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Targeted Individuals 101

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John Lennon on Insanity: “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”


V2K – voice to skull device – is a weapon use for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. Voices can be for commands or harassments attacks that may look like the TI’s own voice. V2K can also use to induce or manipulate dreams or to deprived TI sleeps.


Eleanor White: What is ‘Voice to Skull’?  The ‘psycho-electronic’ type of mind control I’m discussing here is the covert, around the clock harassment of innocent citizens living in their homes and communities, and is currently world wide in scope. This harassment includes electronic mind/body attacks, street harassment skits, destruction of family and other relationships and destruction of careers.

One especially invasive attack method in the arena of ‘psycho-electronic’ mind control is ‘voice to skull’. Voice to skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture. Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy.”  Current-day voice to skull cannot be stopped by any known electromagnetic shielding, a fact which demonstrates how advanced classified mind control technology has become.





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The listener needs to know that at least one method of voice to skull transmission, using microwave pulses much like radar, is not particularly new. During World War II, technicians working in the path of energized radar antennas discovered they could hear a buzz, seeming to originate inside their skulls. This buzz was being caused by the train of very short pulses of microwave signal, each pulse causing a single click.


In the early 1970s, Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research used a computer to control a radar transmitter such that for each time a human voice waveform changed from a peak to a valley, the radar transmitter sent out a single pulse, causing a single click to be heard by the test subject. Because these clicks were timed according to the human voice waveform, the test subject heard a voice, rather than a string of clicks. This has not been pursued, at least publicly, due to concerns about the effect of microwave signals aimed at a person’s skull, but it does work.


In actual fact, a suitably modified amateur radio transmitter operating in either the 420 to 450 megahertz band or the 1.3 gigahertz band, with a highly directional antenna, is capable of transmitting voice to skull signals at less cost than the price of an automobile.


In addition to simply driving a target crazy, voice to skull can cause far more severe damage to a targeted person if instead of audible voice, one of several types of SUBLIMINAL voice is transmitted instead. When the subliminal voice is that of a hypnotist, and is aimed at a targeted person’s bed, voice to skull can be used over time to undetectably program the person. Because the power level required is fairly modest, being something like the output of the common heat lamp, the person being programmed could have no idea this was happening.


A person who is highly susceptible to hypnosis, and about one in five are, could be put through living Hell simply by way of subliminal voice to skull.


It is common for psycho-electronic mind control victims to report a very frequent or constant “ringing in the ears”, which is also a symptom of the “Lowery” method of subliminal voice conversion. Lowery’s method is described in U.S. patent 5,159,703 and such a converter can easily be built by someone with reasonable electronic assembly abilities. Source:


Effects of Radiation Harassment Technology (V2K) Technology – PERPS (Perpetrator or the harasser) have technology that in a nut shell can do the following:


They are a very faint sound, therefore a person interprets them as their own thoughts. Since they are a very faint sound, only those things that are know to a person can be manipulated. Put it simply they won’t be able to teach you Chinese. An example of this is that if a person says a sentence very slowly and close to your ears, then you will only understand it if you know it or parts of it, otherwise your interpretation of what’s being said would be different as compared to what was actually said.

PERPS use other means to make a person dwell on things that where unknown to them. Like after listening to a news article, or even other people saying something similar that PERPS would want a target to direct there thoughts on. Affects related to this are listed below. (VOICE)

They can vibrate certain muscles, affects related to that are mentioned below. (MUSCULAR)

Certain parts in nervous system react to them. Affects related to this are mentioned below. (NERVOUS)

They can cause power surges. (EMP) (EMP = Electromagnetic Pulses)

Give throat irritation, mucus formation. (MUSCULAR)

Watery mouth. (MUSCULAR)

Hyperventilation, sudden shortness of breath. (MUSCULAR)

Vibrate certain muscles in our body. (MUSCULAR)

Give different body aches and pains. Specially back ache. (MUSCULAR)


Clogged ears. (Like the way it feels when the elevation changes, like in plane or in elevators). (MUSCULAR)

If a person have an existing condition, like a cut, or infection, they can make it really pain. (MUSCULAR)/(NERVOUS)

Nausea, headaches. (NERVOUS)

Listen to a person’s thoughts. Yes that’s what they are capable of. Lots of time, during early manipulation, that’s what a person complains of, that someone knows what they are thinking, or watching them all the time, however, not all is true, some of those thoughts are manipulated by PERPS. (NERVOUS)

Manipulate a person’s thoughts, by putting specific words while a person is thinking. (VOICE)

Manipulate a person’s emotions by making them angry or inducing anxiety or even make a person cry or laugh. (NERVOUS)

They can cause simple sounds to occur again and again. For instance, if a pager is set to simple beep, then they make a person to think that the pager is on, yet when its not. (VOICE)

They can cause surges, yes, the lights that went out recently in NY, is there doing. (EMP)

They can make minor malfunctions in electronic equipment. Causing them to flicker, or even in some cases render the equipment useless. (EMP)

Any sensor driven machine is prone to them. They can cause a light sensor to activate at night, causing the light to go out. (EMP)

They can temper with thermostats. Causing the air conditioner to come on, or the refrigerator to malfunction, or cause the car to over heat. Yep, that’s what they can do. (EMP).



