestation of their private area by ‘invisible’ hands. Women also have suffered rape of their vaginal areas by unseen, human-like, holographic technology. One writer quaintly called it ‘Beam Me Up’ Technology. Most of the time, even with your own home you can feel or even hear them but you cannot see them as they continuously force you notice that they are there somewhere in your presence. I sometimes see the indentures in my skin as they steadily poke me on places of body, such as my arms and legs. This is the same type of technology that our government has used in faking alien abductions that were reported by people from all around the world. They have also used something like a Taser-gun to my neck by physically holding me down in bed and forcing me to take the pain and abuse that was occurring until they were done. The entire time that they did this, I could see no one but someone was definitely there because I could feel their weight on my body. There was no mistaken that.

Unfortunately, gang stalkers and members of their networks are no strangers to play-and-pretend as we have found. During my street theatre in Virginia, they really wanted to have me believe that my home at the time was located on top of an old gravesite and was infested with ghosts. They would these technologies to constantly touch and haunt me when I went I laid down to bed at night. And believe me when I say that there was no shortage of fake poltergeist flying around from one room to the next. They even staged them to hover above my bed at night while I was trying to sleep and they place one on the top of my head which gave them a new excuse to laser my head so that the evil spirit may disintegrate. Obviously they had no concerns for my precious head or skull. Since being lasered to death and so-called repaired over-and-over again by the ghostly NSA (as the audio voices within my home introduced themselves as), my head has never felt the same. They have even made my head feel as if it were like Jello. It felt as if the top of my head would fall off at any given time. This has also happened while I was driving in my vehicle.

-Reasons Behind Being Targeted-Targets, in most cases, experience targeting because they have known someone in their life that would love nothing more than to ruin their futures based on jealousy, adultery, and other relationship issues, inheritance, mental deficiencies, whistle-blowing, retaliation, or just all out cruelty. Some people just have a natural attraction for the vile and ignorant and some perpetrators suffer from low self-esteem and have that urging need to just feel as if they do not want to be left out. They would rather feel as if they are part of a team rather than to feel left out, no matter how wrong the opportunity may be. There are others that were born into these gang stalking programs where they really would not know the difference between the right and wrong things to do. They are trained from birth and that child is brainwashed and molded into the perpetrators’ perfect idea of a gang stalker. Then there are those that are just following orders from their superiors, such as military employees. It is just a job to them and they have been trained to feel little to know emotion when attacking their victims. In other word, targets are just animals to be farmed and depraved in their cruelty. As to those civilians that are non-military personnel, they have either been lied to about why they are targeting a victim or it is just another case of ‘survival of the fittest’. Most participants are made to believe that their antics will be justified in the name of National Security or community service. And if that does not pan out for the perpetrators, they have many other lies where that comes from to justify their own means. Our constitutional values that we once had are now thrown through a window of deception. They have no choice if they want to continue to keep a roof over their own heads and food in their families’ mouths. What they do to accomplish this sometimes does not matter, even to the most church-going individual. And they also have probably been reminded that if they do not abide by their controllers then it could be possible that they will suffer the same fate as their victims. There are many targets online that have testified to being ‘gang stalkers who are now Targeted Individuals. As we know, it has always been a rule of thumb that ‘there is no honor in thieves’. Now this is a proven fact, not an assumption. Gang stalkers can be turned into Targeted Individuals at any given time even though a documentation that was, assumedly, guided by a Navy Seal has admitted that everyone is being targeted in some way.

Many of our government officials, scientists, etc. have undergone blackmail as means for their controllers to retain control over them and bribery to maintain it. Civilians can also suffer the same fate, as well. Some do not need bribery or blackmail. They just want to be on the team that gives them the lesser damage or so they think.
I am sure that gang stalkers can make up many excuses as to why they do what they do but there excuses, in my eyes, will never be justifiable.

