HAARP Terror Organization?- A T. I. Testimony

This so-called HAARP (Fusion TV) program that uses criminals in their network to harm citizens is still at it today. Currently, I am still being bullied to death. They won’t leave me alone. The broadcasting of their voices over their COM system hasn’t ended either.

Gang Stalker quotes for the day.

“We wanting to make you look like goo.” (They are continuously doing things to my body.)

“You ain’t gon’ need to be used for retail.” (I have no idea what these people are talking about.)

“Ya’ll was about to lose your government.” (It looks like we already have.)

“We beating you to death.”

“We sku’d you to TV.” (They are supposedly making movies of the people that they are torturing. And for some reason, I am just a product to these people.)

“You got our jail!” (This Fusion TV that I am being held hostage in, is supposedly, from what the goons have said previously, a jail for refugees. But I am not a refugee!)

“We wanting to mug you.”


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