Gangstalker Gagging and Targeting Phases of Targeted Individuals (TI’s)

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gangstalkers II

How Perps Slander Targeted Individuals (TI’s)

The Lie, the Secret, the Recruitement
1 — Slander: Perp approaches the Gagged-Person (GP) — and assassinates the character of the Targeted Individual (TI) — by telling Lies — in order to get the GP infuriated at, or shun the TI.

2 — Gag: Perp gags the Gagged-Person — which keeps their Lies a Secret — while concealing the identity of the cowardly Perp who spread the Lie. (This prohibits the TI from hearing the Lies — or defending their own character).

Important: The Perp may threaten the Gagged Person into complying with the Gag Order.

3 — Recruit: Perp recruits the infuriated Gagged-Person — into participating (perping) against the TI.

Recording about This Topic from This Talk Show:
1045 Chat Summary; slander, character assassination & gag orders by perps — 6 Min.


Gagged — Who’s Gagged about it

In On It — Who’s Gagged about Gang-Stalking
Attorneys: Attorneys know the deal about Gang-Stalking and harassment. But they are forbidden discuss it — when I sought advice from an attorney about “harassment” — he was shaking & sweating.

Law Enforcement: On a cop blog once read, “The first rule of Gang-Stalking — is not to discuss Gang-Stalking” — at which point the on that thread discussion ended. This explaines why cops will listen to a TI’s harassment stories — but they say nothing to wise them up.
Health Care: Most high level health care workers are “in on” the secret of Gang-Stalking. If a TI mentions harassment — they may get a “5150” trip to a psych ward for 72 hours.

Psychs: Psychologists and Psychiatrists will at best mumble nervously to a TI patient that Gang-Stalking occurs. At worst they will play dumb about Gang-Stalking, perp the TI, and milk the system, by providing continued “services” for a supposed mental illness which is based on a fallacy — because psychs know very well that Gang-Stalking exists — the milkers learned the secret way back in school.

Neighborhood Watch: Every time a TI walks out their door, or comes home, the neighborhood watcher is there to stalk. If they’re such caring people — how come entire families are targeted, children included?

Churches: Time and again we hear stories about religious institutions that participate in perping TI parishioners. [see for yourself]
Organized Motorcycle Gangs (OMG’s): What do OMG’s have in common with churches, attorneys, cops, etc? The members of this unholy alliance all collude in participating and hiding Gang-Stalking from TI’s.
Phases — 5 Phases a TI can Endure

Five Phases a Targeted Individual (TI) can Endure

Short Version:
1 — Covert Phase: Subtle harassment of a TI — with detailed intelligence gathering.
This phase can go on for years — to un-aware Targeted Individuals (TI).

2 — Overt Phase: TIs are stalked, harassed, slandered & the perps want them to know it.
But it may be years — until a TI becomes Aware — that it is Organized CoIntelPro.

3 — Aware TI: The TI finally becomes Aware — it is Organized & called Gang-Stalking.
Newly aware TIs are uncorrupted — but if they’re broke — they RISK being turned.

4 — Green Perp: At their lowest point a TI is approached — with a supposed rescue deal.
This last ditch deal — would turn and corrupt them — in exchange for self preservation.
They’d “receive” less targeting of self & family — plus they can suddenly “find” a job.

5 — Seasoned Perp: Candidate goes to Perp School.
Hypnotized — trained to harass, slander, mob, threaten — and in name collection.

Medium Version:
1 — Covert Phase: In the beginning, the harassment, slander and surveillance of a TI is so subtle, that it can occur for many years — the TI knows it’s not normal — but may come to expect it. Examples are; people being rude for no reason, poor service from businesses, ridicule, elementary mobbing in the workplace, low level noise campaigns, a string of at-fault auto accidents, suddenly begins being pulled over a lot by police, bodily “accidents”, people rooting through your trash, repeated unlucky home or auto repairs, deals falling through at the last minute, rumors spread about you, unfriendly family, neighbors outside each time the TI enters and exits their residence, relationships turning sour, TI becomes isolated from personal human interaction. Often it’s not until well into Phase 3 — that a TI realizes, this “covert phase” had been been occurring — long before they had originally thought.

