HAP- HAARP Assassination Program?- A T.I. Testimony

I recall the local gang stalkers quoting the word ‘hap’ as they continually harassed me over their COM system. At the time, I did not know what they were talking about.

My discovery of the program’s name began when one of the goons over their COM system said, “It’s HAARP.” Now, what would any normal person do in that situation when you’re being tortured to death? You do your research. And so I did.

Why is it that they put a name to an organization that may be responsible for my torture?  In my opinion, they really spilled the beans with that one because it’s unimaginable. The agency called HAARP was banned from shooting into the ionosphere so why in the world are they shooting their weapons at people?


As it turned out, Edward Snowden had already given away information about the HAARP Assassination Program. I understand now what the word ‘hap’ means. It is the short name for the program. So if you ever hear about HAP while being gang stalked then you will also know who it is.

Sadly, gang stalking includes every hate group imaginable. It is no wonder it is so hard to break free. The gang stalkers of Danville, Virginia have admitted that they use refugees, Scientologists, the Nation of Islam, the White Supremacy/KKK/Klaverts, the Talibanians, Syrians’, Nazis’, Noblis (the creators of the supercomputer) , and many others I am sure. There is no telling how many more occulted groups and agencies that I know nothing about that may also be involved.

Anyway, today, I want to give you a summary of what I have experienced while being entrapped in the HAARP or Hap program as they call it.

My experiences include the following:


  1. Blacklisting
  2. Identity Theft
  3. Discrediting
  4. Harrassment
  5. Street Theater (This is what it is when they swarm around their victims. In other words, they ‘sandwich’ the victim as they call it.)
  6. I have no security or protection amongst government officials and law enforcement
  7. Malpractice amongst lawyers and doctors
  8. Stalking including vehicular stalking (Tailgating included)
  9. Kidnapping and abduction
  10. Work mobbing & Employment Manipulation (They control who I work for and it’s usually jobs where they can attack me freely with participation from my co-workers.)
  11. Robbery and other thefts
  12. Distruction of property
  13. Racketeering (with the use of bookies)
  14. Hacking of personal property including computers, cell phones, and my body
  15. Illegal billing
  16. Ridicule
  17. Homelessness
  18. And more…


  1. Lasered, tasered, microwaved/radiated (They have been known to heat up the top of my head quite often and it hurts. They also have been known to slam things like doors or drop objects that immediately triggers their weapons when I am nearby.)
  2. Chemical warfare (including Gasing)
  3. Stabbing
  4. Disembodiment/Body Tampering (They play around inside my body. My heart, my lungs, my head, my ovary, and my vagina seems to keep these goons in Danville, Virginia really busy. They won’t leave me alone.)
  5. Wiring of STD’s to my vaginal area in which they eventually heal.
  6. Psychotronic weapons (Airwaves were being shot in my ears. Their voices also traveled within the airwaves as well.
  7. GPS Projectiled
  8. Illegal Surveillance (COM system and/or Fusion TV)
  9. Now you may ask how this is all possible? Well, one of the reasons is because they have implanted me with an illegal microchip in my vagina.

I wish that I could say that this is all that has been done to me but I can’t. This is just what I can remember at the moment. I have actually gone through more than any human being should be allowed to go through, yet, they keep doing it. It has been a little over five years now just dealing with the weapons alone but I have been stalked most of my life.

My name is Tiffany Hood-Acolatse and my story is very real. Please pray for my family and I because we certainly need it.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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