More Venting As A T. I.- A T. I. Testimony

The residents of Danville are still going at it. I am still being victimized like crazy. It is hard to believe that they are putting females through such extreme torture but it is happening on American soil.

Today my head is being heated horribly. They are so weirdly wired. The only thing that someone needs to do is just look at you and suddenly your head will begin to heat. Of course, we are dealing with some of the worst types of people in society. Here in Danville we have the KKK, the Taliban, Syrians, and no telling who else. I am in a very messed up situation. And they won’t leave me alone.

In the mornings, it seems that they cannot wait for me to open my eyes so that they can laser me in my face. this goes on all the time.

Just recently, they have amped up what seems like chemtrails in the air. This may be what they like to call PV. You can see it mist the air. I can’t go anywhere without them shooting that stuff right at me.

What are we to do? Is this World War III?


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