The Meat Market- A T. I. Testimony

Well, it seems that their Meat Market has begun again. It is what they like to call ‘The Game’. It is identical to what I saw when the gang stalkers street theatre first began and I had no idea what gang stalking was or even that it existed. I kept wondering why all of these women began swarming around me. Some would even get dressed up.

Somehow, I have been a part of someone’special illegal TV screenings but I don’t have any knowledget of when it first began. It could have possibly have been this FUSION TV that continuously hear those goons talk about. I had never heard of it.

You see, the goons know who is being screened and that is who they swarm around. From what I understand, they mistake the facts. I have reason to believe that they think that their targets are in what they call ‘beds’ or ‘dens’ and the target may never know any thing about it, like myself. So in order to steal the ‘bed’ or ‘den’ away from the target, they send the prettiest light-skinned women that they can find to wherever the target may be and make an appearance. They get close enough so that whoever is behind the camera can see them and do their comparisons.

These women are looking for men with power and money. Mainly to gank a husband but most importantly, to victimize. To draw more people into their network, means that they are drawing their money too. It just means that they will have more money to steal. They will steal a woman’s husband quicker than you can blink. And, also, from my understanding, many of these women are ‘International Prostitutes’. At least here in my local area.

They torture me with lasers and other weapons, not only for personal vendetta purposes, but to steat my personal beauty. If I look like an undesirable then it makes their job a lot easier.

They have just created a more technological form of human trafficking.

What really upsets me is that I am a 40 year old woman who is not even looking for any new relationships. Especially since I am being tortured so terribly. So why do they feel the need to compare me to all of these young, money-hungry young women? How many more years do they plan on using me up in this way? And who is behind the camera that they are attempting to impress? The camera I am assuming I should know nothing about.

I have been single and celibate for over five years now. Who is it that they think that I would want to tie down? And to set the record straight, there is no one. I don’t even date for goodness sake. I guess that they believe that they are thieving my future. I can’tell say that they aren’the doing a good job at it.

I just want my life back so that I can be with my family. I love my children very much and I hate to see them harmed in any way.

Anyway, below are more gang stalker quotes. Yes, they are still screaming all over the city.

“They know we are being left unprotected.”

“They got you so in abuse.”

“They damn sure did a lot of rufees.” (They are drugging women possibly for sexual pleasure.)

“We got a lot of thieves.”

“We are thiefs.”

“We need Noblis.”

“We are flea-sy.”

“You may be in slaughter.”

“They really do kill your kin.”

“They just needed somebody to pick on.”

“You shall be shaft.”

“We keep doing an illegal shun.”

“You are in too many knives.”

“We was telling Homeland to shoo you.”

“It’s all Klavert.” (This is not true. It is Quasi Nazi and includes Syria, KKK, the Taliban, the Nation of Islam,and other crime gangs.)

“You are under extreme battery.” (I hate it when they state they obvious. And no one wants to help remove me from it either. Not even law enforcement which is very upsetting.)

“Everybody is waiting to see you disemboweled”

“All we did was take people away.” (This is true. They even kidnapped my children.)

“We fluted you.”

Personal notes taken from the voices on the COM system:
*The local goons were saying that this Adelphi character is abusing because he knows an elected official. I take it that I am being tortured and can’t get help because someone in power is allowing him to do it. What treaon!

*Many of these goons have started an apartheid. It seems that the dark-skinNed Blackso in this community have taken leadership in that based on my observation. When did we arrive in Africa? I don’the even have a passport. These people are that evil.

*I keep hearing the name Billy which may be someone from a past relationship that happened over five years ago. What business does he have with me now where he has to participate in torturing me?

*They have also mentioned a man named Tim Garland as a possible conspirator. He is also someone whom I had prior experience with but even that was over five years ago. My ex-husband is also a conspirator.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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