“You Look Like Death!”- A T. I. Testimony

These criminals have taken over my entire life. As I write this, they are playing around inside my body. I know this sounds unreal but it is true. Because I have been illegally chipped, they won’t leave me alone.

“You look like death!” a man screamed. I am sure he was African American. Unfortunately, I am still wired to their COM system and I absolutely hate it.

Recently, I have discovered that these goons may be within the HAARP program. One of the goons actually communicated this to me.

“It’s HAARP,” he said.

I am surrounded all day and all night long by them. It is amazing that government agencies like this would be involved so heavily in crimes these crimes and their using weapons that we as ordinary citizens have never thought about. These people have serious mental issues. No need to wonder why their is no Homeland Security. Real criminals have infiltrated the system and these are not professional criminals either. Many of these people are street thugs. And we shouldn’t be so surprised that so many hate groups and refugees are involved as well.

And to our dismay, these criminals are allowed inside of our bodies to do what they want to do, they are allowed into our personal files to steal our money and our lives, and they are also stealing our families as well. Not to fail to mention, they are using very dangerous weapons including lasers on our bodies. I am literally in a torture chamber.

“We did this on the sly,” another male says in my ear as I typed this. That would be obvious because there is no way that any of this is illegal. And this is going on right here in Danville, Virginia folks!

Here is another goon quote for you that would scare the life out of anybody…

“They want your a$$ dead,” another goon says. This was screamed at me while I was at work. And they also love to throw the word ‘Floozy’ my way as if it a true description of my character. These people either have no real jobs or have absolutely no life.

Thanks for listening and may God bless you all.


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