More Gang Stalker Quotes Elevated- A T. I. Testimony

“You’re being shanked,” a male voice said earlier this morning. (What is the obsession?)

“We didn’t want to pay ya’ll nothing,” said a male yesterday afternoon. (Believe me, I can tell by my paychecks. They act as if it is their money they are spending.)

“You were MK’d to the sh&t,” said someone that sounded like a child. (I don’t know about that but someone has been stalking me for a very long time. I was never consciously or voluntarily a part of anything including gangs, cults, cells, etc.)

“They needed amphetamines,” claims multiple goons on their COM city. (This is the kind of thing that they broadcast folks. You can tell that many of them are on something horrible. And you would be amazed at who they said was responsible for providing it.)

“He really wanted you to lose your life,” says a female goon. (This has already understood simply by the way they talk about assassinating me.)

Note: Many of these goons claim to be members of the Nation of Islam.  I am not Muslim so I have no idea what their beef is.

“You get gagged,” says a Black female.  (No wonder I can’t get any help from anywhere.)

“You are absolutely wipe,” says a male, “because of your personality,” ends another.

“He was to poor your children,” says a female.  (Why would anyone’s children deserve that? Haven’t they gone through enough?)

“We weeded you won’t whoa.”  (Believe me, in my circumstance, they have weeded every lie in the book.)

“Now they will kill you,” says a male. (Well, if they manage to do that, at least someone will know my story.

“We’re ganks.”

“This outs the law.”

“Look what we’ve done.”

“We got the whole city tapped!” screams a female over the COM system. (I never asked to be.)

More to be added later…

Thanks for listening. God Bless.









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