BEAMING VOICES – “…Until recently, people who believe the government is beaming voices into their heads would have added social isolation to their catalogue of woes. But now, many have discovered hundreds, possibly thousands, of others just like them all over the world. Web sites dedicated to electronic harassment and gang stalking have popped up in India, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and elsewhere. Victims have begun to host support meetings in major cities, including Washington. Favorite topics at the meetings include lessons on how to build shields (the proverbial tinfoil hats), media and PR training, and possible legal strategies for outlawing mind control. The biggest hurdle for TIs is getting people to take their concerns seriously. A proposal made in 2001 by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to ban “psychotronic weapons” (another common term for mind-control technology) was hailed by TIs as a great step forward. But the bill was widely derided by bloggers and columnists and quickly dropped. Doug Gordon, Kucinich’s spokesman, would not discuss mind control other than to say the proposal was part of broader legislation outlawing weapons in space. The bill was later reintroduced, minus the mind control. “It was not the concentration of the legislation, which is why it was tightened up and redrafted,” was all Gordon would say…” (Mind Games)


PATENT – “…Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated…” (Patent For Microwave Voice-To-Skull Technology)


SUSCEPTIBLE TO HYPNOSIS – “…In actual fact, a suitably modified amateur radio transmitter operating in either the 420 to 450 megahertz band or the 1.3 gigahertz band, with a highly directional antenna, is capable of transmitting voice to skull signals at less cost than the price of an automobile. In addition to simply driving a target crazy, voice to skull can cause far more severe damage to a targeted person if instead of audible voice, one of several types of SUBLIMINAL voice is transmitted instead. When the subliminal voice is that of a hypnotist, and is aimed at a targeted person’s bed, voice to skull can be used over time to undetectably program the person. Because the power level required is fairly modest, being something like the output of the common heat lamp, the person being programmed could have no idea this was happening. A person who is highly susceptible to hypnosis, and about one in five are, could be put through living Hell simply by way of subliminal voice to skull. It is common for psycho-electronic mind control victims to report a very frequent or constant “ringing in the ears”, which is also a symptom of the “Lowery” method of subliminal voice conversion. Lowery’s method is described in U.S. patent 5,159,703 and such a converter can easily be built by someone with reasonable electronic assembly abilities…” (What is voice to skull?)


PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE – “…When used as a “nonlethal” weapons system it becomes an ideal means for neutralizing or discrediting a political opponent. Peace protestors, inconvenient journalists and the leaders of vocal opposition groups can be stunned into silence with this weapon. Artificial telepathy also offers an ideal means for complete invasion of privacy. If all thoughts can be read, then Passwords, PIN numbers, and personal secrets simply cannot be protected. One cannot be alone in the bathroom or shower. Embarrassing private moments cannot be hidden: they are subject to all manner of hurtful comments and remarks. Evidence can be collected for blackmail with tremendous ease: all the wrongs or moral lapses of one’s past are up for review. Like a perverted phone caller, a hostile person with this technology in hand can call at any time of day, all day long. Sleep can be disrupted. Prayers can be desecrated, religious beliefs mocked. Business meetings can be interrupted, thoughts derailed. Love can be polluted, perverted, twisted, abused. Dreams can be invaded, fond memories trashed. The attacker cannot be seen or identified, the attack cannot be stopped, and the psychological damage is enormous. But there is no physical damage, not one single mark is left on the body and there is absolutely no proof that any crime or any violation ever took place! Everything that “happens” to the victim happens inside the victim’s head. What physical evidence is there to give the police? Without physical evidence, how can one photograph the “crime scene” or fingerprint the stalker? There are no footprints leading to or from the scene. Indeed, there is no physical scene at all, and no evidence that an attack ever took place. Most people who experience this abusive form of “artificial telepathy” feel as if their mind has been raped. They find themselves hunted, stalked, harassed and abused by a person or persons who refuse to give their names, who defile one’s mind with the most foul and perverse language imaginable, and who refuse to hang up or go away. The caller or callers delight in the perverse and sadistic torture of their targets. Furthermore, they delight in violating the privacy of their targets, reading the target’s mind and commenting on everything the target thinks, in an effort to demonstrate as brutally as possible that the target has no privacy at all…” (Artificial Telepathy 101)


THE VOICE WILL PANETRATE THEIR INNER PEACE – “…Indeed it isn’t. It’s an ad for “Paranormal State,” a ghost-themed series premiering on A&E this week. The billboard uses technology manufactured by Holosonic that transmits an “audio spotlight” from a rooftop speaker so that the sound is contained within your cranium. The technology, ideal for museums and libraries or environments that require a quiet atmosphere for isolated audio slideshows, has rarely been used on such a scale before. For random passersby and residents who have to walk unwittingly through the area where the voice will penetrate their inner peace, it’s another story. Ms. Wilson, a New York-based stylist, said she expected the voice inside her head to be some type of creative project but could see how others might perceive it differently, particularly on a late-night stroll home. “I might be a little freaked out, and I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s coming from that billboard,” she said. Joe Pompei, president and founder of Holosonics, said the creepy approach is key to drawing attention to A&E’s show. But, he noted, the technology was designed to avoid adding to noise pollution. “If you really want to annoy a lot of people, a loudspeaker is the best way to do it,” he said. “If you set up a loudspeaker on the top of a building, everybody’s going to hear that noise. But if you’re only directing that sound to a specific viewer, you’re never going to hear a neighbor complaint from street vendors or pedestrians. The whole idea is to spare other people.” Holosonics has partnered with a cable network once before, when Court TV implemented the technology to promote its “Mystery Whisperer” in the mystery sections of select bookstores. Mr. Pompei said the company also has tested retail deployments in grocery stores with Procter & Gamble and Kraft for customized audio messaging. So a customer, for example, looking to buy laundry detergent could suddenly hear the sound of gurgling water and thus feel compelled to buy Tide as a result of the sonic experience…” (Voice to Skull Technology in New York)


FROM YOUR MEMORY BANK – “…How is it possible to produce a voice without a resonating sound box and expect it to be received and understood without a physical audio receiver (and a memory bank) as the source of intelligence for understanding? Even more important, I reasoned; if the cortex in which our memories are stored are lost at the time of the loss of our bodies at death, how can we establish communication after we have slipped out of our mortal coil, and transmit messages to those we have left behind us in this vale of tears with no memory from which to draw upon? The answer to my questions had to be simply that it is not possible to communicate with the non- physical realities into which we pass at the time of our death, unless we employ some type of scanning process with which to tap the memory banks of those with whom we would communicate in the physical reality, and this would transcend the use of either voice or language, since it consisted only of stimulating and rearranging mind patterns. With this process, it would not even be necessary to make use of a language, or even to utilize any spoken or written language common to both transmitter and receiver, because the transmission would be that of thought patterns, and memory impulses, which the receiver would have to translate into words, and/or voice patterns for understanding, and recording. The voice you would hear then, when you received messages from the spirit world, would have to be either your own or taken from your memory bank to put the telepathic communication into words, and sounds for your own convenience in understanding, and recording. There was no reason why radio could not be used for this purpose, I concluded, because it was entirely possible to scan the memory banks of the living by radio waves, and it was also within the realm of possibility to transmit thought patterns, suggestive impulses, and stimulate the ego to translate, and interpret telepathic communications into memorized sounds, and words for recording, and understanding. The voice you hear in your head, then, although it may not be your own, would have to be supplied by you from your memory bank, and what you thought you were hearing would not be sounds, but a matter of perception, and although quite real, nevertheless, only real to you, and only after you had created it out of your imagination…” (The Next Voice You Hear)