2 — Overt Phase: Beginning with this phase, the Stalkers want the TI to know — that they are being routinely harassed, stalked and slandered. The examples of issues described in the previous Covert phase become more harsh and aggressive in this Overt phase. Many TIs fear for their life when they first realize — they are being stalked by gangs. They had never heard of such a thing in society, and can doubt their own sanity. They become sometimes become aware that they are being surveilled, with “directed conversations” by strangers — mentioning personal things from years ago, documents on their hard drive, home or phone conversations. Some have reached out to authority figures (police, attorneys, health care workers, psychs) who could have wised them up to the protocol — but these professions are gagged, and in real fear of losing their credentials — or of becoming a target them self, their family or assets. So the “professionals” said nothing, and sometimes they even participated in the perping. TIs can often pinpoint the date — when the accelerated Overt Phase began. Some TIs catch on quickly — that the Overt Phase is Organized — and they move onto the Aware — Phase 3. While other TIs are stalked, harassed and slandered literally for years — before finally becoming Aware — that it is Organized — and known as Gang-Stalking or CoIntelPro.

3 — Aware TI: Finally one day — the TI becomes aware — of what has been happening to them — it is called — Organized Gang-Stalking. For the first time ever, things start to add up — but now that they have become aware — their targeting increases to its highest point ever. The perps try to keep TIs moving to different residences, which depletes their financial reserves, and the targeting will follow them anyway. Their income decreases and costs unluckily increase regularly — a little bit at a time. Most “aware TIs” are interfered with from getting a job — because the targeters want them to exhaust their savings and income — with a goal of forcing them to eventual homelessness. Newly aware TIs are uncorrupted — but if they are broke — they RISK being turned into a Perp. Targeting typically increases — once they become an “Aware TI” — and anything they do to try to help them self, or speak out, will backfire with increased targeting. Everybody they come into contact with is compromised, conversations are commonly interrupted.

4 –Green Perp: When a TI is at their lowest point — financially, emotionally, possibly even suicidal — they are “approached” by a Perp — with a supposed rescue “deal”. But if they take the deal, it will corrupt them — and “turn” them into a Green Perp (sometimes called a Snitch or a Perp Lite). Agreeing to the deal would “turn” them into a detestable Perp — like the ones who have been targeting them all of this time. After becoming a Perp — many un-employed TIs are able to suddenly “find” a job as part of the corrupting deal. The deal may initially lessen the targeting on them self and their family. However, it is said that Green Perps, and their families, eventually get targeted as much — or more than before. Except now they have “become” one of the Stalker / Perps — who they used to detest. And it’s just getting started — remember they’re still a “Green” Perp. And they’ve made a lifelong commitment — to what — they don’t know yet.

5 — Seasoned Perp: In this phase, Green Perps attend Perp School — where they are hypnotized & trained in the “skills” of harassment, slander, mobbing & threats — and collecting names / phone# / email, of other TIs — who are turned into Green Perps. This page is a work in progress.


Gang-Stalking — Role Definitions

Short Version:

■Targeted Individual (TI): A TI has been Black-Listed — often out of revenge for having spoken out — and is regularly slandered and harassed — in an organized protocol known as Gang-Stalking.

■Perp: Perps ruthlessly slander, stalk, and harass TIs — for money, expectation, or enjoyment — they are schooled at deceiving and Gagging People (GP), then recruiting them into participating.

■Gagged Person (GP): A GP is connected to the TI, often loosely — GPs are Gagged by the Perp, once they hear their slander about the TI — next the GP is recruited by the Perp to help administer vigilante justice to the TI — which is justified by the Perp’s secret slander.

■Handler: A cowardly Handler remains unseen — they pull strings — using Perps and GPs to stalk, harass, and slander the TI — each TI has a ruthless Handler that manages their targeting. << Print this Flier << Gang-Stalking Talk Show
This text is in the public domain — the public owns it.

