From: The 4th Reich is being re-established

The 4th Reich is being re-established

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This Awareness indicates that this being more likened unto the Gestapo branch of Nazi Germany. Much relates back to Nazi Germany, partly because many of the Nazi elite were brought into this country by the Rockefellers after World War ll and these entities were put into high positions in this government and gradually have been used for training others and for re-establishing what may be termed as the 4th Reich.

The 4th Reich being the new version of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany

This Awareness indicates the 4th Reich being the new version of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany. This Awareness indicates it appears the plan would use these entities to go into houses section by section in cities, getting rid of various people on a list of troublemakers, or entities who they consider to be possible troublemakers; anyone who has had difficulties with police, with law enforcement, or who has been public and vocal against the New World Order; anyone who has guns or munitions in their home, and these entities have the equipment to spot such by the vibrations of a kind of metal detector type equipment; anyone who has connections with patriot organizations or militia type groups: these would be the population targets.

(Read about the American Concentration Camps)

Also, in some cases they may select certain areas to harass the people, just because that area appears to be undesirable, or to have undesirables located in it. This Awareness indicates the plan being of course to intimidate the masses, to destroy, as indicated, two-thirds of the population. It is part of a policy or program that could then be implemented throughout the world to reduce the world population by two-thirds.

(The above quote is found on the Georgia Guidestones located in Elbert County Georgia below)


This Awareness indicates that in starting with the United States it would bring complete control of this country to its knees and give that control to the elite. This Awareness indicates of course, this is assuming that there is enough of these entities in the elite corps who would go against their citizens and conducts these activities in the manner that the Nazi Gestapo did. This Awareness indicates it is seen as probable that this could occur.
(Revelations of Awareness newsletter 96-12 no. 472)

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