Who’s Involved- A T.I. Testimony

These are my findings over the years as a Targeted Individual according to the information that I have gathered. What you will see below is how I perceive the gang stalking based on my own personal experience that has lasted well over five years. Note that it may not be that same for every Targeted Individual.

Agencies Involved:

Noblis (Supercomputer)  HAARP  NSA  CIA DOD  NASA?

And from how it appears, they have formed a Sovereign Citizen Brigade consisting of:

STATSI’s  KKK/Klaverts   Talibani’s  Nation of Islam  And other gangs and sects.

It is awful to see how many people wold join a group of people that, in reality, actually hates them. And even though they work in unison, every group has their own agenda. It’s crazy to see! And even harder to believe that our tax money is being used to murder us. This is really happening.


And if you’re interested….

More quotes from the dark side…

“Now they you in nub.” (I have to assume that ‘nub’ has something to do with what they have done to my body.)

“You made people aware of how they shun.” (What are they shunning me from I wonder.)

“We did Felip.”

“Ya’ll need the FBI!” (That would be the truth.)

“We wanted you to get all the pain.”

“We were all in a government program.”

“They wanted to tap into everything.”

*Note: They have even went as far to say that they don’t want to see America happy.

ThaNesmith’s for listening. God Bless.



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