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Phil Allen- When I Became A Man

Brent Rice- A Crucifixion Type Love


The Finish Line

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse

Why should I,

Should you,

Continue to race

To the finish line

Of unfulfillment.


An asinined jump

Of the gun

To nowhere quickly.

On the mark,

We set,

As go.


A noxious crescendo

Of the same fate

Your way.


Befuddled whisperings

Spilled from your lips,


Even to the breeze

As the cold winds

Whipped and whirred

Around us.


“To the line,” I thought.

“To the line,” I speak

As you rush past,

Impervious to me.

Unknowing that

The line we left

Was the line

We would reach.


“To the line,” I cry.

Desperate to meet

A positive change,

A new beginning,

A brand new anything

Because I have

Raced towards

That redundant line

Tedious times.


That it has not changed.


“To the line,”

With tears for cleats.


I just need to…

I just need…

I just…

I… do not want to compete.

So I slow

So that the finish line

Is now your feat…

Without me.



“My Prayer”

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse

*This poem was written years ago in response to another poem that was posted on My Space entitled “Who Gives A Fuck If A Marine Dies”. (Copied from the blog entry “My Prayer” at


In your poem “Who gives a fuck if a marine dies”.

I felt the turmoil created by governmental suicide.

Taking away the honor that we should feel inside

For serving a country that we thought we should have pride.

As for now we can only pray that God will have mercy

On the men that caused us pain.

The ones that sent us begging for our lives to be spared before our dying day.

Let the deed be done.

Let Him put his work to good.

Allow him to satisfy our cries and embrace us through and through.

Save us from ourselves, dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Have mercy on our souls.

Disallow our sacrifice.




Our Dance of Time (A Greeting Card Poem)

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


Waltzing with you

Through life’s endeavors

Has been a sweet delight,

A thoughtful pleasure.

And I pray that we can

Dance this way forever.


I love you.




I Know How Much You Really Love Me (A Greeting Card Poem)

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


We have journeyed through

So many milestones together,

Yet, you are still here.

Smiling as if there were

Never any heartaches,

Bickering, or nonsense.


You still look at me the same

And love me the same

As if it were still yesterday

When I was crowned with your kiss

On our wedding day.


The way you protect me,

The way you hold me

Has never changed,

As if nothing ever happened

To cause us fear.


And please…


You will never have to explain

Why you are you,

Or why you do what you do

Because over the years,

I have learned to understand

How much you really love me.





Princessed on Sunset

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


Lovelorned Aphrodite minx

Drawing to their masculinity

Forelorned was she on Sunset.


Wishing to pad her ears

To silence the bee stings

Tugging at her stilettos.


No honey left for feeler fingers

Reaching for her men-phy

While carelessly feeding on her emo.


Baby bottomed out

To the dread eyes piercing, possessed.

Swift tongue bandits obsessed

With that Sunset princess.


Rolling up to that cornered sweet

With Rolls Royce and Mercedes dreams

Like hive-like workerbees

Taunting her cocoon.


She cannot stay warmed

From the envy

Of tricked-out enemies.

Venomed were they while waxing the mold.


And then falls an eve in Novembre,

A Rolls Royce and Mercedes dream’s decease.

Bereaved was that mestizo princess on Sunset.




When We Will The Sun Rain Again?

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


In this dusky red room

I sing for you.

Enamored adoration

Whispered to the crowd.

Groomed in no reluctance to persuade.

They sway.



Yearning to hear the words

Aching from my lips,

Weeping harmonic wreaths,

They wonder too.

When will the sun rain again?


My solo seeps of our wrathing storms.

Helled through the rain.

Collisions through thunder.





My verse then swoons to a wrapped out melody.

Crooning blissfully of our floods decease.

Tuning away all perils of deceit.

While still questioning years near…

When will the sun rain again?



January 22, 2016

Hey, Little Girl

By mstmha

(Original: )


A nimbus ribboned,

Sweetened delight

Was THAT little girl.


Grooving to her own rhythm.

Hips popping to the beat.

She was THAT little girl.


Twirling through life

To the ripple of her own Boom Bada.

She swinged and waved with a new Na Na.


A happy brown-skinned sweet,

Glowing as the music roared.

With a rose-esque grin,

She leaped.


Beaming as a Vamboom! teen.

Girl, swing those hips!

You are a Lambada dream!



And even aged so womanly.

Leaning only thirty-nine degrees.

She’s still THAT little girl

Prancing in the street.


Enchanting is she.

Raging pirouettes around her enemies.

Jealous of that allegro coffee.

She’s still THAT little girl.


Softly smooching their blah, blah, blah

She moves regally downstage…Bam Boom!

Never resting to see

The joy that she brings.


Little Girl!




By mstmha



Quilted in patchworks of sin.

Blanketed in altered reality

Appliqued in government deceit

And Gula notoriety.


Striped in red, black, and green.

Motifs so negligently laid.

Kaleidoscopes with batiks of sloth

And despair amongst its prey.


Blocks of venal red and black,

Reeking of nether.

Hemmed in avarice of long green.

Bonded with faux tether.


Batting wooled with thready lies.

Reveling in no defeat.

Bearding the revelations of fate

While warming its tyranny.




Gula- Catholic spiritual pieta that means ‘greed’

batik- cloth with a design made of dyeing only the parts not coated with wax

venal- characterized by bribery or corruption

nether- lower or under; nether world

long green- money

tether- the limits of ones abilities

bearding- disguising


Haunted In Morocco (Published Version)
(An Award Winner!)
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo

In Aourir, shameful, I await.
Haunted by candid visions
Of you in my wake.

The darkened, cascade of mountains, as you,
Sees and breathes our past unity;
And I cringe that you will appear here, again, before me.

Last night, I wanted to dance
To the sounds of my American beats.
But they were not as sweet as your Moroccan melodies.

I was without you at the heady souk today.
Seeking the scents and pleasures of you,
Once aimed to abandon, but now faced.

The hijab contouring the cocoa-lining of my face,
Cannot hide my intensive pain
In knowing that I am insane for loving you.

Is there no genie in a bottle that can explain,
That what I feel inside, for you, has not a name?
I will wait by the Atlantic, in Aourir.
Or meet you back in mystic Agadir
Because I am pained that I had to leave.


Dreamin’-A Song
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo

I am thinking of you
And all that we’ve shared.
I remember our years;
Passing the tears
With no regrets.
Oh, oh, oh baby…
With no regrets.

