Targeted Individuals – me, me, me, me, me!

Secret Stalking Cult

Look, fellow TIs. I get it. I know what you are going through. No. No, I don’t. Everyone is getting their own, personally tailored, bespoke hell. Nothing distracts anyone from the bigger picture, than pain. The world immediately contracts to your pain and the particular cause of it. And that tells you nothing, because the cause of the pain are puppets, but the hand inside the puppet remains concealed.

Distraction. You are distracted and focused on such a small part of the picture, you cannot see the picture. Those who are distracting you, are distracted, by the job of distracting you. Any starting off normal person would be in a mess required to do what they do to harass you. Most people are not criminals. Most people are not feral, not immoral. Committing crimes, acting immorally, acting like a crazy-person takes a huge toll out of the psyche of a…

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