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Kink and Code Presents “Haptic Technology Makes Virtual Sex A Reality



JANUARY 31, 2014


Remember those video games in the mall arcade that would move as you raced your virtual car down a terrifying racecourse…


The science that allows any regular eight-year-old kid to pretend he’s Jeff Gordon is called haptic technology. For those of you who are maybe not the most tech-nerdy, haptics are a type of feedback tech that lets you feel and control virtual objects or – as we’re seeing more and more these days – control and touch real objects that are thousands of miles away.


Can you guess where this is going?


Haptic technology has come a long way since the arcade game racecar. We’ve seen how haptics can be utilized for long distance lovers who want to keep their sex life alive through vibrating smartphone apps and underwear that can totally enhance videochat-sex, but those two applications are only the tip of the virtual touch iceberg.


Raise your hand if you’ve been in a long distance relationship.


I have to put both of my hands in the air, as I’m a two-time offender. The highly mobile life of a startup founder (or tech writer, for that matter) means that those of us with sweethearts end up spending a significant amount of time apart from our significant others.


Developments in technology have made these types of relationships more possible than they could have been as recently as ten years ago. Starting with email and moving up to international texting apps, we’ve ended up with videochat right on our phones. It’s now possible to be instantly and constantly connected with your lover even when he/she is on the other side of the world.


So what’s the one thing that’s missing?


Touch. I know I already mentioned smartphone-controlled vibrators, but the sexual part of relationships is just a tiny part of the physical connections that lovers make every day. We kiss, we hug, we stroke; we simply lay a comforting hand on a shoulder just to show that we’re still there.


There’s one really cool development in haptic technology that address these non-sexual physical needs: The Hug Shirt. This awesome new design is embedded with sensors that register the strength of touch, skin warmth, and heartbeat of the person wearing it. The technology then packages up all that info and sends it via Bluetooth to whomever you want to hug (as long as they have the shirt too), allowing them to “feel” your embrace from anywhere in the world.


I. Love. This.


Beyond the obvious long-distance relationship benefits, imagine being able to comfort a friend who just had a tragedy or hug your mom when you’re living abroad.  As someone who has all too recently longed to do both of those things, I can say that The Hug Shirt is one of my absolute favorite developments in technology.


Touch is such an essential part of being human, one that has been eroded slowly as our lives have become more virtual. The fact that the same technology that has led us away from each other in the “real world” is now bringing us together in this amazingly physical way is truly incredible.


But back to the sexy part…


So what’s the next step in haptic technology? If we’re already stimulating each other intimately in these highly varied ways, the only logical advancement is to full-on virtual sex and I’m not talking old-school cyber sex or even camming. The way the technology is headed, full-body haptic suits are no longer a farfetched sci-fi nerd’s dream.


To be honest, my mind is still totally boggled by this possibility. We are about to enter a whole new world of human sexuality, one that could include not only long distance communication between humans, but also interactions with virtual beings drawn from the human imagination.


The thought is both titillating… And terrifying.


Emma McGowan

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Holographic MRI and CT scans of the human body

This is a technology that Targeted Individuals should learn more about.

Styiles Inc. the prototype design group

In the not to distant  future full body scans will be done on everyone. From the scan a 3D holographic MRI or CT image of your entire body will be recorded on a Blue Ray DVD disc, or a  stick memoire chip, that will be used as a medical guide for your Doctor or Surgeon. A Surgeon can use this 3D information to plan out a needed surgery or other procedure you may have to have sometime in the near future. That disc could also be used to compare a new scan to an older scan. to look to see how far a problem has progressed. It would  hold all your medical records and previous surgeries and medical procedures and treatments you have had over your life time as well as any and all medications you are on or have taken in your past years. Body scans like this would be done starting at birth…

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Former Texas Ranger, Mike Patrick, Is A Targeted Individual!

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“End the Torment!” – Lethal Technology in Criminal Hands

Dec 30, 2015, 6:52 PM

From MCmailteam International

“End the Torment!”


Lethal Technology in Criminal Hands

By Mike Patrick

May 2014


“End the Torment!” were the words scratched onto Aaron Alexis’ Remington 870 shotgun during the September 16, 2013 massacre that left 12 innocent people and the shooter dead at the Washington Navy Yard.  A little more than a month prior to that tragic event, on the morning of August 7, 2013, 34-year old Alexis called the Newport, Rhode Island police and reported being stalked and assaulted in his hotel room.  He told responding officers he felt threatened and had moved to three different hotels in the Newport area to escape the tormentors.  He believed they were assaulting him from adjacent hotel rooms using some type of “microwave machine.”  He was feeling “vibrations through his body” and “hearing voices” that would not allow him to sleep.  On September 1, 2013, Alexis emailed a support group, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, and said, “Need assistance on dealing with the direct energy attacks!!”  Alexis believed he was under technological attack.


Seventeen days after the Alexis incident, on October 3, 2013, Miriam Carey, a 34-year old dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut, drove to the White House with her 13-month old daughter and was shot and killed near the Capitol after fleeing a White House checkpoint.  According to multiple 911 calls to the Stamford Police Department in November and December 2012, Carey believed she was being stalked and videotaped in her condo.  She also believed President Obama was communicating with her and had put her residence under electronic surveillance.  Miriam Carey was also hearing voices.  Less than a year later, something caused her to drive 270 miles to the White House on that fateful October day.


