What is the real story?- A T. I. Testimony

I have been thinking a lot lately about why these goons farms haven’t been prosecuted. It seems that it comes down to who they know. It is the way of their world and we are trapped as innocent civilians. Sadly, their excuses are poor, yet their agendas’ are being met. How upsetting is that?

Who are these people that protect the crude and ugly from prosecution? Who are these people that homewreck our families, yet, may go home to their own everyday? It is not fair.

The more that I think about it, the angrier I get. How is it that I am being treated this way and I have a family too? I am an American citizen who lives in a country that should have Constitutional values but now we have more traitors than ever. ¬†Obviously, per Spike Lee, some of us are still “kneeling at the altar of the almighty dollar” and it is disturbing to see how many people are willing to kneel.

Why are we being treated this way? And why is it that refugees receiving more freedom than those that were born and raised here in the States? Why is it that so many foreigners that may or may not be refugees have also reached the plateau of sufferance as well? What is really going on? What is the real story?

I am being attacked daily by refugees and Americans alike and it isn’the funny and nor is it cute to be attacked by your own people. Simply put… it is demented.

Our attackers are so spoiled because someone is allowing them to have their own way but even they aren’t happy. And their way of life is inconceivable. Even I can’t understand it.

In reality, forcing someone to commit suicide, in my opinion, is attempted murder and, if they succeed, that is murder indeed. How can they live with that? It is unfortunate but that is exactly what is happening. The members of these goons farms would be on Death Row with no questions asked in the real world. And I don’t even believe in the death penalty. I know what your thinking and your right. Obviously, they do.

Why would anyone waste their life so?

I miss my old lifemail everyday. The peace that I discovered was like heaven in comparison to what I am going through right now. I miss my children. I miss watching them grow. I miss all of the relaxing moments such as the vacations to the beach or to Vegas, New York, etc., the shopping, the hiking, the sailing, the swimming, the reading to my hearts content, the writing where I could actually concentrate, and so much more. I MISS MY LIFE! CAN I HAVE IT BACK PLEASE!

I wish that my life was back to normal in the way it use to be. I wish that I and my children could wake up from this nightmare and start anew. That would be so exciting!

I sit and remember all the good times my family and I use to enjoy and it becomes a tearful moment for me. The first thing that comes to mind is…WHY? Why am I going through this? Aren’t there quicker ways to commit murder? Not that I want to die but what these goons are doing is quite ridiculous.

Thanks for listening. GOD BLESS.



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