I can still feel your touch
with my mind…
I assure you that my body
Relied on only you,
Only you.
My sweet baby.
Only you.

Prose: Sate me baby like you’ve never done before.
Let me wash your tears away.
Take me, sweetie, where you want me to go.
And never let me go.

Prose: Any lost time together, we cannot afford.
Let me taste you as I did before.
Please baby, please baby…
Wrap me in your world.

I am thinking of you
And all that we’ve shared
I remember our years,
Passing the tears
With no regrets
Oh, oh, oh baby
With no regrets.

Just remember I am yours.
In life we were torn.
But in love we are here
To face all of our fears.

I am yours.
I am yours.

If engrossing yourself
In the love we both kept
Lends to your fear…

Always remember baby…

I am yours.
I am yours.

*The music to this song (which is not displayed) was created by none other than Reaper Beatz called Dreamin.

Thank you Reaper!



With This Ring ( A Comical Country Song)

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


I will chase the winds

To bring you closer.

I will travel the sea

To keep you near.

I will fly high

Above Venus

Even though I’m no rocketeer.


I want to carry you forever.

In my heart, my dreams, my soul.

I will wear this vow

Until the day we die.

A love worthy to be told.


I will chase the winds

To bring you closer.

I will bungee

Off a cliff.

I wanna sky dive

Though I’m ‘fraid to fly

Your loving musketeer.


I will cherish you forever.

You got me hanging on a limb.

Your like my alcohol,

My ethanol,

My lips of heroin.


I want to cherish you forever.

In my heart, my dreams, my soul.

I will wear this vow

Until the day we die.

A love worthy to be told.


Without this ring, without this ring…

How will I cope?



Sunset-A Haiku
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Walking on the beach
Watching the sunsets low shine
A small kiss goodbye.



‘Club Sheen’
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Ghost lights dimmed
To mesmerizing.
Your stage,
A fire lit,
Cello reprieve.

You taste me
In your casting role
That I can never leave.

I absorb
Your foolish bask
On my
Lacey-bodied scene.

Staging my silken skin
With a wetful tongue
I applauded with a snap, snap
To your poetic

My moan jazzing
To a less volumous sound
As my emotions implode,
Barely conscious,
Gliding my body to breathe.

By your urgency.
By your sax
Seducing to scene.

No curtain fall
To end the skill in task.
As your hands
My arching grief.

You do not deserve
That standing ovation
From the audience
Who aphro-di-si-acted
Our instrumentality.

Snap, snap, Snap, snap
Your rhythm un-soothing,
As I fret
To my own defeat.

I cringe to your words.
Your unfulfilled adj’s
When you sing
That I am all
You’ll ever need.

I do not want
To fear the pain
After curtain falls
And you must
Then take leave.

The coldness
After your
Fevered heat.
The emptiness
Within your smoke scheme.

Your act is shared
With only those
That care
About appearances
In our house-club called ‘Sheen’.

Our harmonious hands
Our strumming to pace
Is our Emmy
Amongst the steam.

Soon our stage
Will darken.
Our curtains
Soon will crash.
A facade
Is our reality

No Club Sheen to salve.


Isis and Osiris 2


By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

My stature visionary

As my glowing aestetics captivates you.

Eyes secreted and bed-like

Darkly empowering your senses,

I stare shyly, reading your bio-glyphics.


Reigning Egyptian-like

I am the Isis of your life

The Panthea shrine, your wife.

My feminine sillouetting

Beneath halos of light

Mesmerizing like moon beams amongst stars.


I am not just a mother to your earth

But a familiar lover, closer.

Revived from the scenes

From the memories of your youth.

You fancied me as the goddess

Of your dreams as I adored you.


Sinking royally into your steaming bath of bliss.

Pampering you softly with sponges scented with my kiss

My hands slickly glide across your bronze physique;

Cherishing like a jeweled coffer.

Engrossed beyond denomination.


Jealously, I surround thee

With arms surrendering warmly.

You are my Osiris.

Devotingly by your side, I smile

And you hold me justifying the same.


Ringed in our universe.

No earthly unnatural to tear away

The sanction of our Heaven

As we embrace.



By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Awakened by crackles of stone

Breaking away

Beneath an eclipsed darkness,

Like a mystical mosaic.

I fond you with fingers freed,

Gliding softly along the

Tauntness of your skin

Perspiring from the warmth

Of my breath

As I whisper lingeringly against your lips,

Hotly unmuted.


Our figures pedestaled

Within a firefly candled cavern

Flickering shadowy traces

Against painted sand walls

Roomed with bolsters of silk

Impressioned deeply beneath

Our modeled bodies

Heated summeringly.


I am your masterpiece

As you caress

The peaking of my breasts.

Mused by your touch

In our hideaway,

Scented headily

With the manly

Fragrance of your skin.


And when you take me

Once again

After a many years

Like past scenes

Frescoed on the walls.


Penetrating my sex

With the swelling of your eternal youth.

I move tightly unioned

Against you.

Sauntering into

That dreamy realm

That was chiseled in my head

As I hover angelic above you.


And you quicken the moment

Of energized release

Pumping spastically,

Tormented with need.

Creatively spewing your seed

Within my private garden,

You deepen,

Cementing your vision.


And I gasp,

Hoping that our sculpting

Will not end

As you fill me hotly.

Fountainly sating,

As the ribbons of

Silk surrounding us

Falls drenched

In our erotic setting,

Like petals from our flowering.

Inspiring our surroundings.


And tears ornament

My eyes emotioned

By your sinful beauty.

Artistically completing

Your genius

As you mastered us.


Sculpting our bodies

With your hands.


The poses of our reality.


Spiritually connected.

Passion humanly revealed.

Synched beneath a sunroof

Of magic skies

Until the sun rises

And we marblelize again.


Solidly vowed.

History renewed.

Bodies lustfully stoned,

Entombed by a love

Deemed to be true.


Eternally betrothed.

Perfecting our nude.


By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Brashing was the sand
Rained in my face
Like desert storms
Quickening in its weathering.
Abrasive against my delicate skin.
Submissive was I to its covering.

No gear for protection,
Unhailing to the winds
Breeched was I as it unfold.
Systemed was its sands did crash
Personifying the wickedness
Of the boisterous bold.

Trapped was I
In its undertaking.
Insignificant was their lies as Job.
I only am escaped
Alone to tell thee
While cursing away the knob.

Wherefore is light given to him
That is in misery.
And life unto the bitterness
In soul.
No camels or sheep presented before me
Yet still hope for the future untold.

