Who Can We Trust?

Nothing much has changed in my situation. It has possibly been an estimated 5 years since the weapon attacks on my person began and I have suffered almost everyday since. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if it will end seeing that I am suffering through a stronghold of thieves, drug addicts, alcoholics, pimps, and prostitutes.  Certain members of my family are also targets as well. What can we do to stop HAARP (HAARP Assassination Program), NSA, and other government entities, including law enforcement, from destroying our families and our countries? Who can we trust?




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6 responses to “Who Can We Trust?

  • conartistocracy

    Looks like secret fascism to me – oppression of black, women and the working class. The millions who fought, suffered and died fighting fascism in the 2WW knew what they were fighting. Fascists know most people despise them and wouldnt voluntarily give them support, so the new wave of fascist war is being fought in secret. From what I’ve seen the only worse fate to being their target is working for them.

  • mstmha

    You know, I use to think that but now I feel as if there are more people that know about this than we think. They are drawing people including law enforcement into some type of covenant, a den so to speak. We shouldn’t under-estimate the people around us because they know a lot more than they are telling. It’s one big cover up where people are vowed to one another. This is how they network and in my opinion, this may be how this torture program is so world-spread. They have to remain silent.

    And by the way, this ‘Silent War’ has also been called the Technological Holocaust and just recently I found out that it may actually be the ‘HAARP Assassination Program. Edward Snowden admitted that it existed. And, not surprisingly, one of the goons that stalks me has blatantly said over their COM system, “This is HAARP.”

    What can we do to stop the sects such as the KKK/Klaverts, Nation of Islam, Sovereign Citizens, the Statsi’s, etc. from forming within this horrible program?

    Are people being left with no choice?

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