5 More Maddening Quotes from Danville, Va. Gang Stalkers- A T. I. Testimony

More Gang Stalker quotes from Danville, Virginia…

“It’s an illegal upset.” ( It’s bigger than an upset. It’seems a war!)

“You blew a lid.” (Possibly. But they gave it all away. I am just the victimized messenger.)

“Why was they going to ship you away?” (And American citizen being shipped away? Wow.)

“He was told never to refute you.” (Talk about a conspiracy. Why would anyone not refute me? I am not the gang stalker.)

“It was Steve-o.” (They mean Steven or Stephen L. Cox. When I looked him up on line once, he had two different names. Maybe those names are ones he actually uses, maybe not. One thing that I can say for certain is that he is a very dangerous man to know. Look what on and off for almost five years got me. And to think that I dropped assault charges on him. Why did I do that? It seems to me that he deserved it because he and his people won’t leave me alone. I even dropped charges againot my ex-husband after he put a knife against my throat. Now I feel pretty bad for helping them when there is no help for me.)

“This jealous-ed you got son.” (What is there to be jealous about? We had a normal family and we were doing normal things. What is their problem?)

*They are targeting my children as well and I don’t know what to do. I absolutely hate to feel helpless when it comes to my own children so what can I do? Even those that have the ability to enforce the law are not doing anything to really aid my family who are in distress.

How could they do this to a minor child? Why my children?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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