Investigating officials and the media immediately suggested both tragedies were the result of mental illness.  I do not believe that to be the case.  I believe criminals with access to lethal technology pushed Alexis and Carey over the edge with complete disregard for innocent lives.  To my knowledge, that possibility was never thoroughly investigated.


Thousands of people across the country are “hearing voices.”  Many think they are being targeted by satellite technology capable of reading their thoughts, transmitting sounds and voices directly into their brains, and physically assaulting them with microwave energy.  This technology is impossible to comprehend without experiencing it.  Most people, including law enforcement, the media and the mental health profession, seem to be completely oblivious to this critical situation.


Victims experience something similar to having harassing talk-radio beamed directly into their brains 24/7 with no control over its content or volume.  It is an extremely severe form of psychological torture that incapacitates people and destroys lives.  Microwave energy is used to physically torture victims by creating pains on their bodies and in their ears, brains and internal organs.  Through this physical and psychological torture, they push people to suicide and violence and put innocent lives at risk in the process.


These criminals violate an untold number of existing and yet to be defined laws, trample our Constitutional rights, reject international conventions and ignore every principle of human dignity and privacy.  This is domestic terrorism, torture and a “crime against humanity”, and could ultimately prove to be one of the largest crimes in U.S. history.


Technology of this magnitude was likely developed over decades at enormous cost by the U.S. government.  The government would presumably secure this technology, understanding its power to become a “technological nuclear bomb.”  If obtained by a hostile government or terrorists, it could be used against anyone, including our own leaders, and could pose a serious national security threat.


The U.S. military has been researching microwave technology and possible applications, including “microwave hearing”, for decades.  Simple microwave communication was possible 40 years ago.  A 1975 article in American Psychologist titled “Microwaves and Behavior” by Don Justesen stated “appropriate modulation of microwave energy can result in direct ‘wireless’ and ‘receiverless’ communication of speech.”


A 1998 Department of the Army report “Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons”, declassified in 2006, states, “Application of microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission.  It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology.  Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard voices within one’s head.”


A quick internet search for “mind-reading technology” listed articles from The Economist, NPR, Huffington Post, Scientific American, Wired, Newsmax, Detroit Free Press, and The Guardian, among others.  All speak to neuroscientists’ ability to decode human thought by analyzing brain activity.  Non-verbal speech and lie detection are just two of the identified uses.  Topics such as brain-computer interface, brain imaging, electrocorticography (ECoG), functional MRI (fMRI), and synthetic telepathy are also discussed.  Mind-reading technology clearly exists, and according to numerous accounts, it has advanced well beyond what is publicly known.


I know this to be the case.  Before sharing my personal story, I want to provide a quick overview of my background.  I am 48 years old and have owned my own real estate investment and development business in the Denver area since 2001.  Prior to starting my own business, I worked for Wall Street investment banks in Houston, Los Angeles and New York for roughly a decade.  In my last position, I managed a $100 million real estate fund for Daiwa Securities in New York.


I was an All-State baseball player in high school and an Academic All-American at the University of Texas.  I was drafted by the Texas Rangers and played one season of minor league baseball before starting my business career.  I have never been involved in any criminal activity and have never used illegal drugs.  My personal relationships and business career were built on trust and integrity.


I do not have the benefit of fully understanding many of the things discussed in this paper, however, I have tried to present the following account as honestly and accurately as possible.  While I will certainly gain additional clarity as the situation evolves, this paper is completely true and factual with respect to what I know today.


I have been an organized stalking victim since early 2005, although I did not discover the term until about a year and a half ago.  I have been followed, monitored and harassed and have experienced multiple acts of vandalism, break-ins and theft.  The crimes have occurred throughout Colorado and in several other states.  The stalkers have completely stolen my privacy, and for many years, created a constant state of fear and anxiety.  The impact on my life and psyche has been extremely severe.


Like many organized stalking victims, I still do not know who is responsible or why I was targeted, but a large, coordinated, well-funded group is involved.  I have contacted local law enforcement and the FBI, yet the stalking and harassment continued.  In fact, things escalated last year.


In the spring of 2013, I started hearing unusual noises on my property, such as banging, clanking and clicking sounds in the attic and around the house, and what sounded like people walking on the roof and in the attic.  I also heard moaning and groaning sex sounds.  At first, I thought someone had installed some type of hidden audio system in the walls and ceiling to bring the harassment campaign into my bedroom.  I could not make sense of it.  Shortly thereafter, I began “hearing voices.”


The perpetrators kept me from sleeping by creating noises, narrating false dialogue and scenarios, subjecting me to all-night intense interrogations, and tormenting me with pains caused by microwave energy.  They wanted to completely break me down physically and emotionally and make me believe my life was constantly in danger.  They narrated fake shooting scenes, hideous rapes and countless other threatening scenarios.


For several months, they said there were former Navy SEALs hiding out on my 70-acre, densely wooded property.  Just before daybreak in early August 2013, after one of the all-night interrogation sessions, I felt a tingling sensation on the back of my head while lying in bed.  A voice said it was a rifle scope locked on my head from outside the house.  He told me to “get out of bed, now, now!”  I thought I was under attack.  I grabbed my shotgun and headed to the basement.


While sitting on the basement steps with the shotgun on my lap, I heard what sounded like several volleys of assault rifle fire coming from the dense scrub oak beyond the driveway.  Shortly after the gunfire, the voice said a renegade SEAL had moved out of the brush, down to the front porch, and was going to kick in the front door.  They told me to “shoot the wall, shoot the wall, shoot now!”  Fortunately, I did not shoot, and shortly thereafter the voices said they had gotten “control of the situation.”  While this scenario felt life-threatening at the time, I now know it was one of their many attempts to scare and provoke me.


They changed the dialogue and narrative to fit my surroundings at three houses in Colorado, my mom’s and brother’s houses in Oklahoma and a friend’s apartment in Texas.  While staying at each location, fictitious voices and scenarios were used, involving six different sets of neighbors.  In each instance, the neighbors were supposedly creating the threatening dialogue and assaulting me with “microwave energy.”  Their intent was to provoke me to confront innocent people and to cause me to make unprovable claims to family, friends and law enforcement.  This is how the technology is used to destroy victims’ credibility and make them appear disconnected with reality and mentally unstable.


