“We need you in a morgue.”- A T.I. Testimony

More quotes from the local DANVILLE, VA gang stalkers on COM.


“We started a war!” (No doubt.)

It’s the thieves he adore.” (Who is he?)

“We deeply rub the community the wrong way.”

“We push ya’ll to the limit.”

“You are being burglar-ed.” (This is known,)

“You gaining to need security.” (I will agree with that.)

“We feel swamped.” (Then they need to stop.)

“They know we are vulgar.” (That has been proven.)

We know howhat you being panned.” (Yeah, they refuse to keep that scope off of me. I can feel it everytime they do it which makes it to relax.)

“We need you in a morgue.” (How cruel is that?)

“See what you have done.” (They never want to take responsibility for their own actions about anything.)

“I wish it would work.” (He wishes what would work? What are they really trying to accomplish.)

“We thought we’d embarrass you.”

“It’s not a hoax.” (At least he was honest.)

“…agreed your a hit.” (Oh yeah. It’s just another word for bounty. Sadly, I am being victimized by some that I once knew and some that I don’t know at all. These people are terribly sociopathic.)

“You would have had a lot of nuptials.” (What I am trying to figure out is how is it their business who I marry and who I don’t. And who would really think about marriage while being tortured to death?)

*Note (Updated 7/10/17): The Horror of Being Illegally Micro-chipped: There was an object moving around inside my vagina that felt something like a needle. They had even filled me with an STD or something similar on numerous occasions. Funny that you can get an STD without having sex. (It has been over five years of celibacy for me.) All they need is their remote controls. It is sad how perverted these people are.

**Note: Has anyone figured out what is in Missouri that these goons keep hollering about? Is that where headquarters is located? Is it a military base?

***Note: They pan me with their scope. I can only assume that they use this equipment to see us. And just now someone closed the office door and I could feel the radiation run through my body. They just don’t stop. Awful that I was born and raised in Danville, VA. just to get bullied to death in it. Now I literally appall my hometown.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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