Frivilously flaunting
Their wares on display.
Uncaring was I within scorn.
Faith in the self of His create.
Running from nothing
But Satan’s perjured affords.

He reigned as if I had sold my soul.
As if begging to be appeased.
“Lie with me, Satan”, now assuming a taunt.
“Please take me, I do plead.”
“Take my life, my children, my world.
For now I am in dire need”

He preys as if
There is nothing more ambitious
Than to womb his Devil’s seed.
I am not in safety,
Neither have I rest
But God’s word has so just the scene.

“Descend To Soar”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )


Suffering puff-like breathes from within.
Willowing foggingly
In it’s release
Towards a ceiling’d sky.
Yet I’m alive with remembrance.

Was my first life’s havocs
In my mind,
In my universe,
Not so spiritless
Yet I survived Satan’s tolls.
Costly to the blind.

Dipping and diving
As a turmoiled bride.
Enduring silenced crimes.
Partially cared for.
Partially adored.

Was his love
Life in misery,
Was my punishment as wife.
Explanations un-needed.
All courts

I saw my dreams shallow
Into a sunned puddle,
Until there was nothing left
But tiny fragments of rocked heart

Thirsty for a rain
That would caress,
And shape itself
Into a different form
So that
It may love again.

A hardened will
Awaiting evolution
Into a better self.
Separate from
What it was before.
Tongue out,
Until the rain begins again.

By no means
Unhappened in experience
Was I.
A real woman
Yet taunted and scorned.

Heaven never failed me;
As he, my torturer.
Sounding off his negatives.
Sacrificial, to HE, my GOD, I was not
Because life began again.

Encompassed in fate
By death.
A true love revealing,
To my Devils’ sworn.

In love,
I will love still,
In hate,
I will ignore.
In life,
It has begun again.
In death,
I will SOAR.


“If I Had A Million Blessings”

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Babylonian are we.
Earthenly unmysteried.
Housing deceits,
Visibly glassed,
Of pasts unrelinquishing.

If I had a million blessings;
I’d wish for hands of tenderness,
Your arms of peace,
Your lips of honor,
An aurora of precious dreams.

If I had a million blessings;
My wishes would be for thee.
No sanctioned hell,
Or erroneous jails,
Only heavens bail to be free.

If I had a million blessings;
The mountains wouldn’t
Seem so steep.
The sky would never be too high.
Above ocean waves serene.

If I had a million blessings;
We’d travel the world together,
Jumping from skies,
Splashing in seas,
Trekking through icy weather.

If I had a million blessings;
We’d waltzed by tumbleweed.
Bask in wild prairies.
Roll in white sands.
And make love to bewildered scenes.

If I had a million blessings;
Enchanting will our castle be.
Safety in helm,
No distorting pray tells,
Only sweet memories everlasting.

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

“You shall love!”
He commands
Like only He can.
But we do not obey
Because we cannot
Listen to His words
But only that
Which we believe
To be true.

We continue
The abuse
Of His words
By unawaringly
Molding a truth
That is not a truth
But only in inhumane eyes
Deems to be truth.

Truth, now, by proclivity
Is created solely
By man,
In an effort
To recreate a duty
That was meant
Only to be eternal,
But instead
An unwarranted spontaneity
Towards an untruth
In which is not eternal,
But unblessedly dependent
On how man
Wants us to feel.
Exploiting all possiblities
Of a true love reveal
Through misguided suggestions
That our way of love
Is real.

Is the proclamation
That our love for another
Is unbearably
An insensitivity,
Because we do not
Unfakeningly see
That His love for us
Is unselfish,

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

A blue, mirrored sea

Khaki colored sand sinking beneath my feet.

Fans of algae-green palm waving heavily

Cooling me with a need for

Filagrees of gold warming me.

Streaming down from textured skies

Hanging artfully, majestically

Like a Picasso without form.


So relaxing

As I savoir my world adored.

I inhale the salt scents skimming my cheek

As swells crash against a garden of coral reefs

My linen dress flapping sheerly

Against my body, clinging playfully

Soaked with a fresh mist.


Body accessorised

With only a lae

As I stand barefoot

And pray amongst the dunes.

Necked in wild orchids,

Aromatherapy inhaled from the breeze

Hanging happily naked

Exposed but unobscene

As my mother earth speaks to me.


“Do not cry,

Only smile, my sweet.

And look beyond the un-free,

To a wedding of

Seas, leaves, and no reprieves.

Your sanctuary

Lies dutifully within me.

Your Mother natural.

Your inhale to breathe.


And so breathe.

And so breathe.”

‘That Mountain Peak’
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Unpredictable is the life that I belong.
Obstacles of blinded chance
run through my world like an off-beat lyric
to a song.
Nawing away at a candid understanding
that in my heart I carry a dream;
that remains nestled
in close proximity.
Never did I guess many trials unforeseen.
In my wake to increase my self-identity.
My life dictation, uncertain as it may be,
Has lured my mind into an oblivion;
But not too far away that I cannot praise His Majesty
for guiding me through the ridged edges
poking at my side.
Climbing that mountain in hopes
that my path will not be my demise.
With surety I rise, struggling,
Head raised high,
Eyeing that mountain peak above;
Awaiting success beneath blue skies.

‘The Old Weeping Tree’-Original
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

(A poem in dedication to a cousin who died of breast cancer at a very young age and a metaphoric teardrop for myself.)

Our memories haunt me as I sit beside you,

on a bed of green, beneath our weeping tree.

Leaves heavy with laughter though obscure,

and those damned white cells we endured.


Scalding diamonds burn trails from my eyes,

shapeless by moonlight as I cry in rage

to that unseen cloudy mass far away,

and I ask them why. Why did I have to die?


The envelope of night inflicts misery,

sealed above us incasing memories

of winged ghosts guiding me

to the lights of death.


Black curtains of pain embrace your face,

like a midnight fog above the sea.

HIS word I keep like water to willow leaves

that someday together our breaths shall

meet as I cry with you beneath our old weep tree.

‘Devil Eyes’
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Sentimental he is not,
Devil eyes is he,
Scoring those opal stones,
Deeply within me.
Ripping my heart at the seams,
Pounding it with extreme degree.
This is what he does to me.
This is what he does to me.

Touching me with hands aflame,
Burning like coals until I wake to see,
That my love for him is uncompared.
I crave what he does to me.

Take me where you want me to go,
In your chamber, ravish me with your heat,
Scorch me with that Devil tongue.
Take me till I fall asleep.

