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Obsession & The New York Statehouse Hearing- A T. I Testimony

Someone is really obsessing over harming me.

Last night, while trying to fall asleep, I was again assaulted by multiple lasers to my body.  but for what purpose?

Is it because they want to continue to ruin my appearance?

– Is it because the person that they are using to pull the trigger is mentally ill?

– Am I being used for experimentation?

– Does someone have a grievance against me that I don’t know about?

-Are they just bored?

Why do they have to go so far? It is hard to believe that this is still happening.


Also, I have received information from John Finch that may be of interest to Targeted Individuals. I am sure that T. I.’s would like to know that there is someone out there that is listening to us. Please read the following…


    On Thursday, Tim in New York met with State Senator Eric Adams, a boyhood friend of his who is has recently met with some TI’s regarding our issues.  I wrote about him in the newsletter a couple of weeks ago.  He has been reviewing informational material from us for the past 2-3 weeks.

    In the meeting, Rep. Adams stated that he wants to hold hearings concerning OS/EH harassment in February.  He’s asking that we send a brief summary of our harassment for his review to:  The hearing is open to the public.  Therefore, anyone anywhere in New York state, the country or the globe can give their testimony or attend. For clarity and time considerations he is reviewing the summaries submitted for testimony.  The location for the hearing will be New York City.  The exact address has not been determined.  We’ll of course have a group of expert witnesses to address the senators about the technology and the psychology of the abuses as well.  We’ve provided him a suggested list of experts who have expressed their willingness to testify.  Those people he plans to contact and interview personally.

    He also mentioned that he wants media involvement, which he could generate.  And that this hearing would be the start of spinoff hearings in other states and would ultimately result in a congressional hearing.

    It would certainly be beneficial if there were some other state representatives that could work with him on this hearing.  Hopefully, we will find others who will come forward to lend their support to these issues.

    One last comment: Scheduling of the hearing is the first step.  Completing the hearing is the goal.  And 5 1/2 months to go gives the stalkers plenty of time for mischief.  Those that were around last year will remember the television show that we were all counting on, only to have it cancelled just days before taping.  And the Firecracker Films documentary that never materialized.  And numerous television and newspaper reporters that contacted us and never heard from again.  So we’ve got to remember that something of this magnitude may encounter perp interference.  What I’m suggesting is that for all who are believers that we need to remain in prayer for this event – for Senator Adams and for the success of the hearing.  Also keep in mind that the month of February in New York could bring issues with the weather, which the perps have been known to bring on at just the exact time.  So please keep all these things in mind as we pray, and pray believing.  Personally, my belief is that we can only succeed in this struggle with God’s help.  A word to the wise is sufficient.

All this will be discussed at the conference call this Saturday night.   And if there’s time, Dale Wahl will join us to talk about his project.

For further questions or comments about the state hearing, please contact Tim in New York at:

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Another Day of Horror- A T. I. Testimony

Well, I am still surviving even though the targeting has not ended. This morning I received three laser shots to my face while waking up but other than that, for the past few days, there has not been much else going on.

I am still praying that one day soon this will all stop but, for now, I am thankful that the targeting isn’t as bad as it use to be. These goons have been stalking me like a bunch of Neanderthals for years and my body has paid a dire price as well. Honestly, after over five years of being heavily stalked, I am truly exhausted.

No one should have the type of power to drag someone else’s life through the mud but they do. Secret societies definitely exist and are not healthy for our society. Once a person is pulled into it, it seems there is no escaping and it is so sad. Who wants to live their entire lives being beat up?

I even need proper medical care but as far as I have seen, there is no doctor that I can go to that will give me the truth. They’re still trying to fake others out about my mental state without any proof of what they say.

What can we do?


An Arizona school district kept a secret blacklist for decades. A reporter found it

mstmha: Now it is beginning to come out about what Targeted Individuals are actually having to endure. This article is just another example of that and it proves that blacklisting is a true crime and is not a delusion as they would have you believe. My point is that teachers are not the only ones who are suffering in the world of blacklisting.

From the article…

FOR YEARS, the Tucson Unified School District kept a secret blacklist that included the names of about 1,400 former employees. The overwhelming majority of those employees were blacklisted for seemingly frivolous reasons: They had used all their vacation time, or had received a few poor performance evaluations, or had butted heads with a school administrator with access to the list. Many were teachers who had otherwise stellar careers in the district.

