“We’re dogs.”- A T. I. Testimony

Well, as you know, the party does not stop for the local goons in Danville, Virginia. They are using their COM system 24 hours a day, every day, year after miserable year. I can’t escape them so I do try my best to collect what is being said to me. What Targeted Individuals are going through, in my opinion, has turned into a rather creepy historical event so I will continue to try to collect as much as I can. This is definitely history in the making.

Below are more gang stalking quotes…

“We are completely ugly,” said a female goon.

“See what you have done.” (They are always and forever blaming the victim.)

“You lover-ed the violent.” (Well, how are we suppose to know who is violent and who is not? Should they wear name tags stating, “My name is XXXX and I am violent.” Not a bad idea, though. Sometimes background checks may not show how violent someone is or could be. )

“He did that with Steve.” (I think that the goons were admitting the relationship between Steven C. and Damon J. Time will tell.)

“You ain’t needing gay!” (Why would I need the gay if I am not gay myself? Many of these goons  are gay but I don’t have anything to do with it.)

“We’re dogs,” exclaimed a male voice. (I think that most T. I.’s would definitely see his point.)

“He and Timothy vulgar…”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





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