-Mail Tampering and Fraud-Mail Tampering is also a crime committed by gang stalkers. It may be that sometimes you may send mail that may never be received by the addressee (or at least not to the right one). Other examples would be:
*Mail may be delayed or held (Especially if the target will receive a lot of bills. Sometimes they will allow this type of mail to pile-up and then send it all at once to cause more stress for the target)
*Mail may never have been sent, addresses will sometimes refuse and return mail to sender (the target) unopened (this usually happens when the target is mailing law offices for assistance),
*Mail could be viewed or stolen from their mailboxes or from within the targets home in their absence

Fraud in Billing and/or Over-Charging-One example of this would be when a target starts to receive bills from companies that they may have never done business with. This would be definite fraud yet they want you to prove that you are not the one responsible for the charges.
Or a target may get billed from businesses that they have done business with in the past but have paid their accounts and owe nothing yet they get a bill in the mail saying that you still owe. Sometimes, even the businesses that the target is known to do business with will either send out a fake bill or inflate their charges upon the next visit. Of course, the target is forced to pay the bill in order for them to continue to retain that business’s services in the future or suffer a possible fake charge on their credit report which can’t drop off their credit report until at least seven years later. Lawyer offices, as we know, over-charge quite often. It is three times more expensive for a targeted individual to get a lawyer than anyone that I can think of, aside from celebrities or corporate CEOs, other white-collar workers, and business owners, they will charge us beyond the unreasonable. One of the reasons for this could possibly be that a target’s aggressors’ do not want to be so easily sued for their wrongdoing. Have you ever wondered why so many targets have been robbed of their life-savings, their homes, their inheritances, etc.? Well, that may be one of them.

For example, there was a lawyer that wanted to charge me $45,000 dollars to handle my divorce, custody, and child support case in Georgia. You can only imagine what I wanted to say to that. It was hard enough paying a $1500. retainer to my current lawyer at that time and prior to that, I had to fork out at least $1200. to a lawyer in Virginia just for him to type up a nice letter stating why I would not be in court in Georgia based on jurisdiction and still had to retain a new lawyer’s services in Georgia anyway. Did I get robbed? Sure I did!

One example of Fraud in Billing (I have many based on my personal experience as you know.), would be that I had recently received a letter from a lawyer’s office who is representing a convenience store (Apple Market) located where I am from in Virginia. Now, please remember that I presently have lived in Georgia for at least ten months now. Well, over $200 by check was paid for purchases bought at this particular convenience store. Now, first of all, who in their right minds would buy $200.00 worth of merchandise at a convenience store? Who does that? Secondly, I am not living in that state any longer so obviously, at that time, it was not me. Thirdly, who or where did they get a check from in my name to make any kind of purchase to anyone, anywhere? It has been so long since I have actually had any checks printed that even I can no longer tell you how long it is been. What am I trying to get at here, you ask? I don’t have any! Besides, I hardly ever write a check because, guess what, I do not have any! And fourthly, why did no one check anyone’s identification when the purchase that big was made? Did I fail to mention that it is a convenience store? It is something like a gas station/grocery, yes, but why would I buy $200. worth of anything if I could not wear it on my back?
By the way, I may have forgotten to mention this but…it is a ‘convenience store’! Were they stocking another one using my identity?
Anyway, now that this check has, so-called, bounced like rubber, they want to hold me responsible for paying for something that I have never purchased. Talk about the ego in that sandwich! That is almost as bad as when I found a staple in my burrito. Could it be that maybe it was a fake claim so that they could try to justify adding more money to their own registries? Obviously, I am not very happy about it but this is a definite example of how targets are being monetarily abused on a daily basis and, I hate to say it, but it looks as if most of my abuse has come from foreign owned businesses and/or their affiliates. This has not been true throughout the duration of my targeting but, lately, that seems to be the case.