My Douglas County neighbors were supposedly ex-CIA and former Navy intelligence and coordinated the torture campaign on my property.  From their backgrounds, they had access to “electromagnetic weapons”, “microwave weapons” and “ultrasound weapons.”  They suggested a prominent Coloradan, allegedly involved in narcotics trafficking, paid my neighbors “$500,000” to conduct this campaign with the complicity of a senior FBI official.  They said they wanted to destroy my credibility, create an “actionable event” and “push me to suicide” for “making too much noise” regarding the Colorado system.


At my dad’s house, it was supposedly his neighbor “across the courtyard” and someone “in the field” adjacent to his house assaulting me with energy.  At my mountain home, it was a neighbor living in a house behind mine who was responsible for the “electromagnetic weapon” assault.


Shortly after arriving at my mom’s house in mid-October 2013, they started a threatening dialogue using a voice that was supposed to be her next door neighbor.  He was an “eighth degree black belt in taekwondo” and was threatening to “kick in the front door” to get us.  They continued depriving me of sleep with computerized interrogation programs “jointly controlled by the FBI and Warren Buffett’s satellite operators.”


The Tulsa FBI supposedly had a surveillance team staying in a house across the pond from my mom’s house.  They were hitting me with “electromagnetic weapons” and “microwave weapons” and creating the pains on my body while I was trying to sleep.  When my dog developed a hot spot on his tail, they said it was caused by an “FBI agent tasering him.”  A powerful laser beam or “satellite death ray” created the pressure on my heart and the stinging in my eyes, and according to their threats, could “pierce my heart or blind me.”  They said it was responsible for numerous reported heart attacks.


While sitting on my brother’s lake house deck with my mom, they created a sharp pain in the middle of my chest and said they were hitting me with an “electromagnetic weapon” from a mile or so across the lake.  They claimed it was a “military weapon that can stop a person’s heart from seven miles away.”


At my friend’s apartment in Dallas, her upstairs neighbor was a “confidential informant for the FBI” and involved in this multi-state plot to torment me.  He and his son were supposedly “video recording us through the ceiling”, making the constant lewd remarks and assaulting my dog and me with an “electromagnetic weapon.”  They obviously wanted me to believe there were co-conspirators in every state, city and neighborhood who would keep me from ever finding peace.


Many other victims report being assaulted by energy weapons.  To my knowledge, none of these weapons have ever been found and no one has been arrested in connection with this type of assault.  Yes, we are being assaulted by microwave energy, but it is being done remotely via satellite.  These attacks do not require a local, neighborhood presence.  A relatively small number of individuals are likely sitting in secure facilities, targeting people across the country.  This is more efficient and allows them to operate in secrecy.


Over time, the intense all-night interrogation/torture campaign began to transition to some meaningful dialogue.  They said I had been connected to a satellite surveillance system, controlled by a highly sophisticated computer network.  The computer contains extensive information and voice-replication capabilities for many people, including family, friends, neighbors and business and personal contacts.  This information and the emulated voices are used to create fictitious dialogue and scenarios customized for targets’ specific relationships, circumstances and surroundings.  The system operators are essentially voice actors, narrating radio skits to humiliate, intimidate, threaten and provoke victims.


The operators have also used the names and voices of prominent individuals such as President Obama, former President George W. Bush, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Governor Hickenlooper, Phil Anschutz, Christian Anschutz and Pete Coors.  Some of these names have been mentioned hundreds of times over the past year.


Over the past year, many different explanations have been given for my predicament.  Some are as follows.  It all started due to a “pay to play” extortion scheme by certain members of the Colorado real estate community.  They were trying to collect payment prior to closing my first big deal in Colorado in June 2005.  The organized stalking campaign has been conducted by members of the massive Homeland Security apparatus with ties to organized crime and a government control system.  I was put on some type of Homeland Security “watch list” for punitive reasons by a powerful person within the system.


They talked extensively about a “sex system” in which women are compensated for providing sexual services with “drugs and drug money” and “sex credits”, and a “pay system” controlled by the “New York mafia.”  Both offer financial rewards and “personal protection.”  They have said I was required to pay an amount ranging from “$500,000” to “$10 million” or “earn my way by participating in the sex system.”  The long stalking/torture campaign supposedly resulted from being “out of sync with the system” and “making too much noise.”


For months, the perpetrators said I was connected to a “satellite communication network” through an “implanted microchip.”  However, they could never identify the specific type or exact location of this microchip.  Google/Motorola supposedly manufactured it.  Initially, they said it was a “synthetic telepathy microchip” implanted by a former business colleague “in the back of my neck.”  After nothing was identified on a neck x-ray, they changed their story and said the chip was implanted “in my upper back between the shoulder blades.”  They also said it might be a “cochlear implant” or possibly tiny “nanochips in my inner ear.”  Their final narrative suggested it was a “modified VeriChip, secretly manufactured for the CIA, implanted in my shoulder.”  Their narrative continually changed and the mysterious microchip kept moving around in my body.  Needless to say, I never found a microchip.


The microchip narrative seems to be prevalent with targeted individuals.  The perpetrators take advantage of the fact this technology is easier to accept with an implanted device.  For a long time, they were able to convince me a microchip was required to track, monitor and communicate with me everywhere – residences, office buildings, the mall, grocery stores, restaurants, parks and fields, and on roads and highways driving across three states.  The connection is unfortunately stronger and much more reliable than my cell phone.  While the volume has been adjusted frequently, the connection has never faltered.


I am now convinced microchips are not involved.  The microchip narrative would require a manufacturer, national distribution and a highly risky, covert, implantation campaign.  It would also require a large medical and mental health conspiracy to block their discovery.  With thousands of people picking up microwave communication, no one is finding microchips.


Actually that is not entirely true.  I was able to find information on two people who found implanted microchips – James Walbert in Wichita, Kansas and Bob Boyce in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  I was unable to confirm if either of them had been hearing communication or if their microchip removals stopped it.


