“We weeded an ambushal.”- A T. I. Testimony

This is so sad to see when you’re a victim of gang stalking. What happened to our Constitution? What happened to our liberties? These goons will spend their entire life screwing up some else’s. The passing of time is irrelevant to these demons.

Also, I have found that they are messing around in our children’s lives as well. I have a relation in a group home and she has had to deal with the dafamatory affects of gang stalking as well. How utterly dumb that this is really happening to good people. Why could’t they keep their so-called ‘clubs’ to themselves?


Anyway, below are more quotes from the goon squad in Danville, Virginia. Their COM system is still in effect and their usage of weapons to my person are still in affect as well. They won’t leave myself nor my family alone.  At least, for the most part, they are honest about what they want to do to people. See the below.


“We all imprisonment-ed.”

“Julie’s did it.”

“It’s a mug.”

“You ain’t no mutton.”

“They know you are dead.”

“Their taken you on a genetic journey.”

“Now they indeed you web it.”

“It’s not alright you got disk.”

“You played sports.”

“They indeed GO a club.”

“You’re not in our mall.”

“I ain’t got no boss.”

“It’s a zoo.”

“They know how he is done.”

“They were going to murder you.”

“We weeded an ambushal.”

“…you get time.”

“We all got caught.”

“Woodall offing you.” (I don’t even know anyone personally that goes by that name so why would they want to harm me and my family in that way?)

“We were needing murder.”

“At least you know we’re hostile.”

“We never needed to jilt you.”

“We only want to do pain.”

“We vowed a script on you.”

“It means you didn’t lie.”

“It lops your opportunities.”


They following quotes are updates of the latest conversations of gang stalkers on the COM in Danville, Virginia. (Updated 7-23-17)

“He wanted to make your world difficult.” (Who is he?)

“There wasn’t no need to keep you at bay.”

“You never having fun.”

“…we get ganks.”

“We weeded homicidals.”

“”They see we are policemen.”

“We all the way in homicide.”

“You’re in hot water.” (He’s a regular Sherlock Holmes folks.)


-Because I am illegally wired to this program, they refuse to leave my vagina alone. It has even felt as if they were wiring an STD on more than one occasion. What kind of equipment do they have that enables them to do this to people. And just for the record, I have practiced celibacy for quite a few years now so there would be no way that I should suffer that way.

-According to a female gang member, they want people to kill each other. I can’tell say that, that hasn’the happened. It is pretty awful to be stuck in a HAARP ASSASSINATION PROGRAM.

-I am still suffering fromy laser shots to the face before I fall asleep and also, they wire up to any and everything just to talk my head off or to radiate me.

When will this end?


Thanks for listening. God Bless.






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