*As I have mentioned before, most businesses and even landlords are now guilty of Billing Fraud and/or Over-Charging. Targets are definitely being overcharged or purchases could be falsified, especially at these convenience as well as, department stores. Be sure to watch the pricing and keep your receipts on every purchase. Landlords will almost always inflate rent prices as opposed to too little rent for targeted individuals. Most of the time they slick talk their way into your good graces but the pricing may still be non-negotiable… most of the time. Their connections with the utility companies can also lend to an increase in a target’s utility bill. Of course, because these purchases are necessities, a target has no choice but to find a way to make payment so, it is almost fair to say that someone is making some very good commissions from their hard-work and devilishness. And please beware of fake businesses, as well.

Targets may also experience inflated surcharges and taxes on their cell, cable, internet, and phone bills, well. My cell phone bills taxes have increased at least 2.00 since I have had it. I do not have credit cards but I am sure that the billing can be quite interesting with that as well.

Personality Traits of Gang Stalkers
-Many gang stalkers have the same sociopathic personality characteristics. This could possibly be one of the reasons why they were initiated into the gang stalking program in the first place. Other reasons may include (based on certain criteria) that they were trainable or they were simply born into it.

Sociopathic behavior is just one trait that they share but there are many other disorders that they may suffer from. Some of which are OCD, ADHD, multiple versions of Schizophrenia, and many more.

Some characteristics of Gang Stalkers include:
-Lack of remorse or empathy towards others and are very shallow
-Abnormal moral conduct
-Inability to conform to the norms of society
-Pathological lying
-Aggressive, Impulsive, and Irresponsible behavior
-Drug or Alcohol abuse
-Problems with the law
-Violating the rights of others
-Superficially charming
-Enjoys manipulating, deceiving, and conning the people around them without remorse
-A maddening desire to be in control of everything and everyone which usually leads to grave consequences
-Tends to assault or get into physical altercations
-Displays no concern for the safety of others or themselves
-Displays promiscuous behavior
-Calculative and controlling behavior
-They never learn from their mistakes and tend to make the same mistakes over and over again
-They use any means or methods to maintain their control

Sociopaths are often unable to control their behavior and their expressions of annoyance, irritability and threats when faced with situations not appealing to them and they often tend to resort to threats, aggression and verbal abuse. Though no person is born with this disorder, the sociopathic personality disorder does involve a history of persistent anti-social behavior during childhood before the age of 15 and if left untreated, this disorder continues into adulthood too. Sociopaths could also have been influenced by various environmental factors around the age of 15 that is also one of the main reasons for this disorder in individuals. Some of the environmental factors can include deprivation, sexual abuse, abandonment, emotional abuse, association with people who are antisocial, physical abuse and others. Though there are no distinct biological causes that have been identified as the main cause for this disorder, research suggest that for people suffering from sociopathic personality disorder, the part of the brain that is mainly responsible for an individual’s learning from his or her own mistakes and responding to fearful and sad facial expressions tends to be smaller than in a normal individual. Researchers believe that this may be the reason for lack of empathy towards others. There are theories that also indicate that hormonal fluctuations also have a role to play in this disorder, however the links have not been directly established.
The above was pulled from the site below…
Another Brief On My Personal Targeting Experience

My targeting experience may have lasted longer than I even I know but, honestly, I first noticed a change in my surroundings while working as a Transportation Assistant at a toy distribution company located in Blairs, Virginia. Once the new management took over, everything in my life took on a 360 degree flip for the worse. I was also going through a divorce at that time and, yes, my ex-husband played a major part in my harassment and gang stalking torture. He even involved our children. I am so ashamed that he would do such a thing towards those that he had considered his family.

On Friday, May 2, 2014, my precious 13-year old daughter attempted suicide. She claims that it was because she was being bullied at school but I also believe that she was feeling a lot of pressure from her father (who can be a somewhat of a tyrant). He was literally forcing their disobedience to me while they were in my custody. I also truly believe that his new wife was the one who coerced him into destroying his original family because she is also a gang stalker and a very jealous woman.

