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More Results of Constant Electromagnetic Weapon Assault

Below are more results of how my skin has gradually changed while enduring the constant assault of electromagnetic/radiation weapons.

For someone who once had perfect skin, I am sure you will agree that the change would be considerable. Yet, my attackers are still thinking of, yet, more ways to use these types of weapons on my person in Danville, Virginia. I know. It is a pitiful thing.

Last night while I was attempting to fall asleep, I was again radiated. It just so happened that I looked up as it happened and saw a black geometrical shape move across the ceiling like a shadow above me then disappeared. I can only assume that it was another projectile that they have invented to aide their abuse. I guess they thought I wouldn’t see it.

Needless to say, the radiation burned like hell.

In the below pictures, you will find that I have developed fine bumps, like a rash, all over my face. You will also see the bruising and discoloration of my skin. I absolutely hate it but how can I stop them from doing it?

A woman’s skin is her pride and joy.




“You about to be untalented.”


“You about to be untalented,” a man screams as I was puffing on a cigarette outside this morning.

What does it mean? Are they attempting to downgrade my life even more than they have? Another defamation scam where they make people believe that I am talentless? That I am not worth hiring? Blacklisting beyond what they have already done?

If so, why are they so evil to the point of destroying the life of a person that many of them never knew? How is it that they feel that what they have already done was not enough?

Literally, they have dragged my and my family’s life straight to hell but, somehow, they haven’t done enough. This is, by far, the most ridiculous project that I have ever seen. One minute you are on hiatus, independent, self-sufficient with no worry about employment or monotery issues. The next, you can’t find proper employment resulting in a pile of bills that cannot be paid, your body is being torn apart, and your family life has become dysfunctional beyond compare. And that isn’t enough?

Why do they over do everything? Too much of everything. Why won’t they just sit their asses down and leave people the hell alone?

Does it upset them that they can now be identified? Is that our fault?

Is it also our fault that they brag about their plans and, as a result, we report it? Since when is reporting the truth ‘talentless’. What makes them so talented when they give so much away.

I refuse to step down to their level.

Things that they have done to me personally:

1. Psychotropic weapons/V2K (Still wondering how I know so much about they are doing to me?)

2. Electromagnetic weapons usage (lasers, projectiles, magnetic pulling, stabbing, needling, scapeling, heat grid torture, and so much more.)

3. Kidnapping ( They stole my children through the legal system with a lot of bogus filings. And even after emergencies, they still refuse to send one of them home. As if they were the ones that had labor pains.)

4. Blacklisting (They have prevented me from obtaining jobs that I would normally be qualified for and have kept me on a very low-grade payscale no matter my experience. Now I will be lucky to find anything.)

5. Robbery ( They have stolen personal items, my financial information, money from personal accounts, my identity, and so much more.)

6. Homelessness ( They have pushed me out of one home after another another, including my own family members and have prevented me from obtaining money to afford my own.)

7. Dafamation of Character ( I have pretty much been everything that I am not.)

8. Stalked/ Harrassed ( I cannot go anywhere. They follow me everywhere I go and the V2K guarantees that I am always being butchered by their mouths.)

9. Setup and framed (I have never had so much legal trouble in my entire life (sovereign citizen style). They conspire to almost everything.)

And the list goes on and on…

You can also read my long list of past abuses at the following link (I will update it soon)…

The government has every technology that can prove that these things that we speak of are really happening but they refuse to make what is already obvious, evidential. Is making the world a total concentration camp that important?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.




Scream the 8th!- A T. I. Testimony


“We have so many T. I.’s!” a female screams at 5:44 am this morning.

I decided to write this entry this morning because I received, yet, another laser sting to my face at 5:29 am. When I began feeling that projectile beneath my body, I knew that they were locking their aim. They did not disappoint. It seems that the local goon squad is ‘addicted’ to cruelty. They just can’t stop their tortures amongst others no matter what the law may provide. Obviously they still refuse to leave me alone.

I truly believe that their anger stems from rejection. If your not a member of their society, they consider others to be nothing. The problem is you, not them. At least, that may be what their brains are telling them. Why should anyone who has lived in freedom all of their lives have to worry about something so petty?

And to add more examples to the saga, a man was also in the background talking about how he intentionally aides in building the debt of others. Talk about ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.


America’s protection against ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.


Another Laser Show- A T. I. Testimony


Last night while attempting to fall asleep at my mother’s home, I was pretty much lasered to death by the so-called Klaverts and/or Klaverts (thugs) that are trying to, not only, over run the Danville, Va. area, but my life as well.