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
Original: )

That platinum smile,
Those knowing eyes,
That sincere rhythm
That you preach.

Sweetly, like that
Chocolate tasting,
Lips touching
On a pinot whim
By pedigree.

Trapping my doubtful thoughts
Of love’s unsurety
Tunneled within,
Coiled deep inside of me.

Seared is a maudlin memory
Of you and me.
Entwined on a scented,
Candlelit snuggle sheet.

Beneath moonlit Dogwood trees.
Embracing a language
Meant for only us,

It was you
Who produced my song
Beneath that fanning tree.

It was you
Who inspired the tune
Of my new melody.

‘Like a Leaf’
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Like a leaf,
billowing in a gentle breeze.
splendidly dressed in its reds, yellows, and greens.
Flaunting rain diamonds,
glistening brightly
beneath rays of illuminated light
streaming down heatedly,
sillouetting its body against a multi-natural set.
Fancifully, it speaks to me.
Scenic in its beauty
as brown arms reach out with adoration
to grasp it near;
In hopes that it will not fall driftingly
down to grassy fingers
outstretched openly,
Waiting to feel
the gentle caresses of that colorful star
whose life is undetermined.
Yet, alas, is not fearful
of what is to be
because its beauty in itself is its own legacy.

“Have You Ever”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Have you ever held

A heavy heart

In your chest

As you ask yourself

What will your turmoiled life

Bring forth?


Yet, you don’t

want to know

The answer

Because you already

Carry scars of pain

From when that

Fat lady decided to sing.


And you feel that

There is no where

To turn because

That hard place

That you ran into before

Is still waiting

To see you hurt.


Have you ever held

A lantern

That did not shine?


The darkness

That you feel inside.

No glow to be recalled

In a desolate room

Grayed without reason

Exemplifying your doom.


No door to escape

From the dreaded memories

Of the past.

No window to reflect

The innocence

Of some throwbacks

That did not last.


No hope for the future

That now seems so crass.

No hope for the victim inside

Negativity unmasked.


Like an indentured slave, you sing

Life’s misery, unsurpassed.

More hope for thee
No hope for me
As I dwell
In my life’s misery.

More hope for thee
No hope for me
As I dwell
In my life’s misery.

So low onto me.
No hope for a dream.
Life unblessedly defeating.

“You Were Me, I Was You”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

You were me,

I was you


Dark Devils

Took you away.

Flying high,

Carrying you

Through horrendous fires

Spitting heat my way.


You were me,

I was you

Until greed


Through your veins.

Overcoming your morality.

Leading you astray.


You were me,

I was you

But no longer

Will I cry.

Those devils will lean their backs

And you will pummel

To your demise.

“I Cry”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
( )

What would it feel like to be happy.

Is it too late to be foreseen?

Things, they say, happen for a reason

But my heart says this cannot be.


Too much hurt with so little joy

Has foresaken my self-esteem.

Causing that river of sadness

To flow continuously.


Lord, free me from this obstruction of pain.

Wake me from this taunting dream.

Save me from these briars insane

Stabbing deep within me.

“Earth’s Heaven”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

The wind blows

Life a soft serenade

Before a sealing, courtful kiss

Streaming its energy

Unto the mysterious colors

Of my aura.


Surrounding my existence

With a heavenly glow

Gliding soothingly

Across my skin

Sealing my now fearless

Being with a protection


By any man-made entity.


Seducing me with a

Positivity that was

Unleashed before me.


My shaking hands

Extend high above my head


As the wind

Covers me;


Feeling its strength

That possesses me.





Teaching me

As the wind blows.


Hovering above me

Wistfully, the feathery clouds

Pour honey streams of light

Down upon me.


Touching me until I quicken.

Radiating a warmth

Like a lover

So consoling.


Massaging my very being



With no remorse.



The rays

Stroke me and

Caress my fingertips.

And I shiver as its

Life channels

Through my veins.


Filling me instinctively

With a new prospective

And I quake,



Soon, my eyes,

Clouded with affection,

Opened to a new world

Of possibilities.

So much that

I could not breathe

As that teasing wind entangled me.


So earthenly natural

And blatantly unobscured

As it breezed attachingly.


Earth’s Heaven,

The escort of utopic beauty ,

Exhausted me

With convulsive ecstasy.


And with a wakeful smile

I listen to those seductive whirring sounds

Sating my ears

And I open my body freely,

Once again,

To quench in its essence,


For my presence is now…

As the wind.

“A Tid Vent”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Is it me…

To defoul you

To dafamate you

To scold you

To torment you

To belittle you

To chatise you

To threaten you

To stab you

To suffocate you

To brand you

To punch you

To ridicule you

To do the things that you’ve done to me?


It is not me

But only you.

Life’s positivity

Increases my sensitivity

To the likes of you.

That my judgement

Is not a judgement

But a prayer to thee

For those were blinded

And could not see.



By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

The still picture painted itself

dark blue and black in my head

Like that opaque cloud in the midnight sky.

Instilling ‘until’ sights

packaged half-heartedly

within its frame

because of its untruths.


I hung it slantingly

On the wall

For a meaningful view.

Like a ship capsized

Sinking slowly

Into crushing depths

Ripping my sails in two.


A new wreck, like our union,

Bottoming the ocean

Against rigid rocks.

Planks splintering,

Weakened from your

Verbal shock.


Deeply, I search

for that definitive answer of

why you cannot see me

Wasting away

At the bottom of our sea.

As you make mundane promises.

Of what is to be.


How do I steer that

mechanical organ

in its destructable cage

To speak our reality

That everything will not be ok,

Like that timbering hull that

Crushed us symbolically

Following my truthing serenade.


Never mine

Never yours

Never meant.

“How Can I”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

How can I cry

As that verbal heat inflicted on me

From that caustic organ on your face

Spilling like red hot lava

Voicing vile things

Because you need to control me.


How can I sigh

While bearing pain

From that heated molten liquid

Burning black holes in my brain

Conflicting hate for myself and for you.


How can I deny

The volcanic words that stung my ears

When soars of pain remained

Leaving tears

As I anticipate your explosion once more.


How can I lie

After the rain of apology cooled the heat

Transforming scorching rock to ash

Making me believe

That my injury was not third degree

While you pretended to still love me.


How can I rise

When I was weak

As I surrendered to your verbal heat

Succumbing to my own misery

Allowing your lava to captivate me.

Time worned, burned alive

Still I survived.