By using the gang stalking network, he now has sole custody of my children. But based on his previous criminal record, in my opinion, he really should not. And any notable judge would agree. The ongoing custody battles’, alone, was the biggest trigger, in my mind, that his intentions towards my children and myself were not all good or healthy. He really convinced me that he had some very personal vendetta issues that he needed to resolve by making my life miserable. I am not, no matter what anyone may say, schizophrenic or a criminal to any extremity.

Frankly, I am ashamed to admit this, but my own mother participated in my ex-husband’s petty schemes in order to release me of my custodial duties when it came down to our children. And by opinion, this was done for no reason, whatsoever. My ex-husband and my mother both have gang stalker affiliations. She has had me arrested twice for mental evaluations that were never needed. I had mentioned to her on more than one occasion that I had already seen a doctor voluntarily but she acted as if it never happened because that is what gang stalkers do. Misinformation and misdirection are important enough to them so that they may succeed in their victimization of their targets. They know that targets are under surveillance at all times so they make up skits in order to make the target look and feel stupid. Gang stalkers know that the camera is always rolling. Why waste your time lying to your child about any and everything within the sanctuary of your own home if you weren’t being watched or listened to in some, way, shape, or form? It just wouldn’t make sense unless you are just a true-to-life gamer or drama queen.

It is equally sad to say that even when I attempted to show her my medical bill, she acted as if that bill did not exist and that I was the liar even though the evidence could have been, clearly, right there in her face.

Most real targets have noticed that with gang stalkers, any evidence that you may have to prove yourself will, inevitably, become verbally battered into a fake reality or existence or conveniently disappear by other means. Gang stalkers are adamant about being correct about everything, even though; they know that they may be totally wrong. They have no conscience.
Now, as to the story at hand, the real twist would be that I had already previously had myself mentally checked out on my own and she knew it. From my observation, it was definitely clear that she did these things because she was instructed, blackmailed, or bribed to do so. She really pushed me to the edge.
Prior to that, I had voluntarily undergone a mental evaluation on my own because I needed to know if what I was and she knew this, yet, she did what she was told And before I was ever arrested to undergo mental evaluations, I had already had one of my own voluntary ‘check-ups’ prior to that incident. After being examined, I knew that I was being set-up.

More of my targeting experience can be found above under the heading, Some of the Tactics Used in Gang Stalking As Follows:

My past and current torture was and is not limited to being…
-I was lasered to my head while driving within my vehicle and I have suffered considerable damaging effects ever since
-Trans-humanized (Literally, I have felt them remove some of my internal organs)
-Dafamation and slandering of character and the victimization of my entire life
-I have been inhumanely harassed and bullied by family, friends, and fellow employees.
-I been made an Victim of Identity Theft
-Vic timed in the judicial system in regards to custody of my children
-Robbed of personal property including money from my own personal accounts
-Burned while attempting to take a shower by a projection similar to a grid on the shower wall that heated up every time I made the attempt to bathe.
-My mother had me arrested twice and taken to the hospital for mental evaluations that I did not need and I was thrown against my own vehicle with my children watching during one of these arrests.
-Work-mobbed and blacklisted from employment
-Constant Surveillance and Monitoring for nothing more than being just plain nosey (They believe that are lives are their own personal television soap opera)
-Street Theater-(acting and skits by these mob members within the courtroom, workplace, and out in the general public.) They would role-play verbally by audio or physically act in my presence using some very huge celebrity names.
-They, seemingly, inflated my stomach and faked my being pregnant without my actually having a physical birth. (I will explain later.)
-Taunted and badgered within every home that I have resided, including while living with relatives
-My children have been kidnapped through the legal system and they have made many attempts to sever my relationship with them
-Literally pushed to the limit in everything aspect of my life
-Tail-gated and at one point, almost forced into a head-on collision
-Hang-ups by telephones (even by businesses)
-I found a staple in my burrito at a fast food restaurant
-They have used their electromagnetic weapons on my person since 2012
-I have dealt with the feeling of being needled, poked, axed, etc. by things that I can’t see but suffer horrendous pain
-Constant lies about everything under the sun (gas lighting included).
-A previous employer sent a fake email to my inbox thanking me for re-applying to a job that I never re-applied for. I couldn’t have possibly because I have lived in Georgia since August of 2013 and the actual company is located in Virginia where all of my gang stalking began.
-And so much, much more…

We need everyone’s help in standing up for everything that we have worked so hard to achieve, especially as we are ‘One Nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.’. Every race and every culture under God is now being misinformed, enslaved, and falsely convicted by those who may not be able to take their own punishments if that was to present itself.

