By mstmha


Can a perfect love exist in the new world of government ‘live sets’, corruption, and gang stalking? You know the type of love that would almost always be considered normal in the real world?

Society’s ‘new’ norm is representative of the ‘old’ Babylon that has risen from the ashes of fornification, blasphemy, loath, and all things evil. A place now absorbed in a smokescreen of deceit, darkness, and pain. A world that has become the Pandora box of lies, theft, bondage, pimp-dom, prostitution, molestation, adultery, murder, and the list goes on and on.

In being gang stalked, a target has no choice but to look forward to a never-ending facade of delusional relationships, whether they are friendly, romantic, or work related. Love does not play a part in the array of personalities whose only agenda is to obtain information about the target in order to make them miserable in every aspect of their lives. They are relationships that are no more honest than the governmental systems that we were taught to abide. The kind of love that was never meant to last.

Like a strip tease, these types of relationships are just for show. It is just that…a tease. Somehow you have to dig down deep to prevent yourself from actually ‘feeling’ just in case disappointment settles like a black cloud over a once sunny beach. The actors are not real in their own feelings and are a mockery of what could have been. Their devilishness has seeped so deeply within the neurons of their cultish mob brains that their playfulness and lack of seriousness towards, not just personal relationships, but every other aspect of their lives, becomes second nature.    

Our new-age protégées of demonism seem to have knocked on our doors from ages ago but who was paying attention? It reminds me of the story of when “… war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceived the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” (REV 12:7-9)

Love in the 21st century, while being constantly gang stalked, sometimes reminds me of a very robotic version of play and pretend. You will find that there is cavernous display of masculine and feminine, prosthetic beauty; greedy kittens with a synthetic purr, and dogs with a mind to frame and appall. Not only are individuals becoming desperate in their attempt to lock-in love superficially, but; they are also allowing themselves to become subjects of indiscreet classification. They have allowed our superiors to categorize them in the push to ‘fit’ them into someone else’s judgmental ideas of who they should and should not be with. The kind of push that says that you are not good enough for anything other than what they say is good enough for you; and there is nothing that you can say or do about. It is a program of master eliminations and a total abuse of power.

As targets attempt to move forward in their lives, they are all continuously segregated and cut-off from an abundance of possibilities in actually finding just one true love. An act of extreme Magik and Scientology occultism has, unknowingly, become an almost permanent ritual in many of our everyday lives. So much, that any mention of genuine romance is like having a conversation with a slave enchained and brainwashed to shackles. Their happiness in love, if any, may possibly be found only with those that have been cloned to be as they are.

To stray outside of their own personality norms could almost be lethal to their wondering eyes. Their only hope in happiness outside of their own superficial circles is in transforming a potential partner to adhere to their very gluttonous ideas of how you should love them and how they should love you. That is if love exists at all. Romance, in their world, in my opinion, is a handbook of sufferance and heartache. Evil’s breed wants to call the shots and you will suffer greatly if you do not adhere. So, I guess the ‘real’ question is, where can someone find the ‘real’ love that they deserve without becoming a black sheep to their commune? Should these people, especially gang stalkers, even be allowed to love outside of their own circles? Should they be allowed to intervene into ours because of the dangers of their existence? Do we even have a choice? Is it even worth discussing seeing that targets live beneath an umbrella of someone else’s domination?

Has ‘real’ love become so non-existent to be out of arms reach or is it a case of having to just break through the smokescreen walls of deceit in order to fight your way back to the world before that Twilight Zone began?  

Compatibility between gang stalkers and the common human being, hypothetically, could possibly lend to mental butchering by day and a glutamic sex parade by night. I have heard a story or two about how men are actually lending out their significant others. Prostituting them like hookers on the Boulevard. The rate of pimp-dom has skyrocketed so greatly to be absolutely shameful.


Some women, I have seen, do not mind being treated like sex slaves and some, possibly, do not know the difference because that is what they have been trained to accept. It is their norm due to a very deliberate systematic technique called brainwashing. If they beat the information into your brain long enough, you may just give in. Why not fall for every gang stalking heathen that you meet who has been trained to fake an ‘I love you? Besides, if everyone else is doing it, what is the harm, right?

