More Quotes From The Darkside- A T.I. Testimony

“We got an illegal jury.”

“…you need slugs.” (I pray he was not talking about what I think he was talking about.)

“He would even die your eyesite.” (That would probably be another reason why they keep lasering me over and over again in the face. They have already given me retina damage in my right eye. But do they stop. No they don’t.)

“He was to destroy the gifty.”

“Yes, you’re being mutated.” (I see that but why are they doing it? I never volunteered for any of this and I was never a member of their ‘CLUB’. So why is it that I have to suffer so? And why would HAARP be so deeply involved if it is true? This is no where near normal.)

“We put it all on you.”

“It’s you who we wipe.” (So much for trying to keep to yourself.)

“You being in illegal robbery.” (Everything these goons do is illegal.)

“He said he would kill your kid.” (I pray that did not mean that as well. This is awful. What did they do to ever deserve that? And who is he?)

“Cause he pests.” (That excuse is not good enough for me.)

“We’re a factory.” (So, is true that this world mimicks the book Brave New World  by Alduous Huxley where everyone was strangely born and categorized? Alphas’, Deltas’, Gammas’, Epsilons’, etc. No wonder they keep talking about stock. When did we become cattle?)

“…that it suicides ya.” (I caught this sentence at the tail end but most of already know what they are trying to do. To force suicide onto another human being is still, in my opinion, murder. Gang stalkers are so morbid. They seem to enjoy causing death onto other people.)

“…we indeed-ed bribery.” (Obviously. And possibly blackmail too from what I have noticed. They stop at nothing,)

“We wanted the United States to be impaired,” said a male voice. “We impaired you everyday,” said another male.

“We did too many matinees.” (I never asked to be a part of any of them and they never asked either. Talk about a total invasion of privacy. They have stolen my life away from me!)

“You really ain’t a member.” (That is what I have been trying to say all along!)

“We wasn’t to tell.”

“…way we got a giant slay…”

“Our phones have evolved.” (They are using their cellphones as remote controls.)

“He said they went berserk.” (The name McDuffie came up at this point.)

“We outlaw.” (I have noticed. Their people have taken Sovereign Citizenry to a whole other level.)

“We are jealous…” says one female. “… of Americans,” says another.

“It esteems betrayal.” (Yeah, this could be a real HBO or Cinemax blockbuster.)

“Yes, we getting merried.” (Who talks like that? And it was a male at that.)

“We’re getting abided everywhere.”

“He would do it out of jealousy.” “He is gay.” (During this yapping session, a man by the name of Tim, someone I had a brief relationship with, was mentioned.)

Thanks for listening. God Bless.





















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