Now, it would be my pleasure to finally expose this torturous program for what it really is. It is not a New World Order but a New World Tragedy. These terrorists would love nothing more than to label their program as a ‘Silent War’. Unfortunately, there is nothing silent about it. People are voicing their ‘terrorist-visioned’ targeting experiences all over the world.

Seriously, I am more than willing to testify, undergo a polygraph, brain-fingerprinting, medical testing, or whatever it takes to put an end to so much suffering for so many people. I am volunteering to prove my case in aide to thousands and possibly millions of others who are also subjected to this National Security crisis. Their tactics are truly EVIL and we must put a stop to it or we will find ourselves thrown back more than two-hundred years to the days of slavery and discrimination. In that, no one but a chosen oligarchic few will maintain a voice. The voices of corruption and deceit will not heal the sufferance in which, inevitably, we will all experience one day, including them.

Never in my life would I have ever believed that there were people out there that were so extremely hateful. But, to my dismay, these types of people and behaviors really do exist. It is still hard for me to believe that America would become so undignified, yet, since the masses of violence have shown their true faces, it is now easier to face. I am ashamed of our country. Humanity has finally opened the gates to a real HELL and we are all now living witnesses to it.

Please help us so that we may finally have the opportunity to live our lives comfortably once again. So that we may all try to get pass the horror and live again. We have written so many letters to so many officials, including the President of the United States, Congress, Senators, Mayors, and many government officials all over the world but it has come to no avail. The tyrants will continue to terrorize
They ignore Targeted Individuals as if we are the plague because they know that their ‘secreted’ agenda is a real one. Innocent people are losing their families and lives for pretty much no reason whatsoever. Most of the targets that I have come across have been very intellectual, talented individuals, and were perfectly capable of raising very healthy families, in very healthy environments. Maybe that is the real reason that most of have been targeted. Maybe it is because they do not want to any families succeed outside of their which would be very selfish indeed and not very excusable.

In closing, please allow me to ask you this very important question. What did our Civil Rights’ leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. die for? Would they turn in their graves if they knew that every human being that they fought for in order to have equality and justice had stooped this low for survival? How many deathly tears are being shed during the rain? What right do we have to turn against one another as people because of those petty few whom may be lacking in their own self-esteem? Those self-righteous individuals who chose to cause damage to ‘We the People’ who actually had so much more to live for? Life is not fair, this is true, but fairness cannot be given without a fair trial. Help us free our families. Help us to free our very souls from the evils of these wicked men.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,


Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstma aka Ms. Moody EmPo
Creative Writer and Blogger

This advertisement was found at, “Targeted Individuals of Experimentation and Harassment using Electromagnetic Radiation and Non-Lethal Weapons”


Workplace/Adult Bullying From a Spiritual Perspective. By ABC

Most people who bully in the workplace have undergone training to do just that. Sometimes it is not that people believe the bullies, it is just that they have to pretend to believe because they are all part of the same program surrounding your targeting. They meet and greet with one another, and practice, practice, practice. Sometimes you will start seeing that it is all one big skit or stage play. Everyone has now become an actor. The workforce is now infested with gang stalkers and gang participants. It is pretty low and really sad.