Though the eruptions have deceased

My thoughts still shrink from memories

Of those volatile words

And in my mind’s eye

I wanted to die

Yet I cannot configure how or why.


So I ask you,

How can I?

This poem is not meant for those under 18 years of age. Slightly explicit.

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

I breathe,

Exhaling floods of relief.

Memories of unrepenting storms

That once surrounded me.

I recall the

Freezing rain on my face

Lashing so I could not see.

Shivering from your crackling sounds like thunder

That spewed between you and me.

I felt the

Electric forks of light that darted from your eyes

Avenging my rounding body

With your hate that I once denied.

Trees crashing through our walls

For all the world to see.

Never had I fathomed,

My viral plague,

That you horned me obsessively.

“Stop this rain of pain!”, to your menacing face I say.

“Bring forth your vivid fire

So that I may put it out for good.

Relinquish me from your horrendous trials

So that I may be soothed.”

“Your hell is your own, not mine.

I have not what it takes

To survive in your school of rape.

Your venom is deathing;

As your bait I cannot stay.”

Forcefully, you stripped me down of my prideful layers.

Leaving nothing but the shine of an unvowful ring.


You did not care

About the joy that it should bring.

You tortured me, as you laid me down.

Your voice shrieked with just belief.

You knew that you could take me there

To your playground of gluttonous release.

Your fingers fondled monstrously.

Groping my body,

Hotly defeating me.

The tender dip within my universe

Scoring tides, wetly depleting.

Then you enter that well of my being

Aggressive with your seeding approach

Wetting your stemming weapon

Paining, I began to choke.

Throned in my body,

The rush consumes your eyes.

Your seeding duties you won’t deny.

As your manliness pumps deep within me

And you release heavily with pride.

Still unsatisfied with your devious undertaking

My torture did not end

You flip me around

Like your slave in shackles

And thrash my being once again.

Your pleasure reaped and your hostility waned.

But your aggression never subsided.

Holding me unbearably close

Lifeline pulsating within

Resuscitating your devil guide.

Hoarsely, in my ear, you let me in on

That anal morality that you reek.

You say to me, Lucifered horns gleaming.

“You are for me and I am for you.

My seed was meant to be.”

Your madness surfaces once again

With the realization that I was unafraid.

You grab my arms and pin me down

Then once again my body paid.

Watching speechless,

You complete your sin

Raping to the third degree

Filling me with your semen-ed diamond

The demi-child that only I could bring.

Fused deeply in my mind

I prayed that I would escape

Your culted creaming

Flooding me with hate.

My voice cuttingly harsh as I speak to thee.

“This blessed child is mine, my Beezelbub.

This you will surely see.

Your sadists addictions will be no more.

Karma you will reap.”

Your hatred dredges forth again.

Your control, you will not release.

While that semen-ed fantasy of a deviled child

Obsesses your mind with your need.

Snarling, you raise your head.

Eyes red with fevered heat.

“I’ll kill you dead, my Ezechiel queen

Before you ever leave me.”

“Your body is mine.

You are not blessed.

Satan is your seed.

Burning your womb like an infinite fire.

There is no God but me.”

Tortured to pity

You take my lips

And bite down

Until my blood was freed.

You suckle

Like an infant child.

Vampingly, as if to feed.

Craving, you harden again

Personifying your godless breed.

Fervently, you spread me direly,

Taking me crazily until I screamed.

Possessively you sucked my neck

Leaving bruises from your feen.

Sleepily sated,

You lay down to sleep

Holding me tightly

Like a caged bird who could not sing.

Snoring softly,

I silently free myself

From your steel chains

That had imprisoned me.

Running blindly, nude in the dark

Praying to God,

“Please, Lord, do not forsake me.”

I run outside and gulp the air

Not believing my nightmare was fading.

Now I am standing here without you

With gloried remnants

Of my life’s past.

A deviled child

Who became my angel, my hero.

For him, I braved at last.

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Tell me again why I adore you

As you lay here beside me

Like the sweetest of chocolates.

My Hershey’s kiss

that makes my Starburst

With our sins.


Tell me again why I adore you

When I Snicker with just un-belief

As you tease me with your Rock candy

Rubbing hands across my back

With your Butterfingers

To soothe.

So tender in the descending afternoon.


It seems you love your Bit-O-Honey

As you kiss me softly on the ear

Scoring sugar candy

Pouring from my lips.

Like Love Hearts, words so dear.


Now or Later we will have to awaken

From those Caramello kisses

That brings us Almond Joy.

Cozying by the Krackle of the fire

Sipping peppermint martinis

From a Sky Bar galore.


Sugar Daddy, we will meet again

And you’ll Hubba Bubba

When I Skittle onto your lap.

Creaming your Milky Way

As my Tootsie Rolls.

Your doting honey snack.


You are my Lifesaver

When my Jolly Rancher

Leaves me so forlorn.

The Jawbreaker

When I’m in need.

My Musketeer when scorned.


Tell me again why I adore you.

Tell me why my Kit Kat

Wants to melt to your adore.

Explain to me again why I adore you,

And you answer,

“I am your sweet tooth, your mellow S’more.”



By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Their fingers harnessed themselves

Around my vital organs

Metaphorically suffocating me

Until I could not breathe

Because of their jealousy.



As they ad lib

The untruths of my life

In their Cult Classic

As if they knew my story.


Burning in an improbable title

Due to their insecurities.

Assuming what they

wanted because

In their cameo appearances,

‘Take’ was not a dream.


‘When did I audition

For that guilded set?’

My thoughts wondered

As their minds

Reel with the evilness

Of their creed.


That word ‘Action’ was not

Suppose to be.

Where was that call sheet?

What was the drill?

As if walking through

Bee smoke, like wool,

Mobbed out, their envy,

Was heightened by

What they thought was real.

Like schizophrenics revealed.

Unwanting to spoil their scene.


Take 1, Take 2

Take this misguided


With you.

I will be that Alan Smithee

Within your assembly

Because I do not want to be

Perceived as you want me to be.


Spiritually reckless,

Insignificantly sexing,

Were not my personal truths.

Sadly, scene serenity was slighted

And the X-rated Take extended.

A smorgesbord of distractions.

No room for pretending.


Take 3, Take 4

Get those bogies

Off the floor.

Their presence

Will not be needed

On the screens of the Big Four.

Babbling their worthiness

Like bit players,

Non-creative rogues.

Posing as my double

Just to strengthen their score.


Pretty faces and

Shallow minds

Serve only as my background.

Seen but not heard.