Medium Version:

■Targeted Individual (TI): Many Targeted Individuals are regularly persecuted, for having spoken out. From a Gang-Stalking perspective, these TIs have been Black-Listed. This means they are slated for life-long harassment, mobbing, stalking and continual slander — all of which is often unleashed on their family as well, children included. Each TI has a primary Handler assigned to them. More

■Handler: A Handler has never been a Targeted Individual (TI). They orchestrate the slander and harassment activities — against the TIs who they oversee. Handlers are never seen while doing their shameful job — although the TI may know, but not suspect them. All Handlers share, a common, and largely rotating pool of Seasoned Perps and Green Perps. The database also includes the Gagged People (GP), that each TI is connected to, often loosely. In summary, Handlers are cowards who pull strings, and oversee the slander and harassment, onto TIs — using Perps and GPs. More

■Seasoned Perp: A Seasoned Perp targets Targeted Individuals (TI) — using the ruthless techniques they learned at "Perp School" — such as threats, harassment and character assassination. They have been hypnotized — to feel no guilt, remorse, or compassion for the TIs they persecute. Many Seasoned Perps rose "up" from the ranks of TIs — and they are now at the "highest" position that they can ever be trusted at. However, those Perps, who have "never" been a TI — "can" be trusted with more responsibility, and might someday be "promoted" to Handler. The surveillance of Perps is as rigorous, as it is for the TIs they surveil. Any stalker — who a TI senses emotion from — is not a Seasoned-Perp — but rather a Green-Perp, or a Gagged Person. More

■Green Perp: In the early stages, when a Targeted Individual (TI) accepts a bribe, threat, or both — they become a Green-Perp or Perp-Lite — a role which often involves targeting other TIs. Those who knew the TI, before they sold their soul — can observe sudden disturbing changes — as the Green-Perp, begins exhibiting previously unseen behavior, and often CRAZY talk. From this point on, anything they say is to be doubted, their integrity is gone. As justification, they sometimes dwell on the issues which led to their decision to become a Perp — but they won't admit they are one — and they avoid any discussion of the issue. The TI to Green-Perp conversion occurs secretly, it's an immediately effective, life long commitment. As compensation for their participation, they are subjected to less pressure on them self, reduced targeting of their family, or with favors, such as money or being allowed to work.

■Gagged Person (GP): A Gagged Person (GP) is whispered lies and slander, by a Perp, about a Targeted Individual (TI). If the GP believes the lies, they will feel righteous in helping to administer secret vigilante justice against the TI — and they are recruited to this "patriotic" cause by the Perp. Once they have heard the slander — GPs are gagged — even though the Perp usually has no legal authority to do so. After this the GP will not advise the TI — of either the slander they have heard — or the identity of the Perp who whispered it. GPs fear the possibility that the slander may actually be true — or even worse — if it is false — they feel threatened — that similar slander may be unleashed against them — unless they cooperate with the vigilante justice against the TI. More

■Troll: A Troll stirs things up, and harasses people on the Internet. They are un-paid — and do it because they enjoy it. More

■Truther: A Truther is someone who at their own expense, works to expose and correct an unjust issue in society. Truthers introduce hope, if they can credibly help expose Gang-Stalking. Unlike Targeted Individuals (TI), who "are" under constant surveillance — Truthers are "not" surveilled, and they can clandestinely participate in busting Perps — in order to provide evidence of the Gang-Stalking. More


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27 responses to “Gangstalker Gagging and Targeting Phases of Targeted Individuals (TI’s)

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Gangstalker Gagging and Targeting Phases of Targeted Individuals …   (Cache) (Images) […]

  • leebo Nott

    The cult put in charge to manage me ( I’ve been targeted for 3 years because I sued my school district for discrimination ) is the Baptist church. They even brought me into the fold by giving me a teaching job at their weird parent stalking school. The city of Phoenix seems to be behind all this.

    • mstmha

      It saddens me to hear that you are, also, one of the many victims of this heinous crime called gang stalking aka organized crime aka crime syndication aka Nazi warfare and so on…
      I will pray for you as I pray for others. I have been targeted for well over seven years. Sometimes when I sit back and think and remember some of the incidences that have occurred, I begin to realize that a lot of what has happened to me has happened before years prior. But, at that time, things happened in passing and I never worried about it. The truth is that I may have been targeted for longer than I realized. My turning point was when they finally turned my family against me. That is when I knew for a fact that something was terribly wrong but I had no idea what.