Antibullyingcrusador's Weblog

Workplace/Adult Bullying From a Spiritual Perspective. By ABC

No longer employed and disabled for over 4 years now, it seems like adult bullies are still popping up in every corner of my life, by people, and in ways, I don’t expect. I’ve mentioned that fact in a prior post, about a year after losing my job. It’s still happening, 4 years later, they’re everywhere!
Despite reading comments and articles suggesting that workplace and/or adult bullying, is something that continues to repeat its self, I couldn’t believe it, seeing no logic in it and anticipated a bully free life, after the loss of my job. Now I know, how wrong I was! Proven, to myself, beyond a doubt, several times since. Every time, I failed to recognize the initial stages of a bullying campaign, then, falling into the same pit of anger, that always follows, when the havoc of the bully’s…

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Boehner to sue Obama in executive authority dispute

USA Today News
Boehner to sue Obama in executive authority dispute

“I am,” Boehner told reporters, when asked if he was going to initiate a lawsuit. “The Constitution makes it clear that a president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws.”

Boehner added: “Congress has its job to do and so does the president. And when there’s conflicts like this between the legislative branch and the administrative branch, it’s in my view our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve.”

Boehner can use his authority as speaker to convene the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, a five-member legal panel appointed by GOP and Democratic House leaders, but weighted towards the majority. BLAG has authority to direct the U.S. House Office of General Counsel, to participate in litigation and represent the U.S. House itself.

The House is expected to vote to move forward with a lawsuit next month.

Read more…
Also previously in the news…
Rand Paul files suit against Obama and the NSA

What can gang stalking recruits expect?

Secret Stalking Cult

I suppose there are few people who would wish to be recruited into the Mafia or the IRA, or any other gangster/terrorist group. People aren’t stupid. They know that once you sign up to these types of organisation, there is no way out – you are in for life. Most people are also moral and have no wish to engage in a life of crime.

Also it is only a minority of people who wish to join a cult. Again most people realise that many cults are border line/actual criminal organisations whose prime purpose is to enslave their recruits using mind control techniques,  fleece them of all their resources, get control of their children,  then set the recruits to work recruiting others for the money making con to continue.

No-one in their right mind joins a group where the prospect of suicide as the only possible escape starts to appear…

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Gang stalking – life sabotage and white collar crime

I can vouch for that. At least seven, if not more years, of the experience and still counting. They work 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without a break.

Secret Stalking Cult

People not being gang stalked must think Targeted Individuals are a load of hyper-sensitive whingers, who imagine that the common annoyances of 21st century life that affect everybody, is a conspiracy to annoy them. What they overlook is that the entire field of the Target’s experience has been effectively completely land-mined, so whatever direction they go, they experience aggravation or run into trouble.

Common sense advises walk away from trouble, avoid danger-prone situations, always keep the rules, and with a bit of intelligence and foresight problems can be avoided.

Keep the rules – then the authorities have no reason to take an interest in you, and other people are not annoyed and so retaliate. This does not work if you are a Target . You kept the rules, but the authorities decided to meddle with your life anyway. You did nothing to offend anyone else, but other people go out…

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Gang Stalker Ideology and The Exploitation Of The Working Class ( prayerwarriorpsychicnot explains)

mstmha: I just wanted to say thank you to the author of the following comment that was written in response to my blog post called Ever Seen An Employer Who Misrepresents Your Identity.

You can find the original post at

The comment was, in my opinion, one of the best comments that I have read yet that explained how the working class (especially women) are being violated in the not-so war on terror but the new terror war. It really explained much about what we are up against as we continue to expose the very complex terrorism program that has many names; one of which is gang stalking. The comment also really opened the door to the mindsets of the very evil controllers of these present-day torture agendas.

One of my favorite lines from the post…
“If our ” superiors” can only maintain their superiority by cheating – if they can’t face competition on an even playing field, they expose their vulnerability and their own inferiority.”