Read the article in its entirety…

More Violent Attacks- A T. I. Testimony

Last night (1-21-17) I was violently attacked again.

11:19 PM Lasered to the face

11:36 PM Lasered to the face again

11:40 PM Lasered softly

11:46 PM Lasered vilolently

Someone is really enjoying attacking females. I just wish that I wasn’t one of the females that they enjoy doing it to. Sadly, I was a victim of domestic violence already and now this happens. My life feels as if I am forever glutton for punishment because of so called wannabe criminals that I have known from my past. I can’t shake these people and they refuse to leave me alone.

I wish I knew who was pulling the trigger.  Then again there is a deep possibility that I have already named him/her in this blog. Maybe I should go over the list again.

Also, before I forget…

A goon screamed something to me over their COM system that wasn’t so shocking.

He said, “You have to affair!”

Now, does that mean that you have to have affairs with these people in order to be set free? Inquiring minds would like to know and I am one of them.

This program is so wrong on every level.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Single-dom Is A Crime?- A T.I. Testimony

Well, I wasn’t fried to death last night which was a blessing. I pray that these goons have finally left me alone but somehow I doubt that they have. My skin has taken a beat down like you would never believe because of the laser action being thrown my way and I can’t afford a dermatologist.

Also, I am still receiving comments about others who are being tortured and it is awful. I even read somewhere that single women are more likely to be attacked. Is it our punishment for being single? Why is being single a crime?

Believe me, if I had to repeat my first marriage then I would rather stay by myself. Mustapha Acolatse, Sr. put me through hell and still is. Why would I want to go through that again? Is marrying a goon the only way out? Or maybe just being their whores would appease them. Who knows. Maybe that is why they harbor so many prostitutes. But are they even safe? I have already heard about how they use date rape drugs on unsuspecting females and it is no joke.

When will we find real answers?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




Just Another Attack- A T. I. Testimony

I was attacked again last night. They hit me with two laser shots to my body before I fell asleep once again. I am so sick and tired of having to go through this type of abuse year after year (Since 2013).

And I am tired of the lies about my mentality but of course that is a part of their program. I never dreamed that I would be dragged into anything so horrible as HAP.

Honestly, I just want my life back. How is that too much to ask? When will they stop torturing me?

No need to wonder why I have been celibate and single for so many years. Based on the intimate relationships that I have had, I don’t need anything new, especially thugs. These people are horrid. Why would I give them another excuse to continue.

At the moment, I wish that I had never married Mustapha Acolatse Sr. I see now that he was syndicated. Now I am the victim.

Why can’t they forget about me and leave me alone? Why is theit hate so strong.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

Ex-husband faking diagnosis- A T. I. Testimony

My ex-husband is still trying to convince people (including my daughter’s case worker) that I am mentally ill but he has never had a check-up of his own. Our family was fine until he hooked up with the White Supremacists who are partipating in the HAP (HAARP Assassi nation Program) program. Now he doesn’t have a mind of his own and would destroy his own family in order to soothe them. Besides, how would he know what to say or do unless he was coached.

He has literally tormented our daughter and I, yet, he expects to walk away free as if he never did anything. His name is Mustapha Acolatse Sr. and he will reap what he sows. There is no escaping karma. At least not in God’s eyes.

I never dreamed that he would do the following but he did:

1 Held a knife against my throat and threw an iron at my head

2 Participated in my targeting

3 Pushed our daughter down a flight of stairs

4 Spit in our daughter’s face

5 Starved our daughter for punishment

6 Took her clothes away and threw her shoes out of a window while driving

7 Took her door off the hinges so that she wouldn’t have privacy

8 Took away her curtains

9 Physically fought her until he left evidence of the attacks and now she is in foster care.

10 Pushed our daughter so far that she attempted suicide

11 and so much more…

Yet he walks around free as a bird because he is helping to destroy his first family. Would you give him a pat on the back? Whether you do or don’t doesn’t matter. Every dog has his day.

Obviously, I am not the one with the mental issues. Beware when you meet him because he is a natural conman. And believe it when I say that he could sale snow to an eskimo. Could that be the reason why he deals in real estate?

Thanks for listening. GOD BLESS!