Their Laser Show Has Begun

The local gang stalkers are, obviously, sitting around obsessively staring at me. They think of me as their ‘TV’.

I don’t know what planet they pick these people up from but I wish that they would send them home. This has been going on for two long. Since, 2012, I have dealt with this and am still wondering what it really is that they want to accomplish.

By 12:05am, I had already received two laser flashes to my face that varied in brightness.

I can still hear them talking and sometimes screaming in my direction. Where they are, I have no idea, but I guess it doesn’t matter to them as long as I am the one they are attacking. Their ‘bounty’ or ‘job’, so to speak. So, if anything happens to me, you will know the basics of what is going on. This blog does tell most of what is happening to me.

I never dreamed that Klaverns and/or Klaverns, Communists, and every other thing bad would be in this area. In all my years of living in Danville, I have never seen nothing like it. Nor have I seen these types of personalities before. Obsessive over nothing.

One other thing that I hate about this situation is that many of my attackers are men. I feel like I am in a domestic violence situation without having a boyfriend or a husband. Women beaters are what they are and they do not care. And, sadly, their women just tag along. Talk about self-esteem issues.

12:21am I have already received multiple magnetic pulls to my head since 12:05am. God help us.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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