More Tales From the Darkside- A T. I. Testimony

If you ever wonder why I use real names in my blog then here is your answer. Law enforcement is also involved and they act on nothing that I call them about. I have given them names and places but they do nothing about my circumstances because they are also involved. So consider this blog site a new age citizens’ arrest because the law has failed innocent people. If I have to die this way, then at least someone will know my story.

I am undergoing constant torture by wannabe thugs that even I don’t know, yet, it is real. I keep praying that I will wake up to peace again but that hasn’t happened yet.

Now, as it seems, every horror that I experience has everything to do with those that I did know and those that I don’t. And even a sleeping pills won’t fix it.

We don’t deserve this type of treatment.


“Sabrina started a war.”

(I will assume that they were speaking of Sabrina Nesmith whom loves the attention, yet, I know nothing about. These goons use her name as if it is the ‘Last Supper’. Status quo has a lot to do with gang stalking and Sabrina feels that she is at the top of the totem pole. That is no lie. Her brother was a rap artists if it is the person that I am thinking of. And I ran track in high school with her sisters. Other than that, I don’t know her so why she is stalking the he’ll out of me lends to a lot of questioning.)


“You are going to need a Conan,” says a male voice. (Seriously.)

“…you got death…” (If I have to be tortured to my grave then what punishment do these gang members actually deserve. A picnic?

“…lead you to death…”

“He never been with Chelsea.” ( Who are these people?! And why are they stalking strangers? I have heard many excuses that don’the make any sense, so what is the real deal?)

On the dark side…

Sabrina Nesmith

Monique Nesmith

Latifah Nesmith

Steven L. Cox

Jeree Barksdale

Wendy Whittle

Theresa McCullough

Terea Ferguson ( Terea Ferguson)

Someone named Sabina

Someone named Kelly

Bill Rogers

Tim Garland and his wife

Corporal Grubbs (County police officer)

Jim Todd

Ron Gilbert

Iqbal Ahmed

Mustapha Acolatse, Sr.

Someone named Chelsea

Amadu Jalloh

Georget Wallace, Jr.

Daniel Waller

Marcus Luck


Someone named Ralph

Kenny Scruggs

George Breedlove and his Negril crew

‘Big Mike’ (Michael Williams? Ex New York Jet? I can never remember his last name.)

Jeffrey McLaughlin ( City police officer)

Timothy Clayton

Someone named Adolphi

Someone named Woodoff

Someone named Woodall

Woodall gang?

Charla Toller (We were on the cheerleading squad together at GWHS.)

Former member(s) of the Dolphins

Many members of George Washington High School Class of ’94. (There are so many people that I knew. It feels ridiculous to be attacked by people who knew you.



And so many more! Can you believe that there are so many people stalking me!  Another reason why I have named these people is because the stalkers are giving away the information,

Maybe one day, I will complete the list!

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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