The Lasers Don’t Stop- A T. I. Testimony

It was a long night and it’s beginning to be a long day. These awful apartheidal women and their den are still violating my human rights. It’s as if we don’t exist as human beings anymore. We are just objects to mangle from what it seems.

Early this morning, I was shot in the face with lasers back to back once again. And while at work today, it seems that these goons have thought of every trick in the book. This morning while at work, they heated my head very badly non-stop as soon as I was inside the building. I am very uncomfortable. As the day went on, I had to deal with radiation blowing straight through me from a metal fan in the warehouse. I could literally taste the metal. It wasn’t cool.

Unfortunately, I had to also deal with a laser being shot at me from the side of truck as I walked past it outside during lunch and am also having to endure lasers being shot in the office as well.

This is horrible. After all of these years of targeting, they have not let up. My body is worn.

These people have started a war and the Nation of Islam and other sects have a lot to do with it.

What can we do to stop these people from destroying our families?

UPDATE: 2:23 pm 6-5-17 Being heated in the head again and just got heat by a laser flash bouncing off a tomo. They won’t leave me alone. Years have gone by and they still won’t leave me alone. They call themselves Lou’s and Doug’s. Who are these people?

2:41 pm Someone on a tomo dropped something metal on the floor and I immediately felt a sharp pain in my chest and the tasted metal all over again.

2:43PM pm Someone walks through the door and again I felt pain to my head and chest and the taste of metal.

They just won’t stop.


Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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