“There Is Nothing We Can Do.”-A T. I. Testimony

Last night was horrible. The local terrorists were tag teaming my assault. I could so many voices hovering around me and they each were throwing laser shots over and over again, back to back. I have never seen anything like in my life. My face burned like Hades. And I don’t think that I even had a hours sleep. I am so tired.

My assaulters’ were male and female and they were having a field day on my face. It was so awful. Eventually I called 911 once again around three o’clock this morning and talked about my assaults to, yet, another officer who pretty much said that there was nothing that their law enforcement could do for me. It is a Communistic agenda in full effect and it is the worst war that I have ever seen in my life. The officer even had the audacity to wish me luck. What is that? How can our own government turn their backs on us in this way?

Honestly, I really don’t believe that the officer was an actual police officer. I have a strange feeling that my calls are being re-routed to the local goon squad. Obviously, they wouldn’t want to do anything about our situation anyway. They are the Communist and according to one goon, “We Adolph’ed the entire city.” Where the heck was I when all of this was going on? Is everyone officially a traitor to their own country? I also told him about Noblis and Fusion TV who may be hosting the local gang stalking program but, of course, I would be willing to bet that he already knew.

I was just radiated again as someone shoved a door open at work. How can I escape all of this torture? Why would I want to die in something so horrible? Can any of us look forward to old age without someone trying to kill us off before we get there?


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