“We Skins.”- A T.I. Testimony

More confessions from the gang stalkers of Danville, Virginia.


“This jealous-ed you son.” (They talk as if my son belongs to another man. I know nothing about that. As far as I amentioned concerned, my children have the same father. My thing is, what does it matter and how is it there business?)

“It coronated the family…” (It makes you wonder who would coronate a bunch of drug addicts and alcoholics unless they were the same.)

“We be with thieves.” (Lord, we can tell.)

“We went bonkers.” (Yep.)

“We are under illegal intent!”

“We provided the proof.”

“You need the way it grew.”

“Now they know who cheats.”

“We skins.” (What shocked me was that it was the voice of a Black man who said this. It is just more proof that Klaverts of the KKK actually do exist right here in Danville, Virginia. We are living in a very dangerous world indeed. Who would have thought that we would be living in a world full of Black Skinheads. Wow.)

“He knew you famoused an op.”

“He was only suppose to be doing you for four years.” (Who is ‘he’? And why am I still being attacked wherever I go? Obviously someone can’t get enough of being hateful as hell. These people have severe mental illnesses because I have been suffering gang stalking and there weapons for a lot longer than four years. Why did they choose me? Because I am not a part of theirufees organizaton which makes it easier for them to manipulate and rob. That’s why.)

“It’s a new war.”

“We totaled our national security.”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.






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