They Just Won’t Leave Me Alone- A T. I. Testimony

The goons are wired up everywhere screaming at me from every angle. I can’t even go to work without hearing them run their mouth in my ear. Of course, the police are in on it as to the reason why I can’t get anyone to help me. Even the Mayor should be ashamed. All of these people torturing 1 Black female and no one wants to help. It is sad.

This morning when I woke up, they couldn’t wait to shoot their lasers directly in my face. While working, a door was pushed open in the office area and I was immediately radiated. They bang on the door and send chemicals my way. My body is so worn.

They scream a lot about someone named Adolphi (which may be a pseudonym for Steven Cox or someone else) I don’t know anyone by that name. They run off at the mouth about ‘endatements’ in which I have nothing to do with. They even conspire to give people PV. Maybe they do this by continuously using the weapons on their victims. I don’t know. As to conspiracies, they have so many that it is beginning to look ridiculous.

My biggest concern is that I am surrounded by these people and I am weaponless and they know it. I do not have their equipment, only an involuntary, illegal chip in my body that they use to continue to wire to me. I wish I could find a doctor willing to remove it.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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2 responses to “They Just Won’t Leave Me Alone- A T. I. Testimony

  • boobcooker

    Did your stalkers tell you that the police are involved? Mine pretended to be the police during the first month of voice-to-skull, then they admitted that it was a lie as they dwindled down to a single family in my neighborhood.

    • mstmha

      Well, the stalkers did not have to tell me that the police are involved in my targeting. I know they are. I have been going through endless police brutality and when I call 911, I can never get any assistance. The police are definitely involved and they are protecting those within their Communistic crime syndication’s’ that include KKK, Klaverts, Nazi’s, the Taliban, and so many other hate organizations in which many are refugees.

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