Reality TV’s honor stars

At the Academy Awards.

A standing ovation

For best fakes

And the crowd roars.


Take 5, Take 6

Because they participated

In my rip

Where my life

Was entombed and

Flipped like a 360

To suit the unsuited.

Laying my body

In a mental and physical crypt

On scene.


No breakaway glass

Or film salad

So that I may be freed.


Unprecedently ruined.

Unbeknownst to me.


Take 7, Take 8

The camera rolled

As they broadcast me as bait.

Screaming victim


Without a break.

Laughing their babble

As their wigs lay slanted

And their lashes barely

Hung on a fringe.



A professional’s

Unprofessional skills.

Clawing for a ring

That was so obscene.

Finding importance in

What was just a dream

As if from birth,


To seduce a king.


Take 9, Take 10

Breaking the Fourth Wall

I cannot win.

Humanly unscripted,

Lights dimmed

In my aside

As I prayed

For the day

My blessing

Would be delivered

By the only Man

Who made me whole.


No need to worry

About the life they stole.

By crossing that axis-line,

Answer prints not needed,

The real truth will unfold.


“My Beautiful”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

I was thinking of what my beautiful may be

As I drove down the street, rap sounds low.


Heading towards an unhappy home,

No real future in its path, no oaths to sow.


An emptiness completed by the specticals of past

Filled with the most unjust justifications to show.


Not really meaning to feel so crass,

But the vindictiveness of my world were sown.


As I recollect on the recollections of years gone,

I but taste the bitterness as if like cheap wine.


Scening not once but multitudes of unenjoyed,

Reminiesces of zinfidels and merlots unrefined.


Quakeful was my life and loves alike.

Fallen was the rocks, unstable, secured with no roots.


Crashing was the sounds that surfaced,

Layered in a smokescreen black as soot.


Daunting was the paths that were once displayed.

The origins of associations will no totti last.


Undignified was man’s exceptions of ruling.

Insignificant was their judgements in task.


A life uncensored Pandora-like,

Ailments were too unsuited to know.


Brazen in meaning in a world so unmeaningful.

Harped in repentance to grow.


Escape was futile in their undertaking.

Reprisal, it seemed, was the wallow of my existence.


My suffocation was not a means for death,

But a punishment, mere restitution.


Hardly can I blame the cryptmatic events

Displayed by sconces which gleamed within rows.


Representative of the many karmatic unserenes

That will, as of now, entomb my fresco.


Painted in brights will those angels wing.

Unsmiling from rocks of old.


Glaring at the Devil as he sings.

Screeching bitterly of his sadistic hold.


Summered, wintered, springed, just to fall of peace

Was the unlikliness amongst my prideful eye.


Unprotected from the surrogates of new obscenes,

Yet, unparallel to their world and its abide.


My damnation was set on the Red Dragon’s back,

Its weathered brashness so cold.


A picture painted in blasphemous deceit,

A scarlet wrath of permanence in plastered stone.


Ignited is the fires of my uncelestial hell

Screaming its abominations on the walls.


My beautiful is a life on an unrelentless display.

A varietal ascension of voices appalled.


Correctiveness is an impossible possibility,

Yet, my grace in tact is unbetold.


Representing a victorious history,

A courageous survival in my Heaven’s abode.

“Hell’s Cave”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

You have to be crazy

To deal with life’s craziness,

The King, my friend, said to me.

With such brevity

And I laughed.

Such an unwarranted speech.



Yet inhumanly,

His words vibrated in my ears

And I lifted my head

To He, the unforgotten Spirit

Who engineered

So meticulously

My continuous road’s

Distorting extremities.


And then I rose instinctively,

And walked quietly down

That path

Of ugly nuisances.

That road not yet traveled.


Enduring His tests faithfully

Because I believed

That He believed

My dreams

As not just visionary.


So surreal

Was my journey

As I leaped,


From that scorching

Rocky path

Over that jagged cliff


Down into

Those fiercely crashing waters

Of life’s abyss.



My open sores bled

Crimson drops of remorse

In heated waters

As I swam through

Those hell dark caverns.


Winding through

Endless miles of coral hands

Reaching stabbingly,

Attempting to distract me from

That clammed pearl

Called Destiny.


Yet, still, seekingly,

I push forward



Through life’s animosities.


Then as if by Heaven

It was sent,

The oxygen filled water above

Illuminated brightly.


Beckoning me,


So that now

I could see

That my fate

Had unobtrusively

Unraveled before me.


With such clarity,

A verity,


Transitioning all negativity

That was thrust before me

To the Highest of positivities.


For the irony


In Hell’s dark cave,

Was the heavenly pearl

Of my own victory.



“Scened In My Beauty”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

They try to take you away

From that place that completes you.

That something that makes you whole.

With no explanation for the cause of things

To justify the happenings.

For this they are truly bold.

For pushing that crazing negativity

That surrounds you

Shameful and cold.

Why did they not like my sweetened smile

That was so benign?

Why did they not care for my mothering touch

Where empty souls revived?

Why did they hate my encouraging sound

Clear like summer chimes?

Why did they despise the gleam in my eyes

From pride of my desires.

Did they fear my walk like a supermodel primed

When I glided on the scene unsigned?

Did it make them upset because of my personifying youth?

Were they hating on my shine?

Why did it hurt because I was not them

Priding in another’s demise?

Could they not stand it that my life brought differences,

Did they hope I would not survive?

Did they find jealousy in my elegant physique or

In my sexy stride?

Please elaborate on why I was over-sexed

Did my lovingingness come as a surprise.

You said that I was an incurable dreamer

Did my reality make you cry?

Were they disgruntled when I ignored their drama

Towering above their lies.

Did they despise the way I ignored them

When my name was blasphemised.

How did it feel after causing a scene

And my body still danced the Jive?

Of course, my life is not perfect

In my queen-dom, so refined.

You fester on why you are not scened in my beauty?

Well, in my rhyme, I am God’s loving kind.

“Time Warped”
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo
(Original: )

Depravity in everything that felt normal
Contrabanded is your life
Setting abyssal in human rights
Time warped are their insights.

Enslaved by confederates of today’s old
Six shy of four-hundred years
Since the beginning that has no end
Selling our ambitions even lesser still.

You are not worthy, devalued beyond compare
No sediments of hope lay in your wake
Even centuries after our emancipation.
The shackles still jailing to fate.

Too engrossed by their order of what is to be
Neglecting our civilty like time standing still.
Back in the days of their offensive jibes
When the niggas had no rights of will.

