More Tramatizing Quotes By The Goon Squad in Danville, Va- A T. I. Testimony

A few nights ago, I don’t know if I have even had an hour sleep. Big Mike and his fellow goons kept me up for majority of the night shooting lasers in my face over and over again. Their voices are becoming very familiar over their COM system because this has been going on for almost five years. I am exhausted. Someone really needs to stop these people. I am on American soil for God’s sake! And I am an American citizen. Why is our government allowing this to happen to so many innocent people? Why is this happening anywhere? Are gang stalkers, including refugees, the army of the UN that I use to hear so much about their wanting to create?

Below are just more examples of what these goons say to me while using their broadcasting system.

“You know we are imprisoned!”

“I added you to the list.”  (This particular male voice sounded like Big Mike but I am not certain. Whoever it was must have added me to a list of people to target and the way he said it was so spiteful to be unbelievable. It proves more and more that my targeting is more like personal vendetta than anything else.)

“They wanted to leave you in gun!” (Well, that explains why I am still being lasered to death.)

“…who put you to death.”

“They thang-ed you so much.” ( I am no one’s ‘thang’ no matter what they have done to my body.)

“We gaining the industry.”

“They like playing with people.” (They were speaking of a man named Timothy Garland and his Brazilian spouse. Believe me, they never lack in this type of gossip conversation. And coincidentally,  they seem to love to talk about someone’s else’s nationality. The one nationality that they speak about the most is Brazil’s.)

“They wanted to thieve you without bun.” (I can only assume that this means that they wanted to rob me of my children (or a particular child) or they wanted to rob me without my children being present. I don’t really know which but what I do know is that my children are not ‘buns’.)

“They wanted to continue to hold you hostile.”

“Our society nays she courtroom.” (It seems that they are ‘naying’ that for everyone.)

“We was to assault you to death.” (They still are.)

“They know we wipe back.”

“Ya’ll are so in die.”

“Ya’ll aren’t in endatement.” (Why wold we want to date gangs of drug addicts?)

“We need amphetamines.”

“Michael and I con!”

“We did death.”

“We are so beloved!” (Uh, seriously.)

“You know why this school fools(ed).”

“We was trying to get away.”

“We didn’t need to Sid the city.”

“You ain’t in luck.”

“They were going to trouble you later.”

“We killing people’s beds.” (Sorry, I was never in one.)

“We wanted to beau society.”

“Why would we say goodbye to your family!”

“They didn’t know what to do with you.” (Why would they feel the need to do anything? I am not a gang member.)

“These are folks of Scientology.”

“Terea on too many drugs.”

“You ain’the need D. I…..”

“We ain’t need to bury.”

“We wigged a new death.” (Murdering women who wear wigs?)

“We violating the safety of all people.”

“He’d be in Homeland Security.” (Who? And they have claimed that they are using a Homeland Security system. Someone must be an extremely  accomplished hacker or they have someone who has access to Homeland Security and they are allowing criminals to work within the system.)

“Damn, they went straight to the Pentagon.”

“They was really wanting to wipe these people.” (These people are awful. They aren’t human.)

“You are being hounded by too many people.” (I agree with that.)

“We got prejudices.”

“We should leave your bug alone.” (I agree with that to.)

“He is trying to kill ya.”


“It even indebted Ashley.” (I hope that they are not speaking of my half-sister. I don’t even know her, so why would she be involved in torturing me? Is she a gang members too?)

“We would bull you nuptially.” (Who cares. These people are manic about nuptials. As a matter of fact, they are manic about everything. Who wants to get married in this mess? I am divorced and not looking forward to another round of B.S. I think I am good.

“These are who nuptially the palace.” (I know. Don’t they talk weird? Many of these people are refugees. And whose palace are they speaking of anyway? Is that their get out of jail free card?)

“…we so fooled.”

“He didn’t need to sell your kidney.” (I pray that they did no such thing even though they are constantly violating my body with their weapons.)

“He nowed that I took your kidney.” (And this was a female folks.)

“We weed you alone.” (I guess they get comfort because they feel that I am fighting this alone.)

* These people are obsessed with hurting me and I don’the know why. They obviously couldn’t stand a black woman who was independent and happy.

Thanks for listening. GOD Bless.


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