Wrong. Actually, this type of thinking makes me want to gag and run straight for the Mexicana border. Why not just make everyone hold hands and jump from the Brooklyn Bridge together? At least they won’t be alone in their ‘downfall’ (no pun intended).

Previously, I lived in area where it was rumored that couples did not mind ‘wife switching’. At almost every door step, it never failed that somewhere out there was a loose goose. There were cheaters around almost every corner. Many of those male participants who sold their wives souls were within the mason network. Yes, believe it or not, they were of the masonic. It is not so much of a coincidence now that it has been speculated that some 33 degree masonic members are controllers’ in the business and ‘housing’ of gang stalkers and the brothels thereof. So, it is also not a conspiracy theory that what happens at the top of the ladder, definitely, filters down to the bottom and infiltrates the seeds of the ‘under the ground’, so to speak.

I remember when I was a teenager, a friend and I attended a house ‘party’ that turned out to be more than just a crowd of people and a boom of music. In the basement, it was revealed that there was a young lady lying on her back in a back bedroom that was being sodomized by a gang of young men. Yes, you are correct. There was a multitude of over-sexed teenagers running a ‘train’ on her. For her sake, I really hope she was paid generously for that in order to make up for some of the embarrassment I am sure she faced after the fact. It was horrific. I can recall meeting a woman, just a few years ago, who took a very strange liking to me. Every time we met, she would say, “There’s my girl,” and she would always have this sort of twinkle in her eye. I was told later that this woman lived in a house full of used mattresses that were kept on the floor. There is no need to wonder what those mattresses were for. It was pretty easy to guess but still, I was informed that she ran a brothel within her home. I wanted to hurl just thinking about all of the nasty gluteus maximuses that ran in and out of her home. The only other thing that I can say about that is thank goodness she never invited me home for dinner! Not to hurt anyone’s feelings but, honestly, there was not one disinfectant on the market that would have been strong enough to force my attendance. May the label that reads, ‘Kills 99% of germs’ please be damned. Who even knows if that is even true, anyway?

Now, in an effort to wrap this up, can someone please tell me if the above examples are the now the new means of obtaining real love? How did love become so downgraded? At least for those who are looking.

As to our future, will those types of inhumane arrangements become our inevitable fate? A fate where, no matter whether you’re married or single, women and men are being destined by their partners for prostitution, disease, and the procreation of the devil’s dumbed-down seed? Are our moral values simply whittling away to just a dirty mattress on someone’s floor? Where is the real love if you cannot find it on the home front? Does it even still exist?

Please excuse my blatantness, but that particular fate is totally unacceptable to me and was not what I originally had in mind in any life, past or present. In my head, my life with a partner of permanence was planned out a bit differently. Why should our only options for relationships be with those non-committing, transgressed, brothel-ites? Who can we really trust?

Most Targeted Individuals have come to the realization that it is never anyone’s intention for them to be ultimately happy. I have come to the conclusion that the electromagnetic and psychotronic weapons being used on our persons’ are part of their beauty-diminishing scheme. They will continue to use them on a target as long as they feel threatened by them in any way. I will have to admit that those weapons are playing havoc on my body and they know it. A gang-banging, gang stalker’s aesthetics, to them, should be the only temptation that anyone should ever seek. Are you still wondering why they are destroying lives to the point of eliminating the option that targets should receive proper medical care? Think about it, if a target cannot work to afford proper medical insurance, then how would they have the ability to continue to take care of themselves in a way that was completely normal? We all know that medical care is not cheap. Their weapons are just another way for them to rid themselves of any and all competition. Fair-game, unfortunately, does not play a huge part in a gang stalker’s selfish agenda.

Unhealthy relationships were not something, to me, that needed to be replicated over and over again, especially when you find that your current or past relationship or significant other is nothing more than a gang stalking bully themselves. Nor should we be limited to just ‘settling’ for what they would like to assume is the only thing we can get.

Where is the fun in having a partner who is mischievous and distrustful, most of the time; when the glow of being loved by someone really special feels so much better, all the time?

I imagined…    

In a perfect world that there would be…

…Someone who shares the dreams

that you dream.

…Someone who tries to understand

your feelings.