Stuck in this time warp, no hope alive
Fretted by family order, crushing of pride
Greedy are they as the man back in the day.
Whipping the slaves that cried.

Slapsticking our roots of uncandied cotton
Are still portrayed even today
Treacherous are they as we work like slaves
Almost never reflecting in pay.

No rights to live, plantations bait
The twenty-first century in V-A.
From what we know as a Confederate State
Will torment to hell to seal your tastes.

No you cannot have a beach house for you
The projects will be a better suit.
No you cannot wear designer like we
Goodwill is all that you will ever need.

No you cannot love a man at all.
We took your money, all bets are off.
No you cannot live in peaceful pursuit.
Ghetto is definitely the new you.

Penthouse here?
Please have no fear of that house with walls warped in.
The shit we sell feels more like hell
But close your eyes to its reveal.

Constitutional rights? What constitutional rights?
You mean the rights that you are now void?
Take it from us, your freedom has past.
Your rights defy and annoy.

Networking to harm, their dreams of you
Are no more than separatism, a discrimination of use
Good enough will never be on their list
The pursuit of happiness no longer exists.

Let us dream for you, yes, we insist.
Setting your goals below the standards unfit.
Let us plan your remarkable demise.
No iconic Maya to remind you, Still I Rise.

No Martin King to let freedom ring
No Malcolm to un-bamboozle the thing.
Plymoth Rock, ungloried, still exists
But just as a new generations’ crypt.

No positive to pledge allegiance
To a flag that caused only pain.
The means of how my life laid down
Recalled misery, justice in vain.

The story of the struggles that we teach
The histories unforgave
Will be judged only by the Man we weeped
The O’ Beautiful that we few shall crave.

Happily I Will Fly
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo

Not till I held that mirror
In front of me
Did I see
What God
Had in store for me.
Deadend to the world
No company.
No peace to be recalled.
No destiny.
The makeup upon
My face
Won’t make me happy
Like a beach
Without water
Or a desert
Miraging me thirsty.

Not till I held that mirror
In front of me
Did I see
What God
Had in store for me.
Face speckled with acne
From stresses.
More than depleting.
No money to fix
What is wrong.
The devil and his advocates
Prove too strong.
Readily, I await the day
When I may take leave
And fly away
Soaring in the breeze.
Like an eagle
Steadfast on his journey.

Not till I held that mirror
In front of me
Did I see
What God
Had in store for me.
No happy holiday
To make me smile.
No voice of reason
Encouraging me.
I question the means
Of how my drowning
Came to be.
Gasping for air
To be freed
Because this world
Is not me.
Invisible hands
suffocating me.
Leave me be
You cannot hurt me
As God’s trials plan my eternity.

I will fly away happy.
Happily away I will fly.
Away I will fly happy.
Soaring in the breeze.
Finally free to be me.
New hope for a dream.
Happily I will fly away.
Dancing in the breeze.
Your attentions
Made it be.
Watch me…
As I fly away like a bird
Happily in the breeze.


By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha aka Moody EmPo

*This poem is not for the ultra sensitive. It is very explicit in language and dialogue but lends to un-feared expression.

My Dragon fired up my sex
In more than a literal sense.
Snaking me with his manhood
Seared in flames and unquenched.

Painful, it was, in his bottomless pit
Beds of stone surrounding it
Filled with demons shrilling sharply.
Pleasuring in their indecent.

Taking me over and over he did
Teeth bright against red leathered skin.
Pumping a hardened weapon within.
My legs numbing to his torments.

In and out, in and out
He possessed with every stroke
Reveling in my wetful lair.
As if menaced by dope like coke.

Gleaming black, marbled eyes
Stared down at me as if to see
The torture that his aggression had caused
Mouthing, “I am your king.”

“You will never leave this brothel of Hell.
Your body belongs to me.
Your soul will never be no more.
My whore is all you’ll fucking be!”

“Escape me and I’ll capture you still
And I will rape you until you bleed.
My temptress, you can not run away
For within you lies my seed.”

“I will ravish you from end to end
After tearing apart your womb.
Your blood will free itself on my floors
And my demons will feast to your doom.”

“My fucking you will bring you joy.
You’ll soon be unafraid.
My Devil’s heart lies within your belly
From which my dick now gave.”

“Come here, my bitch, I have more for you
Take this dick but do not cry
Your pussy feels better than a harem of heathens
For on my dick they surely ride.”

“Aaaaaah!”, he screams as he steadily pumps inside.
Shaking as his dick was heated from his gluttonous ride.
Shocked at the pleasure that he reaped
Angered with his insaned appetite.

“I could stay in you forever,” he said greedily.
His come flooding from my vagina outside.
Leaking from his pleasuring descent.
Deeper and deeper he glides.

“Stop it, please!” a scream pours from my lips.
My legs flattened at his sides.
No longer could I feel the pain.
Or the bristle of his damning hide.

The black horns lifted high in the air.
Once again eyes filled with desire.
The sound of the pain from my lips
Increased his pleasure like a child.

Smearingly,”You are my hussy.”
Staring into the eyes of his fav.
He grabbed my ass and fountained deeper.
The wet sweetness was what he craved.

“Aaaah, shit,” he shrieked again.
As the demons danced from side to side.
Happy that their master was pleased
By the gift they had smuggled inside.

Watching with yellowed eyes.
Lusting the way he stroked.
One demon walked forward to receive his turn
But by Satan, his neck was broke.

“No!,” the Devil screamed piercingly aloud.
Eyes glaring at the parade of stench.
“This is my pussy. You will live no more.
If you fuck with my womaned gift!”

The demons backed up from the stone.
Fearing the look in his eyes.
Then finally they grabbed their worming dicks.
And jacked off in view of the prize.

Watching lustfully as the boss drooled
Fucking amist their demonic crowd.
Sating themselves and one another.
Coming hard to his grunt-ful sex sounds.

Then a demon jumped on Satan’s back.
A threesome was what he trophed.
Satan allowed him to fuck him from behind
And he came with every stroke.

My body was numbed from the constant paining.
The Devil was three times my size.
Still he kept on with his constant sating.
Screaming, “Yes!” in a wantonly cry.

My body was weakened with my defeat
He was right, no longer was I afraid.
The only thing that I wanted at that moment
Was to die from the way he laid.

Closing my eyes, the tear drops fell.
My breath slowed to a hollowing breath.
I lay there still while he did his deed.
No pleasure in what I felt.