      The unjust cause of my stalking varies. I can pinpoint many incidences in which may have given someone a psychotic reason to stalk me. An ex-husband, ex-lovers, racist employers whom I would have liked to have sued but was never given the opportunity, etc.

      No matter what the excuse, there is never an acceptable to gang up on someone in order to destroy their life. Especially in the United States of America where laws were absolute laws that we followed and the death penalty still stands. And always keep in mind that the prison system is not obsolete. In other words, do not ever believe that what you are going through is your fault. It isn’t and never will be. We all know that lawsuits happen everyday and they have been in existence since, possibly the 13th century or earlier. Lawsuits were never a crime. At least it wasn’t until the Nazi’s decided that they would not tolerate our independence and love of human rights in our own country. I know. It’s sick. I am sure that we can both agree on that.

      As I have said before, I will keep you in my prayers. Continue to write about the program that you are having to tolerate. Share it with as many people as you can. Keep fighting the good fight like only, it seems, Americans know how. Like everything else in history, this will not last forever.

      By the way, according to the following link(s), we are being executed in the 4th Reich (NWO) of Nazi Germany. For more details visit the following link(s)…

      or my site

      And May God Bless Every Targeted Individual From Every Country All Over The World

  • Beyond It All Now

    The entire world is now in shambles as the elite class works to destroy the lower classes on this planet. Organized Stalking is the precursor to mass genocide, and the mass mind control that is presently taking place in the United States, as well as the rest of the world, adversely affects the entire human race. The fact that the human body is now tracked through the air using the electromagnetic spectrum is the most pernicious form of slavery that has ever been created. The EMF fields that are produced by our bodies make us vulnerable to such predation and they are being used as part of this genocidal policy.

    No one is immune. Not even the elite class, any of whom can be exterminated without any warning if they suddenly fall out of favor with the powers that be.

    The agenda to create world government is now in its final phase
    and short of World War III nothing is going to prevent it.

    The intent of these Satanists is the propagation of an automated society where robotics will be used to do the work, so that the investment class
    will have nothing but leisure time.

    Of course, what they haven’t yet figured out is that the sheer boredom that such a society will ultimately create, will result in mass suicide from a lack of achievement.

    The individual will be lost in the hive mind mentality, which will be used to
    destroy every human trait including love. A planet full of hybrids, part human part machine who will have no emotion.

    As such, there will be no wars, since the combative nature of the human
    will be eradicated, and there will be no one to do battle with.

    What was once the investment class will succumb to what they always wanted – materialism and the abject boredom that comes from having to do nothing. They won’t be exterminated in the same way in which they murdered billions of this planet’s human inhabitants, as part of their genocidal policy.

    They will instead suicide themselves realizing that the environment that they planned for and eventually propagated was not what they thought it would be. That Moore’s Utopia while pleasant in its early stages, would
    ultimately become Hell in disguise.

    Justice will finally be served…

    • mstmha

      Wow. I am nowhere near the point of being the ‘upperclass’ but if that is their idealism for the ENDGAME, well, even I am bored already.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • some guy