Thanks again to the author at prayerwarriorpsychicnot on Word Press …

The Following Comment Made By…

Owen Jones “The Demonisation of the working Class”. O Jones asks when did “the salt of the earth” become “the scum of the earth”. Then he describes the attacks on working class communities and their vilification in the media. Post-war feminism by including middle class women in the old boys network, swallowed up ALL the higher level jobs that previously some working class men had achieved and working class women had aspired to. Now there was nowhere for them to be promoted to. At the same time working class jobs were moved overseas to cheap labour countries. My theory is the demonisation is happening because as workers we are now redundant and seen as a threat to the status quo. Although his book is focused on white working class in Britain much of it equally applies to indigenous people of colour, affected by the same circumstances.
I also have a theory that post-war, working class women (which also include women of colour) experienced huge improvements in their previously degrading social conditions. The war had lifted women’s employment. Post war welfare set a bench mark which prevented employers paying women below subsistence wages. Working class women were accessing higher education and competing with middle class men and women for jobs. Contraception and abortion enabled women from being thrown in the gutter due to “accidental” pregnancy. The social class that prostitutes came from were given the opportunity to reject sexploitation. Women who had previously been forced into prostitution were getting educated, supporting themselves, and competing with their social. “superiors” for jobs. The status quo was upset. This was good for working class women but the men wanted prostitutes, employers wanted dirt cheap labour, the police were losing out on the profits and pleasures of involvement with the sex industry, and nobody of higher rank wanted to compete on an even playing field with this previous class of near-slaves, for career jobs. I can’t think of any other reason why COINTELPRO would target feminist and lesbian groups. Keep the whatsits in their place, right?

Women were oppressed. Now they could walk away from bad relationships and support themselves. The oppressing men did not like that and they had a lot of allies (police, people wanting the old status quo back).

I have heard other Targets say their persecution started with an abusive ex-partner , then it morphed into gang stalking. Men have always done that – stalking by proxy and all that. (Vaknin)

Getting back to chavs. Now the working class are redundant they have got to be dehumanised, to undermine their collective political force In pushing back against their new oppression. The media conflates the idea of working class and criminal class. The “respectable” working class we are told has died out, and all that is left are feral, ignorant, lawless, immoral, stupid, criminal, drunken, drug-addled, mentally unstable yahoos, a threat to society who have to be controlled. Sound familiar? Society, or the instruments of society, reject that you and I and others are just the same in socialisation and values as middle class people. The only difference between most working class people and middle class people is we have to work harder to overcome greater social status and economic disadvantages. But the status quo doesn’t want the exploited to stop being exploited . There is nowhere for us to be promoted to, so the view is you were born in the gutter – stay there .

If our ” superiors” can only maintain their superiority by cheating – if they can’t face competition on an even playing field, they expose their vulnerability and their own inferiority. My Mum said – if women are inferior why are they handicapped to fail.

Gang stalkers try to demean us by mocking our values – mocking that we have them. It’s an old game. Invalidation, denying the humanity of others, making out a group or person is sub-human to justify attacking them. They are the scum – not you. They attack your strength and goodness because they do not have it, this is standard for the criminal and insane mind. Because that goodness is strength, and if the good people combined they would be destroyed. But as you pointed out everyone is being manipulated, slave-style, with divide and rule tactics.

June 16, 2014 at 7:05 am


Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired

Why Smart Poeple Dont Get Hired

Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired
Maurice Ewing, PhD
Executive, Board Member and Entrepreneur | HarvardBiz Blogger
June 11, 2014
(Copied From LinkedIn)

For years I’ve marvelled at how many of my smartest friends and acquaintances have suffered prolonged periods of unemployment and underemployment. Despite having loads of relevant experience, lots of personality and even pedigree educations, many of them have often suffered exceptionally long periods between jobs: where even interviews were scarce.

One day, however, I happened upon an article about how “smart people” (i.e, people with higher cognitive abilities) tend to actually be subject to a greater (cognitive) “bias blindspots”. In other words, they are more prone to incorrectly trust their gut instincts (heuristics) when making decisions. As a result, they often make more mistakes of reasoning than the rest of us mortals. In particular, smart people tend to see bias more easily in others than in themselves.