The Devil glanced at the tears on my face.
His anger stopped his breed in helm
Angered that I no longer screamed
And my tears glowed like gems.

“Wake, you cunt!” he shouted at me.
“Fuck me till your hair is gray.
Scream that you love my dick.
Or you will surely pay!”

“I will never find another pussy like this.
So beneath me you will not die.
The life that survives within you for me.
In death cannot be revived”

I heard his screams, though incoherent.
My focus was not on his crime
But the purity of lights seen through near death
Far more interesting to see than his grime.

Drifting away into a heavenly death
Was more than I thought I deserved
As Satan pumped with incredible strength.
I marveled at his nerve.

He wailed like a child while I drifted away.
The little demons squelched with fear.
He did not want his whore to die
So in spite, he bit off my ear.

I screamed in shock for him to stop
But his ego would not hide.
He took another bite, this time my shoulder
As he continued his ride.

My hands pushed hard against his chest.
But immovable was he.
“Bitch, I told you, you were not blessed.
Pleasure in sex is all you will ever be.”

As if obsessed, he tortured aloud.
Gluttony showcased in front of his team
The blood on his teeth frightened me more
Because it poured from me.

“Please don’t do this! I am so weak.
The pain I cannot believe.
You are my King, I will have to admit.
And, in my womb, I carry your seed.”

“Fuck me, seed me as you want
But please, no more feasting on me.
For I am one of human kind.
To this I beggingly plea!”

In her ear, he laughed, oblivious to her cry
For her blood was flowing free.
The fucking he realized was not as good
As the taste of her blood, so sweet.

Eyes glazed, he tore at her neck.
The skin tender between his teeth.
Savoring the flavor of his little baguette.
Tasteful like minced meat.

“Mercy on me! Please, Father, please!
Gods above hear my pleas!
Save me from the Devil’s insanity!”
Was my prayer from hence I was weaned.

I felt my heart begin to slow.
My body frozen to no degree.
My eyes fluttered as if to sleep
As Satan fulfilled his needs.

He no longer cared if I did not scream
Or if his cunt would decease.
His damned child was the furtherest from his mind
As his demons stared in envy.

Coming so hard from his freak accident.
Shaking roughly as he creamed.
Never had he been so fulfilled
By the victims that he breeds.

Finally reality hit him like lightning.
In his arms lay nothing but a feed.
The blood from my body flooded the bed
Mixed with his sexing cream.

He had eaten through till the bone shown through.
The demons cartwheeling at the scene.
His flavored meal, his sex toy was now dead
Along with his forming seed.

With a thunderous roar, he glared up above.
“Why have you forsaken me with greed!
My sexy fuck is now no more
And I’ve sacrificed my seed!”

“She should not have tasted so good.
Her pussy should never have sheened.
You made me want her till she’s no more.
What is the recipe in your seed!”

“Fuck you, whom was once my King.
Screw you for tormenting me!
My breeding will have to begin again
With another as sating as she.”

“Next time I will not feel the ravishing of your breed.
The sweetened taste of their mortal skin.
The heat that fills their pussies to suit.
The ecstasy of my sin!”

Then there came thunder surrounding them.
A flashing of light in between.
The beds of rock splintered in two.
While the demons screamed.

The fire on the walls flickered to wind
That tornadoed the caverned creed.
They ran away in haste to flay
The wrath of the Man unseen.

“How dare you speak of me that way!
How un-feared you are to me!
You were my child once upon a time
But to Hell you had to flee!”

The Devil rose from the deathbed of blood.
Where lay such a tragic scene.
A body, God’s child, that he had fucked to hell.
And the stench of his own cream.

As he stood, his fatal snake hissed.
Then hardened once again.
Turned on by the scene of memories
And the anger in the voice that bitched.

“Ha!”, Satan laughed as naked as can be.
Enjoying the drama of the scene.
“You will one day have fear of me
When the world is culted with my seed.”

“Do as you will”, God fired back.
“But your time will soon be seen.
Just as you’ve murdered this child on her back.
You will succumb to your own dire greed.”

“It will never be enough to force a plan
That caters to your every need.
For you will destroy even yourself
In your haste for crime and bludgeoning.”

“Remember,” God carried on,
“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still:
and he who is righteous, let him be righteous
still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is me,
to give every man according as his work shall be.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end,
The first and the last.
You will, Devil, see that it is real.”

The devil just laughed as if he did not hear.
His body rippling with his strength.
He hated the chastising that God did give.
But had seen his power while on the brink.

“To hell with your poetic words.
My dick is hard for my next kill.
Victory will be mine and not yours.
In Hell will the world be sealed.”

“I will fuck until my dick runs dry.
I will breed children of the guild.
I will kill until your word is dry.
And my children will be rich to the brim.”

“As I have said before.” God speeched with a laugh.
Patiently watching. “Do as you will.”
Your children will turn on themselves for more.
And your world will no longer exist.”

The Devil felt the wind die still.
The lanterns were freed from the lash.
The beds of rock began to mend.
Gods presence was no longer cast.

He then grew impatient to find his next kill.
His last was sprawled where he had left.
He could not wait again to be fulfilled.
So on the deadened body he climbed back.

Pumping and pumping he needed his fill.
Fuck it that she was dead.
The pussy was too good to be left alone.
And in coming he had made his bed.

The demons came running out from their caves.
Bouncing like monkeys to the act.
Watching the devil fuck a corpse
Was not unusual but fact.

“Get me another pussy like this”
Hollered the devil to his faithful creed.
So that I may screw her and create my seed.
For this I am in dire need.”

The faithful demons spread their wings.
Flying quickly through the walls of the cave.
In search for the next human buffet.
In this they did obey.

The Devil continued to screw his corpse.
Awaiting his next sating meal.
And swore that next time he would have haste.
And birth before he killed.

Pounding his women with his semoned dick.
Shooting his come to their core.
Shivering to the pleasure that he feels
Was the work that he adored.

Birthing babies in abundance for use.
Children lacking umbilical cords.
No one to teach them the wisdoms of faith.
As they apprentice in his sinful world.

It’s obvious in this centuries surroundings. .
The Devil has survived his will.
Breeding like a man whose crazed.
His damning children are real.

Sinning as if their life depended
On how many lives they could choke.
Sating themselves with every evil
Satan’s seed is not a joke.

Sex, murder, greed, theft…
Are not just sins of the past.
The Devil has made his home so real
That in God, await his wrath.

All Copied From…
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Chrisette Michele, ‘If Nobody Sang Along’


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