To my knowledge, the only microchip approved for human implantation is the VeriChip.  It is used for accessing patients’ medical records.  According to VeriTeq, the successor entity, there are no facilities offering their microchips or scanners in Colorado.  I do not think Veriteq or anyone else is involved in a massive government conspiracy to have everyone implanted with microchips.


The microchip narrative is part of a vast disinformation campaign.  It distracts, discredits and discourages victims who are unable to locate an implanted device.  MRIs, CT scans and X-rays are expensive.  Many targeted individuals cannot afford to scan their entire body searching for a microchip.  Those creating the microchip narratives know this.


For those questioning how “voices” can push someone over the edge, this is important.  The people controlling this technology are highly believable at first.  They break victims down through sleep deprivation and intense physical and psychological torture.  Exhausted, disoriented and just trying to survive the torture, victims are extremely vulnerable to anything, including false narratives, that might offer an explanation for their unimaginable pain and suffering.  I experienced it firsthand.  Fortunately, I made it through the initial onslaught, and by doing so, became conditioned to these tactics.


It is also important to note that sleep deprivation is a very serious form of physical and psychological torture banned by the Constitution, the United Nations, the Geneva Conventions and the International Criminal Court.  It has been used as an interrogation, torture technique throughout history to break people down and extract information.


Menachem Begin, former Israeli prime minister, was sleep deprived and tortured by the KGB.  In his book, White Nights: The Story of a Prisoner in Russia, he states, “In the head of the interrogated prisoner, a haze begins to form.  His spirit is wearied to death, his legs are unsteady, and he has one sole desire: to sleep…Anyone who has experienced this desire knows that not even hunger and thirst are comparable with it.”


Victims of technological assault are not just having a tough time sleeping.  They are being brutally tortured through sleep deprivation.


The perpetrators have indicated the connection to my brain not only allows them to read my thoughts, but also literally see what I see.  As you would expect, this has completely destroyed my sense of privacy and made it impossible to lead a normal life.  They have made thousands of lewd, derogatory and insulting remarks while in the restroom or taking a shower, lying in bed at night, and even during times of intimacy.  It has included comments about my genitalia, my sex life, masturbation and my most private thoughts.  They have also repeated passwords and pin codes, discussed medical information, and monitored and recorded my business and personal activities.


The privacy violations are truly unimaginable.  Some refer to this unauthorized, forced access into peoples’ brains as “mind rape.”  This term describes the egregiousness of the violation, yet the law does not even contemplate this despicable crime.


These cowardly criminals have continually told me they want me to commit suicide, and have tried every tactic at their disposal to see if they could push me to that point.  After months of torture, they now acknowledge suicide is not a possibility.


They can supposedly determine peoples’ susceptibility to suicide or violence from their thoughts.  They have claimed, seemingly without remorse, that they have caused thousands of suicides.  Whether true or not, they have also said this technology was used against Aaron Alexis and Miriam Carey.


In addition to communication, many victims also experience physical symptoms from microwave assault.  I have personally experienced the following:  feeling something similar to a mild electrical current on my head and body, loud ear ringing, intense pressure on my ear drums, shaking, vibrating sensations, eye stinging, un-flushable eye irritation, severe eye strain and red, swollen eyelids, pains on and in the brain, sharp stomach pains, upset stomach, chest pains, heart palpitations, inexplicable shortness of breath, stinging, burning, tingling and pin-prick sensations all over my body, uncontrollable itches, scratchy throat, severe chills, dehydration, frequent urination, constant nasal drain, and penis stimulation/de-stimulation.


It is not clear if the physical symptoms are caused by energy being directed at specific areas of the body or by the technology’s interaction with the brain.  The perpetrators create and adjust the intensity of these symptoms and have remarked and even joked about doing so.  For months, the perpetrators constantly tormented me with physical pains and sensations while leaving a computer bouncing interrogation programs off my brain all night, completely depriving me of sleep.  This is a severe form of torture.


I have felt extremely intense pressure on my internal organs, as if they were going to explode, while they talked about “cranking up the energy.”  The pain was severe enough to push me out of the house several times.  I experienced eye irritation comparable to having dirt in my eyes, but was unable to wash it out.  They bragged about “eye irritation” being one of the “functions.”  They put extreme pressure on my inner ears and talked about “blowing out my eardrums.”  They can somehow make it difficult to get an erection and have threatened to cause permanent erectile dysfunction.  They even applied severe pressure on my heart that could have been mistaken for a heart attack under different circumstances.  They wanted me to believe they could pierce my heart and kill me at any time.


During nights of constant chatter and microwave bombardment, I urinated excessively (10-15 times over an eight-hour period), became dehydrated and experienced severe chills.  I wore sweat pants, a fleece top, socks and a stocking hat to bed many nights, yet shivered uncontrollably.  This was not caused by auditory hallucinations.  It was caused by intense microwave exposure.


The U.S. government has studied the health effects of microwave irradiation for at least half a century.  Starting in the 1950’s, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was subjected to Soviet microwave bombardment during much of the cold war.  While a detailed medical discussion is beyond the scope of this paper, it is important to note that microwave exposure can cause numerous health issues, including brain cancer, leukemia, strokes, heart disease, immune system disorders, infertility, birth defects, vision problems, cataracts, headaches, insomnia, depression and anxiety.


They have maintained a constant microwave connection to my brain for the past year with absolute disregard for the health consequences.  Presumably, this is the case with countless other victims.  American citizens are being invisibly assaulted by a very dangerous weapon and nobody is paying attention.


Once an individual’s connection has been established, the physical symptoms can be induced without sound or communication – on “mute” so to speak.  If true, it would allow them to create headaches, tinnitus, erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety and other pains and ailments, and even simulate heart attacks, completely undetected.  There are likely many individuals who have never heard a sound or voice, and are therefore, completely unaware they have been targeted.  That significantly changes the scope of the problem.


The computer that controls the link can read my mind and respond with instantaneous dialogue based upon my thoughts.  It is constantly collecting information from my brain.  The technology enables the operators to determine whether or not someone is telling the truth.  This would obviously be extremely valuable in the interrogation of criminals and terrorists, which might be the rationale under which it was developed.  However, there are obvious constitutional issues that must be addressed before using this technology on the most dangerous criminals, let alone law-abiding citizens.