I made every attempt to fall asleep as quickly as I could but they, obviously, had other plans. They hatefully did a laser show on my body. Even with my eyes closed, I could see the constant lights flashing around my face. No matter which angle I turned on the blow-out mattress, I could not escape the pain of the lasers that tormented me. I do not know who or what these people think they are but they are making a huge show of abusing me physically and mentally. The laser show last night felt as if it lasts forever.

“They know you like a time bomb,” a man said just now. If they know that then why am I still being tortured by these people?

“We did get more people,” a female said tonight. It sounds like it too.

This morning when I awoke, they started to say things about ‘incineration’.

It was more to the point of, “They were trying to incinerate you.’

Now why in the hell would someone want to do something as stupid as that when people already know about my Targeted Individual status. It seems to me that someone is ready to go to prison because wouldn’t that something like “cruel and unusual punishment’ that America’s 8th Amendment protects us from? Why isn’t anyone granting their wish? And why are we not being protected?


At the moment, I can still hear them yapping off about being ‘decked’ as well as other lingo in which I fail to understand. Their vocabulary has, yet, to change. It has been the same scenario for many years now. Non-stop stupidity but at least somebody is having fun.

Tonight’s Report…

As I was trying again to fall asleep, more laser action near my face. They managed to laser me twice before I got up in order to write this. I am also experiencing more projectiles to my person as well. I am wondering if it is the same as the GPS projectile equipment that police officers use. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. The police force and the fire department are questionable entities here in the local area. In other words, they stopped caring about serving and protecting innocent people. Here, it seems as if they applauded you if you’re a crook.


More torture logging…

11:11 pm Magnetic pull

11:12 pm Magnetic pull

11:19 pm Magnetic pull and a stab to the left side of my head

11:20 pm “You knew who they installed, ” a female says.

11:21 pm Magnetic pull

11:23 pm Magnetic pull to my head

11:24 pm Magnetic pull

11:30 pm Stabbed on the right side of the head

In my opinion, Danville, Va. should never have received a supercomputer brought to us by a government contracted company called Nobles that was and may possibly be still located on Bridge Street. It seems that after it’s installation, my life, the city, and it’s occupants have all changed a dramatically.

T. I.’s…Scream the 8th!

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment.

Some of the first things that we learned while attending American schools was the National Anthem and the Constitution. When did so many Americans miss the memo?



The DMV-A T.I. Testimony


Being a T.I. has been a very nauseating experience. There is nothing that these people won’t do!

Yesterday, I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I dreaded it because I was sure that the local gang stalkers would do something to tick me off. I wasn’t wrong once again.

I had yet another electromagnetic weapon experience with the first customer service representative that I had approached. One moment everything was fine and then the next, it wasn’t.

When the beam hit me in my facial area my entire head began to shake uncontrollably as if I had, had some type of nervous system reaction. This was not the first time that the local goon squad has done this.

This type of attack has happened before and it usually is something that is done while I am talking directly to someone. That’s how evil these people are. I assume that they think they know their target well enough that they can trust that the T. I. won’t harm them. Bad idea.

Sadly, these types of weapon usage are not things that we can control.  A very hateful, holocaustic tactic indeed.

As the second representative was helping me, she called someone over to her desk for assistance with something on her computer screen. As soon as the woman arrived, I could feel the radiation effects once again. This time it did not attack my nervous system but it did cause quite a burn to my skin. It makes me believe that almost everyone is wired up to this system locally. Do they not know the health effects of electromagnetic weapons or do they just not care? How many people have to develop cancer before it is all over? How much electricity can one human body take? This is ridiculous.

(4:55 pm They have once again attacked my nervous system while I continue to write this entry.

4:56 pm I feel a stab on the right side of my head.)

This situation is depressing to even think about. They haven’t stopped watching me and I can still hear them through the technology that is still in use. Heck, my ex-husband is still trying to feign his innocence in the matter of our child whom he dutifully abuses. So, in other words, to make a long story short… there is nothing really new to report. 

(I have learned a lot about myself since my targeting began and one of the things that I have learned is… Women and child-beaters absolutely disgust me.)

Anyway, thanks so much for listening and God bless.


More attacks today…

5:09 pm 2 magnetic pulls to my head back to back

“We now needing more attacks,” says a male, possibly, Black voice in the distance. He sounds as if he belongs in a mental institution. Why am I being surrounded by so many criminals? And why do they think that my body is their personal playground?