    I have been targeted for as long as I can think back.I was simply unaware. At least this is my impression due to research and being “clandestinely made aware that this is what was happening. Also I used to be a troll or shill , I guess it would be referred as. Not sure if it was planned that way or if it was only due to me previous beliefs and distempered reaction thus due to the way I had always seemed to be treated. I think I made it all the way to seasoned perp unknowingly if that is possible. I do not condone perping or stalking by tis . However I can understand how it happens. I have been drugged numerous times(some were a little entertaining. I used to party a lot. Had a tolerance,thus it didn’t work the way they wanted(or it did and I don’t know.) 3 car”accidents,an overdose,and 3deaths later…I’m still currently replying. Everyone has turned on me or I have in inadvertently pushed them away thinking they were perps.I am fairly certain that they all are turned now or gagged.I am constantly robbed.they have poisoned and killed several pets.I’m soooo lonely. Trying to stay positive is difficult at times. Even the government assistance agencies are messing with me now. And the post office,schools I have attempted to apply to,banks . There are a multitude of reasons I could be targeted for.I won’t deny that. It has helped me Improve my temper and outlook to the point that I was mugged in Milwaukee and didn’t fight back because I thought it was a set up.I don’t care if my friend that I was with at the time was a perp or not.he has done so much for me and I care about him.I’m disgusted with the whole thing.stay away from the spy bar there,it is called the safe house and is perped out. As is rudies. There’s another bar there but can’t remember because I was hammered. Also we were robbed and mugged by there’s that.they have followed me all over the country. Damn gps and cell phones seemed to be the most logic reason I’ve come up with. My family and friends are apparently thick with freemasons.I am not saying they are all bad and I do support that they help others in need. However all of the protection I had previously received from getting into trouble for minor crimes(mostly drug stuff )has vanished. All of the people I have helped or saved in the past have turned on me due to the campaign or something I have said or done as a reaction to it. If I wasn’t a seasoned perp,then it cost me the greatest job I’ve ever had and is now affecting those people(of whom I care about deeply)in a verynegative way. I have many skills and am intelligent.I also have a lot of love for anyone who will allow themselves to receive it.I am so alone,no female to hold or care for. No one to sing or jam with . Not even anyone to adventure with(which I did quite often until recently) there may be something that I know or have that they want or need,as far as a reason I haven’t been killed least not all of the way.being sober does not help.I don’t even smoke or drink any more. It’s difficult for me to motivate to exercise.I had lost the most weight in years just last year.but started slacking after being injured from the mugging. I do not believe that there are chips in my brain or anything to that extent.already take vitamins and body flushes anyway.have always ate healthy and tried to be it’s hard to just go out.every time I leave the come in,sometimes even when I sleep.However I’m not as scared as I was although paranoia peaks at times. I do get the ringing in ear also what I assume is the v2k,although it’s not what I would describe as voices which point I should mention that I do think some tis are just mentally ill. Headache,vehicle damage.I had a sweet beamer.had. I used to have so much fun and live life to the fullest and help people.they really have done an excellent job of ruining things.I am however still here and trying trying to stay positive. I wouldn’t even believe any of it if I wasn’t made aware and didn’t know as much as I do about technology. Even if you can get off of a list,the campaign damage will follow you forever. I may move but my budget is tight and my ssi is now being effected . I really would rather work then live of of assistance. But they won’t let me.or at least it appears this way.the main problem is that with my last job my friend would try to help me ignore things(not sure of his opinion or if he’s a perp(I hear the friend you to get close or info)but at other times he would just be clowning with me and I would wig on him due to being effected by the harassment(unless he planned it and I’m still not sure) I didn’t use to be so sensitive to such things. He was one of my best friends,won’t even talk to me now.I miss him so much. It’s only been a few months since we hung out.I was a total jerk to him that day.I think he just had enough or they got to him or I’m right and he’s a perp or he suspects something nefarious of me that I am unaware of that is most likely not true. I just don’t know. It really hurts. It hurts even more that my strongest suspicion is most likely the worst 2 and even more that I’m fairly convinced. Anyway , apologies for the lengthy rant. I don’t know where the camera is here and the only evidence is that they steal things that I hide where they could only be found if told or seen when hidden. The thickest places were I have been fully effected in multiple ways are Ohio, Florida,Wisconsin,and Jersey. Oh and definitely Chicago. I’m not saying stay away from these places(there are many great reason to visit all(maybe even Jersey(I just don’t like it)all I’m saying is those are the places I have experienced the worst of it.

    • Kris

      I became aware of everything about 3 years ago! My family and I have had auto accidents,can’t keep a job because I an forced to either quit my job or want to commit suicide, defamation of character, physical attacks,sound attacks like a bunch of people start coughing at me the minute I enter a building or go outside, I can’t even get medical care that I need, because the doctor and his co-workers treat me like garbage,my kids are told at their school bad things about me that are untrue ,so I have made them aware of what gangstalking is!

