“All we left you was a scar.”- A T.I. Testimony

Well, I can’t say much has changed since my last entry. The local goons are still using the COM system that they are so fond of. I have even collected more quotes that will appear in this blog entry. This would probably make a good movie if our government actually admitted what they are really doing.

I did enjoy a few days of sleep even though that may change at any given moment. As of today, I have been stabbed in the head a few times and projectiled. These people have no life of their own. It seems that their entire lives are being spent tormenting people. And they are content in doing it. I guess the drugs and alcohol make it worth their while. It’seems pretty sad actually.

Below are more quotes by the local goons of Danville, Virginia.

“Yes, we were to mug the community.”

“It looks like we banned you from the USA.” (Remember that there are many refugees involved. I, of course, am an American citizen.)

“It’s one big smear campaign.” (This is true.)

“…your children are being victimized.” (I will continue to ask the Lord to cover my children and I pray that you, the reader, can do the same. They never deserved this.)

“Yes, you ain’t being a part of any group.” (That is what I have been saying all along. So why am I being tortured again? Theresa McCullough can have her seat back.)

“It amazed they smear. ”

“You even left off Timothy Clayton.” (No one ever mentioned him until now but since they have… Another failed relationship due to gang stalking.)

“We are in instability.” (Yes, they definitely are. And these people are called Woodalls’ ?)

“We did sh&t that wasn’t normal.” (I can definicely vouch for that one.)

“All we left you was a scar.” (I can agree to that too.)

“We have no morale!” (At least they are honest about it. How they live with themselves is another question indeed.)

“They were thieving what you done.” (What don’t they thieve? Do they have any limitations?)

“Yeah, we get outlawed.”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.






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