The operators can push, or “suggest” as they call it, words, thoughts and images into peoples’ brains.  Some refer to this as “mind control.”  At times, they direct unwanted sexual images and uncomfortable thoughts into my mind, often with laughter in the background.  However, they also suggest various foods, activities and other things that serve as reminders.  From my experience, it is not “mind control”, because I am able to choose whether or not to accept the suggestions.


During some days, the dialogue has been nearly continuous, with computerized voices responding to or commenting on virtually every thought and activity.  On other days, it has been relatively quiet.  The volume can be adjusted from silent to loud and clear.  I have recorded many hours of communication by repeating what I am hearing verbatim.  The pace of the communication is much slower than normal conversation, with gaps between words or sentences, presumably due to satellite transmission delays.


The system lingo includes phrases such as “young whippersnapper”, “since I was knee-high to a grasshopper”, “bunch of big mother fuckers running around”, “don’t get above your raisin”, “kick your teeth down your fucking throat”, “on the planet”, “in the universe”, “put a gun in that pretty little face”, “since time immemorial”, “thrown under a bus”, “that’s unbelievable testimony”, “in my entire human existence”, and “I’m not your best friend but I’m not your worst enemy.”  These are not phrases I have ever used.


Whoever runs the system has somehow justified having multiple people tied into my connection 24/7 since it was established.  They sound like intelligent, educated professionals, not uneducated criminals.  The communication is articulate and often includes witty, impromptu remarks.  While they occasionally use female voices, I believe they are all men.  As ridiculous as it sounds, they actually correct my grammar and offer personal and business advice.  The people and the crimes seem incongruent.  Some of them acknowledge this and say they want to expose it.


They have said they are a small group of six-figure, NSA, CIA and FBI employees with top secret clearance.  They supposedly represent the pay and sex systems and execute various assignments for system big shots.  One can imagine the ways in which the technology is being used – political blackmail, intellectual property theft, insider trading, etc.


My energy and level of distraction fluctuates with the amount and volume of communication.  I have had difficulty working, or even reading or watching a movie, since the communication began.  My ability to run a business or to enjoy two of my favorite activities has been taken away.  It has had a profound impact on every aspect of my life.  For many victims, earning a living or leading a normal life becomes virtually impossible.  Sadly, this is the intent.


The satellite operators have stopped transmission briefly on several occasions causing unbelievable, instantaneous relief.  I have felt the pressure and strain immediately wash from my head, face and neck as the microwave energy dissipates.  I could literally feel the energy draining from my head.  The best analogy is the cooling sensation when stepping out of a sauna.


People that report being stalked and monitored or “hearing voices” are often diagnosed with mental illness.  Unfortunately, there is not yet another widely accepted explanation.  Technology of this magnitude is extremely difficult to comprehend and there is currently very little credible, publicly available information.


We very much need the assistance of the mental health profession.  They are the only ones with access to decades of specific patient experiences.  I have not yet found anything that summarizes or analyzes these records to determine if there might be patterns or trends associated with people “hearing voices.”  How many patients who have become part of the mental health system, voluntarily or otherwise, are victims of organized stalking or technological assault?  The mental health profession may hold the “smoking gun.”


Many questions need to be raised.  What messages are patients hearing?  Are they derogatory or threatening?  Do victims feel they are being stalked or monitored?  How many voices do they hear?  How long do they hear them?  Does the volume change?  Are physical pains and sensations experienced?  Do they think some type of energy may be involved?  Do the voices sound computerized?  Are unique words or phrases used?  Do they hear famous peoples’ voices?  Is the pace of communication conversational or are there gaps and delays?  Do they believe their minds or thoughts are being read?  Is there a focus on topics that make them feel guilty or uncomfortable?  How often are they told to commit suicide or harm others?  How often do medications work?  Is it possible medications provide cover to stop the communication?


To my knowledge, the only possible defense against this assault is to block microwave transmission.  Protective clothing and homemade Faraday cages will not work.  Advanced materials and professional construction are required.  A few companies that could potentially construct such a facility are ETS Lindgren, Cuming-Lehman Chambers and Braden Shielding.  They use terms such as anechoic chambers, shielded rooms, screened rooms and microwave chambers.  If possible, we need to locate government or corporate facilities willing to grant access so we can prove microwave energy is responsible.


For those wanting to learn more about organized stalking and technological assault, there are many websites, blogs, articles and books available.  Mark Rich’s book, The Hidden Evil, offers an historical overview of control systems, such as communist East Germany’s secret police, or Stasi, and its reliance upon a massive informant network and organized stalking.  Dr. John Hall’s A New Breed, Satellite Terrorism in America provides a detailed account of his personal experience with organized stalking and satellite assault in San Antonio, Texas.  Jesse Ventura’s TruTV Conspiracy Theory series examined the issue of people hearing voices in their December 2012 “Brain Invaders” episode.  They concluded military communication towers, Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN), were being used to target victims with microwave energy.  KMIR News in Palm Springs, California reported on “hundreds of people in the valley hearing voices” in November 2012.  The video, which includes interviews with several targeted individuals, is available at


According to their website (, “Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance is a human rights organization that identifies and networks with victims of organized stalking and electronic assaults, educates society about covert harassment issues, and advocates for citizens victimized by covert criminal elements.”  They network with and provide support for victims throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  They organize meetings across the country, host daily conference calls, publish a weekly newsletter and provide a toll free number for victims.


Having worked on this issue for the past decade, Derrick Robinson, President of FFCHS, has become a prominent leader in the fight against organized stalking and technological assault.  He offered the following, “Aaron Alexis represents a lightening-rod for our issues because of the notoriety of his action, the Washington Navy Yard shooting, and because he had contacted us (FFCHS) two weeks prior to the shooting exhibiting many of the same effects that are common in our community, such as microwave attacks, hearing voices, sleeplessness, and the group stalking scenarios.  And although we do not condone Aaron’s solution, he highlights an extremely important human rights issue in this country which is being suppressed and for which there is currently no recognition or remedy.”


