Project Mannequin, UK cloning, Mind Control and Genetic Enhancement Program- By James Casbolt

From the article…

Negative government factions are basically causing chaos in the world with false
flag terrorism, HAARP engineered earthquakes, laboratory created diseases such
as AIDS and Ebola and engineered wars to bring about the official formation of a
one world government. It is the Masonic motto ’Order out of chaos’ in our faces.
They create the chaos and bring about a New World order. The New World order is
not about money. It is about a covert take over of planet earth by malevolent ET
races to enable them to harvest the resources on this planet such as food, slave
labour, genetic material and minerals. Government factions that have sold out to
the Zetan grey and Draconian reptilian forces, for example, are paving a road to
hell for this planet. They are now puppets for their puppet-masters that have
promised them certain powers and rewards when the official one world government
is in place.

mstmha: “It amazes me that our government, after all of these years of feeding dillusions to the public, could allow those that they have sanctioned for their Draconian causes to all of a sudden, “spill the beans” openly without any sufferance, assumably. It is almost as if they are mimicking the fact that we, as potentially law abiding citizens, cannot do anything about the fact that they can bitch slap us to the face.  In other words, it seems that what they are saying to us is that we almost never had control of our own lives, ever, in any way, shape, or form. So why did they make us believe that we did? Was all of those years of schooling, national anthems, and positive social groups just another tactic for us to bide the time until their ultimate takeover?

This article highlighted is very disturbing to the point of being unbelievable yet believable at the same time. If it weren’t for my own experiences dealing with the tortures dealt by targeted individuals; I would never have believed any of this to be real but, unfortunately for me , there were many sections to this article that struck a chord and I knew a lot of it to be true based on just my own personal experiences and research as a targeted individual.

Question: Why do they give names to black projects and positions of power that they would rather hide?  Why give it a name at all, if that is the case? It leads me to believe that after all these years, the Illuminati, the NSA, and so forth, really wanted to be found out. It seems that they want to be caught so that we the people can finally come into the realization of who actually has control over us as a population. And I can only assume again that these same people may eventually (if not already) present themselves to the public as ‘super heros’ to our safety, as well. It would make perfect sense.

Do they not understand that once something is given a name, that which use to be nothing becomes something and can easily be figured out and categorized? Or are the names for their many ‘tools and toys’ just another way for them to boost their own greedy egos.  I do apologize but whatever orgasm that they may be experiencing right now due to name-opoly ‘credits’ cannot be seen by those that really matter. The ones that are bleeding in sufferance. The ones whom they have robbed physically, mentally, and socially for their own ‘sating’ paychecks. The ones whom they punish for nothing for all the world to see.

Frankly, wouldn’t it have made less noise if they had asked for volunteers first? Seriously.

*For the record, “Your honor, I am not guilty. I would never do these types of things to myself. Not even as a paid volunteer.”


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