When I reflected on how this finding might have some bearing on the plight of my very smart friends and their job seeking challenges, a lightbulb turned on. Could it be possible that my friends’ presentations of themselves to would-be employers reflected these bias blindspots? Could it be that their intelligence actually stood as a hurdle to their professional progress?

I took a closer look at their resumes, CVs and profiles and here is what I casually observed:

1. Many smart people don’t have profiles that “look like they are looking” (for a job). In my long years of corporate life I’ve realised that recruiters and HR managers like to put people into little boxes. If you have a CV or a LinkedIn title that says something standard, such as “CFO”, this is easy to understand, place, source and recruit. Even if you appear to be happy and settled in your current job, recruiters may approach you.

However, if you have some obscure title (that, ironically, better describes who you are and what you do), like “financial wizard”, you’re likely to get overlooked because it takes too much time for a recruiter to wade through your profile to match needed skills. You probably won’t come up in a keyword search anyway. As a result, many smart people that present themselves as these sorts of self-sufficient, entities may be greatly reducing their chances of getting noticed.

2. Smart people often have profiles that are too lengthy and detailed. One of the by-products of high intelligence is the ability to do more activities in shorter amounts of time than most other people. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see a smart person’s CV spanning 10 years look like that of an average person’s CV of 20 or even 30 years. The problem, however, is in the presentation.

If the smart person tries to go into detail and list every experience, nook and cranny of his or her life, the recruiter is likely to get information overload and overlook relevant experience. Furthermore, long or crowded CVs (with some regions of the world excepted) may look like a person is trying too hard. It would be better to get to the point, highlight the relevant experience, skills, tools and pedigree in a logical format.

3. Smart people often look too narrowly at their experiences–selling themselves short. Oftentimes, I’ve mentioned a job lead to one of my smart friends–having a pretty good idea that it’s a job I think he or she can excel in–only to have him or her say, “I am not an expert in that area.”

This compartmentalised, conservative way of thinking seems to come right of some belief that one must always remain in a certain comfort zone–moving from job to job with no growth, except what comes internally. That may seem natural, but it’s not professional. It will get a person no where if he or she hopes to advance and leave a person jobless if he or she rejects every opportunity that is not a perfect match to his or her experience.

The lesson seems to be that if one wants a job, one needs to be willing to leave the comfort zone of past experience, at least to the extent of seeing where one’s skills might be transferrable.

4. Smart people tend to prefer expressing themselves in terms of results.

Many of the smart people I know are over-achievers: They speak more loudly with their performance than with their mouths. Yet, while no one disputes that one of the most important elements in a hiring situation is that the person being hired can do the job, candidates need to first get to the interview stage before they can demonstrate those accomplishments.

To that end, many higher cognitives may need to learn how to express their accomplishments, talents and skills in succinct ways that speak directly to how they can help an employer. They cannot rest on the knowledge of having once done a great job somewhere else or on the expectation that, in relation to the previous point, someone will have wade through their lengthy resumes to marvel at what they did.

5. Smart people tend to be “too” humble.

Despite the caricature of many obnoxious, Wall Street types–toting top school degrees–as bores who talk, at-length, about themselves, most truly smart people don’t really see themselves as smart or exceptional. Rather, most of the high-IQ’d view the ways that they operate as “normal” and in accordance with how everyone else thinks and operates. Only over time do they discover that what they do is often “strange” by comparison–such as reading whole novels in ancient Greek during an evening at home.

The upshot (or downshot) of this is that many smart people don’t know what to emphasise in their skillsets or experience–that is, they don’t know how to articulate it. They also don’t know how to talk or write about their accomplishments in ways that hit all the buzzwords recruiters might be looking to hear (or that search engines might be prone to pickup).

This excessive humility may not stem from genuinely humble feelings by the person that he or she is not qualified (i.e., e.g., an insecurity) but from an ignorance of what the ‘rest of the world’ finds important in a suitable job candidate.

At the end of the day, smart people looking for a job need to get smarter about how to present themselves!