“Our community is continually amazed at how large a secret can remain undetected by our society for so long.  It has often been discouraging.  However, I believe there will come a day – and probably soon – when this entire criminal network which now operates in secret will become common knowledge to everyone and covert targeting and secret tortures will all be over.”


I would like to offer a few suggestions for victims based upon my personal experience.  Most importantly, hang in there!  We will identify the perpetrators and stop this torture.  Record what you are hearing and experiencing.  Those recordings will help us validate and share our experiences and will prove valuable in future legal proceedings.  We will eventually have our day in court.


Let the perpetrators know you are familiar with their tactics of false narratives, derogatory remarks and threats.  Ask questions that might help you gather information.  For those of you that do not know why you were targeted, you are not alone.  Many of us are still trying to figure it out.  Like most powerful weapons, criminals will use them for many different reasons, and sometimes, for no reason at all.


Finally, help us spread the word.  We need as many people as possible talking about this issue, asking questions and looking for answers.  These criminals are accustomed to operating in the dark.  We need to push aggressively to expose their crimes.


My experience with organized stalking and technological assault has already stolen nine years, or roughly one-third of my adult life.  It has irreversibly altered the course of my life and potentially damaged my health in ways not yet apparent.


Without intervention, countless other victims will be exposed.  Some will not be able to endure the torture, and acting from a place of desperation, they will take their own or others’ lives.  Their breaking point could be reached at any time.  Until we get control of this technology, it is impossible to predict the next tragedy.  This is a national public safety emergency!


We desperately need the assistance of law enforcement, the media and the mental health profession.  By sharing information and starting a national discussion, these groups can make an immediate impact.  Please help us educate everyone and stop the torture!




Mike Patrick


Touchy Aren’t They?-A TI Testimony

“You gained a special de-leap.” he said at 7:06pm. And then another exclaims,”You dealing facts,” or something to that effect. Yes, these trifling, no good, lazy men are amp-ed up this evening. I cannot remember the last time that I actually had any peace. But of course, that is the way the goons like it. What the hell do I need peace for I guess their asking themselves because they have none of their own.

For years now they have paid nothing but obsessive interest in me. Watching, cackling… If you name it, they probably have done it. This is a sad story indeed.

It makes me ultra angry that these people continue to take away everything you have ever worked for as if they were the ones that earned it. Stealing your life, your friends, your family, including your children as if they were there the entire time aiding in your personal improvement. If they were riding the tides of your life, swimming through all the waves of disappointment and successes, where were they? Were they peeping through a peephole? Seriously, where were they?

“At least you live,” the ghetto fabulous woman says at 7:18pm. (Another way you can tell that they are watching. Just listen.)

This is how totally ignorant my goons can sound. Some of us (and they may not have a clue what I am talking about) had bigger dreams that required more than just livying. Plans and goals that they never would have understood. I didn’t want to ‘just live’.

To just live means, to me, that I might as well already be dead. It would mean that I was only looking forward to doing nothing more than breathing. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Life might as well be contained within only four walls if you would rather ‘just live’. How is that any different than being in a box or a casket?

Am I suppose to thank them for allowing me to ‘just live’? When did they become my Lord and Savior, I wonder.

You know, I thank the heavens that I am single (and, yes, I am not afraid to admit that I am years celibant)  because if I had to be married to one of these morons that have been stalking me, I truly believe that one of us will need those four walls tucked safely beneath God’s green earth and one of us would be in it.

Nowadays, it is quite admirable to me to be single. The men are just not the same. Childish, insecure, selfish, rude, uncaring, and very disrespectable they are. And the women in their lives are not benefiting anyone, including the already lazy men.

“They all knowing the way you mud,” a female says at 7:38pm.

If that is the case, then why do they keep bothering me as if they are about to earn a badge? Why not just leave me alone and then nothing would be said?

They seem to love drama and I in their shallow minds they may feel like the are super celebrities. Hits on the big screen while everyone is watching. Possibly demonstrating their weapons to their clients by using the bodies of innocent people who can’t shut their bullshit down. Yes, this is a very, very sad moment in history. Especially knowing that no one is being compensated for the abuse.

Now, let me break something down for you. Ok…

I have no friends and barely any family left that I truly can count on. My children were kidnapped, my money and life depleted. I would be lucky to find another job. My body is being attacked by a hoard of people, most of which I don’t even know and had never met a day in my life sooo…

I guess my next question would be… Really, where is the beef? If they are worried about me ‘whippin’ another man, so to speak, well… “We see how you whip,” she says. As if. I guess I can take that as verification that no one’s bedroom is safe. Maybe.

It has been obvious to many that I am not doing anything to obtain a romantic or not so romantic relationahip whatsoever but somehow they still feel threatened which leads me to my next point. Isn’t this a free country?

First off, it is none of their business and second of all, I am happy being without the type of men that they find so attractive. Honestly, I really don’t think that I have met my ideal match at all and believe me, I have sowed many oaths. That life is so dead that it can now be buried within those four walls. I have had fun but it is not worth risking your life over a bunch of conceited, deplorable idiots. I think you get my drift. Yep, I may stay single for the rest of my days. (I am getting more radiation by the way as I write this.)

Touchy aren’t they?

Anyway, it was their cult men that got me into to this mess in the first place. I just wish I had trusted my instincts then.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.






Another Big Jolt

1:59am Another big jolt to my body while a very spoiled sounding female says, “We ain’t doing no.” Whatever that means. I am in firm belief that she may be in need of a straight jacket. All day. All night. They have nothing better to do.

And our government believes this is ok in order to further their own agendas. This is how people are dying folks. There is no one around to help them when they need it.

If this was to be the purge, I wish that they would have given us forewarning . I hope that you can see how we targets are at an unfair advantage.

Prime examples: Myron May and Aaron Alexis- You can almost call what they did self defense. No one helped them when they needed it.


Another Big Bang

Electrocuted again at 12:58am. Wow. Another big one.

If they don’t like people to talk about what they are doing to them then why do they do the things they do? They really do expect us just to kill over and die I guess. Whatever.

Why not leave people alone? That way there would be nothing to talk about. I left high school in 1994. I guess some of us never leave.