  • Target

    Ignore, ignore, ignore. These fucks want a reaction. Don’t give it to them. For every perp, the handler is watching, waiting, hoping you will lose it. Forget about telling anyone, no one will believe you. Stay healthy, stay happy, this pisses them off more than anything. Stay busy, try not to think about what you would like to do to them. Never threaten them. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Mine get bored eventually if I don’t give them anything to work with. The thing is after so many years of harassment, I’m pissed. So I do go off occasionally and it starts all over. One thing I have noticed is their numbers continue to grow. But so do ours, lots of TIs…you are not alone. Hang tough, ignore, ignore, ignore.

  • AnotherVictimHere

    Been going through it for over a year but didn’t understand what was going on. It has ramped up pretty bad over the last few weeks where I’m hit 24/7 whenever I step out the door, and its right in my face the moment I get back home. Noticed a lot of NJ State Trooper and Local Police cars involved also. GANG STALKING RUNNING RAMPANT IN STAFFORD TOWNSHIP NEW JERSEY.

    • mstmha

      I feel your pain, these goons barely allow me to sleep at night. You may be dealing with the Scientology Fair Game program that ended back in 1968 or what they call Fusion TV where thieves gather to pretty much ruin your life and rob you blind. They have even robbed me of my body. I will pray for you and the many other Targets out there. And I will also pray that this may end soon.

  • Kris

    I became aware of everything about 3 years ago! My family and I have had auto accidents,can’t keep a job because I an forced to either quit my job or want to commit suicide, defamation of character, physical attacks,sound attacks like a bunch of people start coughing at me the minute I enter a building or go outside, I can’t even get medical care that I need, because the doctor and his co-workers treat me like garbage,my kids are told at their school bad things about me that are untrue ,so I have made them aware of what gangstalking is!

    • mstmha

      My story is identical to yours. I will pray for you and your family. Don’t back down and continue to tell your story. Hopefully, we will all escape this torture in the near future. No one needs to be assaulted by people who are so barbaric.

      The one thing that I don’t understand is why these gang members are so eager to do it. I guess they have no fear of being caught because there are so many people involved. How amazing is it that so many people are willing to commit the ultimate sins.

  • Jamila marie morton

    My life over the last.two years @ming1

  • Indigo Blu

    What’s the overall purpose of the program other than slavery of the gross mass populous global hive mentality piracy of all profit and prosperity of all seven industries that meet the monetary material medical and bullshit spiritual needs of the 99 percent and kill off all the blacks by bullsitting these self hating Spook’s and boots to coon for the biggest group of handlers on the planet to turn their worthless economically inslaved neighborhoods into community’s via caps paying their dumb asses with 1st and 4th ammendment rights plus the pursuit or happiness by creatingba community where these dumb fucks don’t own businesses but are paid witjbtheir own rights by killing each other WTF?: and that’s they recycle money into their make believe community? This all looks like the damn movie divergent that will result in the hunger games. HOLLYWOODS GONE SAVAGE these lab rats shepple dogs and bumblebees have all gone hollywood and the Mad Arab is here. I hope the Teteagrammaton decides lights all for everybody and G_D NEVER LOSES HIS MIND AND MAKES MAN EVER AGAIN. A self destructive waste of creation.

  • R

    Thank you for exposing gang stalking, basically group bullying. I know this in person.

    • mstmha

      You are welcome. No doubt, gang stalking has been the most life changing program that I have ever seen and experienced. I would advise anyone who has been gang stalked to write about it because if we have to die from it then someone needs to know how and why.

  • RL

    Go to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and look up the terms gangstalking, organized harassment, stalking by proxy, contract stalking, etc. The world wide network of Perps (stalkers) slander, lie, turn family, friends, coworkers, general members of the public to despise, spy, and bully you wherever you go in a large organized effort to psychologically attack Targeted Individuals (TI) for a variety of reasons by any possible group. There is a World TI Day protesting this expanding world wide crime in many world cities on August 29, 2018. Vancouver BC Canada has its event in front of Vancouver City Hall 10 am to 6 pm.

    &fe ature=share

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