5:11 pm They are getting more violent now. Another magnetic pull to my body that was worse than the last two.

5:16 pm Magnetic pull

Another Day, Another Attack

Our worlds are turning upside down as the evil doers of organized crime take precedence over what is good and moral.

My life as of today has not changed since my targeting as a Targeted Individual began. I am still being subjected to the horrendous abuses of AI that most victims have become so familiar with.

Below, I have logged the past two days of my targeting abuse. Even though there are quite a few attacks that I have not mentioned, you will still get a good idea of how horrible gang stalking really is.

The gang stalkers here in Danville, Va. are always busy making my life miserable. I don’t know exactly where they headquarter here as they sit around in groups and attack me but what I do know is that these people are severely mental. I wish to God that I never knew anything about Klaverns and Klaverts. They are awful excuses for human beings. But, honestly, I think, that my biggest wish of all would be that they never knew me because they are so clingy. Once they get attached to their target, the victims’ life goes downhill from there. I am a living example of that.

Anyway… (Below are my logs for May 21st and May 22nd. Rememember, ‘everything’ that these goons have done to me has not been listed, I recorded what I could.)

Insert that happened just now while writing this entry.

1:01pm today…”We know it ain’t gone gleam you,” a woman says. ( They never, ever shut up. They want me to know everything that they have done, are doing, and will do. And they do it in a way that screams…”I can get away with anything.” Serious psychopaths.)

1:42 pm today “We putting you in dump (or dumb… not sure which),” says a male voice. Why can’t they just shut up and leave me alone? Why did they wait until I was a grown woman before starting all of this tacky crap?


May 21st, 2016

3:01pm Magnetic pull to my head ( I had received several by this time.)

4:25pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:34 pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:35 pm Magnetic pull to my head

4:38 pm Magnetic pull to my head

5:47 pm Stabbed on the right aide of my head

6:13pm Stabbed again

6:32 pm Needled at the top of my head

6:41 pm Needled again

6:45 pm Needled again

7:00 pm Needled again

7:03 pm Needled again

7:09 pm Magnetic pull

7:13 pm Needled on the top of head

7:46 pm Magnetic pull

8:56 pm Magnetic pull

8:59 pm Magnetic pull

9:05 pm Magnetic pull

9:30 pm Magnetic pull

9:32 pm Needled on the top of my head

9:33 pm Magnetic pull

9:42 pm Magnetic pull

9:47 pm Magnetic pull

9:57 pm Magnetic pull

10:02 pm Magnetic pull

10:07 pm  Magnetic pull

10:33 pm Magnetic pull


May 22nd, 2016

10:38 am Magnetic pull (twice)

10:41 am Magnetic pull

10:41 am Needled on the top of my head

10:50 am Magnetic pull

1:34 pm Magnetic pull

3:43 pm Magnetic pull

4:06 pm Magnetic pull

4:15 pm Magnetic pull

4:17 pm Magnetic pull

Needled on the top of my head (forgot to write down the exact time for this one.)

8:30 pm Magnetic pull

8:43 pm Magnetic pull

8:57 pm Magnetic pull

9:04 pm Magnetic pull

9:54 pm Magnetic pull

9:56 pm Magnetic pull

9:57 pm Magnetic pull

Magnetic pull ( forgot to write this time down as well)

10:11 pm Magnetic pull

10:14 pm Magnetic pull

10:16 pm Magnetic pull

11:23 pm Magnetic pull (This was also the time when a family member came downstairs. They also use people to wire up to my body through their A.I. system. When this happens, I get more magnetic pulls and radiation to my body once they pass. A perfect example of why they inserted a microchip and/or transmitter in my vagina without my permission. It seems to make their aim easier. Now it may cost me a small fortune to have it removed even though I think that it should be removed for free. It is illegal and somebody needs to be sued.)

11:23 pm Stabbed on the right side of the head.

11:31 pm Magnetic pull

11:32 pm Magnetic pull

11:34 pm Magnetic pull

11:40 pm Magnetic pull

11:55 pm Magnetic pull

11:59 pm Projectile around my body

And so far, none of the abuses has ended. After waking up this morning, at 8:05, they shot a laser beam directly to my facial area. They seem to love targeting this area. I am sure they understand how awful the affects can be. My skin is a wreck because of it.

This doesn’t feel like human experimentation to me. My days feel more like Hitler’s Holocaust but 100 times worse simply because they have more toys to play with. They are dragging us all into an untimely Hell.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.