Up All Night- Another T. I. Testimony

I have had a very long night and a very long day. I have barely had a wink of sleep. They lasered me in my face over and over again all morning long. There was nowhere that I could go in the house where they wouldn’t follow. I am so tired and my skin is again reflectant of their attacks.

It is amazing to see how many men have no qualms in abusing women. And their women counterparts definitely have no problems with it either. It seems that almost everyone in the Danville area wants to be a T.H.U.G. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. It is like a new-age Babylon. The most beastly criminals are running free and wild and no one is doing nothing about it. Even law enforcement has taken ‘dibs’.

At work today, they found as many ways possible to radiate me. From the slam of a door to the metal plate that was dropped heavily between the dock and the truck that was to be loudly. I could taste the metal in my mouth from the attack.

I have noticed that the Breedlove crew and officers of the law have been the most agressive. But then again, which of them hasn’t been.

We are suffering so much…

I am worn out. We need a hero fast.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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