…Someone who attempts to comfort when

you are hurt.

…Someone who will protect you and keep you safe.

…Someone who would rather make you smile

than to see you cry.

…Someone who is honest enough

to admit when they are wrong.

…Someone who is not afraid to care.

…Someone who isn’t deceitful.

…Someone who admits to imperfection.

…Someone who isn’t overly arrogant and egotistical.

…Someone whom you can trust

with your darkest secrets.

…Someone who can be your best friend.

…Someone who doesn’t undermine your integrity.

…Someone who doesn’t mind lending a helping hand.

…Someone who doesn’t mind spending time.

…Someone who is unafraid to be romantic.

…Someone who is spontaneous.

…Someone who comforts when you’re sick.

…Someone whom you don’t have to ask.

…Someone who is willing to satisfy.

…Someone who gives more than him/herself.

…Someone who is sentimental.

…Someone whose not afraid to show their feelings for you.

…Someone who can share in a good laugh.

…Someone who is not abusive mentally and physically.

…Someone who you can communicate with.

…Someone who tries to relate to you.

…Someone who will stand up for you

against anything and anyone.

…Someone who has no fear.

…Someone who will always be there.

…Someone who does not constantly chastise

everything that you do.

…Someone who does not judge you.

…Someone who is forgiving.

…Someone who admits to imperfection.

…Someone who is willing to accept their

own imperfections.

…Someone who is not suffocating.

…Someone who allows a degree of free.

…Someone who knows the difference

between yes and no.

…Someone with backbone.

…Someone who is selfless at

least half of the time.

…Someone who is not afraid

of creative expression.

…Someone who is not narrow-minded.

…Someone who is not annoying.

…Someone who does not always try to pinpoint

every fault.

…Someone who is passionate.

…Someone who is chivalrous.

…Someone who is not superficial.

…Someone who is willing to pick you up,

not tear you down.

…Someone who is not willing to put

you in harm’s way.

…Someone who will always be your

   do or die girl/guy.

…Someone who is not afraid to say

   I am sorry.

…Someone who respects your space.

…Someone who accepts you simply for who

   you are.

…Someone who is not judgmental.

…Someone who will comfort when

   you’re scorned.

…Someone who respects your wishes.

…Someone who listens.

…Someone who does not fall into love’s fads.

…Someone who has individuality.

…Someone is not intimidated by the opinions of others.

…Someone who does not believe in retaliation.

…Someone who is an adult.

…Someone who can handle business.

…Someone who gives positive guidance.

…Someone who is willing to hold you close and sacred when you need them to.

…Someone who is not afraid to say “I love you.”

(And mean it without ill-intentions.)

In closing, here is just a bit of humor…

*After reading this list to my uncle, he states, “You forgot one.”

In puzzlement, I responded by saying, “Ok. What did I forget?”

Dutifully, he responded, “How about someone who can f*&k your brains out!!! You know, the type that makes you want to stay at home!”

…Need I say more?

(By the way, my very ‘caring’ uncle would also like to know if there are in ‘takers’ out there. J All he needs is one!)




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2 responses to “LOVE’S ILLS IN GANG STALKING by mstmha

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    Remember what Jesus said about pearls before swine? They are not worthy of your love. So give your love to yourself and harvest the benefits. You are right. The world is chock filled with sex traffickers. It is a real war against women. We need to adopt Buffy as our model if we wish to survive. 🙂

  • mstmha

    I couldn’t agree more!!!

    The love that I have for myself has always been greater than any love that I have ever been given by anyone, outside of my God.
    The hate for women, now, is so extreme. Back in the days of my mother and my mother’s mother, it was said that how a man treats his mother is a representation of how he will treat you. Today, that depiction of reality is just another story. A tale of what use to happen.

    Humans have forgotten just how most of us arrived onto this earth to begin with. By a woman! And to disrespect the one sex that helped bring about man’s creation shows how tunnel-visioned the world has actually become.

    I thank the almighty heavens that I am not desperate for companionship or I really would be direly disappointed in my search. If it is in God’s will, it will be.

    But in the meantime…for all of those lonely, scorned women out there…
    Where is Buffy when you need her? I wonder if she coaches…Hmmm 🙂

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